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  1. When I finally got the combat III ribbon nothing popped for me as well. However, it popped immediately when I received XP that count towards another ribbon in that same match, few minutes later. In my case it was the 20 XP for healing with Falck's pistol. To be clear: I got the healing III ribbon countless times before but didn't get it in the match when the trophy popped, i.e. the 20 XP right after getting all III ribbons seemed to be the only trigger.
  2. Depends. Everything unrelated to Hazard Zone is more or less possible in normal matches, some can and should be boosted against bots in your own Portal matches though. However, Hazard Zone might be impossible "solo". You will need to activate Cross Play to even find matches but it's no guarantee, there are still days were you just can't find a match And even if you do it will most likely be a mess. I played like 15 matches already and got only twice close to the extraction but got killed before I could extract, it's just frustrating and I can't play more than two matches in a row. Most of the time you will get wiped by better squads and your squad mates won't know what they're supposed to do, by now I think it's impossible to score in Hazard Zone with Randoms. BTW you will still need to have CP on for normal Conquest or Breakthrough matches because the game is basically dead but it's not that bad because the match doesn't end when you're dead like in Hazard Zone, but be prepared to play against PC players. Oh, and make sure to play classic maps via the official Portal playlist with 2042 gear. 2042's maps are just bad and way too big, expect running for 2+ minutes not seeing a single enemy and then getting sniped or choppered down out of the blue. But: I don't see any Battlefield game on your profile so it seems you're not here for completing the Battlefield series so my advice would be to play other Battlefields, preferably BF4 or BF1/5 if you like that era, even though the Battlefield franchise had its peak with BF4 imho.
  3. Just for reference: I played The Saboteur's story in 2010 on a PS3 phat and wrapped up the collectibles in 2018 on that exact same PS3. I can't remember any crashes, maybe there were one or two but definitely no constant or reproducible crashes. And yes, the PS3 is still running smoothly, used it a lot since 2018. And also yes: The Saboteur is absolutely worth playing! I even plan to re-play it on an Alt in the future.
  4. Is that other script for play time publicly available? Would like to have that data in my profile too.
  5. How would one avoid this? Is signing out and in again and syncing date/time settings enough? I definitely don't want missing timestamps on my Vita games I have yet to finish.
  6. Maybe metacritic's all releases page filtered by PS4? https://www.metacritic.com/browse/games/release-date/available/ps4/date?view=condensed Even though they don't distinguish between regions.
  7. True. But on the other hand the point is they don't call themselves Simulators. COD and GTA are over the top, yes, but that's fine. When there's Simulator in the name I'm expecting at least a little realism. I watched a few let's plays and placing road blocks in the middle of nowhere and cars piling up isn't realistic. You would block streets at intersections without cars being able to drive to the construction zone. So no, I won't buy Road Maintenance Simulator, even though it caught my curiosity at first (especially because it features PS5's trophy progression system), but will buy the next GTA. (As long as it isn't labeled "Simulator")
  8. Wait what. Never knew that function existed in the first place. 😅 And yes, you're right, doesn't work in Safari, it fails with TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 'selection.getSelectedElement().$') Looks like Safari can't find the image anymore because it is losing focus as soon as you click an input in the popup. I'm afraid there's nothing we can do about it as a user. Edit: However, I found a workaround. After double clicking change your values, don't click Update yet but the Tab key on your keyboard until the cursor is blinking in the editor again (one Tab after the search bar) and use the down arrow key until a big blinking cursor appears in front of the image. Then use Shift+RightKey once to select the image, now click Update in the popup. (Doesn't really fix the actual issue but if you want to resize your screenshot before inserting it here you can do so with Preview: https://support.apple.com/guide/preview/resize-rotate-or-flip-an-image-prvw2015/mac)
  9. Well, there is: Credibility. And, no offense, I think it's interesting how there's always someone who says "the game is x years old, you had enough time, get over it" and already got the trophies, sometimes even recently-ish (I know you didn't say it in those words but it's what you meant, right?). No one can change the situation, if they could they'd do it, but trying to analyze the situation is the least we can do, even players like us who already got the online trophies. Everyone going for trophies knows how frustrating it is to fight unobtainable trophies so why not trying to support them because tomorrow your next forgotten game in the backlog might be affected. As I said above analyzing the situation and trying to change it is a good thing, so if you don't want to participate you can always unfollow this thread and check the game for yourself. If you can connect to the multiplayer part it's fixed otherwise it isn't. Or just check the recent achievers of online trophies, if there's a bunch of new ones it's most likely fixed.
  10. You shouldn't waste your time creating tickets and talk to their support, they'll just copy-paste what you also can find online. They don't seem to have additional information. A while back there was an unobtainable trophy in an old Battlefield game (Bad Company 1) and I got obsessed with it and tried everything to make it work again, created a ton of support tickets both in my country and international, and still got the same copy-paste answers. This was EA, not Ubisoft, but the situation is similar. Then, I tried a few things on my own, still to no avail. However, I didn't stop trying and started to message unconventional contacts and that is what you should also do! I searched for devs on twitter, looked up email addresses like the contact of the server's certificate issuer, technical support, press employees for that game etc, contacts that weren't obvious but still fitting. A few mails came back as undeliverable, some didn't respond at all. But, in my case, the local press employee answered without a copy-paste answer and asked to translate my inquiry to English to forward it to the "correct department". After I answered they said it might be unlikely to change anything but they forwarded it nonetheless. A few weeks later however the issue was fixed out of the blue and many players unlocked the trophy and still do. Of course I don't know if it is just a coincidence but that trophy was unobtainable for a few years and it suddenly fixed itself. So my point is: Don't use the standard way, search for possible unconventional contacts and message them directly, and don't spam! Be friendly and cooperative, message them like you would message someone in a business related way. Don't get your hopes up but I think you'll achieve more than creating another support ticket which will just get you another copy-paste answer.
  11. The shutdown list isn't wrong per se I think. It just seems to be a case of wrong wording. For example, R.U.S.E. is on this list but the multiplayer works fine (at least it did in 2019 when I played it, with shutdown date in 2017). However, the integration of Ubisoft Club or whatever it was called is indeed down. When you try to access it ingame it will fail. But in the case of R.U.S.E. that doesn't affect multiplayer in any way. So chances are, titles on that list just lack the Ubisoft Club integration which they still consider as: The game's online services (not multiplayer servers) are "shut down".
  12. Yeah, good old times. Even though I never took a week off because it was nighttime here when the conferences aired. But back in the day they showed early development stages at E3. Now, they release games in that stage. Because, game as a service, right? So what would a modern E3 look like? Announcement of the +/super/awesome/NFT/exclusive skin/... edition? I think both the people behind E3 and the publishers realized there's not really a need for such event because people will buy games anyway. And, in fact, we do.
  13. I wouldn't really count on it, as they already sent you an unrelated answer before. As long as the game isn't listed here: https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/1241617-Online-Services-Update-Masterlist-Forums I'd say there's still a chance of it coming back. Why would a single support employee know about the shutdown but no one else? We had this situation back when the PC version were announced to be shut down. Every employee said something different, from "it's already down" over "only PC" to "all platforms". In the end the above table was the only truth.
  14. I'm afraid no one can answer that question until they release a PS5-only DLC. At this point everything is possible. I was very excited to play GTA5 on PS5 again but in my imagination it looked better. Yeah, 60fps is great but Uncharted 4 showed how a PS5-upgrade can (and should) look like. I really thought R* would charge around the $30-40 price range and was pleasantly surprised when it was only 9.99. But boy, it just feels like a 60fps upgrade. So I wouldn't be surprised if they release a DLC on PS4 too when "everyone" moved their character to PS5 so they can grab even more money with SharkCards because people would need to level again on PS4 for that new DLC.
  15. This is the best advice. Don't let playing games and getting trophies become a job. If you messed up your playthrough come back later, play it again, this time prepared, and get all trophies. No one's rushing you.