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  1. Hi Is it possible to earn camera trophies on PS4 with PS Eye from PS3?
  2. Hmm, I'm disappointed they didn't hit 100 trophies
  3. Do you know if code is still valid if I use it for a test in the summary?
  4. Anyone knows why I can't find this quest?
  5. Ehh, damn, thank you for reply.
  6. Hi Does anyone know if Duke on PS Now has Doctor DLC included? I don't want to pay $9,99 for that...
  7. I don't have that game yet, but I think it works like Ezio's Collection. You launch the game, there is a menu and there you select one or other game and only then the trophy list adds.
  8. Really, cutscenes are still unskippable...? I would like to try it, but I won't waste half of the playtime just for cutscenes.
  9. I really like this game, there is a few coop trophies and 2(?) MP, but they are easy. Absolute stealth is possible, but it will take something like 2h to beat one level that way. This isn't revolutionary game, but I really enjoyed it. I will be playing DLCs soon and hope maps are bigger and last longer.
  10. Try to do mission for Brin if I remember correctly, he tells you to kill some machines, including Corruptor.
  11. But do they respawn? If not, it doesn't count.
  12. There is so much to discover...

  13. No, You can't.
  14. Again, it came to the Top 10