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  1. What I did was fly to Bogano and run across the top platforms of the level between save points and saving at each one, I only did a smal circle of 3 save points, doing this it took me around 30 mins to fully develop a seed from the point of planting it I hope this helps, I don’t know exactly what made this go fast, it just worked
  2. It’s so disheartening that this is the truth too 😭
  3. You're 100% on the money!!! In my opinion trophy rarity needs to be taken into consideration to alter point values, most already know where to find this type of leaderboard. I feel (even as a cheesy plat spammer myself) these Rat platinums worthlessness needs to be reflected on the leaderboards and fast because when ps5 launches RatCheapPlatLaika Games are going to monopolise on our trophy passions with a bunch more stacks for each puddle of vomit they spew up. Take a look for yourselves what Ratalaika is up to on Twitter.....they have developers throwing games at them to port and make a cheap dollar by contributing to the destruction of trophy hunting dignity. Rat Games have absolutely no intention of slowing down while we have even a little value for these games that usually require completion of only the 1st level. Worst of all, there's too many upcoming developers like Rat Games setting their sights on trophy hunters, there's no end in sight unless changes are made HERE.
  4. beat me to it as i was typing lol
  5. If not the crashes then what did the patch fix? Lol
  6. Even after that patch if you close the app it still resets your score to 0, This game may have to be done in one sitting
  7. That's quite an in-depth confirmation there, luckily you provided an overwhelming amount of information to support your claim.....Why bother even posting anything?
  8. i have to say upon reading this again, this is the only post I've ever seen on this site that i 100% agree with and would gladly support
  9. lol this is true. As funny as that is, an entire country/continent is looking up at a proven hacker/cheater in the #1 spot on the leaderboard, for us its not as funny I 100% agree with everything right there and I'm sure many many others do
  10. @MMDE @B1rvine @Sly Ripper so now the account in question has earnt trophies from a future timeline, and is now #1 in Australia.....seriously how much longer is this person going to stay here??? this is the trophies earnt in the future https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/4542-one-piece-burning-blood/professionaljedi
  11. Much appreciated mate
  12. @MMDE @B1rvine any updates on this, another month has passed since the last post
  13. Is this all done yet, the leaderboards are still riddled with cheating filth, the profile mentioned at the start of this topic is still on the leaderboard, he/she/it even purchased premium. I sincerely hope that purchase of premium membership wasn’t enough to save he/she/it from the ban hammer.
  14. The green runes behave oddly, on my 2nd and 3rd pilot they didn’t spawn but on my 4th all of them did, the notes spawned with every pilot tho
  15. As #2 in Australia you’re offended 😂 I don’t know what’s more of a joke here, your inglorious comment or the state of your profile. That comment literally had me laughing out loud. Tsk Tsk 🤣 ps. everyone on the Aus leaderboard knows it was you who got his profile banned in the first place.