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  1. What most people don't seem to get is that this isn't a ripoff of Resident Evil, it's a tribute game. The devs are huge fans of Resident Evil and want to show that. Imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery after all. I for one can't wait for this.
  2. I tested this with an alt account and I didn't get the 1 kill or 10 kills trophies so I don't think you can get any trophies in Arcade I'm afraid.
  3. Old West Oasis is indeed bugged. I did the requirement three times and no trophy. I exited through the door and through the hatch but no trophy. My friends also didn't get it.
  4. Spottasin et jäbä oli tuolla threadissa, missä neuvotaan et miten saa digitaaliset pelit 1.0 ladattua, niin maininnu että käytit kyseistä konstia deaths gambittiin. Vedtikö kyseisellä taktiikalla kans ne heroic bossit vai miten? Ei oikein asiasta löydy tietoa, joten aattelin sulta kysästä. Ku eiks se endless heroic oo bugged 1.0, niin saako sen trophyn jos vetää sen eka läpi ja sit patchaa pelin vai pitääkö se vetää sit uudestaan? Ja jääkö ne dev console cheatit päälle jos patchaa pelin jossa niitä on käyttäny? Vai veditkö eka kaikki muut trophyt ja sit sen speed run trophyn?

  5. Well correct me if I'm wrong but offline didn't give trophies in EU nor NA either. But any idea do the trophies autopop like they do in the other two versions? If public is dead surely private still works?
  6. So you tested it then? By offline do you mean against bots or private matches?
  7. So the 1000 kills can be achieved in war mode?
  8. As long as the trophies keep coming I'm happy. I absolutely love the game and every new trophy just adds more hours of gameplay. If they create a seperate trophy list for future dlc I'm all up for it.
  9. So is there an update coming that fixes the trophies? I'm fine starting my 500k from scratch but I'd like a guarantee that it actually unlocks once I reach it.
  10. Okay so after about 3 hours in-game time of playing I have reached platinum V twice and immeadiately spammed back to Gold II... how the hell are you supposed to reach Master in this...? Forget the fact that it takes several minutes to find a match and when it does I get spammed to oblivion... It would help tremendously if you couldn't fall back to gold after reaching platinum but since you can, that might very well be the reason I will never be able to platinum this game...
  11. Can anyone else confirm this? Was planning on buying the game now that it's half off in EU store. But if boosting is bannable then I don't know...
  12. So you only used the room versus matches and it still counted? I'm currently at 57 matches with mixed matches between regular kasual matches and room kasual matches.
  13. No penalty needed neccessarily. Just an exit timer. When you press "leave" you will face a 10-second timer before it actually disconnects you. If you press anything during this 10-second period you will stop the disconnecting process. This way any salty survivor won't be able to DC out of spite and it will encourage them to finish the game regardless of how poorly they performed.
  14. I have finally managed to defeat all of the bosses on Heroic and the goddamn trophy still wouldn't pop. I'm certain I've defeated all of them on one playthrough. Is there any method I could try to make the trophy pop? So far I've tried defeating some of the easier ones (Owlking, Tunda Lord etc.) again without results. This is the last trophy I'm missing since I manages the perfect run already too. So I would really appreciate some help with this!
  15. I can confirm that the first method works on Death's Gambit. I Used it to get the dev room back Although I'm still struggling to get the final trophy since the trophies are quite bugged without patches... but at least it works.