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  1. TLOU Part II, however I really think Ghost of Tsushima will win it. It looks amazing!
  2. By patience and channeling your inner Spartan Rage
  3. If you can't resist temptations on gambling then thats on YOU. Just cause a game has microtransactions in a game and "gambling" doesnt mean you have to participate. Also TLG and HZD are $20 so might as well just buy them. This is a really solid lineup and I am not getting anything but Erica. (Not interested in 2K, and already beat and 100% Rise.)
  4. Based on this image thats why I believe a third game would be Abby and Lev meeting the Fireflies and find out they are still looking for a cure, and Abby is like "I know the immune girl and can get her back here" and so Abby and Lev go to find Ellie and bring her back and basically Abby ends up giving her a chance to make her life matter which is what Joel took from Ellie. Third game about redemption, I also feel like Abby and Ellie have a mutual respect for one another and would end up being friends if they had a third game and go this route. And maybe Abby would end up making the same mistake as Joel and doesnt want to give Ellie up cause she cares about her. But I hope they go that route somewhat.
  5. But they are in a lose/lose situation. I am not getting either of the AAA games but they are TRIPLE A GAMES. They havent been giving indie games all that much, which is nice. Either they give too much indie games out or they give 2 AAA games and they still get drug through the mud.
  6. I'd give the game a solid 8.5 or 9. it was well polished and smooth. The ending I am still reflecting on and I will say this: Abby did what Ellie would have done if the roles were reversed. She killed Joel because he doomed humanity and killed her Dad. Even Ellie said that her life would have mattered had she died on the operating table and Joel took that from her. The night before Joel died Ellie says she will work on forgiving him, then Abby took that away, that is the reason she had a hatred for the WLF and Abby. It was a very vague story until the last half which started clicking. I cared alot for Dina and Jesse because Ellie did, I really put myself in her shoes and felt for her and she was in love for the first time in her life. I also cared for Dina because it did seem like she wanted Ellie as much as she wanted her, i mean she went to Seattle with her and did what she had to do for her. The ending to me meant that she forgave Joel and fully forgave Abby for taking that away initially. She does have PTSD but I got that once she put down the guitar and left it that she forgave Joel and left to go back to Jackson to be with Dina and JJ. I feel like this was a filler game though because it sets it up for a 3rd game. The third one being about redemption: the fireflies are back together and regrouped and it is heavily implied that Abby and Lev make it to San Catalina Island where the FF are because the title screen changes to a shot of the famous Catalina Casino. Heres what I would do: The FF are still looking for a cure and Abby knows who the immune girl is so she travels to get her to come back with them to save the world. Ellie travels with her and they both get the chance they didnt get because of Joel and that is to save humanity. Ellie gives her life to get a cure developed from her and Abby helps her do that. Also the Rattlers were mentioned (not by name) in TLOU Part 1 by Henry he said there was some group in the Southwest or West I do believe, originated in New Mexico. Not to mention Abby had a heart she cared for what was right and wrong, and to be honest Joel let his guard down and it cost him, he got complacent. Which he warned Ellie of in the first game. I felt anger because of him with his death because he did something dumb. I hope that is the route they go with in the 3rd one.
  7. Or Sony could make the PS Store a one stop shop with PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, and PS5 games. So it doesnt completely rule it out. But it isnt likely for sure.
  8. This is what makes games awesome. How some people have trouble and others don’t with the same game. I didn’t have any trouble with it, I’m actually 11th for fastest 100%. But it was fun and refreshing for sport games. They are making a STEEP 2 as well.
  9. Oh absolutely I will have fun. Thats the most important thing to me. I didn't really think of getting a list and just doing them 100%. I'll try to do that and build an audience with maybe some easier gamers to follow. Thanks @Jelly Soup
  10. I started a hobby related to gaming and that is streaming! I am trying to build my base but I would like to know from fellow gamers what they would watch. My whole theme is trophies such as Platinum Runs of games but not simple ones like my name is mayo. If a game interests me I want to get all the trophies, I am doing The Last of Us Remastered right now and did a walkthrough of Grounded Mode with all collectibles. But I have to do another NG+ for that and then MP. I doubt people would watch the MP portion of this game, so I ask you fellow gamers would you watch Platinum Runs of games (everything needed)? Or would you just watch specific games? I am not sure if I can link my Twitch but if I end up being allowed to I will and you can watch or follow if you want although that isn't the point of this thread! Thank you for any and all the advice that you gamers could give because I need different perspectives on this!
  11. Also I assume you know of the cover trick?
  12. I did all the remasters without tweaks on Brutal and in my opinion they arent that hard. Yes some spots are gonna need way more luck than skill, but for the most part if you just are patient and try different methods it will work out. Things I did probably wont work for you. You just have to test what works best and put patience into it.
  13. Odyssey is much worse. Tried to do everything in Odyssey 100% and had to tap out at 140 hours. Got all trophies though. Origins took me about 80 hours. Odyssey is 62% bigger than Origins.
  14. Dying Light is meh, but it looks like Techland is cursed. They doomed Dead Island 2 for abandoning it and now Dying Light 2 is delayed indefinitely.
  15. Did 4 investigations and 2 of the 4 gave me Gold Crowns. Definitely made me feel better.