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  1. Could you link to the guide you mentioned? Thank you. Edit: Nevermind. I guess, it is the one posted here on PSNProfiles.
  2. Well, I wish I knew sooner. I like the game, but definitely not a type of game I want to replay.
  3. I know that achievement/trophy system was something that was implemented later. Anyway, switch Sony with Microsoft but my point remains the same. That is what I meant. Pushing yourself to improve you skill is competing with yourself. It's the same thing in my eyes. Ok, I understand. I do not consider the trophy system to be something more meaningful. Also, I'm fully aware most of the people do not care about trophies. But putting it like the system doesn't matter at all? Why bother with it then? You said trophies will make you explore every part of the game. How will popping the trophy from Cuphead by somebody else make me explore the game more? Why not save another hour by not arranging the boosting session with that friend and move on to another game immediately? No to mention, I think there is no point in arguing about so-called normal gamers and their view of trophies. Judging by the trophy rarity, most of these normal gamers do not even finish the story before moving on to play another game. Regarding the difference between normal gaming and hunting trophies, that is kinda my point. I'm the playing games I like. Trophies are just a bonus. I won't be going out of my way to get some trophy. For example, let my friend pop the trophies for Cuphead, just for the sake of having 100%. I really see no point in it. As I said, I don't care about how or what games other people play. So being offended about somebody else cheating the trophy is as hard for me as being happy for somebody else getting the trophy easier. I just wanted to write my view on this. That's all. To sum it up somehow. I consider popping trophies for me by somebody else cheating and solely getting the trophies without actually putting the effort is not the reason I'm going for trophies. It seems pointless to me. But all of this has already been said, so at this point I don't really see the point in discussing it further. Note: When I'm talking about the "rules" and the principle of this system. This is one of the trophies for Cuphead - A Walk in the Park (Defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle I). I do not see anywhere in the description saying "Let somebody else defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle I and pop the trophy on your account". Not need to speculate what is the intended way of getting the trophy or not. It's really that simple. But if every other argument in this thread is that the trophy is just a "fucking notification" or that mature people do not care about it and only "elitists" care about the rules, then there is really no point in not only discussing but having some kind of a trophy system at all. And again, this is my view on the trophy system, not saying how others should play games.
  4. My point exactly. Thank you.
  5. There needs to be money on the table for something to be considered a competition? There are many different prizes, virtual trophy being one of them. When we were kids we used to compete in many things like table tennis, running, even video games and we were broke. Anyway, I probably used bad wording here. I'm not saying I'm competing with people on this site, going for leader-boards or stuff like that. What I meant is that the trophy is supposed to be awarded for actually achieving something, it's even called Achievement on Xbox/Steam (if the word trophy is not clear enough). Because if not it really is just a digital image with a sound and I don't believe that was on Sony's mind when they decided to implement it. There is even Compare trophies option on PlayStation, no need to blame some "elitists". Competition can be healthy. The purpose of trophy system is pretty clear. I haven't played Hollow Knight (yet) and I'm not aware that you have a gaming channel. There's no reason to write real life using CAPS LOCK other than being passively aggressive. My relationship and my work (which is also my number one hobby) are my priorities. If I'm gonna spend one hour more on Cuphead, I will take that hour from another game, not my personal life. I don't feel the need to play hundreds of games. The point is if I would have a feeling that I need to save time by NOT playing something, I wouldn't be playing it at all. Hence, I would not feel the need to have a trophy on my profile for something I did not achieve because what's the point. Probably the most important point and the reason why we disagree. You consider trophies useless then? If that's the case why going for (hundreds of) them? As I said, I don't mind how others play games. You're right no one will ever devalue the trophy - and this is important - FOR ME. But on the other hand, the trophy itself is devalued and I'm able to understand how people who want to have the same level playing field can feel about it. You're saying you platted Hard Reset: Redux (again, I haven't played it) the legit way. Calling it calvary and that you would be happy for others to get the Platinum easier. Seems to me you did not enjoy that very much. Since you said you value your time, why not spend it on something else? Because if I was to recommend Cuphead to somebody I would tell them to go through that "calvary" (it was not that hard) because that's what makes it so great and the trophy feels like a nice award for it. To me it seems like you just wanted to pop the trophy for Hard Reset: Redux and that's about it. That is not the reason I'm going for trophies and I consider it being a massive waste of time. Also, just to be clear. The thing I called "bullshit" is making the trophy system something which is not. So, I do not really understand the "maturity" reference. As I already mentioned, I don't mind how others play games. It doesn't mean I cannot write my view on this topic though.
  6. It comes down to a simple fact really. Did you achieve the trophy by yourself by auto-popping it by somebody else in a local multiplayer? No. Did you actually defeat the bosses you get trophies for? Again, no. This made me laugh so hard! So true! 😅😅😅 I see your point regarding the "intended" way of doing things, but there's a big difference between boosting online level with a friend and somebody else getting you the trophies for something you were not skilled enough to do by yourself.
  7. Don't take it personally, but this is a load of bullshit. You can interpret it how you like but the concept of trophies is pretty simple. It's an award for achieving something. And the award is obtained for achieving something the intended legit way. Like in every other competition - sports, etc. Also, what is even the point in playing Cuphead when somebody else basically plays it for you then? You said you will use the exploit only for Pacifist runs, let's say I do believe you. I did the Pacifist runs in about 3 hours and I don't consider myself skilled. You on the other hand said you are skilled, so you're basically "saving" what - one hour? Also, saving the time by NOT actually playing the game to get some trophy is what's wrong with many people on this site in my opinion. If I would ever get to this point, I would personally reconsider how am I spending my time. This is not aimed at you or anybody else, just my thought. People can still play it legit?! Really? You think people are stupid and don't know that or just trolling? I don't mind how others play games or how many trophies they have, but is the concept of a devaluation of the reward (in this case PlayStation trophy) when somebody else will get the exact same reward by cheating really that hard to grasp? I don't understand why it needs to be constantly discussed.
  8. I don't want to go off-topic, but if you buy the latest revision of PS4 Pro, a jet fighter engine is not an issue. Source: I have two PS4s Pro. The launch edition and the latest revision. It is a night and day difference. The latest revision is completely quiet, no matter the game or temperature in the room. I'm playing exclusively on the latest revision for the last year solely because of this.
  9. Of course, without the disc! Reasons: 1) I'm digital-only for a few years now. I'm used to it. It's comfortable. I would never go back. 2) I'm never coming back to play the old games. 3) I was never re-selling the games, renting them, trading them, or buying them second-hand at the time I was using physical copies. 4) I don't really care about the price of the game as long the game is good. 5) I don't have many physical games left. When I decided to go all-digital, I took most of them, traded them for PSN credit, and bought a few new digital games. 6) I don't have any physical disc movies nor use the console to play movies anyway. 7) The console is sexier without the disc drive. Edit: This thread makes me happy. If PS5 happens to be a limited supply, I don't think the disc-less version would be the one out of stock 😅
  10. Whether you like it or not, the way others play games, especially when it's influencing their decision to buy or not to buy a game, is directly impacting the video game industry hence you as a gamer.
  11. Thank you! This video was useful for preventing me from unnecessary backtracking in Fallgrim 👍
  12. I did. I was expecting Expert difficulty to be much easier for me considering I did A-Rank on all bosses in a normal playthrough before moving to Expert. So, I was kinda frustrated that I did not learn much. I took more than a week pause from gaming before finishing the remaining two bosses on Expert and getting the Platinum yesterday. Regarding the Pacifist runs, I did not find them that bad. Keep trying!
  13. I needed to vent out. I will keep on trying!
  14. To be honest I'm kinda bummed about how I'm struggling with basically every boss on Expert. I did not expect to finish them on the first try but it makes the whole A-Ranking the game on Regular pointless since it feels like I'm basically learning all of them from scratch again. I'm thinking about just giving up on the trophy since finally defeating the boss I already played multiple times after several hours hardly feels like an achievement anyway.