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  1. So can you still get this skin or not? same goes for the other skin in the Blackgate game.
  2. So I copied a save file on gamefaqs to get the 1 & 2 HD saves which works for 5 and I have 3,4 and Dead Souls but for some reason, Kenzan won't work and I was wondering if the digital copy of 5 just can't register the file like in Yakuza 3 to get the bonus item.
  3. anyone have a roadmap on how to not screw yourself for getting all the codenames?
  4. The cancer of the gaming industry
  5. I figured since they don't give a damn about the franchise I would just buy the PS3 Legacy Collection
  6. If so shit I already bought the collection
  7. set that up in gaming sessions since someone will tell you to do that instead posting it here.
  8. Batman (telltale).............ON PS3
  9. So I already 100% this game and for some reason this skin hasn't unlocked for me has this happened to anyone else? I was told to go to the trophy room in the starship but still nothing
  10. Has a big ass backlog
  11. My first PS3 game and I met alot of good people on the Dead Space 2 multiplayer and damn shame this series is now
  12. wow screw that
  13. Sly 1 Sly 4 Sly 2 Sly 3 2 and 4 are like a tie and I prefer linear compared to non in the Sly games
  14. Bible Black 😏
  15. Brb OCD going berserk atm