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  1. I would say Saints Row IV: open world, customizable character, enjoyable combat, one-playthrough plat (unless one trophy glitches). Game was much better than I expected.
  2. I've just beaten it after 5 fckin hours. How is this trophy's rarity so high? I can't even imagine beating it without checkpoints. And I thought Rayman Origins was tough... on the other hand, Ray is overall quite a challenging game, here we have a bloody difficulty spike.
  3. Simply plats from my most favourite games.
  4. Hi, I'd like to return to the Master Assassin tier, got plat in Valhalla.
  5. I won't make my profile a 100% one anyway because of Fifa12 and the only DLC I don't have is The Doctor Who Cloned Me from Duke Nukem Forever, so screw it. I only give a fck about 100% on PS4. I wanted to buy dozens of games digitally, but won't do what they want me to do and buy them all for full price.
  6. They are doing great job. "Cape" trophy glitched in PS3 as well as in PS4 version of Saints Row IV, unreliable counting system for connected contracts in Agents of Mayhem and now this. Even though I really like SR4 and SR3 Remaster was discounted some time ago, I didn't buy it and it seems to be good for me.
  7. Even though I don't plan to play it, I really like Nioh's plat icon.
  8. Well, I haven't played it yet, but the remaining playtime will highly depend on which missables you earn during your blind playthrough. I don't want to spoil anything, so let's just wait for those who got the plat.
  9. Well, starting with my 3000th, I try to make my every x000th trophy a plat. But anyway, this is my biggest achievement and I'm proud as fck of managing to do it: The same bloody second 😁
  10. Well, I wanted to buy some series like Ratchet, but I won't spend sth like $300 for such old titles. Furthermore, if they think that such move will encourage me to give them that amount of cash in an act of desperation, well, they are very wrong. I would happily buy all those games on discount, but definitely not for full price. I only bought Life is Strange for full Price (hehe) back when they announced removing PS3 and Vita content from the web browser, but firstly: this is just one title, not dozens, and secondly: I could pay any price for this masterpiece.
  11. Well, 1/10 game in terms of difficulty is when you can plat it just by finishing or playing it, here you must use a guide, so it's at least 2/10. I know, I tend to nitpick.
  12. If it gets a physical release, it will be an insta-buy.
  13. This. I need an impactful shit just like the first game was. Anyway, that was the first time when a game and anything from popculture in general made me cry.
  14. Well, I think they would announce the servers closure something like a month earlier. Maybe check your internet connection, my was quite unstable and caused a little frustration.
  15. Well, few hours ago I completed my 19th (or so) contract and still no trophy, niiiice. Edit: just got it after doing one more contract.
  16. Ehh, I wanted it to be my 5th plat in April, but of course that shit called "My Cape" had to glitch on me. How is it possible that devs leave bugs that were in PS3 version? In general, counting system in this game is pure garbage. I love when nice games (I really enjoy this title) have broken trophies that take away whole fun.
  17. I love Florentine Crimson along with Seusenhofer Armor, perfect combination.
  18. Are those contracts still up? I wanted to start this game a few days ago but I don't want to end up with an unobtainable plat. Well, 10 days without anyone achieving the trophy.
  19. Hi, I wanted to show off my recent "achievement", but maybe I should start with the backstory first. So, on the last day of 2019 I completed Life is Strange (started it a few days earlier and immediately fell in love with it), the endings left me absolutely devastated, but also fulfilled at the same time and then I said something like "Sooo, now I know what my 100th plat will be". That was my 59th platinum and I didn't know what was coming in 2020, I was planning to earn 100th plat on my birthday in April 2021, but then Covid happened. Last year I spent maybe 4 months in school instead of typical 9-10 so I had a fuckton of time to play games. Somewhere between August and September I came up with an idea to make LiS's platinum the trophy promoting me to level 27, so I prepared a list of right games to play, but, of course, something like a month later, they announced the new level system. I corrected the list and got a little surprised and glad, because it came out, that instead of ugly 27, I would get a nice and round 400. At the beginning of December I knew that I would hit 100 before 2021 without problems, but then another great idea came to my mind: plat LiS on the same day as the first time. But the more I was thinking about it, the more I was like "Why to limit myself? Plat it on the same exact friggin' second you idiot". And now the best part: I synchronized my watch with PS3 time, checked if trophy time is exactly the same on PS3 and PSNProfiles, while playing LiS I was checking delay between "button press", "journal photo icon" and "photo trophy pop" as well as delay between "start-of-episode-end-loading (wtf?) and "finishing episode trophy pop", and finally I datermined duration of the last scene so I knew when to press the button for the last time. In the last minutes before the "second of truth" I was shaking like a freak, but after pressing the button I sighed and enjoyed the ending. Some time later I checked PSNProfiles and I fuckin' succeeded. A banana grew on my face and, I promise, that was the biggest banana I have ever had. Have you ever spent (not to say waste) time on doing such thing?
  20. I would add Life is Strange, it doesn't have stricte "good and happy" endings as well.
  21. Yeah, I meant that. I would like to play it on PS5 as well, but with better performance and graphics, not the base PS4 version. I bought normal PS4 Control maybe two or three weeks before they announced their shitty UltIMatE UpgRAde and couldn't give it back to shop. Oh, and I prefer boxes over digitals.
  22. Ehh, I don't know if I should sell my brand new base copy and wait for Ultimate discount or buy SP now...
  23. Strange, I got both trials trophies while disconnected from the servers, they said sth like: we will update your score as soon as you connect to our servers.
  24. Not multiplayer, but I enjoyed playing fanmade maps on my own, some of them were quite nice.
  25. Yeah, Celebrimbor was weak as hell, no one-time combo-breaking immunity, no double ult. Those two things change gameplay completely.