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  1. Yep I can confirm that. In the Webstore + PS5 Store it looked like I had to buy the game again. PS support says I have no rights to the PS4 version. Frogwares didn't answer to any of my messages. BUT I logged into a friend's PS4 and ta-dah, 1 click and i downloaded the PS4 version for free!
  2. Hey there @Optinooby ! I already knew you through your Axiom Verge 2 videos! For a long time now, I wanted to get the platinum trophy in Blasphemous, but never really dared. When i saw your guide to it, i couldn't help myself Perfect execution, very good comments, every trophy unlocked without problems. Difficulty with the guide maximum a 5/10. Great game, I had a lot of fun. Thank you very very much for the great content!
  3. I am pretty sure you should do all DLC trophies in NG+! Because of your higher level (30 -> 40), you get better gear and stats. Everything will become easier. I think, the DLC was designed to play it with a level 40 character.
  4. Just finished my 1st playthrough on PS5. I got 100% of the map and all items and I did NOT unlock "100% Lore" nor "100% Weapons". Just so you know, these are still bugged. Bummer.
  5. Xp does NOT bank. But the grind form 30-40 is very short. Some other quick facts: -Every trophy progression is transferred to NG+ as well -White triangles DO count for the 250 crimes -Heroic Assault kills DO count towards all trophies!
  6. Can confirm, all Showdown Battles were available for me in NG+, without progressing the story. Some other quick facts: -Every trophy progression is transferred to NG+ as well -White triangles DO count for the 250 crimes -Heroic Assault kills DO count towards all trophies!
  7. I watched this video of SilentGhost and was finally able to plat the game. He uses a counting method which worked pretty well for me. Sadly, the video is in German, but you should get the idea by watching it. The counting goes like this: 1,2/1,2/1,2,3,4/1,2,3,4/1.5/1,2,3/1,2/1,2/1,2,3,4/1,2,3,4/1.5 ( / = jump ) It works for every level! Good luck!
  8. The trophy 'Completionist' says "Achieved 100% completion in Adventure mode". So i guess you need to 3 star everything.
  9. Hey guys. I just missed the collectible "Archive: If Anyone Finds this…" in chapter 5 and can't go back to get it (because of autosave). What is the best approach to handle this? Do I play the whole game til the end and try to clean it up afterwards? (via chapter select or ng+?) Or do I restart the chapter directly to continue with everything before starting chapter 6? Google has so many different answers, I want to hear what your opinion is. Thanks in advance.
  10. I got the trophy at around 60 enemies ingame counter. Most of these i got via replaying the Underground Hideout in Upper East Side. L2 + R1 to throw the mine, waiting for the enemies to inspect it, and then explode it with L3. I would grind that before activating NG+. I don't really know, just to be safe if it resets the counter.
  11. This is what did it for us. We didn't get the trophy like 3-4 times when using the spike checkpoint. And after we didn't pull the lever before rotating, the trophy instantly popped when completing the last scene.
  12. I have the same glitch. Anybody knows a solution?
  13. Oh my bad! But we can expect a similar game, right? AFAIK it's a full game, doesn't look like it's splitted into episodes
  14. This is a sequel of "Until Dawn", right? Trophy list seems very straight forward, although there are many endings to unlock (all men, all women, everyone, no one...). What do you guys think?
  15. Worked like a charm! Thank you!