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  1. Is there anybody actually doing it legit?
  2. I'm currently at Heat 6 with Stygian Blade. Let's say I will turn up the Heat level to 16.. Do I get both of the Skelly's prizes if I finish the run or do I need to go level by level? Thanks!
  3. Not that I agree with that guy, on the other hand saying it is absolutely false is kind of overkill. If you remember the day it was announced, I'm sure you also remember Sucker Punch saying that the game was developed with multiplayer in mind. It is not something they decided to add after launch. I'm trying to Google the article from back then now but newer ones related to DC and Rivals are prioritized in Google search.
  4. What's up with the trophy list image? Lazy.
  5. 21 hours in. Zero crashes. PS5 Digital.
  6. Makes sense. It's not like they can just wait once they actually have PS5 for better experience. It needs to be played asap.
  7. Why would anyone want to play Demon's Souls on PS4 especially after seeing the massive downgrade of Godfall.
  8. Destiny for me. I put a lot of effort into soloing Crota's End raid without dying. So many good memories playing Destiny back then!
  9. Seems a little too hardcore for warm summer days! 😬
  10. I mean no offense but you basically have no more than 10 Plats. The rest are these 5-minute Platinums. Everybody who's into trophy hunting knows these Platinums are worthless and all the other games on your list that actually take some effort to get the Plat you did not finish. As I said, I mean no offense but I simply do not understand this so-called trophy hunting.
  11. How? Death Stranding: Director's Cut will have additional content which has already been teased during Summer Game Fest 2021. It is literally the definition of Director's Cut, not some fancy name for a remaster.
  12. More like trophy collecting website.. seeing all these 5 minute Platinums, stacks of the same game and auto-popped trophies.
  13. I just watched VG247 review a minute ago and the reviewer said it took him 20 hours to finish a story of 1 character.
  14. I remember this one 😀 I did it pre-nerf. The trick was to switch from playing on 50inch TV to a 17inch monitor. I immediately did it first try after switching. Good days 😀
  15. To anybody on the fence playing this, just straight up ignore this. I understand, not everybody has to like every game but calling it an overrated mess being one of the worst in recent years? Hard to take this seriously. Anyway, for me, it was the biggest surprise of 2019. Great game!