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  1. hi guys, is there anyone to play in company while getting platinum? ID : jerk2518
  2. hahahah
  3. how can I lock it?
  4. i mean , 200 , 300...etc
  5. how many easy plats under 1 hour exist? obviusly , more or less.
  6. I have to do that trophy, more or less how do you have to behave?
  7. your wife ? wow , I envy you.
  8. I've never liked yakuza games so much, I find them repetitive wow I saw your profile and you're good, congratulations. pray for me that I am here to get ben 10 platinum
  9. thanks
  10. hahaha this made me laugh , i undestand you , many easy plat games is so boring congrants for your goals , but why you have 2 account's?
  11. what version is it?
  12. im going to love ps now , beacuse im born in 2000 and I could not play many games, that is at least enjoy them with a more adult head
  13. write down below the trophy that has led you to madness 🤕 my trophy was in cod bo3, the missions the veteran without dying, wow, I thought I could not make it but someone prayed for me 😭
  14. someone wants to create with me a community on ps4 where we help with share play? so as to complete the games that we have not finished, in short, help each other.
  15. according to you, looking at the trophies, is it easy?