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  1. God of War. I know I am in the minority but I gave it a 4.5/10. I will fight anyone who says its "a masterpiece".
  2. @dell9300 add me to Legend! Just did the darn DLC! Lol pretty quick and honestly a bit disappointing.
  3. Of course the DLC comes in to ruin my rank! Lol
  4. With me I can't justify a PS4 Pro until I have a 4K TV. I have a 4TB External Hard Drive so storage isn't an issue anymore for my console. The only exception will be me getting a PS4 Pro if they did a special edition for The Last Of Us Part II. I am not a big graphics guy, I don't believe great graphics go hand in hand with a great game. I think games still look great on my 1080p TV and vanilla ps4.
  5. The game picks up quite a bit in chapter 2. I didn't like the beginning due to it being almost a direct rip off of The Hateful Eight.
  6. Sign me up for Legend. I got them all!
  7. I can connect to the servers with the daily/weekly challenges but i can't get Uplay to connect. It says "servers momentarily down, try again later"
  8. I want a full black horse and I'll name him Shady.
  9. Still not able to log in. I'm located in the Midwest though. I suspect it'll be soon for me if the person a couple posts above in Mordor has regained access. Lol
  10. I consider myself a completionist as well and I have only been able to get 96% BUT its the absolute perfect ending to the Uncharted Series and to be honest it was screwed by Overwatch out of GOTY. It is easily a 9/10 game. Also I think having a game on my profile knowing I won't ever be able to 100% has helped me with my OCD on games. Not to mention the trophies you are referring to are hard but not impossible to get. It will take time, dedication, and good team chemistry/knowledge to get 3 stars. I think there is a difference between very hard and impossible. U4 is very hard to 100% while James Bond Bloodstone IS impossible now.
  11. Just wanted to let everyone know that the PC got a patch two days ago that fixes all of the issues we are having. No word on when a PS4 patch is dropping though. UPDATE: A PC gamer mentioned that the fix was retroactive for him, meaning that he loaded up his previously glitched save and it popped the Dr Croft and Completionist achievements. This may be good news for all of us.
  12. I thought the first DLC was supposed to come out in October?
  13. I don't think its an inventory related issue. I'm currently halfway through my DO run with every single outfit/weapon/upgrade and it hasn't glitched on me yet. I believe San Juan was the problem.
  14. How much of the game did you finish on the new patch?
  15. The latest patch is 2.4GB so has anyone had lets say a game about half way through before it glitched again and then finished it to see if the latest patch increases inventory storage and fixes the problem?