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  1. ^^ thanks for those advices, this title seems to be nice though It's actually on discount for just $2.49 plus tax until April 29th So yeah, bought that right now. 2021/04/21
  2. ^^ it really is, but be aware: IT'S VERY ADDICTIVE
  3. thanks anyway, well done! update: for those who tried a lot but couldn't succeed yet. I've finally managed those three by playing the game all alone because there shouldn't be anything else for your defense. Probably the same like for 'Combat mastery', no barricades, turrets or mines.
  4. Just finished UNDER DEFEAT HD DELUXE EDITION last night after more than 6 years from starting the game. First you think 'wow, nice game, but almost impossible to solve', at least when playing it alone. Then you realize (mostly from reading a trophy guide) that you just need to play each mode for 10 hours to have infinite credits. With a second controller and for one trophy best also a second person this platinum then gets to be a walk in the park. You can achieve the infinite credits also by pausing the game for 10 hours. This you have to do for the 2 modes 'new order' and 'arcade'. Don't forget that the PS3 turns off automatically after max 5 hours, so you need to check it once or twice. Finally the collecting of all trophies is then definitely possible in less than 4 hours. UNDER DEFEAT HD | PS3 | JP | 1P 5G 6S 28B | Difficulty 2.5/10 | 1350 Points | total 24h without skills UNDER DEFEAT HD: DELUXE EDITION | PS3 | NA/EU | 1P 5G 6S 28B | Difficulty 2.5/10 | 1350 Points | total 24h without skills edit: it seems the deluxe edition is or was also available in the EU with a shared trophy list, so NA/EU nice topic btw, thanks #Zanyverse
  5. Good question, thanx for this I managed to get those two somehow Space Hulk Platinum Club • There is only war! Trophy • Space Hulk • It was once a monthly plus game for the Vita system, got more than 1000 owners The game was not too hard, personally I had fun solving it only the counter for those 40.000 kills is very glitchy and it took forever to get it Roundabout 100.000 kills, just didn't wanna give up on those The smile on my face was lasting long after the trophies popped 8 achievers makes them both ultra rare with 0.63% actually
  6. thanks for this thread, didn't know about this title until today... Back on the NA store at a discount price actually until 03/04/2021: The Walking Dead: The Final Season - Season Pass - $8.99 - 55% off The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season - $4.49 - 70% off The Walking Dead: Season Two - $4.49 - 70% off
  7. ^^ Nah, just keep going! The last Fossil with Megashark was really hard to find but finally I've got it. Not sure, but if I remember well it was on the right hand side of the map. You need to swim 20.000.000 meters anyway for one of the rare trophies. After beating the BOSS on the last map you will get another two small sharks with additional 10 missions each, making that 270 missions all together. Good luck
  8. It's on sale now at the us store for $4.99 available until 02/11/2021
  9. actually on discount in JP nice puzzle game, addictive!
  10. Yeah, this was once a monthly game for the Vita, also in the US. It is not cross-buy and also not the hardest game, was fun in fact. The only problem for me was the glitchy 40.000 kills trophy. I had to kill a lot more to get it, maybe 100k. Just didn't wanna give up on it and fortunately the missing 2 trophies popped one great day. To manage that I chose a level where I could burn 9 Aliens in a room with the flamethrower over and over again.... here in Europe there are more people who also managed it good luck
  11. and everyone above, thanks for your comments. It helps a lot to decide giving this game a try (or NOT). Anyway, I'm always careful with "free games"
  12. After watching the trailer I'm pretty sure this new title is very close to the other game published 2013 on PS3 I really like but didn't finish yet. Meaning that it's obviously the same 'machine' / software developer: Terminal Reality / publisher: Activision / everything, except, now it's VR. There were definitely two playthroughs necessary for the amazing: For those who can't wait or wanna try the good old way, check it out!
  13. thanks everyone for the input... the game is actually at a discount price of $4.49; after the summer sales, August 23, 2020. there seems to be some fun in it, let's try!
  14. just bought the vita version, it is NOT cross buy still a nice price to get both maybe