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  1. It seems it's not a guarantee, but that is what worked for me (I'm the guide writer btw haha). I tried for hours trying to get it through simming. I came up with this idea, and got it first try. Maybe I got lucky haha. Hopefully it works for you! It could work better if you're a position that isn't crowded (I was a catcher). The AS game part is just my theory. Me and one other member were called up at the same point despite them being a pitcher and me a catcher. I don't feel it was a coincidence. It's either the earliest point or a set point. Another set point could be September 1 as that's when major league rosters expand and a lot of players are called up. So if you don't get called up after the AS game, sim a little further to September and see if that works
  2. I saw this posted on the FFXV reddit (so credit to Stan64). Do the Midgarsormr(sp?) quest. It's LV 14 in Old Lestallum. Bring along three friends. Don't pick up any ingredients. At all. Not at camp and not during the mission. Once you complete it, Kenny should be your cook. The user who discovered this says he got Kenny five consecutive times. I, personally, tried this once with some peeps from and we got Kenny as well. Even though I had the trophy, I had to see for myself if it worked. We only tried it once, so it may not be a 100% thing. If you're struggling to get him, or just want to get it done and over with, I suggest you try this! Wish I knew about that sooner as it took me 46 hours to finally get him, but oh well. I'm just happy something like this exists, so no one has to feel my pain haha.
  3. My advice? Delete the game, and forget about it. Especially considering there's already plans to continue support of the game through 2018, and many believe there's going to be a second season pass. You won't be deleting this any time soon. I like XV a lot, and I wish I could tell you to try out Comrades as I enjoyed the beta, but I think you'll be doing yourself a major favor by moving on. Or waiting and coming back to this down the road once everything is released and updated. I love trophies, and I get that this is a trophy site, but I find gaming and trophy hunting is infinitely more fun and enjoyable when you're not a slave to trophies. The only one who will ever force you to do this is yourself.
  4. I suggest people pay no intention to the in game counter. I used the PS4 Activities updates as a measure of how close I was. When I unlocked the trophy, sure enough, I got the update that says I have driven 50 KM. That was enough to convince me that the in game stat counter is what's bugged, and not the trophy. The trophy unlocks exactly when it should, and everyone is unlocking the trophy at the same point. There is no trick, and no one is getting away with anything haha.
  5. I can definitely see why fans are so divided. I thought it was absolutely genius! It was offputting at first, but as things proceeded, I grew to really love it. Think of the most Danganronpa ending you can imagine, and they somehow out-Danganronpa that. It's weird, unsettling, and equal parts brilliant! Had they played it safe, and gone a similar route, this game might've been pretty forgettable. In the end, it produced one of the most memorable twists/endings I've ever seen in any game ever.
  6. Just finished these off (and got my 100%!). I definitely didn't find the first trial to be the most difficult. I'd almost consider it the easiest. There's really only one point that can screw you over, and that's the big jump (and failure to take the left route after). Most of my times were within a few short seconds, and I maybe had one run I'd consider bad. The third trial easily took more attempts than the other two combined. But it's done haha. Thanks for all the tips and videos in this thread!
  7. Yeah, I definitely don't want to go though EASHL again. That got seriously maddening after a while. They need to change up the trophies. Have a chill list for once like MLB The Show did for a few years. If I do play this game, it'll be for fun and not for trophies. Kind of feel like I've already platinumed this game a year ago haha. Also, what lame trophy images. Especially that lazy platinum image.
  8. Bit of a long shot, but I only need Trade Secret for 100%. If anyone just happens to have five Uncommon items laying around, I have a Rare Topper and a Rare Crate I can give in return (it's all I have, sadly).
  9. Did everything but Victorious last year, and it sucks. Broke my three year Show plat streak This doesn't seem too bad, but you never know.
  10. This is what got it for me after so many attempts prior (ended up with 32 DC collectables and many more pity 100 coins haha). But I was doing the Coach lock method, as I figured it'd be less annoying than actually playing. Turns out, I got it first try as a RD. I'm an idiot haha. It was still a little frustrating, but that was the last hurdle that stood between me and platinum. Just got to play EASHL for my last 18 levels
  11. It is possible on Vita. I ended up with 369 (I found I did better when I wasn't counting, so I went a little overboard in the end). Delay comes with the transfer from SD to HD. The first Sly Cooper had a similar issue as one of its boss battles requires rhythmic pressing that normally aligned with music, but was slightly off making it more annoying than it already was haha. I do believe such a thing exists for Vita, but I wasn't paying too close attention. Delay or no delay, you just have to find the right timing and rhythm. Once you figure it out, you're golden
  12. I went a little further. To the point where you have reach your destination with only Lunar powers. You get 920 gems in just under two minutes once you get the rhythm down. Sounds a bit faster than the method you posted, but takes a little more effort. Took an hour and 17 minutes to go from 60,000 to the 87,000 required for Power Kat (so roughly 350.5/minute).
  13. True, but the physical version of the Remastered is a rarity, millions of PS4 Plus users have never even touched a Vita and a large number of Plus users are hungry for a PS4 game in the IGC that isn't an indie. Not to mention, of course, GR2 just coming out. If there was ever an appropriate time to double dip, this is it. I wouldn't mind playing it again on PS4, personally.
  14. That's encouraging. I hope the global sales are good enough to warrant GR3. I'd hate to see this series die off so soon. Then again, I was pretty surprised we got a sequel haha. On the Vita: I love my Vita. I easily got my $200 worth and then some! I bought it about 6 months after release and Gravity Rush was the first game I got for it. I was a bit heartbroken at first when Sony began moving on and bringing stuff elsewhere, but I've learned to let it go. After beating this game, I'm glad the series made the jump to PS4. Any bitterness over the lack of a Vita sequel is now gone and I'm excited to see how this series could potentially grow on PS4 (assuming it does continue). I'm glad more people have the opportunity to play this series. I just hope they do haha. Sony putting the original as a Plus game on PS4 should help.
  15. I did. Never did in my prior playthrough, so I wanted to platinum it without cheats and whatnot. To see if I could. I more or less used OP's strategy. Makes both bosses really easy. I was expecting them to be much tougher, but I guess I went with the easiest "mortal" method. Maybe one year I'll try to defeat them without KOTR among other things. We'll see how the remake handles it. Anyways, I don't care if anyone uses cheats. As said earlier, it's programmed into this version of the game, so it's just as legitimate route to go as my way. I only had one game over my entire run (a boss in Midgar haha), so it's still one of the easiest FF platinums without cheats.