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  1. This is precisely why I have my own tally on how many sacrifices I have. I don't count disconnects or kills obviously. I'm currently at 258. Halfway there
  2. The container at the end of chapter 22 was very amusing to me I knew the hardest parts were behind me so I just laughed at how broken the Brutal difficulty is. But the said hardest part would have to be chapter 13 when entering the monastary when you get ambushed. Right after the first laser sight guys. And then both church yard sequences. There's just no cover anywhere and people are coming from all sides...
  3. Mine is The Fox-Hound Gang. A little Metal Gear Solid nod there
  4. I mostly play as the killer when not playing with my friends. I have no problem with flashlights or decisive strike. Like we've said many times, they're part of the game. As for the toxic players I encounter, I always enjoy the hate messages I get when playing as the killer Just makes you know you're good at the game when people feel the need to comment on your performance.
  5. He's right. Using flashlights and/or decisive Strike is not toxic at all. It's part of the game. There has to be something the survivors can use to defend themselves. And besides the flashlight is easy to counter most of the time. Not toxic at all, just an innovative way to make the trials more interesting and fresh.
  6. If the disconnect happens before the trial is done loading then it won't count. But if a player disconnects during the trial then it will count. I got my Adept Huntress today even when two people disconnected.
  7. You can use any toolbox or Jake Parks Saboteur perk which enables you to dismantle the hooks without a toolbox. Nothing else is needed I got mine within an hour of just playing matches and dismantling hooks with Jake Park.
  8. Guess I'll just keep ranking up my alternate account to the same rank as my main account to see if that makes a difference. Thanks!
  9. Yea I have had my fair share of toxic players This game has so many sore losers...
  10. Yea I guess so... the problem is also that I can't find the lobby even when there's nobody there. The Murderers lobby didn't have anyone joining for over 10 minutes but I still couldn't find it... And I also figured the rank mattered so I waited until they reset today but the thing is, the murderer is now rank 19 and I'm 15 so I figured that I needed to rank up with the murderer but the thing is, as I played with my rank 19 murderer on an alternate account I got matched up constantly with rank 10, 11 and 12 players... so rank 10 is fine with 19 but 15 isn't...? I really don't understand the matchmaking. If the time of day matters then what would be the optimal time for trying to boost? I really like this game and I don't want this to ruin the experience.
  11. I'm about 100 hours in the game and I'm having a great time! But I would like to boost some of the more luck and skill based trophies since I'm awful with The Huntress and The Nurse... but how...? The guide says that it should work if you look for a match at the same the murderer has a lobby set up but I have literally tried this hundreds of times and not once did I end up in the same match with my murderer... what am I doing wrong...? Please help.
  12. So I've been playing the multiplayer for a while now since I only need the level 50 trophy for my 100% and I'm wondering why I can't do the Payne Thresholds anymore? Their xp boosts do sound nice so if anyone knows what's up with them it'd be nice to know!
  13. Succeeded om my eighth attempt. Every single one of my deaths were really stupid... 1. Chapter 13 - The last guy who comes after the armored car managed to put me into the last stand and I only had one bullet left and I managed to miss the headshot... 2. Chapter 6 - The room with all the cubicals, one sudden grenade killed me. 3. Chapter 4 - I somehow managed to shootdodge myself off the rooftop... not my finest moment... 4. Chapter 3 - This is where I hit my lowpoint... I accidentally shot Passos through the back of his head during the brief gunfight after he finds the wounded guy on the chair... 5. Chapter 13 - this time I didn't even manage to destroy the armored car since it somehow managed to kill me because my LAW didn't fire... 6. Chapter 8 - I somehow missed (a couple of times...) shooting the guy who points his gun to Passos resulting in him killing Passos... 7. Chapter 13 - This one probably irritated me the most... this time I destroyed the armored car with ease but after that I somehow blew myself up with the LAW while trying to shoot the guys after the armored car... After all these I finally succeeded! Had a few bumps in the road but all in all the last attempt went quite smoothly. My final time was something just below 20 minutes.