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  1. Forgive me if this has been posted, I couldn't find one. There was a bunch of content patched into the PS4 version that was originally only for PC, including some bounties, however I cannot get this to spawn. Does anyone know if its only a certain chapter? All the other content is there.
  2. @UnboundedCash99 so by the time you collect all the collectibles you will have ranked up enough? or do you have to do it multiple times?
  3. It’s meh. Your basic cod campaign the credits scene got me hyped though. It’s short and to the point. The characters are standard. I think the whole “made developers cry” was just marketing. I wasn’t even close to crying. The missions were nice and varied though. Wouldn’t buy it full price for the campaign. Easy 2 day plat.
  4. TLOU was dark, but you think they could go THAT dark?!
  5. It’s smoke and mirrors they wouldn’t have two trailers with Dina in it as a big part then basically show her death. The way Ellie screams I believe it’s Joel and I’ll go even further and say Dina is working with the Fireflies and is the big bad.
  6. Man I just realized that in the trailer when the gunshot goes off and Ellie screams no.....that's probably Joel's death. Heartbreaker.
  7. NBA 2K16 since the servers are shutdown and James Bond Bloodstone because the server glitch.
  8. Add me to Champion of the Gods! Thank you!
  9. Mine is the scene where David is about to rape and kill her, and she murders him and Joel has to take her off of him and tell her its okay. Powerful scene.
  10. U3 you shouldn't start. I had a dedicated group of me and two others (multiple PS3s) and we boosted every night for about 4 hours a night and it took us 2 months. We also got lucky with treasures.
  11. I am back! Please add me to the top rank. All plats and 100%.
  12. @DaivRules perfect! will come back in a few days when i get the Uncharted 2 Cold Blooded trophy! Thank you!
  13. @VeldinX Yeah this happened yesterday and I dont know what happened i got a trophy went to check it here and boom, my page is gone. @BlindMango and @Sly Ripper any fix on this? I know my settings aren't private.
  14. Add me for The Prince please!
  15. Capt. Price is in it thats why i was curious on if it relates to the others. I am sorry but I disagree with you, its a soft reboot which is an improved version. The MP looks similar in ways to COD4. I hope its deeper but we will have to wait to see. Obviously it will play different but thats why it's improved, I am not saying its a copy/paste of COD 4 but it is basically the same formula with added improvements. It just sucks that they don't have original ideas anymore is all I am saying, but thats too be expected when they do something original they get pooped on.