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  1. You can find it in PowerPyx's trophy guide
  2. I'm sorry, the only thing I can do is to check your profile to see if the game is there. It wasn't. Let's not pretend that people "reviewing" games without actually playing them is something that is not happening often here. Again, I've checked you profile and didn't see the game there, so I assumed you did not play it. Hence my comment. Again, how could I possibly see the "blatant irony"? I was writing the comment with the assumption you didn't play the game. Probably the most important quotation. The point is, I don't mind you don't like the game and as I've already stated in my initial comment, that is NOT the reason why I replied. Since this is the only part of my comment you did not quote, I'll put it here: This is me saying that I understand the game is not for everybody. This friend of mine is playing online shooters most of the time, has zero attention span and is checking his phone during/skipping cinematics. It's not hard to tell that he won't like this game. And it's OK. Even if he would not like it and I still think he won't in the end, it's OK. Not everybody has the same taste. He got bored with RDR 2, which is much easier game to grasp. But if he would tell me (to put it simply) that this game has no gameplay and it's a stupid walking simulator overhyped because of Kojima? That's a completely different thing. There's a difference, at least in my point of view, in saying this.. ..and the following. To sum it all up. I've checked your profile and was assuming you did NOT play the game, hence why I said you did not put a valuable input into the discussion. Also the way I understood your initial comment was that people like this game just because they feel "sophisticated" for playing it. These two points made me reply. Not the fact you didn't like the game. So I guess I was more concentrated on mentioned points than on the initial comment I've upvoted. My bad. One more thing. Please, let's not resort to assumptions like this one. I'm 30+ years old and I really don't have these kinds of feelings about playing games. And I think that will also be the case for many others. To put it simply I'm just glad there's something fresh on the market and now after playing another 10+ hours, I like the game even more.
  3. I didn't have the urge to reply, but since you've edited the comment and I'm one of the people upvoting the previous post, I do now. I like the game because of the sense of exploration it's giving me, beautiful world, soundtrack, all the different mechanics related to the core gemeplay and interesting story. For me the gameplay, delivering the packages, is actually a crucial part of why I'm enjoying the game. Not just something I need to do to uncover more story pieces. Also I'm the type of gamer, who stops by to admire the scenery, which is something I tend to do a lot here. For me the overall game is extremely immersive. And then there's you telling me I'm playing it because I feel "sophisticated"?! Get over yourself. Not to mention you didn't even play the game. I upvoted the comment simply bacause I agree with his thoughts on the game. On the other hand I was bored to death by the latest CoD and I basically hated Borderlands 3 to the point I cannot even get my self to Plat it. But do you see me shiting on these games on their respective forums? But hey, at least I've played them. I guess according to that logic of yours, if Borderlands 3 wasn't being developed by Gearbox, it would "receive poorer reviews than a sprinkler system installed inside of a bee nest", right? Or is it just cool to hate on Kojima these days? Not to mention I was the one constantly telling to a friend of mine NOT to buy Death Stranding, because I know him and I know what type of games he likes. I expected him to find it boring, but he still decided to buy it and to my surprise, he loves it so far. And I'm sure many people feel the same way. The thread is called "Death Stranding Reviews". Maybe next time try playing the game before giving us you "review", so you could actually put some valuable input into the discussion. Not just mindlessly hating on something many people like without even experiencing it for yourself.
  4. What other arguments should they have? They didn't get to play it yet. I'm interested in the game, obviously not hating on anybody for disliking it (after actually playing it ofc) but you're exactly the same like people you criticize (just the opposite) by saying it's just "delivering parcels" completely ignoring all the other possible elements like story, etc.
  5. What's the point of the question? It seems like you're trying to imply that being interested in it because of Kojima is a bad thing. Of course people care about it because it's from Kojima and it's nothing wrong with it if they liked his previous games. For example I wouldn't care about Catherine Full Body just by seeing some random screenshot or review. But since I know it's developed by Atlus and Persona 5 was one of the best games I've played, I'm obviously interested in it.
  6. Kitten Squad. I even went that far to have it hidden on my profile, although I have 100%.
  7. I don't know if you've already decided to buy the game or not, but I will tell you my opinion because I was also interested in this topic. I decided to buy it mainly because of a single player. I don't play CoD much, but I remember the old campaigns, especially MW1/2 and BO1 being really good. I was in some kind of nostalgic mood and was interested if the new one will be the same. I can't really say anything bad about the campaing. Graphics and sound is top notch. It has simple yet sufficiant story for FPS. The charaters and their lines are well written - not cringe-worthy, which is something I see offen in these types of games. Overall I think it's more then good addition for a game people buy mainly for multiplayer. But I think I've seen all there is to see in these types of games. For me it was just another ordinary FPS. I wasn't bored, but on the other hand not thrilled about it either. Maybe after all these years I'm not into these types of games anymore or the old ones were much better. I don't know...
  8. He was reacting to flawless solo dungeon. Not raids.
  9. I'm from EU, but says 1500 RAGE coins (the price of this DLC) is 15 dollars. Although you cannot buy exactly 1500 RAGE coins. You can buy 500, 1100, 2500 or 5000.
  10. Thank you for information! Fortunately.. Sharing ships and stuff I already have, but I need online challenges to boost rank. I guess it's time to go back to playing asap.
  11. Is this causing some trophies unobtainable? I haven't played the game for a while. Thank you for answering.
  12. Really? Would you consider the trophies being easy for somebody with director's cut unlocked? I would like to get this Platinum off my list, but I haven't played it much and don't want to bother somebody to spend tens of hours helping me.
  13. Ok, I'm annoying for you. If that's the case I'm sure you understand that for somebody else can be annoying constant whining about not being able to get some trophies instead of actually discussing them or the game and that somebody can have the same urge to reply. Also maybe it's because of English not being my native language, but I'm not sure from where you're getting I got "butthurt". By stating that I don't care what you're playing or not?
  14. I don't want to be rude, but I really don't care about what you're playing or not. Or what is your opinion on crowns. I just stated that many people including me like hunting them, which is a fact. That's all. I mean I wasn't even replying to you. It's not like getting the trophies is mandatory to actually enjoy the game, you know. Also this life/job argument gets pretty annoying. If you don't have time to hunt trophies, don't do it.
  15. Even if the stat tracking wouldn't start from scratch, we simple need to hunt 50 more elders because the trophy description literally says: "Slay 50 elder dragons in master rank quests" as basically every other trophy description. It's like people don't even read the description of the trophies till the end. If they would, there would be no discussion regarding auto-popping.