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  1. The trophy description is a bit misleading. You have to complete 5 SPECIFIC Serqet Locations. Have a look here:
  2. So, is this game any good? Is the plat easy? Thanks.
  3. Hey, I can't unlock the Not Gain trophy from the GoatMMO DLC. I can't even start the quest because the NPC I'm supposed to talk to (DumbleDoor the Grey) isn't surrounded by the golden circle other NPCs are. What's weird is that there is a big white question mark on top of his head and a bunch of other goats that I guess are players from the PC that keep messing with me by ramming me. I have tried to relaunch the game, restart the session, respawn, but nothing, I can't unlock this trophy. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. If I start my first game on Ultra Hard difficulty, will I still get the related DLC trophies or the DLC trophies unlock only on New Game+ mode? Thanks
  5. Official: DLC is coming out on January 23rd, 2018.
  6. I can confirm that the DLC trophies cannot be unlocked without first installing it.
  7. For “Thank you for playing”, do you have to just play through the level or do you have to play the level and collect all orbs with their corresponding colors? I’ve played countless times but the trophy never popped. Thanks.
  8. Ok, the missable trophies are the Breakfast, the Library Cabinet ones, and Profondo Rosso. Technically also the Breathe ones, although it’s hard to believe how one could skip these. The first two are obtainable very early in the game, the last ones in chapter 3 and at various moments in the game. Make sure that you open the cabinet with the wire and that you interact with the napkin only after eating the Scottish breakfast. All other trophies are unmissable.
  9. 4/10. It's not hard, it's just grindy!
  10. I’ve read that the game has a couple of missable trophies. What are they exactly and how do you get them? I’ve got the breakfast one, but what about the library cabinet? Which chapter can it be unlocked in? Thanks for your help!
  11. Cheers, mate. Any particular advice to beat the time on every level? I did level one fast enough to end it with a total of 20 minutes left of collected clocks, but it didn't say I had completed in 8 minutes. Are we talking 8 minutes real-life time?
  12. Hey, I've got three questions related to a bunch of different trophies. 1. For the Da Vinci trophy, do you actually have to paint everything? Even walls? 2. What are the requirements for Chronos and Rocky trophies? 3. What are the requirements for Shaken, not Stirred and Braveheart? Thanks!
  13. Is the platinum still obtainable?
  14. So, how hard of a plat is this?
  15. I can't find the third treasure chest in the Temple of Amun in Siwa. Senu can spot a treasure chest icon that is in mid-air, but the chest is nowhere to be found. Any ideas? Thanks!