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  1. How on earth did you manage to get all awards in just one month? Dude... 😆 Well, I played 200+ matches to get the trophy with several people from around the world. We could always connect just fine. 🤔
  2. I appreciate your commitment. But you mixed something up - DICE is the developer, EA the publisher and the "invite"-system is indeed working as intended. You can play with your friends, but you won't get a trophy for it. Can you edit your complaint? Would be a shame if EA/DICE should actually answer, saying "well, the invite-system works, case closed" because they didn't complain about the trophy but the system not working. Keep us updated, thank you! I don't dare to say this won't happen (you never know...) but it's unlikely, because they keep the battlefield-servers running, they just don't care anymore - because, honestly, the BC1-servers are a mess. Meaning, if they wanted to shut BC1 down, the servers would be gone already.
  3. Yes. I was really excited about BF5 but it's just very disappointing. The whole game-as-a-service is just lame. I'd rather pay for a real DLC in the old premium-fashion than waiting for little updates without trophies they call chapters.
  4. Far Cry 2. Also on my To-Plat list.
  5. This game is a hidden gem. Loved every minute of it! Talked to the developer a year back, it was a flop on consoles, sadly.
  6. LBP1. (obviously 😆)
  7. #UniteInSpeed from DriveClub. The accolades are just a tedious grind. 😩
  8. Hearted you and your levels. I would suggest, you create 18 more levels (20 is max), so you'll get more hearts from less people overall.
  9. Did you try the solution above?
  10. Just hearted your profile, but your levels are private.
  11. I would like to contribute my userscript to this idea. It's not really hiding, but highlighting earned trophies in the overview. If you earned all trophies in the section, the whole row will be highlighted. Created this for myself, but maybe someone else profits. // ==UserScript== // @name Earned Trophy Highlight in Guides // @namespace http://woggly4.local/ // @version 0.1 // @description Highlights earned trophies in PSNP guides // @author woggly4 // @match https://psnprofiles.com/guide/* // @grant none // ==/UserScript== (function() { 'use strict'; const color = 'rgb(180, 255, 180)'; const highlight = 'background-color: ' + color + ';'; const overview = document.getElementById('1-overview'); if (overview) { const trophies = overview.querySelectorAll('a.icon-sprite'); trophies.forEach(trophy => { const trophyLink = trophy.getAttribute('href').substring(1); const trophyDetail = document.getElementById(trophyLink); const earned = trophyDetail.querySelectorAll('img.trophy')[0].getAttribute('class').indexOf('unearned') === -1; if (earned) { trophy.setAttribute('style', highlight + ' font-style: italic; font-size: 10pt; text-decoration: line-through;'); trophy.setAttribute('class', trophy.getAttribute('class') + ' woggly4_earned'); } const overviewRow = trophy.parentElement.parentElement; const allTrophiesEarnedInRow = overviewRow.querySelectorAll('a.icon-sprite.woggly4_earned').length === overviewRow.querySelectorAll('a.icon-sprite').length; if (allTrophiesEarnedInRow) { const overviewTag = overviewRow.previousSibling; overviewRow.setAttribute('style', highlight); overviewTag.setAttribute('style', highlight); overviewTag.childNodes[0].setAttribute('style', 'color: ' + color); } }); } })(); Example:
  12. Post your profile link and I'll heart you/your levels.
  13. Update: Got the trophy. Thanks to everyone, who hearted me!
  14. Thank you very much for linking this video. After playing the mission for 20+ times without getting the objective, I watched it closely and noticed, he got the objective as soon as he captured that armor base in the east (14:30 in the video). Did the same and the objective appeared. Finished it by destroying the tanks in front of the HQ and at the winning screen the trophy popped. Finally! Thanks again for your help! 😃