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  1. Thanks for the tip, I'll check today I'll try this too, thanks
  2. Yes they met and did the heist together. That was the last mission I was able to do, cant find any after that
  3. Hi, After completing the mission "The Jewel Store Job" and getting the trophy linked to it, no more missions seem to be showing up. I've looked all over the map but I just can't find out where I have to go to start my next mission. Has my save file perhaps been corrupted or is this a known glitch?
  4. Thanks for the tip, I'll give this a go later on. Did you have to redo the glitched trophy requirements or you just kept playing normally and it popped?
  5. I tried this but no luck unfortunately. I think my only option is to start over
  6. Hi, I was wondering if there's a way you can fix a glitched trophy without having to restart the whole game. This happened to me when the trophy for completing DNA Sequence 4 didn't pop and I don't want to restart the entire game to get this one trophy. Thanks
  7. I picked up probably my last PS3 games. I want to fully concentrate on PS4 once I've finished these games and some of the ones that are already on my list. 1. Far Cry 2,3 and Blood Dragon. I've always liked the series so decided to get these to have most of the series done. I kind of regret getting FC2 because of the massive grind but I really wanted all the games and wanted to experience the game too. 2. Red Dead Redemption. It's apparently a really good game so I thought I'd get it. The 2nd one is coming out later this year too so the timing feels right. 3. inFamous. I heard the series is great and I'd never played it so I wanted to try it out. Heard it's not too hard trophies wise except for those shards lol. 4. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. I had played the 3rd game and really liked it. The trophies are very similar so it'll be very straightforward and shouldn't take long.
  8. Quantum of Solace. I did almost all the singleplayer trophies but unfortunately the online servers seem to be down making this platinum unobtainable. FIFA 14. Online was recently shut down and some features arent't available anymore Injustice. This game is pretty fun but it's way too much of a grind for me. I did most Multiplayer stuff but the Star labs and Battle Mode are extremely time consuming and hard so I'm going to get most of the other trophies out of the way to have a decent % and leave it at that. Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Didn't get the multiplayer trophy on time. Will probably do all the other trophies sometime in the near future though. Grand Theft Auto V. With bounties being removed from the game, I will never platinum this game. I still plan on getting most other trophies though. Grand Turismo 5. Haven't unlocked any trophies (luckily) but with 2 trophies being unobtainable and the grind being very long, I probably won't even add this game to my list.
  9. Thanks for the guide. It's all very detailed and is quite useful right now seeing as more people are playing before servers shut down later this year.
  10. Mine was for GTA IV: Top the Midnight Club 2.62% I'm going for GTA IV MP trophies so I'll soon have more Ultra Rare trophies with AWP and Wanted
  11. -Energy Cycle -NBA 2K17 and 18 The Prelude -Nubla, The World of Nubla -LA Cops -Hitman GO -Lara Craft GO -Day of the tentacle Remastered -HiQ Ace -Deponia -Mr Massagy -1000 Top Rated -The Order: 1886 -Orc Slayer -Aabs Animals -.detuned -Linger in Shadows -Daytona USA -Frorgger Returns -Heavy Fire: Afghanistan -Disorder 6 -Toy Story Mania -Super Hang-on -Fighting Vipers -The Little Acre -Sonic the fighters -Far Cry Classic -Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon -Cloudy with a chance of meatballs -Ruckus Rumble -Cars Race O Rama -36 Fragments of Midnight -Her Majesty's Spiffing -Eekeemoo Splinters of Dark Shard -CSGO -Rugby 15 -Monster Jam: Battlegrounds -Duke Nukem 3D: 20th anniversary world tour -Monster Jam Crush it -Jazzpunk -Virginia -The Bunker -Adam's Venture Origins -Rugby World Cup 2015 -Coffin Dodgers -Skyscrapers -Magus -Heavy Fire Shattered Spear -Megamind -Hannah Montana The movie -New Paint Park -CSI: Fatal Conspiracy -Men in Black: Alien Crisis -Terminator Salvation -Trine 2 -MLB 13 The show home run derby edition -Obviously all the Telltale Games
  12. I'm worried servers will get shut down for games I own so I'm doing all the online stuff right now. I'm also going to play all the games I bought but didn't get a chance to start yet as I want to start moving on from PS3 and not feel like I've wasted money on games I haven't played yet. Some of these games are PS3 greats and I think it's important I play them. I also don't want to stop playing PS3 feeling like I should've played more games and that I missed out on some.
  13. I've done this on PS3 and regret it a lot. I decided that this year I wouldn't buy games simply for trophies, too much of a waste of money.
  14. I'd recommend Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It's a game that can be played for fun and at the same time you'll get trophies. If you play casually they will come overtime and you won't really need to use guides for anything except for maybe 3 stars on situations. The terrorist hunt can be a bit of a grind and the stats on the website aren't accurate so you mightn't really know your progression towards the trophies but once they're done you'll have the platinum in no time. While a lot of trophies are multiplayer based, you don't really need to be that good at the game. Most of the trophies can be done in Casual anyway so that will make things easier.
  15. Red Dead Redemption 2. I loved the first one and hope that the singleplayer will be as good as the first one. I'd like a big map with loads to explore, various activities to do and that the western feeling to still be there. Not too bothered about Multiplayer but I'm sure I'll try it out anyway. I'm also interested in Far Cry 5. I've got the Far Cry Wild Expedition bundle on PS3 and plan on doing most of the games this year and I think Ubisoft make beautiful landscape for these games especially Far Cry 3.