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  1. Add me to Champion of the Gods! Thank you!
  2. Mine is the scene where David is about to rape and kill her, and she murders him and Joel has to take her off of him and tell her its okay. Powerful scene.
  3. U3 you shouldn't start. I had a dedicated group of me and two others (multiple PS3s) and we boosted every night for about 4 hours a night and it took us 2 months. We also got lucky with treasures.
  4. I am back! Please add me to the top rank. All plats and 100%.
  5. @DaivRules perfect! will come back in a few days when i get the Uncharted 2 Cold Blooded trophy! Thank you!
  6. @VeldinX Yeah this happened yesterday and I dont know what happened i got a trophy went to check it here and boom, my page is gone. @BlindMango and @Sly Ripper any fix on this? I know my settings aren't private.
  7. Add me for The Prince please!
  8. Capt. Price is in it thats why i was curious on if it relates to the others. I am sorry but I disagree with you, its a soft reboot which is an improved version. The MP looks similar in ways to COD4. I hope its deeper but we will have to wait to see. Obviously it will play different but thats why it's improved, I am not saying its a copy/paste of COD 4 but it is basically the same formula with added improvements. It just sucks that they don't have original ideas anymore is all I am saying, but thats too be expected when they do something original they get pooped on.
  9. I think maybe what he is getting at is its basically a rehash of COD 4 with a bit more added realism (battlefield) and then with some medal of honor bits in there too. I get frustrated that yes some CODs were terrible but that they got absolutely railed when they tried to do futuristic, which I commend them for trying something new. It just feels like everyone loses their shit in a good way when they basically just made an improved COD 4. It looks fun though, the MP does look like a mix of medal of honor (which I loved) COD 4 and MW2. I am excited for the single player being real life war situations. Just wish they would make the Battle of Fallujah game (cancelled due to being too real life with war). I think this will be successful and we will probably see newer improved versions of MW2 and MW3 eventually. I am curious how this works with the other MWs. Is this its own story? Prequel to COD 4? Will probably pick this up. Not day 1 though.
  10. It took me a few tries cause I kept misusing my saves. Overall I’d say it’s 6/10 difficulty
  11. Could you theoretically play a game rank up to say level 20 legit, then you have an auto pop. Dont sync, but put your profile to a flashdrive then nuke the trophy by system wipe. Then start again with your save and MP progress? Would that work?
  12. Well with your name it doesn't surprise me Lol
  13. Yeah the two guys I’m helping do that. I’m in the back but the rpg sometimes spawn anyway not to mention every time a group spawns by the back guy (me) they gun for me and grenade me to no end Yeah that’s a problem too. It just seems like we can’t get the armored guys either. Also if anyone would like to help you can do that. I don’t blame you if you don’t want to though lol
  14. Close enough to the door? I stand by the broken rubble in the far back corner. What weapons also did you end up using?
  15. I am trying to help a few friends with the Overseer trophy and the videos we have looked at don’t seem to work anymore? Either being in the back doesn’t block the spawns or something else glitchy happens. For people who have recently gotten it, what are some tips and tricks and is there another strategy? We feel like we have tried everything. Thanks for any feedback!