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  1. Welcome man Hope you enjoy your stay here! See you on the forums buddy
  2. I'm currently using the Dynamic Ink theme from Uncharted 4. Looks amaaazing!
  3. Sweet, will check it out after I tried it the hard way haha ^^
  4. Nice new avy my Dutch speaking friend (^_^ )

  5. Looking at the current state of GTA Online, you really need a lot of money for basically everything you do in the game. Things got more and more expensive lately. It depends on what you want to buy but I went through that $8 Million pretty quickly actually.. Hope this helps a bit.
  6. I think I'm going to upgrade later this month. A friend of mine will buy my current 1TB original PS4 from me and I'll be getting the PS4 Pro so we can play together
  7. Thank you so much for notifying me! It actually does looks very good haha! Especially AC2!
  8. Heya! Glad to have you here ^^. Nice to meet you buddy and enjoy your stay
  9. Is this in violation with the rules? To make a foreign account and buy games on a different account and then complete them on your main account? Please explain haha
  10. Hey, welcome to PSNP! Glad to have you here buddy! ^^
  11. Still debating whether this is worth €90 or not. A friend of mine will be getting a PS4 soon with this game, then I'll probably get it to relive the nostalgia days. But your first impressions aren't that great you say?
  12. Yeah I'm loving it so far! Thanks!
  13. Vault Boy wth hat?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Glaciphy


      I'm the same actually haha. I'm more of a Skyrim person than Fallout. I own Fallout 4 + the Season Pass and still only played the main storyline haha

    3. Chirithy


      i haved played all the games but i also like more the old elder scrolls games and i am more into j rpgs!

    4. Glaciphy


      Very nice! Me... not so much.. hahaha