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  1. I just unlocked this. You still have to play through Anna's chapter, but you can load a save where you previously purchased the songs and just hit X on any of them and the trophy will unlock. No need to play through the first day for a third time.
  2. I got this the other day with Ratchet, which was pretty simple. Would have been nice to know that you could just skip to #10, though; probably would have gotten the trophy years ago.
  3. Hey, thanks for the offer. I ended up just buying it and knocking it out myself.
  4. Can you get The Heavenly Goddess while playing online? If so, does anyone have that map and willing to hop online to help me knock it out? I don't particularly want to spend the $2 on the map just to use it once, but I'll do it if I have to.
  5. Yeah, I now have to pay an extra 5% on a $60 video game. The horror. I realize this adds up over multiple purchases of many items over the course of a year, but... come on.
  6. I wish they'd announced this a month ago before I decided to replay both CSI and II again... if there's a separate list, I'll consider buying them again, though those steelbooks look nice.
  7. Yeah, picked this up years and years ago on PC as part of a Humble Bundle. Probably won't pick it up again until it's on sale, but I enjoyed my time with it way back when.
  8. Awesome, thanks!
  9. I just started my second playthrough the other day and made a list of all of the monsters that I missed the first time through the game. Turns out a missed two early on that I didn't account for, so my question is this: will I get the Field Guide to Erebonian Wildlife trophy right when I get those last two if I start a third playthrough and get them or does it unlock at the end of the game? I'm not going to play through this three whole times if I can knock it out in two, so I'd rather restart now if I have to.
  10. An extra $50 for that? I'll pass.
  11. I think it's triggered when you're leaving Hong Kong, but I could be mistaken.
  12. Is this updated version of the game getting a physical edition in North America? I haven't seen it on any sites, so I assume the answer is "no", but just wanted to know if anyone knew for sure.
  13. Haven't seen the anime, heard it wasn't the best adaptation. I found both games to be serviceable; they both have long and tedious second acts and a few more fan-service moments than I usually tolerate (they're spaced far enough apart that they didn't bother me too much), but I seem to be in the minority in finding these games merely adequate. If you go in with moderate expectations, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised. I do enjoy a good tactics game and these two did not let me down in that regard, especially the second one, as it adds some extra features to make the battles a little more dynamic and challenging. If you decide to go for the plats, know that the second one requires the RNG gods to be on your side for one trophy, but otherwise it's not too bad. I've been meaning to plat the second one myself, but other games keep getting in the way.