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  1. I didn't really care about Stadia, but the streaming is the future whatever you like it or not. Of course, many projects will fail in the meantime. That's how progress is made. The same people used to call the internet a failure in nineties, lol.
  2. ...aaand manual saving is not working now 😀
  3. I bought PS5 the year it released. Same as most of my friends. It's a great machine. I obviously did not sold it, neither my friends. I plan to buy a cat this year, but I couldn't imagine playing anything on PS4, especially on the base model.
  4. I had no issue with this card. But they addressed it in patch 1.0.10 (Steam), so we can expect a fix for this. Fixed issue where spider trader doesn’t give the tarot card when they should
  5. You need to understand not only the process of certification takes some time, but also the developers need to pay for every patch. This is the case for both Sony and Microsoft. For these reasons it makes more sense to test it on PC and then make a bulk of the fixes into a single patch on consoles. The community manager gave me 2 weeks estimate when I asked him about the snail fix a few days ago.
  6. And? This is just another example of other people's spending habits impacting the industry as a whole. It's not like what I'm saying and you are saying is mutually exclusive.
  7. Sony has recently changed the default sorting of New games section of PS Store to "Best Selling" to at least somehow filter this crap. And it seems to be working. People wasting time on this crap probably have not much going on in their life and I also couldn't care less. But the PS Store issue is the perfect example of other people's spending habits actually impacting others, me included. Most of the time I know which games I plan to buy, but I used to like browsing New games section from time to time. And people visiting websites such as this one are mostly to blame for this situation, because the average gamer doesn't care about this shit.
  8. I've seen some guy streaming the game mentioning that defeating a boss without taking damage grants you bonus materials. He did it and it didn't seem like he had a hard time doing it. Also, 50+ hours is exaggerated imo. The developer said in one of the recent trailers it takes 15-20 hours to finish the game. Since there seems to be no NG+, I would say under 30 hours.
  9. This is the stupidest thing I've read in a long time.
  10. Yep, this is the exact same strategy I used and described a few posts earlier. I know you are on mobile. Nice to see I wasn't the only one for whom this works.
  11. This is simply not true, just proves my point.
  12. My thoughts after finishing this trophy after 15-20 tries (just putting it there, not that it matters). First, I believe some people learned the term RNG in gaming a do not really understand what it means, otherwise, how can you explain most of the posts here. Second, assuming it is all RNG, they just zig-zag the way through the level without ever thinking about what they are doing waiting for finally getting lucky. What worked for me was learning where the Zurks are and bait them to the side I wanted to have them. Once they started jumping on me, I ran towards them, so they always ended up jumping over me. Edit: This trophy reminded me Reunited with Fidolina trophy from Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War when people were saying raging how finishing Dead Ops Arcade 3 is impossible and completely RNG until they actually took a time to practice and learned how to bait the zombies. The same principle works here. Only this is much much easier.
  13. You claim the person can't define other's feeling. Yet you try to define what a game made by somebody else should or shouldn't be while simultaneously speaking for others? OK.
  14. This doesn't even make sense. What part of his post implies he's "bad at hunting trophies"? Care to explain?
  15. I can't believe you just used terms incredibly mediocre and empty together with Death Stranding in one sentence.