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  1. What makes the game so good? Every mainstream review site is saying how different the game is. I have trouble believing that. Don't get me wrong, I would love an excuse to play it. Judging by the last trailer before release, the world looks gorgeous, which has always been my number one reason to play AC games. But then I looked at the gameplay and I'm like... been there, done that already. I loved Black Flag, I loved Origins. I bought both of them on day one. But I've played Odyssey a few months ago and it was a total bore-fest for me. Mainly the repetitive gameplay loop and extremely cringy dialogs. I suspect my taste in games has changed over the years since the game was very well received. The final nail in the coffin for me not to buy Valhalla was the fact that now the base game takes 120 hours to Platinum. I was bored to death with Odyssey after 15 hours, don't ask me why I finished it with all the DLCs 😅 If Valhalla would be 60 hours like Origins/Odyssey I would still probably try it.
  2. Not that I agree with supporting scalpers but your post is a little bit insulting. You're forgetting one important point. People value money differently. $1 dollar for you has a different value for somebody else. My friend didn't even bother to pre-order and had it on day one. He's running his own company and is much more clever than most of the people I've met. Far from missing common sense. The thing is, spending $1000 has a second to none impact on his financial situation. Although he said the situation is unfortunate for the customer, he wasn't gonna wait for PS5 to be available at retail. Especially since his kids also wanted to play it.
  3. My favorite feature is how impossible it is to get one.
  4. It was intended mostly as a joke/sarcasm 😅 I'm also one of the lucky ones working in the industry with zero to none impact by the pandemic. I've bought Audi a few months ago, played a lot of games, and was able to catch up on a few projects... But saying it is one of the greatest years? Come on. The pandemic is impacting everybody in the long term. But like I said. It was intended as a joke/sarcasm, don't want to derail this thread.
  5. Right?! What was your favorite part? All the people dying from Covid-19 or the downfall of the global economy?
  6. I would like the Hide feature to be properly implemented = hide the trophies from me/recalculate the total trophy count/level. Half of the people suggesting "just using the Hide feature" probably never used it.
  7. I would like to try the Yakuza series but from what I've seen it is always like 200 hours Platinum. Is this one maybe not that of a time investment?
  8. Could we make them circle?
  9. Struggling to find these 90+ % rarity sub 1 hour Platinums on his/her profile. There are multiple indie titles first time on sale, newer titles also. Not to mention some of them like Celeste haven't been on sale since like 2018.
  10. So, 9 out of 10 sales being AAA titles only is not an issue? Or do you mean AAA = good, indie = shit?
  11. Exactly! Can confirm. I've been always using super shotgun and it's hook as a primary. But while playing the original game I've been always forgetting to use the flamethrower. This DLC actually made me do it. I just finished the second level and I couldn't imagine playing the final boss fight without it. Great DLC!
  12. I cannot say I had trouble playing the original game on "Hurt me plenty", but the DLC. That is something different. I'm stuck on one encounter at the first level for over 1 hour.
  13. This image is oddly satisfying 😅 Congrats!
  14. Getting 12 GB update (1.08) now... Edit: ...and DLC is up in the store.
  15. Sooo.. where is it? It is not in the store (EU). Trophy list still sitting at 100%. Not even a link to buy it from in-game menu of the original game. Edit: Seems like it will be available to download from 11pm AEDT (2pm in Central Europe). Source: