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  1. Because the guide is written by PowerPyx. He always recommends two playthroughs for a more casual first playthrough even though there's no other reason for it.
  2. I didn't even need to. The first person perspective gave me enough advantage to stay in first place nearly the whole race.
  3. This is definitely the way to go! I didn't even manage to finish the first lap without being severely behind but as soon as I switched to first person I managed to win within 40 minutes. Definitely easier to handle the car and stay in lane. Still used the ram but it was way easier for me.
  4. I admire your optimism. I for one have zero expectations that they're ever going to do anything about this...
  5. No, the problem has been going on for far longer before bots were implemented into the game and besides, the devs have said that bots count as real players when it comes to trophies and achievements.
  6. Getting in the volcano isn't that hard. Getting the Feed Me!!! gap is a different matter entirely...
  7. Who is surprised, honestly...
  8. Yes. And I wouldn't hold my breath about them ever fixing them.
  9. The crossplay is with Xbox only. It would be mightily unfair to play against pc on consoles in a game like this.
  10. Yea I'm not holding my breath... Never have I ever in my 12 years of trophy hunting seen such incompetence and neglect when it comes to trophies than I have with these guys. And I thought the three months it took to fix the trophies in Battlefield V was bad...
  11. I played one match, 12 kills, no trophy. So it doesn't retroactively unlock if you have over a 1,000 kills beforehand. My guess is that IF it actually works now, we're gonna have to get the 1,000 kills from stratch...
  12. Can we get a link to this reddit post?
  13. I switched consoles since I have two ps4's and did it offline and after that it didn't freeze for over 18 hours.
  14. No, I've never been wanted whilst doing this.
  15. The game never autopauses for me but the game freezes like crazy when doing this method... Sometimes before I hit 50k, sometimes only after 2 million but whenever I try to save progress it always freezes as soon as I press anything or try to maneuver the menu...