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  1. That is true. I missed forest child and now have to replay through the game a third fucking time which is god damn annoying.
  2. I am not sure if it has been posted before but I think a cool feature could be how someone ranks in another country. For instance how would my profile rank in the country Germany? Just something I thought of while eating some Coco Rice Crispies. It would be interesting that I am in the top 3,000 in US but could be in top 1000 in another country. Thoughts?
  3. The demo was surprisingly fun for me. I also had no expectation going in that it was going to be good cause ya know EA. However it was fun and something I could play with my friends for hours on end. The pros for me was on missions it seems to really rely and push the teammate aspect which I like (this could also be dependent on who you have in your group, I had randoms). The combat was fun to switch from air to ground, blowing up the Wyverns with homing grenades was something to watch. A few cons for me was the map took awhile to generate, some of the loading screens took to long, and the environment was still loading upon being in the game (environment took a bit to be textured), the jetpack overheated rather quickly and finally I feel like the speed of flying should either be manual adjustment or a bit faster. I also forgot, the voice acting was meh too.
  4. It seems like the leveling trophies are still not fixed. I just leveled to 32 and the level 20 trophy still hasn't popped. Awkward I clearly cannot read disregard guys!
  5. Played all of them again but nothing i have filled out a ticket for the bug but almost every trophy is glitched for me, I have met several requirements but nothing has popped.
  6. Anybody know what to do if Basics Mastered (tutorial) didn't give you the trophy?
  7. Well for starters it costs less money to put games on digital storefronts rather than a physical game, which in turn means we can have better sales on the games in the digital storefronts. Not to mention the trend is going to digital games. Gamestop/EB games is going out of business because of digital games. Best Buy likely will only carry new releases in the next few years. You can buy the game from the comfort of your own home rather than have to go to a store to get it. It makes perfect sense.
  8. It makes sense but also it better come with a stock storage of at least 2TB.
  9. I can get Gold on almost every challenge now. I am about 2 weeks or so from Platinum. Been working on it since late October.
  10. I am stoked for this until I remember it is EA and will have to wait several months for this game to be fixed before its worth buying.
  11. Hi, I'm Chris Hansen...have a seat right there please.
  12. Not usually into RPG games especially ones that are challenging but damn I loved Bloodborne. It made me go and buy the Dark Souls collection on PS4. One of my favorite games I played last year.
  13. Great! This sucks ass. If they botch Splinter Cell next I am done with them.
  14. It isn't unlocking for me. Seems to be a bit buggy.
  15. So I can't really find an answer but did the final boss die? Right before he is like "Remember my no killing rule." Then the final trophy is called terminated, if so its dumb Spidey acts so nonchalant about it.