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  1. 31st August 2019 Cheap price for an amazing Adventure, nice!
  2. Amazing, thank you for this useful forum thread sunashigure1! I wanted to follow that guide for the final challenge trophy, it seems to be the right one, especially for the tip to take pictures (with a cellphone) sometimes and turn off the PS4 to Rest Mode while solving a puzzle, to stop the timer: will go for it soon
  3. Yeah, forgot that fact, thanks, you're right! Anyway, this made me very happy today: - PS3 Zone of the Enders HD Edition - PS3 Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner HD Edition - PS3 / PS4 Amplitude - PS Vita Super Mutant Alien Assault - PS Vita / PS4 Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion - PS4 Portal Knights - PS4 Steep as far as I can say, some great titles!
  4. P.S. 'Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion' is only available free on the PS4 store and you won't find it in the PS+ free games section; (here you have another two free games: 'Portal Knights' and 'Steep'). It's a little bit hidden, just go search for the game and voilá: free download for PS+ After "purchasing" on PS4 you can find it in the PS Vita store downloads list and get it for free on your mobile system, too! Enjoy
  5. 'Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion' is only available free at the PS4 store and you won't find it in the PS+ free games section; (here you have another two free games: 'Portal Knights' and 'Steep'). It's a little bit hidden, just go search for the game, et voilá: free download for PS+ After "purchasing" on PS4 you can find it at the PS Vita store downloads list and get it for free on your mobile system, too! Enjoy
  6. ^^ never, it was a good question though, everyone first wonders what the collection might be. As you can see here, some years later there could be some interest coming up. What a nice new year's surprise. I've read somewhere, that PS3 and Vita won't get any more free games from 2019. Now we got this Collection and 'Amplitude' for the PS3 and also 'Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion' (cross PS4) and 'Super Mutant Alien Assault' for the Vita, superb!
  7. Yeah, like the one I'm working on for weeks now: - Vita: Space Hulk Also those that require some crazy research, this one was very intensive: - Vita: Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon And those that require some almost new analogue sticks: - Vita: Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Still on my PS3 and Vita games!
  8. well, now it's back in the store for a discount price of $1.99 additional levels are available for the same price of $1.99: - Avengers Chronicles - Vengeance and Virtue let's get it! (hope it will be still there when my wallet has some funds again) November 17th 2018 and I also hope this text will help someone!
  9. Through the game I was more concentrated on getting all the diamond cases and weapons, didn't follow the guide for buddies and tapes. I've finished the game just to see if there's another buddy around close to the end, but there wasn't. Now I'm trying to find the missing tapes and buddies with a safe file from the southern territory about 75%. I freed 9 buddies so far, 5 in the north, 4 south. The trophy guide I found states for the buddies: Leboa-Sako - The Northern Territory Story-related Story-related Story-related Cock Fights/Lumber/Slaughterhouse/Fresh Fish - Central Sector Cock Fights/Lumber/Slaughterhouse - Central Sector Crashed Plane - North Sector (image) Bowa-Seko - The Southern Territory Story-related Story-related Story-related Bowaseko Brewing Co. - South Sector Story-related So I went to Bowaseko Brewing Co. and back to the northern territory. Checked everywhere: the Crashed Plane, Cock Fight, Lumber, Slaughterhouse, Fresh Fish, no buddy anywhere. There was just one closed door with a lock bar in one of those camps at the central northern territory, no buddy in the room either. Pretty sure when I keep searching everywhere I will find the missing tapes, but the buddies? I'm afraid you really have to free all of the six before going south through the desert. Last information here: I have the digital version from PS store and had no glitch problems for the 1000 diamonds. Thanx for your interest. Any helpful advice would be highly appreciated.
  10. I just collected the 1000 diamonds for the trophy, missions and cases both count together for it. This guide really helps a lot if you have problems reaching a certain diamond case: Good luck!
  11. ^^ thank you Fonky_Donkey and everyone above. Just wanted to start a new thread about what I've learned by myself, but you guys are far beyond. popped just after finishing the game with Hannah and adding another character shortly before the end of the final Boss. All other "beat the game with" trophies do unlock that way. Next step for me was unlocking and at the same time by playing the game with Rey and adding King, Fries and Oak before the final Boss died. "Power of Love" only pops if you have one couple with the same elemental power: - Hannah and King (water) - Trish and Izzy (thunder) - DeeDee and Fries (earth) - Rey and Oak (fire)
  12. Got a missing platinum on "The raven", where you have a detailed description of how to achieve it. Haven't tried yet, maybe you would like to:
  13. Yeah, my Vita also has some overused analog sticks. Try to get it fixed and then don't touch the right stick anymore.
  14. good news: I've got the 'Crime Scene Investigator' trophy. Even left the room to report to Legrand, came back to pick up the feathers from the vase, pop! bad news: The 'Completionist' trophy is glitched now; the only chance for me to get that last missing and the platinum seems to run the whole game on my second PS3 again, pooh! This guide is really good: I would say the fact that you have to follow every step from start to end makes the games less exciting.
  15. Following one of those guides I messed it up in the Baroness' cabinet. Erased the game and save files afterwards. Now I have hope again that after installing the game and PS+ backup file, it's gonna work. Just have to do everything again starting at the docks... report later. Thanks a lot, I should have looked here first of all!