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  1. Do we have a release date?
  2. Just found out it's only local. What a bummer! Oh, well...
  3. Anyone down to co-op this?
  4. A friend of mine unlocked the trophy alright, meaning that it can glitch out on you. I’ve had to replay the whole DLC to unlock it.
  5. As I mentioned above, yeah, I finished the DLC. Did all the Side Missions, too, and claimed all Control Points (Checkpoints). I've quit the game and restarted it again, tried fast-travelling from one Sector to another, but nothing.
  6. Thanks!
  7. Does any of you remember the requirements to get the Surge Weapon Form to level 3? I've finished the DLC, got all other trophies and have more than 100k Source, but the third slot won't unlock for upgrading. Ideas? EDIT: I've found the requirements online and I have everything. I cannot upgrade from a Control Point. Why?
  8. What do you need to do for the Clock Puzzle?
  9. There’s a fifth one in AWE Loading Bay. I still miss some. I have got all four of those. Do you recall any other location besides he ones listed?
  10. Has anyone managed to max out Surge? I've been stuck on the second slot upgrade for ages and already finished the DLC.
  11. I've solved it. Thanks guys! Anyone found all vending machine locations?
  12. Nothing at all. I’ve restarted the console, restarted the app, restored licenses, reactivated my PS4. I’m now redownloading the whole game.
  13. I must be going crazy, but how do you activate the first mission? I updated the game but upon launching it nothing happens. Do I have to talk to someone?
  14. New Super Lucky’s Tale Trophy Guide & Roadmap