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  1. Yeah, strange... I also think it is AS and/or JP or just the whole wide world except NA and EU the game is on sale right now in Japan for just ¥ 320 instead of ¥ 1600 until tomorrow! Bought it and YES, it's a JP version, thanks for the thread ryuji!
  2. I've tried a lot and finally made it with the rocket launcher while trying there were occasionally many power ups and bombs appearing, which lead me to the level 2 perk upgrade as you can see it was here on the vita version, but really rare, maybe in 5% or less good luck!
  3. ^^ totally agree, this game is hard to beat but doable and also fun, btw nice music in my opinion I've just managed the last exit level and was really afraid of the second part of it If you watch a video guide it really seems very hard, but good news: after beating the first part of the exit level, you will have all the time in the world with endless tries for the second part; of course I didn't quit at this point and just repeated trying and was getting better at it until it was solved
  4. Thank you for this thread @CuteBoringLove and for the translations @Shua_J The game is on discount actually, also part 2, gonna buy both! 2021/05/12
  5. Recruit checked Now We're Talking checked Pacifist - seems possible but really hard to obtain Hardened - still glitched, can confirm it for the PS4 version, too 2021/04/30
  6. @xRiAgi thank you mate for the input and well done so far! I've just finished the fourth campaign scenario on normal and realized there won't be any more. Was hoping though the 'Recruit' trophy would pop after, but it didn't. So the tutorial doesn't count and I probably just have to replay one of the scenarios to get it. And then another five rounds for finishing ten scenarios makes 'Now we're talking' coming up. My strategy for 'Pacifist' would be to use Nora and build a barricade everytime a zombie appears; then let Mason do the shooting while the zombie can't pass the barricade...
  7. Damned, but thanks for the threat mate! Just bought the game and tried a little for the hardened trophy but couldn't finish wave 25 in onslaught yet. On steam there are a lot of achievements for this title as you can see on their wiki page. Now here we've got just a few and they still seem to be glitched for some reason. It would be really nice if they could fix those issues for the PS version trophies, wouldn't it? Anyway, I've just finished Chasmal, the second Campaign Scenario and am wondering if there are gonna be more than the available four Scenarios. And how the heck it might be possible to finish a Scenario on hard without killing a zombie.....?
  8. I recently took Outbreak for the actual ps+ discount price and do not regret it if you like challenging puzzle games with some gore, nice music and sound effects it's definitely not the worst ever The main menu offers many options from the beginning like 3 game types, 7 characters with different abilities and a variety of weapons
  9. ^^ thanks for those advices, this title seems to be nice though It's actually on discount for just $2.49 plus tax until April 29th So yeah, bought that right now. 2021/04/21
  10. ^^ it really is, but be aware: IT'S VERY ADDICTIVE
  11. thanks anyway, well done! update: for those who tried a lot but couldn't succeed yet. I've finally managed those three by playing the game all alone because there shouldn't be anything else for your defense. Probably the same like for 'Combat mastery', no barricades, turrets or mines.
  12. Just finished UNDER DEFEAT HD DELUXE EDITION last night after more than 6 years from starting the game. First you think 'wow, nice game, but almost impossible to solve', at least when playing it alone. Then you realize (mostly from reading a trophy guide) that you just need to play each mode for 10 hours to have infinite credits. With a second controller and for one trophy best also a second person this platinum then gets to be a walk in the park. You can achieve the infinite credits also by pausing the game for 10 hours. This you have to do for the 2 modes 'new order' and 'arcade'. Don't forget that the PS3 turns off automatically after max 5 hours, so you need to check it once or twice. Finally the collecting of all trophies is then definitely possible in less than 4 hours. UNDER DEFEAT HD | PS3 | JP | 1P 5G 6S 28B | Difficulty 2.5/10 | 1350 Points | total 24h without skills UNDER DEFEAT HD: DELUXE EDITION | PS3 | NA/EU | 1P 5G 6S 28B | Difficulty 2.5/10 | 1350 Points | total 24h without skills edit: it seems the deluxe edition is or was also available in the EU with a shared trophy list, so NA/EU nice topic btw, thanks #Zanyverse
  13. Good question, thanx for this I managed to get those two somehow Space Hulk Platinum Club • There is only war! Trophy • Space Hulk • It was once a monthly plus game for the Vita system, got more than 1000 owners The game was not too hard, personally I had fun solving it only the counter for those 40.000 kills is very glitchy and it took forever to get it Roundabout 100.000 kills, just didn't wanna give up on those The smile on my face was lasting long after the trophies popped 8 achievers makes them both ultra rare with 0.63% actually
  14. thanks for this thread, didn't know about this title until today... Back on the NA store at a discount price actually until 03/04/2021: The Walking Dead: The Final Season - Season Pass - $8.99 - 55% off The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season - $4.49 - 70% off The Walking Dead: Season Two - $4.49 - 70% off
  15. ^^ Nah, just keep going! The last Fossil with Megashark was really hard to find but finally I've got it. Not sure, but if I remember well it was on the right hand side of the map. You need to swim 20.000.000 meters anyway for one of the rare trophies. After beating the BOSS on the last map you will get another two small sharks with additional 10 missions each, making that 270 missions all together. Good luck