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  1. I need to update my list again but around 8k
  2. Did they really had to put the divi 3 trophy in again? I'm still struggeling with 19
  3. Fail 1: died at the second Flashback because i was to cocky and tried to outrun him instead of waiting on passos's covering fire Fail 2: Same level. I died at the granade launcher guy. I was 100% sure i killee him while shooting his grenade.. Fail 3: Died in the burning office because (yet again) i've became to cocky and tried to run to the last enemy instead of waiting, until he leaves his cover Fail 4: this was a dumb one. I was at the tiente river. I tried to collect a painkiller in a bot when i've noticed that there's a burning propane tank. Tried to roll away but it was to late... Fail 5: this was really frustating. I was at the police station in the room where the enemys come out the elevator and throw smoke bombs. I was able to get the first last stand but sadly not the second. I just couldn't find the Enemy in time...
  4. It could happen but whe don't know when. I guess a few months after the ps5 release they will shut down psn for ps3 and vita. Try to get as many ps3 abd vita platinums before it's too late
  5. I really like the mp don't get me wrong but at the end of the day i'm still a trophy hunter
  6. You know i have this game for years and just never got a breach charge kill. So yeah i didn't buy it "just to boost"
  7. Hi i was wondering if you can boost the kill specific trophys. You know like "do a breaxh charge kill" etc. Can you put 10 people togheter who seach each other multiple times?
  8. I am waiting for almost a year to get my account deleted cause a warfighter trophy glitched on me. If i had known it takes that long i would never ever let it get deleted. Do you have any experience?
  9. I wanna play it but wanna know how many peoole you need
  10. It hurts to see this 98% game... And i really want to play battlefield again 😅
  11. Yeah good idea. I hope they can do it because they already deactivated it. But well it's worth the shot. Thanks
  12. Well according to EA you can't unlink it. You either delete the whole account or delete your PSN...
  13. Well yes it does. The account is connected with my psn. Since i want the trophy i have to delete my account which deletes my battlelog witch allows me to try for the trophy again
  14. Hey guys, a while back (i think it was september) i contacted ea to delete my account because i couldn't obtain the last trophy for medal of honor warfighter. Well until now they haven't fully deleted my account. Everytime i asked them how long it takes they said "it should be done in x days" now i wanted to ask if anyone had the same issue and can tell me how long they had to wait.
  15. I checket s trophy list on Psn and there is everything in oder. He received the hardest difficulty trophy on 11.04.2018 at 16:37 and beating any difficulty on 18.03.2018 at 19:39 Check for your self if you don't belive me