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  1. So, how is the difficulty? Since nobody achieved Platinum yet..?
  2. It's May. So there are two good Sony exclusives left to look forward this gen.
  3. I understand that I'm a minority but what about people who just want to delete a game from their profile even they 100 % it? I have one game like this on my profile - Kitten Squad. Don't ask me why I played it. And you know what is triggering my OCD about this game except for it being a piece of shit PETA propaganda? The developer didn't even care enough to make the game thumbnail image in a proper format. See the black borders? I'm more annoyed by this than by uncomplete games on my list 😅 On the other hand, I would never delete games like Overwatch for which I'm sure I will never get the Platinum.
  4. That I'm also getting day one! 😅
  5. It's a tech demo. Not a game.
  6. Looks interesting, a lot like Broforce. I've seen some review on YouTube saying the game is 2-4 hours long for the first playthrough and the higher difficulties equal just less health.
  7. Since I've read this argument quite a few times... Why recalculate the rarity? There is no need for that. Just don't show the game on my profile. Simple as that. I would imagine my PS5 profile being like a board I can pin games to. To answer the original question - I would probably delete one game for which I have 100 % trophies. Kitten Squad 🐱
  8. I don't know, most of the games I've played are generally very well received, but that's not really the point. Also, I meant reviews in general - gaming news sites, Reddit, other people's opinions on forums like these. The reason I mentioned reviews is that without them, I don't really understand what would be the difference between pre-order and normal order then. It's still the same product. You just have more information from other sources to help you decide. For example, judging by this thread and general hate aimed at people involved in it's development, I shouldn't play TLOU 2 even if it was free. But I liked what I've seen so far and I liked Naughty Dog's games I've played in the past. For me there is no reason not to trust them. That's why I'm gonna formulate an opinion about it on my own. So the release date for me is just a date. It doesn't really matter if I'm gonna buy it now or next month. I will still have the same information since I don't plan to spoil the game for myself. On the other hand, possible Borderlands 4 - that's a NO from me no matter what. I'm not saying reviews are useless, I just disagree with calling others pre-ordering video games being delusional just because I don't agree with it. That's all. Edit: In the end, it doesn't really matter. Originally I came to this thread because I was curious about this whole situation. But now it's just people counting dislikes like the possible flop of this game is good news. Or digging up the developer's personal lives pointing out they are trans-gender, etc. So I guess, I'm rather out then being triggered all the time.
  9. Please, could you elaborate on how is it delusional pre-ordering a game in 2020? From 80+ games I've played so far I've pre-ordered most of them. And I've got burned only once - Borderlands 3. And I don't see how reviews would help me in this case. To me, it seems "delusional" to wait for somebody else to tell me if I should buy the game or not. Let alone some guys counting dislikes on internet - I mean no offense, but nothing screams bias more. But you don't see me telling others being delusional if they decide to wait for reviews, do you?
  10. I don't know, maybe it's because people would put spoilers into the comments? It's like this is the first leak in history of video games judging by how everybody is so surprised all the time. Activision did exactly the same thing when CoD: Advanced Warfare leaked online prior to release as every other game publisher ever.
  11. Well, this is a new low. Disgusting. Judging by how things are going, I'm pretty sure that at the end of May we will be reading that Druckmann is also in charge of Sony and a child molester. Thank you for this comment. This is basically what I originally came for to these kinds of threads. To get some un-biased opinion about the leak without spoiling the game for myself. Also, I don't believe Sony hasn't been overseeing the development of the game. So, I think the distribution issues during the pandemic are legit. Obviously I can be wrong, I have the same source of information like everybody else here. I'm genuinely curious if Naughty Dog really fucked the game up like everybody here is saying. This is something I'm still struggling to believe because a significant part of Sony's overall success this generation played these exclusives.
  12. I know it's extremely frustrating and boring. At least it was for me since I wasn't enjoying the game overall. But this exact thing happened to me. I did Pandora in one sitting after I've found out it is bugging. I got the trophy so I moved to Eden-6. I did all the locations in for this planet (again in one sitting) but this time I didn't get a trophy. So, I was like "Ok, it's bugged more then I thought. No point in doing all the locations." A few days later I decided to try again. Carefully without a rush. Finally I've got the trophy for Eden-6, so I did the rest. It turned out, I must have forgotten some area. Since the in-game tracker is bugged and you cannot count on it you need to be really concentrated. Take PowerPyx's guide and carefully go location by location and make sure for every one of them you see "Area discovered". Maybe make a check-list on a piece of paper, which is what I did. And I can guarantee you, you will get a trophy. I've also played a chunk of the game in a coop sometimes being host, sometimes not. Good luck to you!
  13. We are witnesses to a disaster in the video game industry? Seriously? 😆 Pre-release footage of a video game got leaked and Sony is taking actions like every other game publisher in history. You expect Sony to help spread the news? Or maybe even leak some not yet seen footage by themselves?
  14. Thank you for this. I still won't spoil the game for me but I can understand the emotions around it better putting it like that. "Now buzz off"? Very nice. See ya, let's not waste more time.
  15. Is this related to my comment? If so, I'm not defending Naughty Dog. Since English is not my first language I'm struggling to put it to words for you to understand. I like games but I'm not a fan of studios (although I very much respect their work in general) nor attached to the games I play. I see no reason why should I defend a company I have no affiliation with whatsoever. Is it that hard to understand that not everybody needs to be hardcore fan of something/somebody to have an opinion on it/them putting any kind of feelings aside? Again, not sure if related to my comment, but I've played the original several times. I'm just not emotionally attached to it, that is why I would not have a need to defend/hate Naughty Dog or Druckmann if I would have seen the leak. The only problem I have is with people spoiling the game for others who decided not to spoil it for yourself and immaturity of gamers in general in these kind of situations when somebody decides not to tailor the sequel of their precious game according to their expectations. It was their vision. Maybe they fucked up, maybe not. I will buy the game and see. I will like it or won't. That's it. No need to be outraged. So I'm kindly asking you not to twist what I'm saying just to write some pretentious comment out of nowhere about something being cringe or satisfy your own agenda and maybe try to actually read the words I'm writing instead.