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  1. Trying to build a streaming community but haven't been growing. Harder than it seems.

  2. Is that Mirror Edge 2009 or Catalyst in the article? I thought 2009 was already shut down?
  3. Apparently this is also not necessarily how’s she’s immune according to Neil D. Although I read elsewhere if she had an infection at birth then how did she pass detection before hand? And a significant amount of time passed between Anna bite and Marlene showing up so it’s possible she was immune too. So in the end not a cop out as it’s not 100% not decided. But this also goes with my wife’s theory something else makes her immune. It’s interesting he’s thought about this way before hand though lol
  4. But then that in my opinion eliminates the ending. If that makes sense then they would’ve figured that out (which is why my wife believes something else makes her immune). I would’ve rather not known as that makes it seem highly replicable.
  5. I just hope that isn't what makes Ellie immune. I feel that would be a creative cop out but my wife believes that the Fireflies would have tried that route before hand (Marlene had to be curious and she is smart I think she would've linked them) so she believes there is something else that makes her special to the virus. I did like how they explain how the fungus works in her and how it makes her immune though. I also loved Joel's attempted suicide backstory.
  6. Currently the dailies are broken\. I have done well over 100 with no trophy. Dev said they are fixing on backend soon.
  7. Why can’t someone just buy out this site from Sly and get rid of that dude. A lot of these rules seem arbitrary and a lot of “cheaters” don’t get removed if they are popular or famous. It’s a shame but I think it can get better.
  8. What does this mean in simple terms? Twitter isn’t free anymore?
  9. I can’t imagine this being a bad game. Especially with the amount of love and care they have shown the lore and the world. I’d give it a whirl day 1.
  10. She was also amazing as a serial killer in The Rookie
  11. Correct. Especially with their recent earnings call. Several games cancelled but won’t say which. My guess would be Prince of Persia Remake, BGE2, and Splinter Cell Remake they have been hinting at. They did say unannounced games but I can’t trust what they say.
  12. AVADA KEDAVRA!!!!!!! I warned you all!!!
  13. Probably not unfortunately
  14. Lol I can’t wait to use this curse on someone
  15. @DaivRules don’t worry next out of line comment is getting AVADA KEDAVRA!!!! I have Voldys wand don’t test me mudbloods.