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  1. One of the Future maps that will be seen will be the Ludendorff Bridge where the Battle of Remagen was fought in March 1945 sometime this year.
  2. #101 Spyro The Dragon Back in the day on the Playstation 1, I would play Spyro on the Crash Bandicoot 3 demo. I don't recall if I owned it on the PS1, but never played it much. Now that I have been sitting on this game for like two years, I decided to play it. All I can say was that I enjoyed it. I don't know what a 10 yr old me thought of it, but 30 year old me enjoyed it. Fairy easy and fun game to play. Took me a little over 7 hours to get the platinum was very enjoyable.
  3. You missed out on a easy platinum in Spongebob
  4. #100 SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated 8 years ago I got my first Platinum Trophy and now I have my 100th. SpongeBob SquarePants is a fairly simple platformer that is fun, fairly easy and a pretty decent game to play as well. There are a few area that might be annoying, SpongeBob's dream sequence comes to mind as it was a little annoying but overall not much of a challenge. The game focus on you collecting Golden Spatulas and Patrick's socks as well. If you are looking for a easy platformer where you can just have some fun, this game will do that for you.
  5. #99 Island Time . This PSVR game is basically you stranded on a island with a talking crab trying to survive for at least 20 mins on coconuts and fish. This game is a 2 out of 10 in terms of difficulty with trying to die in 10 seconds and surviving for 20 mins being the most challenging of the trophies. Overall, this game should take you more more than 2 hours at most. An easy game overall in the event you decide to go for this platinum..
  6. January 2022 1/1 Life is Strange: True Colors PS4 & PS5 - $42.21 1/13 Hell Let Loose - Iron Vanguard - $4.05 1/28 Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection - $10.83 February 2022 2/6 The Sheep P- $1.60 2/17 Fortnite - 2,800 V-Bucks - $19.99 March 2022 3/15 Grand Theft Auto V (Playstation 5) - $10.81 3/21 Island Time VR, Surgeon Simulator: Experience Realtity - $10.80 Total: $100.29 USD
  7. #98 Paper Beast I honestly don't know how to describe this game. There are paper like animal that inhabit the area that you explore but the game unfortunately doesn't provide anything in terms of a story or what is happening. Unless you have a PS VR and want a quick platinum, I wouldn't touch this.
  8. Yes it does
  9. I would love to know German. Having been a World War 2 buff since I was a pre-teen, I would love to be able pronounce vehicles, weapons, and be able to understand that video clips from that era.
  10. PS3 Game: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II The previous save that you had with your old id is no longer there and the game treats as if you are starting it brand new. As for the leaderboard, it will show your old time but will not show your name. If you do the trials, then it will credit your new name.
  11. Walkman Carry the tape recorder to the sinkhole area ( 0.9% Very Rare / 10.02% Rare) This trophy is purely annoying. Just imagine dragging a boombox 1 KM to 1.5 KM using physics like a fishing rod where at times it is tight and can be pulled a foot of two and other times where it is loose and moves half a inch, Add in the fact that you have to go uphill and you can see why is is extremely annoying.
  12. #97 Moss Most people don't play Playstation VR either because they don't have one or are not interested in one. However, those that don't have a PS VR are missing on this awesome game, Moss, the story of a mouse named Quill, who goes on a journey to rescue her uncle. The game is not long but also not short. It will take about 5 to 7 hours or so doing at a minimum two playthroughs, one to beat the game and get all the collectibles and another to play the entire game without dying. With Moss II set to release at the end of the month, I look forward to playing as Quill again.
  13. I have had it available for myself for over a month now.
  14. This one only lasted 3 months, 1 week and 1 day or 98 days.
  15. When you do a chapter select to go back and get collectibles you missed, does it save automatically or do you have to finish the chapter for it to count?
  16. Thanks. I added it to the trophy guide.
  17. When I created my PS3 account I choose a nickname for my first name and my age at the time which became jermster18. When Playstation added the ability to change the name, kept the nickname for my first name but added my birth year. Not really exciting but I prefer it over my original name.
  18. I think I am more of a visual learner. I rather see what I have to do than try and read it and comprehend it. Back in the days of my early trophy hunting, I would use GameFAQs written guides as a source, of course at that time, it was mostly Lego Games such as Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc so no that much required. However now I find myself using video guides ideally if I am stuck on something.
  19. I am not a parent however I was playing Teen rated games when I was 8 or 9. I would play Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire with my dad in the room and would give him the controller when there was something scary or there was a boss that was to hard for me to defeat. I probably didn't play my first Mature rated game until I was in my teenage years, 13 or 14, when I was playing one of the Grand Theft Auto games.
  20. #95 Horizon II: Forbidden West This is the most beautiful game that I have played so far on the PS5. If you can, it is best to play this game on the PS5. It took me about 35 hours or so to get the Platinum. The most annoying trophies in my opinion were getting all the Melee combat as well as the Minigame. Other than that, the games is worth playing.
  21. The only problem that I have ever had with my PS5 is it turning off randomly while playing Hell Let Loose. No warning of overheating or anything. Turned the PS5 from Vertical to Horizontal and it hasn't turned off randomly since.
  22. #94 Hell Let Loose As a World War 2 fan, this game is everything I want in a World War 2 first person shooter. It took me 171 hours in total, but that is because there were a lot of matches where I would play the entire thing out. I found it that fun. Does it deserve to be in the hardest platinum's of 2021? I don't think so. I would say it is probably a 3 or 4 out of 10 difficulty. Considering the matches can last up to 90 mins, which is where a lot of people might get turned off. However, if you like working as a team to attack or defend an objective, then this game is right up your alley.
  23. It was the same for Horizon: Zero Dawn as well. You didn't need to do all the side quest either.
  24. Tip for Solo Boosting Another option to boost the three trophies is to build your resource nodes in friendly territory that is the closest to the enemy. You ideally want to do this while on the Defending team in Offensive because by placing resource nodes in the friendly, there is a good probability that the enemy team will capture the objective and you will have to defend the next one. When the enemy team captures a objective, all resource nodes in that area get automatically erased which means that you can place another Munition, Fuel and Manpower node. You could also place the nodes in the black circle of the objective and hope a enemy commander's bombing run destroys the nodes so you can place more down. Commanders usually drop supplies on a objective that is being defended for the building of garrisons if the previous one should be destroyed. If all else fails, you can drive a supply truck to the objective and place them down yourself.
  25. Vanguard is nearly as easy as Modern Warfare in terms of getting the Platinum. I mean, you don't even need to play Multiplayer. Just the Campaign and Zombies, that is it. Buy a used copy and spend a week or two playing it for the platinum.