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  1. Only available on the Cyprian store? Weird.
  2. On the EU store? Can’t find it.
  3. When does it come out?
  4. Looks easy. Should be even more so once a guide is out.
  5. So, what's the actual amount of hours to put into the 1,000-question trophy?
  6. Hey guys, I’ve just activated a North American account and I’d love to know what games are specific to that store that aren’t available for the EU store. Do you know any, especially walking simulators, action-adventure games, and 3D platformers? Thank you!
  7. What's your source that it's getting released only in North America?
  8. Its been available in KR for almost a year now. This is about EU or US release.
  9. Hey, is this supposed to be the European or American release? Thanks!
  10. And what are they waiting for? It's already the 29th of June in half of the world already!
  11. With the DLC already available in New Zealand and momentarily in Europe, is there a reason why we haven't seen the DLC trophy list yet? We know for a fact that Xbox is getting achievements.
  12. Agreed!
  13. Can you pause and watch a guide as you do the levels or is it assumed that you never pause the game?
  14. I understand that in one sitting means in one go, but is it possible to pause the game to watch a video guide for the hardest bits in each level and still be able to unlock the related no-death run trophies? Thanks!
  15. Congratulations on those who got the plat! Have any of you been writing a trophy guide?