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  1. I'd advise to get three PS3s and combine ranks and Soldier of Misfortune and finishing it before the Warlord glitch. My strategy was to run immediately to the enemy base and kill my two dummies over and over again until I hit 1.5k or getting close to it. After that I'd kill my main, run to point A (but not capturing it) and wait for the enemy captain to capture all points and kill my main again. This way I never exceeded the limit drastically because no winning XP would add up. Depending on the weapon and if you're getting kills, headshots or executions one round will take between 7 and 10 minutes + the time you need to capture the points with your dummy captain. The advantage of this is, after finishing all weapons except one I already was rank 19. Because I forgot to derank earlier I had to grind to rank 20 to get the trophy and then derank to be able to unlock the last weapon. I used the revive method listed in the trophy guide to grind to rank 20 and got the 500 revive trophy along the way, this took only around 25 matches, each around 6 minutes. After that you can exceed the limit with the last weapon (you can get up to 120 kills in 15 minutes, depending on the weapon) because you will derank anyway. In the end I got all online trophies in 36h 6m. If you have three PS3s and are boosting for yourself this will be a lot faster than with a boosting group. But still, very tedious, this were probably the worst 36 hours of gaming for me.
  2. Hey guys. It took me a while to report back because I got kind of burned out of FC2 due to the tedious grind. But with the possible server closure around the corner I decided to finally finish it, did it today. Except the rank 5 trophy no other trophy glitched on me and rank 5 popped during deranking for the warlord glitch as you all said. Thanks to everyone for the motivation I should just keep playing and not worrying about the trophy.
  3. Actually, I only have one game that comes to my mind here. Don't get me wrong, I played a lot of games on PS4 I really liked (most of the games in my list, actually) but didn't feel the need to play even more after getting all trophies. Except: Desperados III. I loved this game! Even though there are no trophies for playing the DLCs I enjoyed every minute of playing them. I also completed every badge besides speedruns, without getting a trophy for it, because this game is just a masterpiece imho. I can't really describe what it is but this game reminded me to just play a game for the fun and not for trophies. Highly recommend it!
  4. Wait a second. I never thought about this but that would be awesome! However, I still hope for a Sam/Sully Uncharted. TLL was great and I really liked the main characters but I missed Sully. And after the epilogue of U4 it just makes sense to follow the (possible) adventures of Sam and Sully.
  5. Hey! Many European citizens will know that: When studios dub/translate movies/series/games they often lack intended puns because they won't work in the target languages. Because of trophy guides I'm often switching between English and German trophy descriptions and noticed funny or weird translations, and I'm sure, there are more, even in other languages. I thought we could list the funniest, weirdest or noteworthiest translations here. I'll start right away: Bad Company 1 There are two trophies to play ranked online matches. Get me started (Online) Participate in one online match (Ranked) Leatherneck (Online) Play 100 online matches However, the German descriptions say "(Online) Ein komplettes Xbox LIVE Ranglisten-Spiel spielen." and "(Online) 100 Xbox LIVE-Matches spielen.". It basically says the same, however, the German translation mentions Xbox LIVE. I think this is kind of weird because they've just copied the achievements from the Xbox version, the PS3 version lacked trophies at first and DICE added them via patch after release. But the interesting part is that the PS3 version features a Platinum trophy. So they spent at least a little amount of effort to create the Platinum image (on a side note: it is not a recycled but a unique one), but didn't bother to proof-read the descriptions. On top of that, even Sony didn't notice, it seems there's no QA for trophy descriptions at all. GTA IV I think every GTA player knows it, the infamous "Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic" trophy. Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic You won in all variations of multiplayer games. "Auf Wiedersehen" is German, but Petrovic was born in Russia and interestingly the German trophy title is "Dosvidanya, Petrovic" which also means "Good bye" but in Russian. At first, I thought the German title makes a lot more sense in this case but upon further research I found that the original title is a reference to a 1980s TV series called "Auf Wiedersehen, Pet". So after all the above mentioned removing of puns struck here. But even if the TV series is unknown in Germany, and many won't get the reference, I think it's still weird to change the trophy title.
  6. I was keen to do this when they announced the Mafia Trilogy for PS4. Unfortunately, Mafia 3 didn't get a separate trophy list and I already got the plat, so I scrapped the idea.
  7. Congrats to all winners!
  8. By default it will list the rarity depending on all tracked profiles here on PSNP. On hover it will list the rarity fetched from Sony's PSN API. You can change the behaviour in the settings (click on your name in the top right corner if you're on the trophy page and click settings) to show Sony rarity by default and PSNP on hover, though.
  9. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! It was fun to find the answers because there was actually only one answer I could answer right away, question 9. I was also going for least points but I underestimated the community as it seems... (on a side note: I'm listed with RDR2 for question 7 but answered with RDR1, did you merge both RDRs?) Happy new year, have a great 2021 everybody!
  10. Congrats on the platinum! I'm really wondering, if EA ever decides to remaster Bad Company, will those players play the remaster or still stick to the PS3 version?
  11. Reloading as in reloading the checkpoint or restarting the game? I encountered this issue as well and restarting the game (or the console, don't really remember) fixed the issue for me.
  12. You'll need to see all endings on the same save. Reloading the checkpoint doesn't work. Finish the game and play the last mission again via mission select until you saw all three endings. The Full Arsenal trophy is known to be glitched. If you met all requirements but didn't unlock the trophy, start Kunlun Mountains via mission select and the trophy will pop during the intro cutscene.
  13. Hey! Personally, I was pretty hyped about PS5's release at first. However, the constant non-information Sony gave us triggered the opposite of what they were after, I wasn't as interested as I thought I'd be. If I compare it to the PS4 release where I pre-ordered Driveclub, Watch Dogs, Need for Speed, Assassin's Creed, I was just ready to jump from PS3 to PS4. But now, after the initial "oh! a next generation"-hype and the disappointment about the constant unavailability it got me thinking: which game would I play if I would get my hands on a PS5? And the sad truth is, I realized I don't really "need" a PS5. Then, the PS5 pre-order was a complete mess here in Europe and even if you knew when to click and check for availability you most likely would lose against those buying-bots. In the end, I didn't get a PS5 and it's not me being a sore loser but I still have a ton of games in my backlog, even from PS3's generation. Well, it would've been cool (out of old habit because it's new) but it is what it is. But today something crossed my mind. There's actually two hypothetical games that would make me go "damn, I desperately need a PS5", assuming they're PS5 exclusives and not available on PS4: The next Battlefield, either BF6 or BFBC3 (even though I'd love to see BC3!), and Uncharted 5. (There's still this secret San Diego studio that reportedly worked on Sony remasters/remakes but who knows...) At least Battlefield will release in 2021 and I'm absolutely planning on getting this one but for now there's not really a game that would make me go nuts on trying to get my hands on a PS5. Sadly, somehow. What do you think? Do you have a game that really makes you mad that you didn't have the opportunity to buy a PS5? If you're in the same situation I described above what's your game that would change your mind?
  14. Bonus question: I'm not really watching classic Christmas movies. However, my family built a tradition of watching American Pie 1-4 between Christmas and New Year, and nobody really knows why. Happy holidays!
  15. Ok, thanks guys! Will do and report back.