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  1. Reload last save.
  2. Minutes.
  3. There are four requirements: delivery-time, quantity, condition and miscellaneous. For each category you must complete 20 different orders, totaling 80.
  4. May 29, 2020
  5. First is my dear friend @SnowNinjaRaccoon What’s a win in this game for me is the graphics and the soundtrack. The idea behind it has also lots of potential, but to me was poorly executed.
  6. RDR2 was grindier.
  7. Every chapter is basically the same thing: deliveries over deliveries, with the exception of one chapter I'm not allowed to say anything about. If to it you add the unnecessarily super-confusing story that tries to make amends for its own confusion towards the end, no, I didn't. But hey, this is my opinion. This is and will be a very polarising game.
  8. It's not a tedious grind, it's the MOST tedious grind I have recollection of. You basically do the same thing over and over and over again. Zero diversity whatsoever. However, it's more manageable if you take breaks every now and then and listen to music while playing this game. And build ziplines, LOTS of ziplines. Those alone can save you hundreds of gameplay hours.
  9. Thanks for quoting us.
  10. No missables. Game must be played on Hard for Growth of a Legend. If you play on lower difficulties, you won't get the Legend of a Legend rating on your completed orders.
  11. Both.
  12. None of the trophies are difficult. It's just a very long grind!
  13. No problem with the specific trophy, but Tricky took a while to pop. Maybe the same happens with that?
  14. Thanks, that worked! Very misleading trophy description.
  15. Just wanted to let you guys know that the trophy Avalanche from the new Ice DLC is currently bugged. I completed the level twice but never got the trophy.