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  1. BC through PS Now
  2. Jim Ryan isn’t bad. I like him. It was a legitimate business decision and I wouldn’t be mad if the store did shut down. I believe he is working on something massive such as full BC.
  3. And all of the Jim Ryan haters are now eating his ass. People quick to hate.
  4. And if Jim Ryan goes full on backwards compatible (brings all the games back through PS Now with option of being downloads) then you'll probably praise him for being innovative. Days Gone wasn't a good game and didn't sell well enough. It was honestly the biggest gaming disappointment for me of 2019. Are you going to complain that Anthem 2 won't come out next? This happens and it's time to accept it. He isn't going anywhere in the near future.
  5. I still think it is a possibility that they go all in on BC with the PS Now.
  6. True but if they shut the store down I cant really see them caring too much about it. Yeah good point. I also am not getting my hopes up. I already did that with Max Payne 2 getting released for trophies and that was years ago.
  7. A friend linked me an article to emulation that is being patented by Sony that basically would award trophies to older games if requirements were fulfilled so I wonder if maybe Sony is shutting it down just to bring them back and finally put all titles on PS Now. I am more than 98% wrong but I can hope. It seems weird to have trophy emulation if a lot of games would be lost with this shut down. Also gamesharing is going to go through the roof. Maybe PSNProfiles can have a dedicated thread for gamesharing but putting in some type of waiver or warning?
  8. I haven't played DA:I but i heard it was phenomenal?
  9. God I hope if they do, that you don't have to play DS3 4 times. Lol
  10. BioWare is still decent. I believe EA really stunted their potential on this game. Then cancelled Anthem NEXT further hurting BioWare reputation, cause they truly wanted to fix the game.
  11. I'll take Mahershala Ali every damn day for Henry though! (Hope Henry gets a bigger role in the show). And if Bill isn't the guy who played Bill (W Earl Brown) then I will be very salty.
  12. Not a fan of either casting but maybe we will be surprised. I mean I never thought Daniel Craig would've been a great James Bond but hes the best. I don't like it but I trust it.
  13. Not sure how I feel about her as I havent watched a single minute of GoT. My picks were Kaitlyn Dever from Booksmart and Justified, or Ruby Jay from The Unicorn. Hope she kills it though.
  14. I just hope if they are releasing Turoks with trophies please do the remake too. It was a really good different take on Turok IMO. These are obviously classics though.
  15. I don't think so because they could just look at the unobtainable trophy timestamps and see they were done years ago so it would be a legit method.