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  1. Add me as the top rank. I have all the RC Plats.
  2. Assassin's Creed Empire Last Of Us 2 Red Dead Redemption 2 Evil Within 2 Dead Space 4 More on Days Gone as well
  3. I am definitely looking forward to this game but only if they really dont have Jack in it. I didn't like Jack at all, and maybe they can change my tune but I guess we will see October 20th for the trailer. I'd really love to have John Marston back but he is kind of dead now.
  4. I already have the trophy for the 3.5 hours I just forgot to put my fat drake on at the end of it and now I want to start brutal and use my fat drake skin at the same time so I can hopefully get both trophies. I just was wondering if it was confirmed if this worked.
  5. So is this confirmed for Too Fat Too Furious and Brutal trophy. I forgot to put fat drake on my speedrun and I don't feel like playing this game a 5th time.
  6. Two weeks. First being Modern Warfare 2 (December 20th 2009) then Infamous (January 4th 2010). Now I am lucky to get a platinum a month with work/school coming first. Adulting sucks.
  7. Why would I pay for a game that is only going to last 6-8 hours? I can enjoy the game sure, but it isn't something I would buy at full price, and I certainly wouldn't be blown away by it either.
  8. Length absolutely matters. I prefer story oriented games, so I want something that will last decently long with a decent story. One of the main reasons I didn't buy No Man's Sky, way too short. Trophies ratio doesn't matter to me, but the entertainment to the monetary value of the game does. There are only a handful of games i have played and said "Yeah, that was worth the full price." I don't want a game i can beat in 8 hours I need something that is 15 hours at least.
  9. Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne please then I would be satisfied.
  10. COD never really liked the MP for Battlefield also COD 4 with trophies is awesome. I never really played COD 4 either so its like a brand new game for me as well.
  11. I was hoping for more of a challenge, overall I thought Brutal wasn't that bad. Honestly if you prep areas ahead of time, like knowing what guns will do best for you in the next areas of a chapter, then its not that bad. The earlier chapters I thought were tougher, kind of disappointed in this difficulty. I was expecting something maybe more along the lines of World At War veteran mode, but it's not even close to that in terms of challenging.
  12. I can't even get online, it keeps saying connection lost. I have been looking online but I can't find anything that says they shut down the servers or what not, and nothing says its unplattable.
  13. Im looking for a great end to the franchise. Also they probably wont reboot or have a sequel for Jak and Dax anytime soon if not ever. They are going to be working on The Last Of Us 2
  14. It was decently creepy and a bit scary......until the god damned plot twists. Scare factor immediately went down. 3/10
  15. No glitch used for me. I played both numerous times on PS2, so I kind of knew what to do. A few races and challenges were difficult but wasn't that bad overall. 100% legit.