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  1. Definitely messed up, yeah. Thanks!
  2. In one of the first few missions you need to drop a bomb on a farm plot with your bird at the basecamp. I've been looking for where exactly for ages, but I can't find it. Where is this spot exactly? Any help is appreciated.
  3. RDR Online is available from the get-go and you don't need to reach a certain point in the single player. RDR Online is a separate thing from the main game. As for reaching level 50 as quickly as possible, I personally used the cop-killing strategy in Saint Denis, used dynamite on fish schools, and played a bunch of multiplayer modes to diversify the experience a little as it could easily get boring. Make sure to restart the fish killing challenge every time you reach the gold medal. All of these combined is one of the fastest way to get to level 50, but be wary because it is still quite an annoying grind. Using these methods on rotation could level you up to 4-5 levels a day.
  4. Also some delivery requests’ NPCs don’t appear on the map unless you get near them. If that’s were the case I’d suggest you use a location map.
  5. Contacted the devs twice on Facebook. They replied the first time, they ignored my message the second time. Maybe if someone else contacts them they will realize the community is frustrated and do something about it.
  6. One doesn’t show on the map because it’s inside one of the taverns. Check the one that you go to in sequence 2 with Haytham and Charles.
  7. Pomade can be bought from the stockpile. Can’t remember which category it is in right now.
  8. It is. Just hit Restart Checkpoint and you can try as many times as you want. Just make sure you do it before a new checkpoint otherwise you need to replay the whole memory again.
  9. How does this guy always manage to leak trophy lists so early?
  10. How long is this game?
  11. I've read guides and threads saying that the game corrupts save files, trophies don't unlock when they should, collectibles and their trackers can glitch out, and that Survival mode may wipe all story progress. Is all of this still true or has the game been patched in the meantime? Thanks!
  12. I just got a message from the devs. Here’s what they said: “Hi. We will work at a fix soon. We are aware of the problems. Thx for the information.”
  13. Thank you. Could you also be so kind as to try the new patch out?
  14. The issue seems to be with the patch 1.3 (digital and retail) which doesn't even add the trophy list to the trophies section on the PS4 upon launching. Whoever unlocked the plat has the retail version downgraded to 1.0.
  15. If it's the same developers, they still gotta fix the trophies in Windstorm. Currently they can't be unlocked.