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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that the PC got a patch two days ago that fixes all of the issues we are having. No word on when a PS4 patch is dropping though. UPDATE: A PC gamer mentioned that the fix was retroactive for him, meaning that he loaded up his previously glitched save and it popped the Dr Croft and Completionist achievements. This may be good news for all of us.
  2. I thought the first DLC was supposed to come out in October?
  3. I don't think its an inventory related issue. I'm currently halfway through my DO run with every single outfit/weapon/upgrade and it hasn't glitched on me yet. I believe San Juan was the problem.
  4. How much of the game did you finish on the new patch?
  5. The latest patch is 2.4GB so has anyone had lets say a game about half way through before it glitched again and then finished it to see if the latest patch increases inventory storage and fixes the problem?
  6. Resistance 2: the online wasn't tracking my kills properly. I would maybe get 250 kills a day but some days it would jump up an extra 250-300 kills.
  7. I did this on the computer up to the point I got the code. Then I went to the PS Store on my PS4 and redeemed the code then. Worked perfectly. Try that guys!
  8. I am listening to Eminem new album. Also who ya'll got MGK or Eminem?!
  9. I am gonna guess one of the Tomb Raiders for PS4 to ramp up sales for Shadow.
  10. It would have been better had WB supported it more and fixed some glaring issues.
  11. My only rule is I have to have fun while doing it.
  12. So I can't find this on PSN anywhere. Does anyone know what tab its under?
  13. The Last of Us Part II, Spider-Man, anything Prey or Evil Within related, hoping for Dead Space 4 but not gonna happen, new Splinter Cell and Beyond Good and Evil 2.
  14. Bruh....brutal isn't that hard.
  15. I just want a Dead Space 4....please.