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  1. Fuck Ubisoft! I don't think people wanted another Watchdogs. I know a lot of people who want a new Splinter Cell. Not to mention they are destroying Beyond Good and Evil 2.
  2. For some unobtainable. The servers are a ticking time bomb which when it explodes, you won't be able to access the online portion again. Some kind of really stupid bug never fleshed out.
  3. Wait, wait, wait......so you're telling me we are getting a video game, about a movie, which is about a video game?!
  4. Respawn?! I can’t even get the hordes to spawn in the first place! Lol
  5. Oh for sure it won't help them now. They will be out of business soon.
  6. As @ExHaseo said its a genius move and I do hate GS. Statistics show that if someone has a gift card or store credit they are likely to spend 3x the amount that is on the store credit or gift card. So GS should actually make money on this.
  7. I am US and I haven't gotten BB, HZD, GOW4, Spider-Man, or Detroit. It seems very buggy on who gets them and who doesn't.
  8. This is possibly the best ending to a series I have ever played. Its a great game. Don't punish yourself by missing this masterpiece.
  9. The Evil Within. I put it down and didn't get back to it for awhile after I beat it. Then akumu mode was pretty difficult as well. I also beat it like 4 times so it got boring after that many playthroughs.
  10. Great Platinum to have! Can be difficult on harder difficulties if not planned ahead properly. The story for a survival horror is really good and very well done I thought. Its not a shitty typical survival horror story its in depth and makes you think. The second one is worse than the first in terms of story. I honestly don't think they will make a third.
  11. Wont this get us flagged for cheating though? Could a moderator shed some light on that please?
  12. It was a joke....you know cause the trophy is called "Nothing I can't do"
  13. Nothing I can't do huh......except pop the trophy.
  14. I expected nothing from EA so I was pleasantly surprised. Also I wouldn't listen to the reviews because every reviewer will have their bias. The only reason it isn't selling well is because it is EA and they have gotten a bunch of bad press lately. It is a decent game but the story is meh.
  15. Correct but i had just finished my HC Ranger playthrough and wasn't aware that I cannot change difficulty even after i beat the game on HC Ranger.