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  1. I can't find this game in ps store for some reason. Does anyone know why?
  2. Hm. It was my first trophy and I did it right after the first cutscene.
  3. Offline, NG++, Item Discovery about 450. Took me 5-6 hours to farm 25 of them.
  4. @knoef_NL any news?
  5. I can share my workspace template for arcade mode: And there are craftable items which I made during this mode (ordered by priority): Cookies Knife Cigarette Letter (if I have too many papers) Hookah (if I have too many packs of tobacco) This tactic will cause you to accumulate too many bottles (I stuffed two drawers with them) but before it will be a disaster you already managed to score over 10000 points. It took me about 10 attempts to get the trophy.
  6. Strange but someone managed to obtain this trophy
  7. Yes (1.03)
  8. Same. Trophy didn't pop up. I checked tutorial menu for full "craftable" item list There are 11 items: Bear Alcohol Rope Knife Letter Juice Hookah Cigarette Cake Cookies Statue And I made them all But nothing has happened. For now I backed up save file at that point. Will wait for solution.
  9. *nevermind*
  10. Must be fixed in 1.02
  11. 1.02 fixed some issues in Boss Mode, but not the topic ☹️
  12. (it works well)
  13. Today patch 1.01 was released. Still no metal block in materials in Boss Mode. ☹️
  14. The answer: