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  1. Playing a game from a different region than your account isn't considered cheating.
  2. Wait, what? I never received any rewards for getting a trophy. 😅 Is this related to the Sony reward system that is only available in the US?
  3. Haha, yeah. I appreciate the offer. Yes, trying again and again is the best and only "solution", I guess.
  4. I thought, I'd give it a try and ordered a gold edition, so I could play with gold and regular like you did. I ended the match after joining and the full next round, because the squad didn't split up. Unfortunately still no trophy.
  5. I don't know because I won't enter CFW territory.
  6. Thanks for trying to help. Yeah it's a real bummer that it glitched out. I'm afraid we still have to try countless times. But it is always a good reminder to get the online trophies as fast as possible, in any game.
  7. Even if this were true (it's not, the leader of the squad gets the trophy) the Dummy would get it and you would know immediately that you just need to swap roles. 😉
  8. Unfortunately this is just an assumption, because the servers restart quite regularly. But yes, this refers to if it pops or not. If you mean in the menu then it doesn't. This depends on your connection settings. If you're not able to connect, you could try to open your ports or declare your PS3 as an exposed host. If it still doesn't work you would have to switch to NAT1 (directly connecting your PS3 to the internet via PPPoE credentials) or try with another friend. If you mean why you're split up ingame even though you joined via squad menu, then we also don't know. But I think it's also related to the same server issue (and keep in mind, this is not the game server itself). Or matchmaking doesn't care about your squad and just pair players up - for example matchmaking often puts me into a squad with already three players and my Dummy gets into a squad with only one player or no squad at all. Rejoining doesn't fix this. It just seems to prioritize filling squads over squad-joins. However, everything above is just a shot in the dark, because we don't really know what happens behind the scenes, because the connection is encrypted and there's no way to intercept it with reasonable amount of effort.
  9. @REAPER4536 Thanks for the idea. Actually, I wasn't really sure, if I already tested it, so I did it again. Unfortunately the trophy still didn't pop. However, I updated the list above, listing your suggestion.
  10. - Oh, yes. Forget to mention, already tried that. (updated the list above) - I even deleted the complete game and tried it on a fresh PS3 I never used to play BC1 before - Will do, but it really gets tiresome if you can't get a ridiculous easy trophy like this. In hindsight it was way easier to get 10k kills, even all awards. Interesting thought. However, I never experienced this message - only "connection lost, check your network". But the "hacker"-thing could be possible. Maybe those one-shot-whatever players ruin the servers by injecting something. But that wouldn't explain why there was a time frame of about 6 hours where people got the trophy on both servers. I doubt that the "veterans" were offline for so long. And if it's possible to hack the servers, why is this trophy (resp. achievement) still working on Xbox? Wouldn't they ruin the servers on Xbox too to get the same advantages? Furthermore, the server that is responsible for stats and trophies (even screenshot upload) is not the game server itself, but the server that is used to authenticate you when you enter the multiplayer menu. Some people say, EA glitched the servers on purpose back in the day when BF3 got released, so people would jump over to the new Battlefield.
  11. What do you mean by "same console, different network"? You have to use at least two separate consoles. And yes, I already tried to connect both consoles that are physically in the same room to different networks. Both consoles are wired, no Wifi at all.
  12. So, I monitored the servers for the last weeks and today I witnessed how the mostly stable servers both crashed. For ~20 minutes the matchmaking only spawned unstable ones. As soon as a new stable server spawned (it was located in EU) I joined with my dummy and still didn't get the trophy at the end of the round (the round lasted 8-ish minutes). I really don't know what it is, that makes the trophy possible. Everything I thought could be a solution failed, I'm out of ideas - see below list what I already tried to no avail. Since late March 2019 I'm trying to get this pesky trophy every now and then, sometimes even every day for a few weeks and I must have played over 600 matches by now and tested several solutions but it just seems to be impossible. I really don't know what happened for people who got the trophy in the near past. Congrats to those who were very lucky and got it. See the spoiler for a list of things I thought would be a solution. Feel free to add ideas you already tried and weren't successful or untested ideas you might have.
  13. Probably disc, depends on the price. But the fact, that there is a digital only version is kind of a statement about not bringing PS1-PS3 compatibility, isn't it? Or will the disc version be sold as the "Blu-ray and backwards compatibility"-PS5? Doubt it.
  14. Hi, I think I've found a bug on the site. Today, after 8 years (yeah, it really is a coincidence that it's exactly 8 years), I played Saboteur again and got a trophy, please have a look here: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/239-the-saboteur/woggly4?order=date The time difference shows "+8 years, 3 days, 18 hours" but it's actually 8 years and nearly 4 hours. Or am I missing something here?
  15. @VladimirKal Interesting. But that would mean, if you would transfer a save created on a Pro to a Non-Pro PS4, it will run very very bad (even worse than the Pro-performance), because the "Pro setting" would apply to a Non-Pro PS4. Can you test this?
  16. I see. Sorry for mixing things up and adding fuel to the fire.
  17. To be honest, I'm a little bit confused. Is (or should) this (be) a discussion about just syncing late or overriding wrong timestamps by syncing late? My understanding is, it's the latter. Personally, I don't really get why you would want to wait with syncing, because I'd be too afraid of a HDD-failure, thus loosing my already earned trophy. However, I understand that there are circumstances why someone don't want to or can't sync immediately, such as no internet or being able to test if certain trophies are still obtainable to not mess up your completion rate - everyone should play and sync like he wants. But: Why on earth would you sync the wrong timestamps in the first place if you know, you want to wait syncing? It's you who decided to wait to sync. So, why would you change your mind on the wrong timestamps? I don't know, but there are very few occasions where you "accidentally" sync wrong timestamps, are there? If you decided to go the "syncing late" way, you would stick to it. Imagine, you want to not sync a list yet, but you are playing on a different console, thus popping with wrong timestamps. If you sync now it not only would sync with wrong timestamps but guess what... the list is also synced, so you could have synced your first timestamps in the first place. So, if you decide to wait, you know what to do, to actually wait. And it shouldn't surprise you that trophies can unlock this way, if you're a legit trophy hunter. It's your responsibility to be careful with your trophies if you own more than one console. It's not like lending your car to someone and when he complains about something, you go like "Oops, yeah. I forgot to tell you.". What I want to say is: No, you shouldn't be flagged because you synced late. But yes, you should be flagged if you override your already synced timestamps. Of course, that is just my opinion. Please let me know if I missed an occasion were you - a legit player - needs to sync wrong timestamps, thus forcing you to override them some time later.
  18. Yeah... Makes sense. Thanks for trying @PhantomFear94, though. It's the only thing we can do, but it's a shame you got a "oh! he mentioned 'issue', send answer #141!" response. However, in this case you could just answer "Steps to Reproduce: 1 - Launch Game". 😉
  19. Well, despite being pretty old and only in 720p the PS3 version seems to be superior to the remaster (I'm just guessing by the comments, didn't play it myself yet). The new bugs came with the remaster. I'm not entirely sure about this. If publishers realize that game-as-a-service is not the way to go, then totally yes - but, uh... The recent past showed different, sadly.
  20. I don't get it. D3T messed up the remaster but they had time to put in their faces? Wow... Guess what the collectible in Mafia 1 will be... 😏
  21. If it's unlocked in the game menu and still unlocked after the leaderboard refreshes (typically after an hour or two) you should be fine. My all-awards trophy didn't pop right away though, even though, all awards were marked as unlocked. However, at the first round-end screen after unlocking all awards, the trophy popped.
  22. That's too bad. I was very excited to play it today. But hell no, I learned my lesson with Bad Company 1 and I won't even look at a game with a well-known glitched trophy and just hope for a fix. Okay, technically it's a different story, because BC1 is very old and the remaster is just a few days young, but still... They have to provide a fix before I'm touching this. But joke's on me, I already paid for it. 😵
  23. As @demonoutcast already said this is an old bug. You just have to earn money by selling/scraping cars instead of robbing stores. But still very disappointing that they even ported the bugs.
  24. @bosstristan Source: https://mafiagame.com/news/mafia-trilogy-faq/