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  1. I was at the same spot and honestly as long as you have the perks that give you research bonuses and the one that allows you to research longer you will definitely get it. Try to use a variety of methods on them, I tried to use almost every weapon I had to give me more in research. Save before hand but 1 big sister should net you one full bar in terms of research if you have all of the applicable research perks.
  2. I only realized this after brass knuckles was needed and I may have cried a little lol I'm playing through on classic now so I'll be able to confirm if it will work with separate saves or not soon.
  3. I am not sure that will exactly work with the weapons trophy. How will the game know you have gotten all weapons, are you using the same save slot?
  4. Add me as the top rank. I have all the RC Plats.
  5. Assassin's Creed Empire Last Of Us 2 Red Dead Redemption 2 Evil Within 2 Dead Space 4 More on Days Gone as well
  6. I am definitely looking forward to this game but only if they really dont have Jack in it. I didn't like Jack at all, and maybe they can change my tune but I guess we will see October 20th for the trailer. I'd really love to have John Marston back but he is kind of dead now.
  7. I already have the trophy for the 3.5 hours I just forgot to put my fat drake on at the end of it and now I want to start brutal and use my fat drake skin at the same time so I can hopefully get both trophies. I just was wondering if it was confirmed if this worked.
  8. So is this confirmed for Too Fat Too Furious and Brutal trophy. I forgot to put fat drake on my speedrun and I don't feel like playing this game a 5th time.
  9. Two weeks. First being Modern Warfare 2 (December 20th 2009) then Infamous (January 4th 2010). Now I am lucky to get a platinum a month with work/school coming first. Adulting sucks.
  10. Why would I pay for a game that is only going to last 6-8 hours? I can enjoy the game sure, but it isn't something I would buy at full price, and I certainly wouldn't be blown away by it either.
  11. Length absolutely matters. I prefer story oriented games, so I want something that will last decently long with a decent story. One of the main reasons I didn't buy No Man's Sky, way too short. Trophies ratio doesn't matter to me, but the entertainment to the monetary value of the game does. There are only a handful of games i have played and said "Yeah, that was worth the full price." I don't want a game i can beat in 8 hours I need something that is 15 hours at least.
  12. Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne please then I would be satisfied.
  13. COD never really liked the MP for Battlefield also COD 4 with trophies is awesome. I never really played COD 4 either so its like a brand new game for me as well.
  14. I was hoping for more of a challenge, overall I thought Brutal wasn't that bad. Honestly if you prep areas ahead of time, like knowing what guns will do best for you in the next areas of a chapter, then its not that bad. The earlier chapters I thought were tougher, kind of disappointed in this difficulty. I was expecting something maybe more along the lines of World At War veteran mode, but it's not even close to that in terms of challenging.
  15. I can't even get online, it keeps saying connection lost. I have been looking online but I can't find anything that says they shut down the servers or what not, and nothing says its unplattable.