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  1. you're a hero, thank you so much. I couldn't for the life of me figure out an S rank on level one after hours of speedrunning it
  2. I seem to be having an issue with the Complete 5 bounties trophy. I noticed after doing bounties for a while that it never popped for me, and so i did 5 more just to confirm the issue and it still didn't pop. Has anyone else had an issue with this trophy, and if so are there any recommended solutions besides backing up the save and plying through on a fresh slate until adventure mode to get the 5.
  3. they probably won't which really sucks, but it's been weeks since the last patch was released, and that one only took about a week and a half, so no plat for this one, sorry, or at least not any time soon
  4. goddamn thats so annoying, so new patch but it only lets us get like 3 new trophies but rest are locked, i'm just gonna finish my current playthrough and another to get all the rest of the trophies and set up one last one for the platinum cuz this is crazy
  5. So I just finished the fourth dream sequence with the giant bird at the end and went out of my way to try and find all of the lights and fox guys in each sequence and got nothing at the end so has anyone gotten that Echoes trophy yet or have an idea of what it is
  6. Not true, I didn't play the first song and then purposefully bombed the last two and still got it, so you just have to do really really awful
  7. From the first time you see him you have to talk to the star teacher, and from there you should get 2 stars every day until you get the last star on the day after the elevator incident, I think by that extent there's I think 7 or 9 stars you have to find
  8. Yes you do. The devs confirmed that the drawings do carry over multiple saves, but one of them is bugged so we have to wait for the patch before we can get the journal one
  9. Currently, no its unlikely and probably impossible atm, from what I've read the Steam community had to have the game patched to get the jump to be possible, so we'll likely get that in next week's patch
  10. Fantastic Thanks for reaching out to them and finding out that something is being done about this. Now does anybody have any ideas about that echoes trophy?
  11. Guys I looked at some steam forums for the game and apparently a ton of our achievements are bugged, like you're supposed to get the blue donut for finishing the credits which no one has gotten on ps4, so has anyone downloaded a patch yet or know of the devs releasing one soon so we can actually get the plat?
  12. I've tried triple jumping to it from Lori M''s roof and going from the cat roof to her roof but neither works, and someone told me that steam users had to get a patch for it so I don't think that one is accessible right now without some kind of patch to fix the bug, unless it might only be accessible on a specific day, which I'm checking for on my current play through.
  13. Okay so I'm on my second playthriugh cleaning up all the trophies I missed from the first one but I noticed that nobody has the silver germ one yet. Does anybody have any ideas as to what it is, like if it could be a proximity event with him or something because I though his friendship progression just got you RABIES! But I could be wrong
  14. However ive noticed that based one the events you do each day and how you perform on your songs you'll get different sketches so I think it might be over all playthroughs rather than just one.