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  1. This is what did it for us. We didn't get the trophy like 3-4 times when using the spike checkpoint. And after we didn't pull the lever before rotating, the trophy instantly popped when completing the last scene.
  2. I have the same glitch. Anybody knows a solution?
  3. Oh my bad! But we can expect a similar game, right? AFAIK it's a full game, doesn't look like it's splitted into episodes
  4. This is a sequel of "Until Dawn", right? Trophy list seems very straight forward, although there are many endings to unlock (all men, all women, everyone, no one...). What do you guys think?
  5. Worked like a charm! Thank you!
  6. Had the same issue (was also following that guide) and i can confirm, that kalimullin's solution works. Thank you for that!
  7. Title. Can I delete this game now or are there more DLCs coming? Is there an official statement? Thanks in advance.
  8. Just to answer this for future players: Yes, you can completely achieve all trophies with assist mode
  9. Hey guys, I am new to the series and interested in this game. I read the trophy guide at powerpyx and it says: Step 1) Beat the game on the lowest difficulty “Human”... Along the way be sure to gather all Collectibles. And after that, i have to beat the game on the next difficulty. Do I have to collect everything again on the next play through or do the items carry over and make future play throughs a little bit easier? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thank you all for your answers, you really helped me out =) I appreciate that!
  11. Hey guys, First of all: This question maybe was asked before here in the forum, but I didn't found the right post answering all my questions. I hope this is ok ;-) I am a trophy hunter and want to play this game for my next plat. I heard many good things about NieR, so I decided to not read any guides and/or other spoilers and play the game completely blind. What I don't want is to waste an other 40 hours to play the game twice because I missed something stupid for a trophy. So is there something I really have to look out for when going for the plat blind? Because I have no idea what awaits me playing this game, I would appreciate if you can try to write your reply as detailed as possible Thank you in advance!
  12. Some KH games had trophies for 'watching the secret ending'. If you play on beginner difficulty, there were more conditions for unlocking that trophy. (see Birth by Sleep) So it would be cleverer to play on standard difficulty. Could that be the case in KH3? In other words: Trophywise - is there any reason NOT to play on beginner/easy ?
  13. Hey guys, I read multiple trophy guides for this game (PS3 and PS4) and now have the following questions for the PS4 version of the game: 1) Do I need to complete Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days HD first to plat this game on PS4? The PS4 Version of 358/2 Days doesn't have trophies, right? So do i need it? 2) I already begun my Proud mode run in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories. If the answer to 1) is yes, do i need to start a new game to get plat? 3) What is Reverse/Rebirth ? Is that Rikus mode? Do I need to complete it first, before hunting cards with Sora? Thank you
  14. Can confirm this works just fine =)
  15. It feels like I already have Jason stunned 13 times with the sweater and I did not earn the trophy yet. Does anybody know if Jason needs to be without his mask to get prgress on this trophy? Couldnt find any information in the guides. EDIT: Nevermind I got it now. You CAN stun him, even if he still wears his mask, and it counts for the trophy.