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  1. Okay so after about 3 hours in-game time of playing I have reached platinum V twice and immeadiately spammed back to Gold II... how the hell are you supposed to reach Master in this...? Forget the fact that it takes several minutes to find a match and when it does I get spammed to oblivion... It would help tremendously if you couldn't fall back to gold after reaching platinum but since you can, that might very well be the reason I will never be able to platinum this game...
  2. Can anyone else confirm this? Was planning on buying the game now that it's half off in EU store. But if boosting is bannable then I don't know...
  3. So you only used the room versus matches and it still counted? I'm currently at 57 matches with mixed matches between regular kasual matches and room kasual matches.
  4. No penalty needed neccessarily. Just an exit timer. When you press "leave" you will face a 10-second timer before it actually disconnects you. If you press anything during this 10-second period you will stop the disconnecting process. This way any salty survivor won't be able to DC out of spite and it will encourage them to finish the game regardless of how poorly they performed.
  5. I have finally managed to defeat all of the bosses on Heroic and the goddamn trophy still wouldn't pop. I'm certain I've defeated all of them on one playthrough. Is there any method I could try to make the trophy pop? So far I've tried defeating some of the easier ones (Owlking, Tunda Lord etc.) again without results. This is the last trophy I'm missing since I manages the perfect run already too. So I would really appreciate some help with this!
  6. I can confirm that the first method works on Death's Gambit. I Used it to get the dev room back Although I'm still struggling to get the final trophy since the trophies are quite bugged without patches... but at least it works.
  7. The one thing this game needs? Exit timer. Once a toxic survivor decides to leave for not being able to cope with being bested, the game should give you a 10-second timer before it disconnects you. This time is more than enough for the killer to finish his/hers mori for example. And if you press anything whilst the timer counts down you will stop the disconnecting sequence. That's the one major addition this game desperately needs.
  8. I love Power Rangers but this list seems a little too much Friday The 13th-ish to me... I am still yet to plat that game either. But if this can be boosted with two players then it won't be that bad. Will likely pick this up when the price is somewhere about 10€.
  9. Is it there again, then?
  10. This is precisely why I have my own tally on how many sacrifices I have. I don't count disconnects or kills obviously. I'm currently at 258. Halfway there
  11. The container at the end of chapter 22 was very amusing to me I knew the hardest parts were behind me so I just laughed at how broken the Brutal difficulty is. But the said hardest part would have to be chapter 13 when entering the monastary when you get ambushed. Right after the first laser sight guys. And then both church yard sequences. There's just no cover anywhere and people are coming from all sides...
  12. Mine is The Fox-Hound Gang. A little Metal Gear Solid nod there
  13. I mostly play as the killer when not playing with my friends. I have no problem with flashlights or decisive strike. Like we've said many times, they're part of the game. As for the toxic players I encounter, I always enjoy the hate messages I get when playing as the killer Just makes you know you're good at the game when people feel the need to comment on your performance.
  14. He's right. Using flashlights and/or decisive Strike is not toxic at all. It's part of the game. There has to be something the survivors can use to defend themselves. And besides the flashlight is easy to counter most of the time. Not toxic at all, just an innovative way to make the trials more interesting and fresh.
  15. If the disconnect happens before the trial is done loading then it won't count. But if a player disconnects during the trial then it will count. I got my Adept Huntress today even when two people disconnected.