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  1. Continuing Chloe's adventures could still constitute a (soft) reboot in a similar vein as Kratos going to Norse territory with overhauled gameplay/mechanics. That would be my overwhelming preference as Nate and Elena's story wrapped up perfectly, and Chloe proved to me that she has what it takes to carry the torch. It would be wrong to not at least try to see where Chloe, Nadine, Sam, Cutter, and Sully can take the franchise. We already have a Nathan Drake's called the movie franchise that's telling his story in its own way regardless of how we may feel about its quality (I haven't gotten around to seeing it yet). And I've never been a fan of the idea of having their daughter as the lead. The "child is literally their parents" trope is super lazy, and we see it way too much across all mediums. Let her live in peace, it's what the U4 ending wanted. A Sully prequel is still the dream. If it's not Chloe, then please let it be that.
  2. I started shifting to a casual trophy hunter in 2016 (I'm pretty much a day one trophy hunter). That was when I picked up a 3DS. Between that and later the Switch, I found myself having just as much enjoyment going after goals I set myself as I did with trophies. It was almost enlightening haha. In 2016, I also had my big "Why am I doing this?" moment with My Name is Mayo, which feels like a AAA GOTY candidate compared to the games we've been seeing as of late. Overall, I feel like I found that good balance where I still have fun with trophies, but I wouldn't be upset if Sony announces the end of them tomorrow.
  3. I'm so happy it popped back up! I lucked out when I got it myself in 2020, but you guys deserve it for your patience and persistence
  4. Turns out I was at ~70. I was going to do the method in the video, but I ended up getting it on my first visit to the Catacombs of this run. Must've picked up a lot of kills in my pre-departure farming of the glowing trogs. Just three more daily favors to go, and it's back to 100%! I did enjoy these missions. Kinda wish they launched with more than two. Plus, now I have a fun melee build to balance out my stealth-sniper one.
  5. Is there a good place to farm Trogs, or do I just do the second expedition over and over? Put together a good melee build, so killing them isn't an issue. Pretty sure I'm only at 40-50 killed, so I'd like to make sure I can get it the next time I do that mission.
  6. I doubt it. At least not anytime soon. It already has NG+, Grounded, Permadeath, and Speedrun already built into the game. In the past, things like Grounded and Permadeath were post-release additions, which provided the opportunity for DLC trophies. If ND intended for those modes to have DLC trophies, it would've been at release similar to the Nathan Drake Collection. If this iteration of the game gets more trophies, I'd guess it would be for something that isn't already available. Maybe they'll include skins based on the upcoming show and ask us to play through using those, and then maybe they can tie it to Permadeath or Speedrun. That would be my guess, and if that is ultimately the correct answer, it probably wouldn't be until we get closer to the show's debut.
  7. I did have one issue. In the main game at least, will play Left Behind tomorrow. I missed one in the financial district (the hanging dude). Legitimately missed, not bugged haha. I went back to it in chapter select, but the prompt wouldn't show up. I tried multiple times, restart checkpoint and all. I tried again on the difficulty I had been playing on (Moderate) and it appeared. Could be a coincidence, or maybe the issue for me was that I initially tried to chapter select on a lower difficulty. Everything else, in-game and trophy tracker-wise, hasn't given me issues. EDIT: Turns out this actually was a bug as the patch note specifically mentioned this exact optional convo. Neat!
  8. So I missed an optional convo in the financial district. I'm pretty sure I genuinely missed the guy hanging one, and wasn't bugged. I chapter selected to that part, but the convo prompt won't show up. Should I try again after finishing the game? I don't know what to do. EDIT: I tried chapter select again, this time on the difficulty I was playing on (Moderate) instead of Very Light, and everything triggered perfectly fine both in-game and on the trophy tracker. Loaded up my main save, and everything's still there. It is worth noting that I got the broken melee trophy in the process despite not upgrading the latter two weapons. That was weird. I'm only on ch6.
  9. I suppose if nothing else it at least tries to do something different from the other versions (dog pet, weapon breaking, leaving Ellie hanging, etc). I would've been down for whatever, but I am surprised at the lack of speedrun and permadeath trophies considering they were two of the biggest new features. Maybe those will be DLC trophies after release, maybe not. I think one of both of those would've made the list perfect as it adds something relatively challenging, but can still be done on any difficulty.` I am a bit relieved there's presently no Grounded trophy. Not because I don't want the challenge, but because I just did the PS3 and PS4 versions simultaneously, going back and forth. Backward method, though haha.
  10. Yeah, I decided against going for Aces High. I boosted the other online trophies in June, and I really should've gone for it then. I got as high as Queen without trying. But I chose to set it aside for other things with the plan to get back to it later in the year. Then this announcement came. I could not get in the mood to put in the effort to compete with others within such a short timeframe. So not going for it in June or earlier is a mistake I'll have to live with, but I'm at peace with not trying for it post-announcement and ultimately not being able to platinum it. I had nearly ten years to do it, and I didn't, and that's ok. Probably would've been another few years before I finally got the motivation to do those contracts and veteran, anyways 😂
  11. I really should've gone for Aces High when I boosted the other MP trophies in June. Now people are going to be trying 😭
  12. My dad loves Westerns and was a huge fan of RDR2. He's been recently talking about doing another playthrough haha. I was really hoping he'd get an RDR1 remaster for PC. Yeah, we got it on PS+, so he could stream it. But it would've been nice for him to get a PC-dedicated version with updated visuals and whatnot. And I'd love to have it on PS5 myself haha.
  13. I impulse bought this during The Great Store Shutdown Scare of 2021, and I'm glad I did even though I haven't booted it up yet. Should think about grabbing Tekken 5 soon (I think the online version was already delisted?).
  14. U4 w/o cheats, and for me this isn't up for debate. U4 w/o cheats is far and away the most difficult Uncharted on Crushing. There were multiple sections that I'm convinced I died more times than the entirety of U1's Crushing. U4's Crushing w/o cheats makes U1 feel like Normal difficulty, and this comes from someone who beat U1's Crushing twice. With cheats, U4's is ezpz haha.
  15. We (as in USA) are set to get rid of the time change starting next year. Senate actually voted (though unanimous consent) on the measure today. Still has to get passed congress and signed by the president, which both should occur. If I understand correctly, this year will be the last time we "fall back." So these current times will soon be the permanent times.