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  1. @VladimirKal Interesting. But that would mean, if you would transfer a save created on a Pro to a Non-Pro PS4, it will run very very bad (even worse than the Pro-performance), because the "Pro setting" would apply to a Non-Pro PS4. Can you test this?
  2. I see. Sorry for mixing things up and adding fuel to the fire.
  3. To be honest, I'm a little bit confused. Is (or should) this (be) a discussion about just syncing late or overriding wrong timestamps by syncing late? My understanding is, it's the latter. Personally, I don't really get why you would want to wait with syncing, because I'd be too afraid of a HDD-failure, thus loosing my already earned trophy. However, I understand that there are circumstances why someone don't want to or can't sync immediately, such as no internet or being able to test if certain trophies are still obtainable to not mess up your completion rate - everyone should play and sync like he wants. But: Why on earth would you sync the wrong timestamps in the first place if you know, you want to wait syncing? It's you who decided to wait to sync. So, why would you change your mind on the wrong timestamps? I don't know, but there are very few occasions where you "accidentally" sync wrong timestamps, are there? If you decided to go the "syncing late" way, you would stick to it. Imagine, you want to not sync a list yet, but you are playing on a different console, thus popping with wrong timestamps. If you sync now it not only would sync with wrong timestamps but guess what... the list is also synced, so you could have synced your first timestamps in the first place. So, if you decide to wait, you know what to do, to actually wait. And it shouldn't surprise you that trophies can unlock this way, if you're a legit trophy hunter. It's your responsibility to be careful with your trophies if you own more than one console. It's not like lending your car to someone and when he complains about something, you go like "Oops, yeah. I forgot to tell you.". What I want to say is: No, you shouldn't be flagged because you synced late. But yes, you should be flagged if you override your already synced timestamps. Of course, that is just my opinion. Please let me know if I missed an occasion were you - a legit player - needs to sync wrong timestamps, thus forcing you to override them some time later.
  4. Yeah... Makes sense. Thanks for trying @PhantomFear94, though. It's the only thing we can do, but it's a shame you got a "oh! he mentioned 'issue', send answer #141!" response. However, in this case you could just answer "Steps to Reproduce: 1 - Launch Game". 😉
  5. Well, despite being pretty old and only in 720p the PS3 version seems to be superior to the remaster (I'm just guessing by the comments, didn't play it myself yet). The new bugs came with the remaster. I'm not entirely sure about this. If publishers realize that game-as-a-service is not the way to go, then totally yes - but, uh... The recent past showed different, sadly.
  6. I don't get it. D3T messed up the remaster but they had time to put in their faces? Wow... Guess what the collectible in Mafia 1 will be... 😏
  7. If it's unlocked in the game menu and still unlocked after the leaderboard refreshes (typically after an hour or two) you should be fine. My all-awards trophy didn't pop right away though, even though, all awards were marked as unlocked. However, at the first round-end screen after unlocking all awards, the trophy popped.
  8. That's too bad. I was very excited to play it today. But hell no, I learned my lesson with Bad Company 1 and I won't even look at a game with a well-known glitched trophy and just hope for a fix. Okay, technically it's a different story, because BC1 is very old and the remaster is just a few days young, but still... They have to provide a fix before I'm touching this. But joke's on me, I already paid for it. 😵
  9. As @demonoutcast already said this is an old bug. You just have to earn money by selling/scraping cars instead of robbing stores. But still very disappointing that they even ported the bugs.
  10. @bosstristan Source: https://mafiagame.com/news/mafia-trilogy-faq/
  11. You're probably right, but that's too bad. Would've loved to have M1 to M3 consecutive in my trophy list.
  12. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/10846-mafia-ii-definitive-edition is part of the Mafia series.
  13. Official reveal is at 6pm UTC+2, I'd guess it will be available in the store at this time. It's already listed in Australia-Store and the trophy list is synced to the Sony server.
  14. I did it legit and it wasn't that bad. Played twice through the DLC story and drove the big highway round for a few hours every day. After five days it was done.