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  1. I was able to get the trophy i started a new game, had to replay the entire prologue again to get the first car as a story reward once i got on the huge island, i scanned a vehicle and did 2 premio races and got everything to add to my ride and the trophy popped
  2. yes, i'm sure. Click on the link to see the picture i even claimed the free dashboard prop through ubisoft connect and that one doesn't even show up
  3. I'm experiencing a problem that i can't add mirror props, dashboard props or horns to my rides. All screens are black. anyone else have this issue https://imgur.com/a/H8RTgmi
  4. I found the one i was missing somehow i forgot to update this topic saying i found it thx for the video, it will be helpfull for others who struggle to find them
  5. Can anyone help me? I need 5 toys to complete my last goal in this level but i only find 4 i can't find the 5th one, no matter where i look
  6. No idea what when wrong for you, it worked for me Try doing some team building and crew training events in between to keep moral high I also completed team objectices like getting no penalty in a rally, i didn't race it so naturally i didn't receice a penalty but i shouldn't have gotten that reward either cause i didn't race i was even able to move up to wrc3 at the end of the season
  7. For this trophy you need to finish a career in realistic duration. I started a career in junior wrc on realistic duration, only 5 rallies. i quit every rally, only drove the anniversary events between rallies since there's a trophy involving those. I was able to unlock the trophy after the 1st season, it doens't unlock after the last rally. You still need to add a few resting events, team building,... before the season ends. At that point you receive the trophy When starting my second season, I was able to change the career length again to short, medium, long or realistic. So you can pick whatever you want and continu your career till you reach WRC
  8. Mine popped after completing 10 seasons i didn't play the Super Late Models since it's a dlc package and not needed for the platinum
  9. You can see that ingame when you check your profile
  10. From the looks of it the trophies don't autopop so you'll have to start from scratch. I would gladly do it if that 10000 miles trophy wasn't there. That's what's keeping me from starting over. I invested too many hours in this game big mistake from dovetails end
  11. same for me i just unlocked a trophy before servers went down and it still shows as unlocked now
  12. Just pick a 10 race driver career pick mercedes with Hamilton as co driver you should get the trophy after the 7th race that's how i got mine
  13. Thank you for this info
  14. I haven't had any problems with 2 player career and i did it 2 times. Once on the ps4 version and once on the ps5 version one time i was host and the other time i was invited we also did the same: 10 race season with 5 laps
  15. I'm trying to stand idle on a track using time trial, but there's no way to check if those are added to the total spend on track time Only driving time i can see in the statistics are online and career, nothing from time trials of general grand prix