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  1. #76 MLB The Show 21 This is by far the easiest platinum trophy that MLB: The Show series has ever had. Most can be done alone or if you have trouble, you can boost it in online exhibition matches with someone. I have 33 hours logged into the game. The most grindy trophies are gonna be March to October where you got to win the Division Series and World Series and in Road to the Show where you got to get your created player up through the minor league system to the majors.
  2. Honestly doesn't look too hard. Might wait a few days until video or text guides come out to see if there is anything miscible but by the looks on the list, looks easy.
  3. #75 Subnautica A very fun and enjoyable game that has a easy Platinum that can be finished in a hour or so with a guide.
  4. War Thunder has auto-pop trophies and two different trophy list for PS4 and PS5. First time I was playing War Thunder on my PS5, was in a test flight of a plane and then trophies that I had gotten on the PS4 unlocked for the PS5 version.
  5. Also have you card information, address etc already filled in. Last thing you need is select Pay Now and then have to add a Card because one got declined or something like that.
  6. Hoping that Operation Tango is kind of like A Way Out in that it is a short and easy Platinum however since there is no trophy list, no way to tell.
  7. On the night/early morning of November 11th/12th, Launch Day of the PS5, I was looking at different websites such as Amazon, Best Buy etc looking to find one. I saw on twitter someone had mentioned that Playstation Direct might have some in stock later so I went to to website and there was a hour long que. I imagine hundreds if not thousands of other people went to Playstation Direct because soon the que went to 4 hours if not longer with some saying the website crashed. Anyway, I just kept the tab open and then there was a 5 min que for me. As the minutes ticked away, I got more nervous hoping that there was gonna be some in stock. They it was my turn, I got to the website and on the disk version of the PS5, it said Add to Cart. I added it to my cart, put the credit card info and ordered it. Got a confirmation email and got the PS5 delivered to my door in 3 to 4 days later.
  8. From watching game footage of Star Wars Squadrons, it doesn't looks that good. I hope Squadrons is not June's game. It has a difficulty of 7/10 and a time to platinum of 85 Hours according to a guide on PSN Profiles.
  9. #74 Conan Exiles Using the Admin tool and a video guide, you can easily get this platinum in under a hour or so. Feel kind of cheap since I didn't really play it but considering when I added it to my PS Plus library back in March 2019, I honestly never figured that I was gonna play it anyway.
  10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Platinumed the game in nearly 2 days and would have never touched it again including the multiplayer if it wasn't for my best friend playing it, so I play it with her. At the moment, I have 1,008 Hours game of gameplay in it, most of it, Hardcore Search and Destroy.
  11. My Name is Mayo Tell Tale Games (Just play from start to finish and you will have a platinum at the end)
  12. That is so odd. Also, I am surprised that the definitive edition didn't award you at least 4 platinum's by the time you finished it considering I thought it would have been four separate games plus the Michonne game.
  13. #73 The Walking Dead: The Final Season What can I say, the final season of the Walking Dead concluded everything and brought everything to a great end. With that said, it is a little different than other Telltale Games in the you need to redo some parts of a chapter to get another trophy that you might have missed if you just played it from start to finish. It is also a little more difficult with a 1.5 or 2 out of 10 with the finishing mini game being a tad challenging. Overall it was nice to finish the game and the story written by Telltale. 10/10
  14. #72 Star Wars: Republic Commando For a game that came out in 2005, it is not a bad game to go after the Platinum. It took me 12 hours to finish it while playing the game on Hard and then going back to get one trophy after I finish the campaign. The Hard gameplay can be challenging at times especially when you are playing as a solo Clone Commando against Super Battle Droids or when you have to destroy a droid container that keeps producing droids until you destroy it. For $15 USD, it is not bad for a quick platinum. Overall it was fun to play a game that I had only put in a few hours previously on the PC.
  15. I enjoyed The Frozen Wilds DLC because it expands a little on the story of the main game.