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  1. Life is Strange and Tales from the Borderlands.
  2. This Geralt looks like mix between 2 and 3.
  3. I always had something like that in my mind, but well, this is a "live service game" and we all know how such ideas almost always end up.
  4. Ok, so if I want to play base and dlc on PS4 first, and then all of it again on PS5, then I am screwed. Why the hell they like complicating things that much. I'll probably buy DC on PS4, but won't upgrade it.
  5. And here they are, fuck.
  6. I really loved LiS and sequel, but factory new physical releases are just too expensive, so I will wait and buy Remaster in box, this time no matter the cost. Will probably make LiS Remastered my 200th plat.
  7. In my opinion this DLC is just a forced thing to encourage people to buy the PS5 version, at first this game was supposed to be "a full, complete story". If it wasn't one of the worst games I've ever played, I would't be grumbling that much. Let's just hope it won't get new trophies (but it doubt it).
  8. Well, I found some info on gry-online.pl (it's in polish) from September 2019 that said there would be no Denuvo, mods support and DLCs. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.gry-online.pl/S013-amp.asp%3fID=117503
  9. Cool, there is nothing better than adding a DLC to a PoS game after like 20 months, even though you said you wouldn't do that. I like to maintain 100% completion on all my PS4 games, but in that case I will have to reconsider my habit.
  10. I finished this game in April and it quickly became one of my most favourite games, even though I really don't like anything stereotypical-japanise-anime-etc. (I even bought Original a few minutes ago and will probably make it my 125th plat). Characters, their voices and interactions are great, combat at first bothered me, but I accustomed after some time and the OST is a fckin piece of art, The Airbuster Theme is sooo good. But yes, like many of you said earlier, there were too many stretched segments and sidequests were simply boring as hell. I think I like the whole "Whispers and fate" thing, bcs I'm just into such stories, especially when it comes to Aerith here, we simply can't be sure in which direction we will go and this is good.
  11. Fortunately it popped, but anyway I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone, both gameplay wise as well as when it comes to trophies.
  12. Well, if I won't get A Better World just bcs I didn't do Logging quest just bcs I had to go to this idiot in the attic, but I also had to go to Constantin which automatically fails this quests and I didn't have the locked door on the top floor unlocked. Fuck this game, really.
  13. Yeah, I got the glitch to work as well, but before that I was struggling quite much.
  14. My first thought.
  15. Most time consuming: Completionist All The Way from Valhalla. Most difficult: I'd say the one for reaching 100%, but I can't decide in which entry. Oh, and Impress Warren Vidic from Revelations was a huge pain in the ass hehe.