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  1. Thank you for information! Fortunately.. Sharing ships and stuff I already have, but I need online challenges to boost rank. I guess it's time to go back to playing asap.
  2. Is this causing some trophies unobtainable? I haven't played the game for a while. Thank you for answering.
  3. Really? Would you consider the trophies being easy for somebody with director's cut unlocked? I would like to get this Platinum off my list, but I haven't played it much and don't want to bother somebody to spend tens of hours helping me.
  4. Ok, I'm annoying for you. If that's the case I'm sure you understand that for somebody else can be annoying constant whining about not being able to get some trophies instead of actually discussing them or the game and that somebody can have the same urge to reply. Also maybe it's because of English not being my native language, but I'm not sure from where you're getting I got "butthurt". By stating that I don't care what you're playing or not?
  5. I don't want to be rude, but I really don't care about what you're playing or not. Or what is your opinion on crowns. I just stated that many people including me like hunting them, which is a fact. That's all. I mean I wasn't even replying to you. It's not like getting the trophies is mandatory to actually enjoy the game, you know. Also this life/job argument gets pretty annoying. If you don't have time to hunt trophies, don't do it.
  6. Even if the stat tracking wouldn't start from scratch, we simple need to hunt 50 more elders because the trophy description literally says: "Slay 50 elder dragons in master rank quests" as basically every other trophy description. It's like people don't even read the description of the trophies till the end. If they would, there would be no discussion regarding auto-popping.
  7. Coming from somebody who plays My Name Is Mayo. This is golden! 😂😂😂 Grow up, kid. I like it. As many others. Don't play it then. Simple as that.
  8. Yeah, but it won't autopop because of the new Iceborne monsters you need to hunt.
  9. Which trophies should autopop? All are related to Master rank. I cannot find single trophy, which should autopop.
  10. For future reference, if anybody will face the same problem. I started a new playthrough on the second save slot and the trophy did pop for me at some random Rite (after finishing 2 Liberation Rites). So I'm not sure, how this trophy actually works, but the progress for trophies is definitely shared between save slots.
  11. Technically I will be creating a new save slot. I think the trophy progression should be tied to physical save/user profile, so it will be shared across different save slots in the actual game. If it would be like this, by the time I get to the first Liberation Rite, I should visit every location in the game (except the final Rite) including the one I'm missing. But of course, it's just a speculation. I could be wrong. Regarding the New game+. It's not technically New game+, it's just a new difficulty called True Nightwing. But I won't be using that.
  12. Thank you for answering. I do have a save actually. I was backing it up for some other reason. But I think it's pretty early in the game and I would still need to finish the story to get to the last location. I think it will be better for me to start a new playthrough (reduced difficulty) and by the time I get to the first Liberation Rite, I should have the trophy.
  13. I finished the game yesterday. Downside Pilgrim trophy did not unlock for me. In my whole playthrough, I only lost twice. Once during some random Rite and once during the Liberation Rite (The third one, I think. Not the final one.). My question is. Did I miss the trophy because of the Liberation Rite? Possibly because the location for each Liberation Rite is unique like for the final one (?). Or did I miss the trophy because of the other Rite? I lost and probably never got back to the same location for a win. Thank you for any hints.
  14. Did you just suggested that people who got the trophy are "biggest losers with no life" living in mom's house? You seem very mature. I would like to know what's that real job you have. Also stop acting like having a job and girlfriend is something unusual. It's how the world works when you grow up.
  15. Calm your tits? Now you're just writing random catch phrases from Urban dictionary? I miss the times when forums were about actually discussing stuff. I'm out.