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  1. I finally got the trophy to pop. For anyone who has issues in the future, the guide on this site is missing the golden helmet on the waterloo level. If you play the levels out of official order, it can really screw you up. Even after figuring out what was wrong, I had further issues as the waterloo helmet didn't pop the trophy. I reloaded an old save and rushed through the last two levels again and the trophy finally popped. Buggy game mixed with incomplete guide is no bueno.
  2. Thanks for the nice words man. Respect right back at ya. I used your persona 5 walkthrough and it was great.
  3. @Optinooby I have no idea. We struggled with how much item farming we should include in the guide as we were both carrying 30 stacks of everything by the end. We both bought everything at the runic gate by about playthrough 5. Honestly, we didn't even want to include it much, but we saw that it was apparently important to some people, so we hunted for seeds with nearby items, not full runs. I know you're doing something specific with the game so you want to farm items, but our personal search just ended with finding specific locations since the chests change. Sorry mate, but we really didn't delve much further than that.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. This is actually something GinjAJ did a few times during his run, and yes, you can keep farming the same pillars until the token shows up. I think he felt it was worth it for Seat of Infinity because the area is huge, but it always seemed like too much of a bother for me to do. It probably is a good idea to mention in the guide though.
  5. I think I finally see what the point you're trying to make is. What you're saying is that maybe you need to not only get all the unique possible final rounds, but you must also get each Shell to appear in the 2v1 portion at least once. Correct? If so, I just don't see the logic the developers would've had behind that. If that were the case, why would they not also require that you need to have unique Shells in the 1st round as well? Because clearly that is not the case. At this point I'm not sure if there's much point discussing it. You'll just need to scour forums looking for orders people played the bosses in. That will become less and less likely going forward as now people know to simply play these 4 seeds and pop the trophy. If it turns out you're right, kudos. If our guide's out by then I'll go back and fix it.
  6. Yes, GinjAJ and I have found the token all over that map. The tokens seem to be 100% random. We've even found tokens in the first pillar of a dungeon.
  7. I don't understand where you're coming from with this. There are 6 unique 2v1's that are possible. GinjAJ and I have now earned the trophy after only 4 runs 3 separate times. There are also a couple other people in this thread saying they earned the trophy after only 4 runs. Just because some people on the forums are saying they earned it after 6 runs doesn't mean they couldn't have earned it quicker if they knew how it worked. Yes, GinjAJ and I have over 20 recorded variations, but it appears they aren't important. Just start with the 4 runs listed in the original OP, and if the trophy doesn't pop for you I'll be happy to provide you with whatever variation you're looking for. I'd be willing to bet the trophy will pop though. Yes, the seeds do not guarantee perks out of pillars. We found that out quite quickly because I had a run where all 3 dungeons put the boss token in the final pillar of the level. We thought this would be great for the guide and speed running cycles, but when GinjAJ tried it later, the tokens had moved. Our theory is that the chest and pillar contents are somewhat static... but you would need to re-create a run identically. When you pick up an instinct, the game is then using that data to determine what the new instincts will be. That's exactly what we're saying. Do those 4 seeds in the OP and you will get your trophy. If you've already done some cycles, simply select the unique final encounters you're missing and you will pop the trophy. I think you're putting a little bit too much thought into it at this point. Just run the 4 OP cycles, and if the trophy doesn't pop let us know. For now I feel I've seen enough evidence to conclude this is how it works. If new data comes to light after the guide is published, I will return to it and edit it to reflect the correct information.
  8. GinjAJ and I have played his original 4 seeds now in 3 different orders and with different characters and weapons and the trophy has popped every time. Im not saying you're wrong, but there is some good evidence to suggest it's working as I suggested. These other posts you're finding online could be recorded incorrectly because people didn't start journaling their thoughts until a few runs in. GinjAJ and I have been recording since day one because it has always been our intention to write a guide.
  9. I honestly have no clue because I never even looked at the compendium until you just asked your question.
  10. I can't figure out how to upload a camera picture, and I don't use any image hosting sites, but yes every entry for the Virtuous Cycle under the Lore tab has an entry. There are no ???
  11. You don't need to do the ODF run last. On the PS5 version I did my Eredrim run last and I still obtained the precious seed. If the Seed is actually bugged, then no one really knows how a patch would handle it. I would assume you'd need to redo your final run to obtain it.
  12. Yea GinjAJ just tried his PS4 version and it didn't give him the precious seed either.
  13. Hey everyone. GinjAJ and I have completed The Virtuous Cycle DLC on the PS5, and we are very close to completing it again on the PS4. We’ve been eagerly awaiting its release so we could write an official guide for it. We are currently doing so, but surprise, surprise, just when we thought we had everything figured out, things got funky on us. Some of the other threads here are discussing what we initially thought were the requirements of some of the harder trophies. For the There Can Only Be One trophy, our initial thought was that you had to play all 12 unique combinations of final bosses to unlock it. At some point we realized it might just be unique combinations of the 2v1 portion of the fight (as there’s only 6 of these), and we decided to work towards that first by sharing seeds with each other. Randomly, GinjAJ popped the trophy after his 4th run (I had just completed my 7th at this point). His 3rd run just so happened to be the missing 6th unique 2v1 that I needed, so I ran it and the trophy popped for me as well. This stumped us for some time until we realize what the solution for unlocking the trophy most likely is. Seems you only need to find unique final rounds (4 runs) for this trophy. We have since confirmed this on the PS4 version as well, as I was able to repeat the trophy pop after only 4 runs using these seeds: Harros, Eredrim & Solomon, Tiel = 185744 Harros, Eredrim & Tiel, Solomon = 832720, 762492 (Both Work) Solomon, Eredrim & Tiel, Harros = 767553 Solomon, Harros & Tiel, Eredrim = 720864 Next is the True Nektar trophy. We stand by our initial theory which is that you simply need to complete the DLC with every character plus the 2 foundling runs to obtain all the Seeds. This wasn't a big deal for us to test as the same requirements are needed for the Fashion Shells trophy anyways. This method appeared to work because after these 7 runs, we both unlocked our final 7th Seed, and we were able to pop the trophy. The order the seeds are obtained is: Obsidian, Flittering, Luminous, Blood, Thawed, Tar, Precious. Once again we found ourselves confused because we did the EXACT same thing on the PS4 version and my final run was not awarded the 7th Seed (Precious Seed). GinjAJ will be testing his final run sometime soon to confirm the problem isn’t isolated specifically to me. I don't think it is though because we’ve been reading a lot of inquires from people who can’t figure out how to get more than 6 Seeds. Aditionally, no one on PS4 has earned the trophy yet. Our current theory is that the trophy is bugged on the PS4 version, but working properly on the PS5 version. Let us know if this seems wrong. Anyways, that’s what we think we know. Cheers.
  14. Yea, I mean I can't. No average Joe really can. All I can really do is make an educated guess using what I know to be facts, but you must read as anecdotal evidence. 1.) My PS3 has been banned twice within 3 weeks due to no fault of my own. 2.) This issue is at very least affecting a portion of the PS3 population as this thread exists and a few smaller news outlets have picked up the story. 3.) The person who initiated the conversation suggests what may be happening, which I'm inclined to believe as he/she obviously had enough insight to realize this was not an isolated incident in the first place. 4.) Sony will not un-ban my console. One of the first things their call catcher says is "no representative is able to discuss or lift a ban". They have no support tickets to submit unless your ban is due to a negative account balance. All other ban reasons are denied. And yea, I guess that's what I'm suggesting in regards to the super slim. Maybe enough people reply that we can get closer to confirming or denying that theory.
  15. Just a follow up to my previous post. A few days later the console was unbanned. I played for another 40-ish hours or so, and now it's banned again. I think this is further evidence that this issue may be very widespread. Simply turning on your PS3 to see if it's banned isn't enough. I also find the premise of the 2011 hack being the source of the leaked console ID's as credible since it's only my slim (released in 2009) that's getting banned, and not my super slim (2012). I doubt anything ever comes of this. It'll just remain a hidden, niche issue as most people have moved on from the PS3, but I hope the conversation stays alive. It's Sony's fault the ID's leaked in the first place, and their response to the problem just further punishes innocent and paying customers.