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  1. Unfortunately no I don’t have another save, I can’t see anything about this trophy being glitched online either. I’ve rewatched the final cutscene and the credits to see if it triggered the trophy but nothing. I’ve got to do my evil play though anyway but it’s still frustrating that I’m going to have to do a third playthrough being good again, assuming it doesn’t glitch again
  2. I’ve finished the story and gotten the good ending, I’m now back in free roam after the message saying the clock is wound back to before the final fight, but I have no trophy... and I can’t see an option to replay the final fight. Is anyone aware of this issue and is the only fix to start a new game?
  3. I have already gotten the platinum on the PS4, does anyone know if you can transfer your gta online character from PS4 to PS3? I don’t mind doing all the single player stuff again but it would be nice to autopop all online ones. I know you could transfer from the 3 to the 4, just not sure if it goes the other way. Any advice would be appreciated, cheers