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  1. 70% my decision, 30% what character would do, sth like that.
  2. Saints Row IV - I expected it to be ultra-cringy, but humor in this game was so ridiculous, also mechanics are well made and addictive, I don't remember when I had so much fun in game.
  3. Thief (2014)
  4. I would get rid of Fifa 12 and 2 move games I don't have anymore, but on the other hand that would mess up my milestones and few of them are well calculated so...
  5. I had a tear in my eye, first installment is my third favourite game of all times.
  6. Personally, I don't like its design, I would rather like to see something more symetrical.
  7. Now free in Polish store as well, good.
  8. In Polish store one dlc is paid, the other two are unavailable.
  9. At the very end I was missing only a few ropes (I think) to upgrade everything. If you search carefully, you will get it without problems.
  10. Shit, so I will pass as for now. I really enjoyed F4, hope they will release remasters someday.
  11. Ehh, I wanted it to be my 5th plat in April, but of course that shit called "My Cape" had to glitch on me. How is it possible that devs leave bugs that were in PS3 version? In general, counting system in this game is pure garbage. I love when nice games (I really enjoy this title) have broken trophies that take away whole fun.
  12. In my opinion: - no Mayo-type games, - high completion %, - some difficult trophies, especially plats, - many popular games along with these lesser known golden titles.
  13. I like atmosphere in this game, weapon customization is fun, locations are nice, music while killing cannibals rules, but movement is sluggish and inaccurate, moral system is unclear, loading time is a joke and this game still has many glitches, year after release. All in all, I played it month ago, was quite hyped but it didn't meet my expectations.
  14. You need to finish Atlantis storyline and The Heir of Memories quest to begin Fate of Atlantis, don't know what about first dlc, but I think you don't have to finish whole main storyline to play it.
  15. So, it's time to sell my unopened copy...