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  1. Get devouring hope from The Hag since once you hook a survivor and camp them but stay far away from the hooked survivor until devouring hope lights up and who ever picks up that hooked survivor try to down them
  2. About time I’ve been waiting to get these I’m so happy right now
  3. I know this is late but to all new comers yes you can do this in Kustom Kombat
  4. I’m just happy they are finally releasing the Earth 2 Batman skin in January
  5. Yep it includes all the DLC and hopefully they’ll release NMH1 & 2 on the PS4
  6. How do you feel about the trophy list?
  7. just waiting on Extreme Battle mode or if the datamine from the demo is true I guess it's called Rogue mode
  8. Tales from the borderlands (since it's an easy plat)
  9. Just curious but if you don't pre-order this game you can still get everything in the game right?
  10. So can you still get this skin or not? same goes for the other skin in the Blackgate game. (So after a month or two of waiting I tried verifying my account and I finally got the email and got the skin for the Blackgate and Origins)
  11. So I copied a save file on gamefaqs to get the 1 & 2 HD saves which works for 5 and I have 3,4 and Dead Souls but for some reason, Kenzan won't work and I was wondering if the digital copy of 5 just can't register the file like in Yakuza 3 to get the bonus item.
  12. anyone have a roadmap on how to not screw yourself for getting all the codenames?
  13. The cancer of the gaming industry
  14. I figured since they don't give a damn about the franchise I would just buy the PS3 Legacy Collection
  15. If so shit I already bought the collection