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  1. When I saw the trophy list a few minutes ago I was wondering why all names are in caps. After watching the trailer, I KNOW WHYYYYY. Not sure if this is a super cool or super weird game though. 😅
  2. Third game done: Mafia! This remake is fantastic. I absolutely love the Original but this remake is also very good, you can find a more detailed opinion here: They released a more "classic UI" option via patch after I played the EU stack, so I decided to come back 2.5 years later and play it again on the NA stack to see if it improved the game for me (and to also be able to use it as a game here, it would be a shame to not have it on the chart) and, yes, it is better but not perfect, there are still too many markers for a true classic feeling. Most of the stuff I mention in the above linked thread is still true. But overall, it is still a very great experience. However, I kind of hope they will also release the Original with trophies as a PS classic some day.
  3. Set your profile's order to "last trophy" and it will show up correctly: https://psnprofiles.com/only-matt?order=last-trophy
  4. (PS5 logo is clinched but the colors pop more without any background around it) It's been a while! But, second game done: Transport Fever 2 for light blue. I think it's most fitting because of all the blue colors in the sky and on the train, however I think light blue outweighs just blue, objections welcome though. Initially, I thought about building a Vita-only chart but I failed this challenge at game #2 already but TF2 is too good to not be part of my chart and since it's not available on Vita... 😅 If you liked Cities Skylines but always felt you want to have more control about how transport is done this might be the game for you! A thing that always bothered me about CS was that I can't really control how and where transport is happening and TF2 just nails it. You can place signals for railways and build turnout tracks, control where trucks/ships/busses drive and the best part, most of the time vehicles don't drive into or through each other. It's not perfect but the... let's call it "scenery realism" (if that makes sense) is on another level. I could sink hours in CS to "just do a little bit here, optimizing something there" but TF2 gives you so much more options to do that, and to sink even more hours. I spent hours just optimizing stuff and admiring my progress afterwards, and it happened more than once that I forgot the time and fiddled for 5+ hours even though I just wanted to "fix it real quick", and that is a good thing! If you're into CS-typed games and are more interested in the transport aspects rather than citybuilding definitely have a look at TF2. I'd recommend to start the game with the (quite lengthy) campaign because it acts as a tutorial but also as a little history lesson about how transportation evolved in the world. After the campaign you can jump right into free game where the game unveils its full potential (well you could before but the mechanics will be overwhelming without a tutorial first). Trophywise it was fun to just play and don't concentrate on trophies imho, even though some trophies were a little out of place because it's unlikely you'll get that in a normal playthrough. But most trophies are very much attainable on a blind playthrough and I really liked that aspect.
  5. Glad I could help and it actually popped for you! It was quite fun to come back to BC2 for an hour. For anyone interested, I was the host and had to open these ports: https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Battlefield:_Bad_Company_2#Ports Otherwise we weren't able to match up.
  6. Routes have tasks, like fixing stuff, finding POIs etc, and you need to finish them all for the Taskmaster trophy. You can see the total amount of tasks per route and how many you've already got in the main menu when selecting the respective route. However, on normal routes there are a lot of tasks which can be very tedious and dull. But for the trophy you mentioned the training center is the quickest as there are only 20 tasks, finding maps (you need to finish some of the lengthy tasks on other routes for DLC trophies though). Follow a guide, for example this one: https://youtu.be/L6-cVadhaOE, and you'll get Taskmaster in no time.
  7. Now that the servers are closing soon and this is an important issue for "newcomers" to know about, I'll necro this thread. I read about this issue in the shutdown thread in a very helpful post from @Weskerfan75 and it really sucks that you @Radebe78 can't get the trophy! @Radebe78 Pretty sure you did everything imaginable but did you try this idea from above? If you don't have a second copy or opportunity to try, I'd be willing to help with an Alt that doesn't have the trophy yet.
  8. Oh man, the day has come. But, they're shutting down BC1 and 2 at the same time?! Smells like a remaster/remake (I kinda hope it does). However, anyone who tries to get it before shutdown: Good luck. This game can be a lot of fun but also a total nightmare. Wondering what the veterans will play after 8th December tho... 😅
  9. Mafia 1. I know there's a pretty good remake but I'd love to play the original one with trophies. No changes needed, I'd even play it in 720p. Microsoft Flight Simulator. Man, that game is just fascinating. I really envy Xbox players for that game. (looking in the future) Battlefield Bad Company 3. No BS, just a mixture of BC1/2 and BF3/4 (4 in its current, not release, state though) with modern graphics, with the great BC-story and actual DLCs. But unfortunately I have the feeling that the first two cases are very unlikely. 😅 And for that last case there's still hope, but it's also leaning towards unlikely...
  10. Yes, NAT1 or consoles in the same network. Or this:
  11. Nice, the first game was very enjoyable! Definitely going to buy this in a couple of minutes. 😀
  12. No, unfortunately not. 👇 The JP DLC lists are gone for good unless you already bought them. 😞
  13. Generally speaking, digital purchases are region locked, i.e. you would need to buy it again for a different region. If there's an exclusive trophy list you need to buy it in the respective region to be able to earn these trophies. And in this special case it's no different but unfortunately the DLC is delisted in JP's PSN store so it's not possible anymore.
  14. Well, they are pretty cheap on eBay nowadays and I needed 4 to investigate a broken trophy in another game. After that I realized that I could selfboost mostly every PS3 game in my backlog when using 4 consoles (including GTAIV), so that made some of the tedious grinds in games a breeze as I only needed to do it once, as opposed to 4 times when I would have created a boosting session.