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  1. Do you have to finish the race?
  2. Has anybody confirmed if Survival locks you out of the Platinum?
  3. The game doesn't seem to be available in the EU store, correct?
  4. Yeah, it should. Difficulty doesn't put me off, its length does.
  5. Yeah, Survival Vision isn't there. Crosshair is there. Yeah, you have to buy all weapons again.
  6. So, I got the chance to play Survival Difficulty for a while and let me tell you guys, whether you enjoyed the game or not, this is going to feel very grindy. Wait for NG+ if it ever releases or take a big break before going at this again if you've recently finished the game. If you don't, it's most likely going to feel like a chore. This is what I've noticed. You die in three hits No HUD whatsoever, nothing No Fast Travel No Survival Vision Impossible to change the difficulty as you play No load-out from previous saves Expect another 80 hours.
  7. Can anybody give me the location of Fallen Enforcers #2 and #3 in Fate of Atlantis DLC 2? Thanks!
  8. Do you guys see the question marks on the map for this DLC?
  9. Layers of Fear 2 Trophy Guide & Roadmap Layers of Fear 2 All Collectibles Locations Enjoy!
  10. Trover Saves the Universe Trophy Guide & Roadmap Trover Saves the Universe All Power Babies Locations Enjoy!
  11. Couldn't have said it any better. I completely agree.
  12. June 4.
  13. A Plague Tale: Innocence Trophy Guide & Roadmap
  14. Is The Path Home really the last DLC? I see "Coming Soon" under Mother Protector in the Challenge Tombs menu.
  15. That explains it.