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  1. Thanks for the lists @Zanreo and @Shadiochao! I finally came back and worked on this over the past few days and managed to knock out the remaining songs that I needed. My lists were pretty similar to yours, with the only one not covered by your lists being さいたま2000, which isn't nearly as bad as the song preview makes it sound. If anyone else is having trouble with this trophy, I suggest taking some time off and coming back refreshed. It made the challenge more fun for me.
  2. As a fan of the first season and the movie (but not the second season), I found this VN to have some decent moments, but mostly it's not great. There are a bunch of endings, but IIRC there are really only three main endings with minor changes that make up the remaining endings. The mini-game is fun, though.
  3. I was having this problem, too. After a restart, everything loads fine.
  4. As someone who really liked the first season of Psycho-Pass but disliked the second season (the movie was... fine), all of you excited for the game should temper your expectations. It's not great.
  5. Hopefully we can get similar bundles in the west, but I won't be holding my breath.
  6. It does have a wish list, I just can't remember if you have to go through the website to access it.
  7. The North American release, too. I was working at Circuit City at the time; people were lined up for days. What a different time that was.
  8. Only a few and none of them terribly difficult. Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone - January 16th Abzû - May 3rd The Unfinished Swan - May 3rd Rain - May 4th Hue - October 16th Hatoful Boyfriend - October 17th Welcome Park - October 22nd
  9. I'm going to ignore a good portion of the thread and go back to the original topic. 😜 Looking at my trophies, it seems like I got about 25-30% through the story missions before I gave up (at least for now). The game felt pretty by-the-numbers for an open world game (climb this thing, get icons on the map, go to all of the icons, eventually progress the story a bit and repeat) and the story must get better later on if so many people are raving about it, but it didn't get its hooks into me like I'd hoped it would. I can tell it's a good game, but maybe it's just not for me or maybe I'm just tired of open world games. I dunno. My biggest gripe is to do with items: constraining item selection to the d-pad was a terrible choice, IMO. Trying to select a specific item in the middle of a fight is tedious at best and "deadly" at worst. Put them on R1 as an item wheel (much like the weapons) and make R2 the light and heavy melee attacks - press for light, hold for heavy. Apparently AC:O did something similar for their attacks (haven't played it yet), which I can't fathom; games have used the same button for multiple things for years based on the length of the button press, so I'm not sure why new games are suddenly changing that.
  10. NieR: Automata LoZ: BotW Persona 5 (haven't beaten it yet, but I've enjoyed what I've played) That's a very bold choice.
  11. Do we know when the release date is yet?
  12. Nothing for me, but if you liked Persona 4's music at all and you have a Vita, you should get P4DAN. Good stuff.
  13. Hidden Monokumas should be "missable" but easy enough to get later via chapter select.
  14. I haven't played them, either, but it's a bit disappointing that the entire collection only has one trophy list and platinum. That probably makes it a bit easier to obtain, though. Overall, the list looks pretty easy, if time-consuming.
  15. This was my first platinum, too; I got really close with the first two games in the series, but after I didn't get the "hard" trophy on inFamous 2 despite playing the game at that difficulty level all the way through, I dropped it.