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  1. My first PS3 game and I met alot of good people on the Dead Space 2 multiplayer and damn shame this series is now
  2. wow screw that
  3. Sly 1 Sly 4 Sly 2 Sly 3 2 and 4 are like a tie and I prefer linear compared to non in the Sly games
  4. Bible Black 😏
  5. Brb OCD going berserk atm
  6. Is the Eve bar suppose to be bigger than the Health bar if you bought all the upgrades and research? At the final level and my Eve bar is slightly bigger
  7. If you bought the dlc on ps4 then you'll have them on ps3 and vise versa
  8. Hard Corps Uprising.....god help me
  9. I just got this game and was wondering to all the veterans who've gotten the "World Peace" trophy how bad is the online I heard you keep getting disconnected constantly.
  10. Crash 2 since you're almost done.
  11. Bioshock since you only need the DLC to 100%
  12. On January 31st is when this game will officially be dead on the PS3 so better hop to those trophies if you don't have them yet (read more for more info)
  13. always try to 100% all my games no matter what
  14. DCUO DLC trophies the majority of them are ultra rare since that games requires way too much time
  15. My first was Dead Space 1 and boy I loved that game so much I 100% the entire franchise