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  1. No problem. PS5Trophies listed this as the 8th Hardest Platinum of 2021. It is not difficult just time consuming. 100 Hours minimum probably to get all the trophies for the platinum. I would still be playing Hell Let Loose if I had a group of friends or a core group to play with because I found it a little depressing that you would join a random squad and no one was talking and would leave to find a more talkative squad just to not find any during a match. Considering the developers of the game plan to add more stuff into the game in the future, including the Russians and Eastern Front maps, there may be a day when they have server browser and will have Mic exclusive servers.
  2. Target Objectives that you notice that your team is about to lose, especially on Offensive game mode when you are defending since your team can't retake it. Put 3-5 shells around the area and you might be lucky enough to hit a tank or truck. Also Purple Heart Lane might be your best bet if you are still having trouble. Generally there is always at least one objective on the main road which means that any tanks or supply trucks that are sent to support the attack will have to come down that one main road since the canals prevent them from flanking. Just slowly walk your shells back by gradually increasing the range.
  3. I played the game during the Closed and Open Beta, and for the first 2 months or so after the game was released on PS Plus so I might be able to help you. The biggest thing is communication. There will be times when you join a squad and most of the people will be talking and therefore attacking or defending objectives a lot more easier and the game more fun. Then there are times when no one talks, which from my experience has been 80% and it takes away the fun. I mean if half the other team communicates and no one on your team doesn't, then you are very likely gonna lose most of your matches. Most players that do communicate will use the in game system, so if you can help it, try to avoid playing in Party chat. I would suggest try to avoid playing as the Officer and Commander role until you get some gameplay under your belt or at the least look up YouTube gameplay of those roles because you have to balance working with 5 others players plus coordinating with the Commander as a Officer or potentially multiples squads when you are trying to communicate how best to work a objective if you play as the Commander. If you play as a Tanker, it is best to work as a full team. If you are a driver, the way to drive the tank is switch to first gear and accelerate and as you hit your high RPMs limit, then switch gears by pushing up on the D Pad and it will switch to second. Just to that until you reach 4th gear which is your max. If you RPMs drop while in a selected gear while making a turn, you are gonna have to repeat the process to gain speed. The tank commander doesn't have any guns to use but does have the best view on looking out at the enemy and you can mark enemy infantry or armour for your gunner to engage. HE shells work best against infantry and trucks while AP works best against Tanks or armored cars. There are two game modes that are available, Offensive and Warfare. Offensive is what it sounds like, the attacking teams job is to take all of the objectives from the defending teams one after another. Once the attacking team has taken the objective, the defending team cannot retake that objective. Warfare is fighting over a objective until all or a majority are taken by a team within the time frame. Team can attack or counter attack to reclaim that objective. When you load into a match, check to see which you are playing. I have been in games where a entire squad to a few players thought they were playing Warfare when it was actually Offensive and just stayed in enemy territory while other squads were trying to defend the current objective from attackers. Some final bit of advice, you can't swim. If the river or canals looks too deep, you will likely drown. Got to find the right places to cross. Also, you can't go through barbed wire, as a infantry man, but you can drive through it with a vehicle or tank. Finally, if you play as Anti-Tank, a sure way to destroy a tank is by hitting it in the rear with two shots with the Bazooka or Panzerschreck. Hitting a tank in the side works but hitting it in the rear is how you kill them the quickest. Hope this helps. Be sure to look at Field Manual in the main menu of the game if you have other questions or unsure of something. Most importantly have fun. Helpful Hell Let Loose Videos: Hell Let Loose on PS5 and Xbox! HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Hell Let Loose - !!NEW!! GUIDE to EVERYTHING (Update 10) [2021]
  4. #91 A Plague Tale: Innocence (PS5)
  5. The only trophies that didn't unlock during the autopop sequence for me was the Handful of Pockets and Not a Toy Anymore. I got those two trophies to unlock through the material glitch in Chapter 10.
  6. This is a game that could have been my first Platinum trophy when it came out. A few months ago, I got my PS3 out and played it and the biggest challenge would be the force challenges. Never been good with challenges and would be the one trophy that would prevent a platinum.
  7. #90 Life Is Strange: True Colors (PS5) After getting the platinum trophy for the PS4 version of Life Is Strange: True Colors, I got the Platinum for the PS5 version. The PS4 version took 10 hours while the PS5 version took me 9 hours to achieve. Well worth it to get two platinum's in 20 hours or so.
  8. I only managed to get two on my side, Steph, who I gave the rose to, and Ducky. Considering I got the PS4 platinum, I will have a chance to replay it again for the PS5 platinum and make some choices, such as tell the Flowershop owner about Gabe, not remove Charlottes emotions etc.
  9. #89 Life Is Strange: True Colors (PS4) My first Platinum of 2022 is the good game from the Life is Strange series. A wonderful game that will for those that have have played the previous games. Unlike the previous game where episodes were released monthly, you get all the episodes so you can play the game from start to finish and enjoy the experience of it. I have finished the PS4 version and will be getting the platinum for the PS5 version SOON.
  10. #88 Coffin Dodgers My last Platinum for 2021, Coffin Dodgers is a fun little racer with a easy platinum as well and for about $3 on the Playstation Store since it is currently on sale, not bad either for 2 to 3 hours of gameplay. My plan for 2022, hit the 100 Platinum Plateau. Not bad considering I got 25 Platinum's this year.
  11. #87 Dungeon Escape This is a $2 platformer that starts of relatively easily but gets more difficult the more you play. Think Super Meat Boy but not to that extreme. Some may find it easy, but I would give it a 3/10 difficulty. Thankfully you don't have to do all the levels otherwise it would be as hard as Super Meat Boy. Took me about 2 hours to do it.
  12. #86 Ghost of Tsushima A very gorgeous and beautiful game, Ghost of Tsushima honestly feels like a love letter to Japan and the ancient Samurai by Sucker Punch. Definitely worth playing if you want to experience a beautiful and a awesome story.
  13. If you purchase the Uncharted :Legacy of Thief's, you get a voucher for a movie ticket, so at least you can see it for free. It is $10 if you own Uncharted 4 or The Lost Legacy.
  14. I want to hear the Uncharted theme at least once during the movie.