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  1. i don't know if this topic has been made before, but if it did,lets start it up again. It kind of annoys me how i won't be able to platinum every game i have due to borrowing it or downloading it and deleting it or the servers no longer working,so,do you care if you platinum every game on your trophy list?
  2. As most of you know already, this amazing game has been plagued with trophy glitches, almost every trophy is glitched, below is a list for each trophy and how to fix them. P.S: I recommend saving when you are about to get your last collectible of each type, what I mean is, when you are about to pick up your last artifact, make a different save, that way if you pick it up and the trophy doesn't pop, you can reload your save and try again with the fix. Trophies that can be fixed by deleting the patch and trying again. That's all I got(hidden) listen to all of Ellie's jokes. I got this(find all training manuals) Master of unlocking(Unlock all shiv doors) It was all just lying there(find all artifacts) Endure and survive(collect all comics) How to fix difficulty trophies What you want to do is replay the last level(epilogue) without the patch, it will only take you a minute tops, then wait for the credits to run through all the way to the end. Some people have had to try this a couple times for the trophy to pop, for me personally and my brother, it popped on the first try. Note about scavenger trophy(gather all collectibles) You may see some people unlock this trophy before they unlock the comic book one, or the training manuals one, don't think they glitched or any of that, for some reason I finished the game with 146 collectibles, there is only 141, so when I got to 141, the trophy for getting all collectibles popped, even though I still had some missing. LAST RESORT(ALWAYS WORKS) I couldn't get the firefly pendant no matter what I would do, so I deleted ALL my saves(back them up first) and it worked, this is the last option you should be focused on since having to run through the story a 4th/5th time just for a collectible is ridiculous, trust me, I know..
  3. Basically, you will use your elbows to type the person's name above you. Rules No cheating/Editing Begin!
  4. You guys will convince me to buy it or pass on it, it's only $25 at gamestop, my brother had it, and he asked me if I was going to play it so he would keep it until I beat it, but I just couldn't make up my mind, I only played Resident evil 5, and only got halfway through Resident Evil 4, so i'm not a hardcore fan, it looks fine, I heard it's not what it used to be, it's more action than horror, but since I really don't follow the series, that won't matter to me, so what do you guys think?
  5. They can't be something that you can use to escape, like a raft/boat. Here are mine: 1:Boobs 2.Toothbrush 3.Toothpaste Can't have bad breath now can we? As for food and drink, I could hunt animals, and for a drink, I could go back to my days from being in Puerto Rico and drink coconuts from the trees, delicious. But what happens when I run out of coconuts? Well, that is where the boobs come in, MILK! What? You thought the boobs were for different reasons?
  6. Just got the PS4 Uncharted limited edition console! Have Doom and also thinking about picking up Bloodborne. Haven't played in a long time so my friends list is non-existent!

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      Nice one buddy, you've come to the right place to make some great friends on PSN here :D

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      Sweet! Hope ya have a blast :D

  7. So i just beat wave 30, no trophy, 3 hours of my life wasted, Activision can not make games, it also froze on me a dozen times.
  8. Got a Ps4. Add me on psn at drummerklg

  9. My girlfriend surprised me and got me Black Ops 3 yesterday! Now to wait until Black Friday to get the PS4 bundled with a game and an extra controller along with Fallout 4!

  10. I haven't played in over 2 years. With Fallout 4 coming out, I will be getting the PS4 on Black Friday! Thinking about pre-ordering Black Ops 3 to get the Nuketown map.

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      Really? That's good to know. How long is the wait usually?

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      I think it's usually 3 or 4 months

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      Probably around the time they release the first dlc map pack.

  11. War Thunder, a free-to-play World War II MMO, will launch alongside the PlayStation 4. The game will include 200 air models, 100 ground models. 100K square KM of territory to control. You can play as five different nations, including the UK, USSR, America, Japan, and Germany. Source:http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/08/20/gamescom-war-thunder-hits-ps4-at-launch?abthid=5213b5d6898e473947000032
  12. I read that a guy died from playing video games for 12 hours straight, he was sitting down so his blood got clogged, it's funny because I was playing 12 hours straight today lol, so I decided to take a break, what is the longest you have played straight? For me it's about 17 hours, I don't do that anymore the most I would do is 10 hours, only doing 12 hours because I have to finish the new devil may cry fast.
  13. I had a flamethrower(the last of us) so I think I would be just fine, get more zombies in a group =p
  14. My body is ready From the developers who brought you the Dead Island games. Looks like a zombie infested Mirror's Edge, except 100 times better. Really like the transition from day to night. Can. Not. Wait. Am I the only one who thinks Next Generation will be the best Generation in gaming history?
  15. I have platinumed every wwe game,i just need to get to the highest rank for the platinum, i have not started yet because i have heard of stats making you go back to rank 1,i thought they fixed it in the patch, but my friend just told me that his stats had reset,so how can i prevent this?
  16. I actually heard that the man himself(Leo Kruger, Adam Rose) pitched the idea of the character change to the Adam Rose character. I think it's true, the guy is having a lot of fun with the gimmick, it shows. Don't count out the gimmick, I actually think he would not have gotten to the main roster as Leo Kruger. See how soon he made it to the main roster with his character change? As for Bo Dallas, the guy has a lot of potential, his ring work is passable, and he plays the heel very well. As for Rusev, aside from a hot manager, I see nothing in him. I give it a month before he starts dancing.
  17. First hour was awesome, the last two, not so much. Rollins is the star of the Shield, Aksana and Stephanie looked great last night. So much for Chicago being an amazing crowd, they got gassed as quick as Batista
  18. That's easy, WWE 13
  19. Fallout 3 Uncharted 2 The Last of Us Bioshock On a more serious note: Dante's Inferno Shadows of the Damned The Walking Dead Survival Instinct(I may be the only person in the universe who had fun with the game) The Darkness 2 DMC:Devil May Cry(loved it, one of the funnest games of 2013) Dead Space 3(I think people just hated it because it was more action based than horror, but if you look at it as its own title. and not part of the series, you will enjoy it)
  20. Edge of Tomorrow(Tom Cruise, sci-fi, say no more) Neighbors(comedy, Seth Rogen, Zack Efron, college parties) 300 rise of an empire(swords and wars) 22 Jump Street(first one was hilarious) Transformers Age of Extinction(Mark Whalberg, enough said) Dawn of the Planet of the Apes(Didn't really like the first one, but this one has promise with the setting) Hercules(The Rock, say no more) Guardians of the Galaxy(nothing needs to be said) Fifty Shades of Grey(not serious) The Loft(married guys get their own loft to have affairs in, one of the girls ends up getting killed) Godzilla(the world goes down the crapper due to a giant lizard, what's not to like? The Maze Runner(awesome actor Dylan O' Brien is it) Interstellar(MathewW MCconaughey, new movie from the guys that brought us greats like Inception, The dark Knight) Fury(War movie, Bradd Pitt, The Hunger Games Mockingjay: Part 1(It's the Hunger Games, come on. Catching fire was awesome Dumb and Dumber to(Jim Carrey, first movie was hilarious, what was all that one in a million talk?) Transendence(Johnny Depp, enoughsaid) Brick Mansions(Paul Walker in something that isn't a popcorn flick like the Fast movies)
  21. Fallout 3, I didn't have much issues with freezing/lag. Awesome game.
  22. Bioshock 1, 2, and Infinite Cabela's adventure camp, North American Adventures, Outooor Adventures, and Survival shadows of Katami Call of Duty Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2, and Modern Warfare 3 Dead Space 1, 2, 3, and Extraction God of War 1, 2, 3 , Chains of Olympus, and Ghost of Sparta Jak 1, 2, and 3 Ratchet andClank: A Crack in Time, R&C All 4 One, and R&C Full Frontal Assualt Sly 1, 2, and 3 Uncharted1, 2, and 3 WWE 2010, WWE 2011, WWE '12, WWE '13, WWE All Stars, and WWE Legends of Wrestlemania Batman Akrham Asylum, and Batman Arkham City Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising 2 Off the Record Dead Island, and Dead Island Riptide Madden NFL 11, and 12 Heavy Fire Afghan, and Shattered Spear