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  1. Thank you so much guys =D
  2. @BlindMango @B1rvineWhere has my profile gone? I’ve not changed anything on my my end, please help, thank you
  3. I see a few reasonable strats for the shield guys on here but it’s just this simple...block their very predictable attack as you circle/strafe around them for an easy backstab, job done, the same can be done for almost every other enemy in the game (rogues almost invite you to backstab them lol) except for ranged enemies. Also during the backstab animation you are impervious to damage and interupts, hope this helps anyone who reads this. TLDR; circle/strafe > backstab > continue on your merry way.
  4. This might be a bit late but for some reason it doesn’t work with the scarab ship, use the medusa
  5. Probably not much poInt in that, in my case I had a previous save from when I played it on launch at chapter 3, now I have a pro since then and doing the clean up in normal/succubus mode is impossible as I can’t progress past chapter 2 on succubus mode and there’s a lot of collectibles only obtainable while you’re a succubus
  6. Yeah, you’ll be fine on base Ps4, on pro the transition between chapter 2 and 3 crashes the game everytime, same goes for succubus mode, agony mode won’t even start lol
  7. It’s fine on a regular Ps4, the problem lies in using a Pro for some odd reason, it’s a shame because while the game will never be a 10/10 the devs have noticeably spent a lot of time fixing its many flaws since launch, I enjoyed most of it until I aimed for completion lol
  8. The grammar police would have a field day with you lol In response to your condescending yet uniformed comment, admittedly a refund is probably easier to obtain in Australia due to our consumer affairs constantly taking Sony to court for refusing refunds in the past. I merely posted that information as I didn’t ask for a refund, instead I was offered one by Sony, that information may benefit anyone else who has recently purchased the game with the intention of playing it on a Pro. When I get home I’ll find the email and post it here just in case there’s any more that come along severely lacking power to the thinking department and like to post bs simply because that’s the only joy they get from life 🤣
  9. That npc summon in the bell tower area is strictly for that area (you’ll notice you can’t progress nor return to the previous room with him present), there’s a crazy high chance you’ll get invaded in the small area there, on new game plus I was invaded by three people at once, that summon is super helpful
  10. *UPDATE* i just rang Sony, they’ve sent an email requesting it be fixed and offered a refund, I refused the refund as I still want the completion but for anyone else who got burnt by the game it should be relatively easy to acquire a refund as there’s currently no way to progress past the 2nd chapter on Ps4 pro without using CFW TL,DR; you can easily get a refund for this game
  11. The exact same is happening to me, progression past chapter 2 is IMPOSSIBLE! ABSOLUTELY DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! (Ive reached out to the developer Madmind Studios, even that was a pain, the 'Send Message' button on their website doesnt even work LOL It seems fucking things up is a common trait among their staff.
  12. What I did was fly to Bogano and run across the top platforms of the level between save points and saving at each one, I only did a smal circle of 3 save points, doing this it took me around 30 mins to fully develop a seed from the point of planting it I hope this helps, I don’t know exactly what made this go fast, it just worked
  13. It’s so disheartening that this is the truth too 😭
  14. You're 100% on the money!!! In my opinion trophy rarity needs to be taken into consideration to alter point values, most already know where to find this type of leaderboard. I feel (even as a cheesy plat spammer myself) these Rat platinums worthlessness needs to be reflected on the leaderboards and fast because when ps5 launches RatCheapPlatLaika Games are going to monopolise on our trophy passions with a bunch more stacks for each puddle of vomit they spew up. Take a look for yourselves what Ratalaika is up to on Twitter.....they have developers throwing games at them to port and make a cheap dollar by contributing to the destruction of trophy hunting dignity. Rat Games have absolutely no intention of slowing down while we have even a little value for these games that usually require completion of only the 1st level. Worst of all, there's too many upcoming developers like Rat Games setting their sights on trophy hunters, there's no end in sight unless changes are made HERE.
  15. beat me to it as i was typing lol