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  1. Yes actually, taking a shit. I know its quite literal but meets both qualifications at least for me.
  2. Now that's ironic a dude with a chucky avatar saying there is a time and place for dark humor! Lol but I do agree.
  3. i can definitely be sure since playing Cod Cold War my ps4 pro has seriously diminished in performance. There were reports of Cod bricking PS5s too.
  4. Is anyone having any trouble with the new update 8.03? My pro got bricked after this but it couldve also been Cod.
  5. I’m concerned. Hitman is decent. But Bloodstone was shit. If they can bring back Goldeneye or QOS magic I’m there.
  6. A games platinum is worth what you make it. This doesn’t ruin anything. If it looks fun play it. No shame in that.
  7. Does anyone know why on the PS directly on the PS3 console I cannot purchase any games. When I click on a game its purchase button is gone.
  8. I had to restart it seems like it'll glitch if you just go exploring instead of doing that first.
  9. The trophy for You Will Obey is not happening. I cannot even get the scripted ambush to happen. Any suggestions?
  10. Solid lineup. Don't have either of the PS4 games!
  11. Damn. i was excited to get Venom introduced. Thanks for the clarification though!
  12. Interesting with the Venom moves. Are we going to be playing as Spidey as well? i don't know the comics enough but I am not sure if Miles ever gets venom moves?
  13. interesting. i am thinking Sackboy but it could be one that looks simple and then there is a dumb trophy requirement. Just for extra i think the hardest will be Demon's Souls and Grindiest will be Godfall.
  14. Well this is interesting, mine was A Symphony of Horror (Until Dawn)
  15. Just talking about this with a friend the other day! Black Ops 2 I hated but Black Ops 1 was absolutely amazing. Interesting about MW2 though, why didn't you like it?