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  1. Black Ops Declassified
  2. I used this simple guide and got it:
  3. It popped for me just by changing Daniel Jones' development trait and then viewing it under abilities. I'll take it.
  4. I spawned a bunch of them in a fence and eventually one took it.
  5. Has anyone got this trophy using the creative mode glitch? I spawn a cat and have raw cod, but it never gives me the option to feed it and tame it. It works fine in creative mode.
  6. I have the special edition and there's a bonus Charles bank robbery mission in chapter 4 that I missed. Because of this it shows that I have 14/15 missions complete on social club for chapter 4. Will this affect 100% completion or any other trophies?
  7. I'm in chapter 4 trying to get my last companion activity. On the map in camp it shows a small circle right next to my bed labeled "companion". I've looked everywhere in the house and can't find anyone to do it with. Anyone else experienced this? I'm hoping another one will spawn since this seems glitched.
  8. Cool platinum trophy image. But yeah, I was hoping the max would be 10 hectare trophies like the last PS4 version.
  9. I delivered Hosea his book, and it says go to your tent for a reward. I go there and can't find anything, what's it suppose to be?
  10. Black Ops 3, COD Classic, WAW at the absolute minimum.
  11. I guess another year of no COD plat for me thanks to zombies. I just don't have the motivation anymore for the thorough research that is required to do those stupid easter eggs.
  12. Double xp just started for this weekend.
  13. There's also a chemistry you can activate just for completing longshot.