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  1. It will take a few rounds to get used to the car handling, yes. But it's completely possible. Just make sure you are at least in 5th place after the first crash in the banked turn, if you aren't I'd suggest to restart the checkpoint so you don't lose time and get frustrated. Keep in mind that you can cut shamelessly on the grass of the two turns after the 180° turn. Even if you're not in first place on the last round the AI might help you by crashing into the wall. The left-right-turn-thingy where you can drive diagonally and the big banked turn right before the start/finish line are the places where they crash the most, just make sure to avoid a collision.
  2. No, I played on regular stable servers. Just playing. But now it also works by just playing, no need for the mentioned method.
  3. I can confirm that it works as it should. I just played a round with my dummy to verify and it worked immediately. Server was nearly full (17 players without me) but the squad didn't get split up and the round lasted for around 8 minutes, I joined mid-round. It's interesting that the matchmaking is insanely quick now. For the last months it took quite a while until the dummy followed the host into the match but now it's pretty much instantly together with the host. Looks like EA really fixed/restarted something. If you can squad up in the menu you almost have the trophy, I'd say. If you can't squad up either of you need to switch to NAT1.
  4. Go to your local store page, click on Mafia Definitive Edition. It will have a price tag on it, however there should be an option to "choose version". Click on the free version and proceed to checkout, it will say 0.00€. After that it will appear in your game library as usual.
  5. Awesome news! Congrats to everyone. It really paid of to stick to it and never lose hope. Let's take this as a warning, if they ever release a remaster of BC1 everyone should get this trophy as their first trophy. 😆
  6. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/11484-mafia-definitive-edition is part of the Mafia series.
  7. This is pretty awesome, to be honest. To "fake" an entire orchestra. I really hope this remake is good. I, as a huge fan of the original release, really hope this is as close to it as possible. I'm waiting for this since I moved from PC to PS in 2009. Counting hours until Friday..!
  8. Actually, they changed the law in Germany to allow swastikas and such for historical reasons in videogames as long as you can't impersonate characters with said symbols, and this is a huge step for labeling games as art, like movies. However, many publishers still fear to be rejected by the USK (the company that rates games, similar to ESRB) and don't "risk" to submit questionable symbols. It's easier to just create one version for everyone instead of dealing with separate versions for different regions.
  9. https://mafiagame.com/news/when-can-you-play-mafia-definitive-edition/ I'm wondering if this also applies to users who bought the trilogy. Because I could still pre-order Mafia 1 and I can't find a countdown on my PS4. 🤔
  10. The title of this thread should be "TROPHY THOUGHTS?". Trophy list looks straightforward, I'll put this on my "buy on sale"-list.
  11. It's not an easy task to build up such system, for sure. And maybe a possible solution could be what you're proposing. However, right now it's just copying someone's work and putting your name on it. Maybe some guides are abandoned but most aren't. I've seen quite a few guides created years ago but got updated recently - especially when it comes to server shutdowns or the like. How would you differentiate between them? Contact every guide writer and mark it as abandoned if they don't answer in a while? What if they want to come back just to see someone has copied the guide and maybe altered it? There should be an official announcement on how to handle this topic before people just start to copy guides. And right now this announcement is "There will be a solution, but no ETA on it" as @Evil_Joker88 pointed out.
  12. Uhm, what? I would recommend to not copy someone's guide at all. Firstly, it's plagiarism and secondly it's just a whole lot more (unnecessary) work for the guide team, because it will get rejected most likely - if it wouldn't the guide section would become a mess. Should there be a system to track multiple platforms/regions for one guide? Yes. Should there be a duplicate of every guide for every platform/region? Oh god, no! If everyone just copies everyone's guide, have fun making sure they're all consistent if someone updates his guide.
  13. Yeah, I don't know if ealist is helpful at all for the trophy, i.e. if it actually has something to do with the gameserver itself or some server hidden from the public, and to answer that you probably would need to work for EA. But at least it saves you from joining unstable servers. You can even see if you can join with your squad, it won't work if the playgroup value is set to NO, if you still try to join you will join the above mentioned random type O server. And btw: I just rewatched the footage of the match that unlocked it for me and when I joined the server there was another guy in my squad. He left the server a few moments later and no one else joined the server. Maybe a random player joining the server can void the trophy for you and that is why you need an insane amount of luck to be in the right time and place, so chances are probably higher if most of the veteran players are sleeping and not playing.
  14. No worries, I'm happy to help. Yes, there are a lot of dormant servers and I honestly don't get why EA still runs around 100 servers for BC1 and most of them are just dormant most of the time as it seems. However, I noticed the type being either C or O, pretty sure this means closed or open. As soon as a server is full or there's no server at all, it will randomly set a closed server to open for a few minutes and will set it back to closed and another one to open if no one joins, same thing when all players leave a server (i.e. the server isn't crashing but just empty). If a player tries to join while a server is set to open, it will populate that server. If the server is in location "na1" it will crash after a few minutes - I've never seen a na1-server that got stable. The server will be gone from the server list but will reappear a few minutes later. But sometimes even a stable server can crash after running for multiple hours, not really seeing a pattern when and why that happens. To answer your question: By saying "a server spawned" I mean a server with a proper location code (iad, sjc or gva) switching type from C to O and getting filled with players. However, and this is the frustrating part, I played a lot of matches on "freshly spawned" servers and never got the trophy. As said somewhere here in the thread, I believe it has something to do with an internal communication between EA and Sony, because I never found out a recurring pattern or something that would lead to a proper solution. It's probably irrelevant but maybe not and worth noting: I used the dummy for other Battlefield titles as well. They're friends on Battlelog and Origin as well, both accounts are linked to their own EA account, see https://help.ea.com/en/help/account/linking-your-ea-account-with-your-psn-id-and-gamertag/. When playing BC2 or later you're forced to create an EA account. This could be the issue with BC1, because it somehow manages your account differently. I don't know if being friends on Battlelog/Origin changes something for BC1 and I played a lot of matches while already being friends, so I'd assume it doesn't help with the trophy, but who knows...
  15. My bot wasn't in the loading screen but in the screen where you can choose your class. I messed up with my turbo controller, it triggered X once and not repeatedly, thus it seemed to auto-left the loading screen after the timeout and didn't join the battlefield as soon as possible. And no, in my other tries I always joined the battlefield immediately, so it could be a solution, but maybe it was just a coincidence.