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  1. Thank you for your work! I've recently bought it. I'm surprised it's 15 hours long. I expected it to be shorter.
  2. Google "PS5 Activity Cards". It's a system feature to track your progress/give you ingame hints. It's not an ingame buff, the game won't be easier.
  3. I've tried playing it for a few hours. I'm stuck at (surprisingly) 41-44. I've looked up some YouTube guides saying stick to the location under the waterfall, etc. The thing is.. every video I lookup I have like ten times more blood zombies in my session to the point I cannot even line them up and the only possible option is to nuke them (I'm using Furious Feet). They are literally everywhere basically the moment I start the round. Don't really understand what I'm doing wrong. Any suggestions? Edit: Nevermind Just did it.
  4. Did anybody try to get this trophy in Outbreak mode? Could be possible and one more reason to try this mode.
  5. It leaked via PlayStation Facebook page.
  6. The key difference is that the PS5 version of FF VII REMAKE is actually getting a new content. I don't really see the point from business perspective to create a new content just to give it for free.
  7. Love it.
  8. Kena is pretty much confirmed to be March PS Plus game at this point. Edit: Well, shit 😬😅
  9. You're welcome. If by typing my shit you mean answering your question by providing you with the patch notes 😉
  10. Read patch notes instead of complaining. Depending on level being advanced to in the Advanced Start mode, player will get additional lives, bombs, boosts to start with.
  11. Stop acting like there are no games with difficult Platinum just because they decided to balance one bronze (!) trophy from a single game.
  12. This thread is gonna be fun! 😅 Anyway, thank you for the info!
  13. Not really true. Cotrol and several other games got DualSense Haptic Feedback support, Ray-tracing, native 4k, PS5 Activity Cards support, etc.
  14. This argument doesn't really make sense. You need to win 50 matches of Multiplayer, not 50 matches of Fireteam. For example, I've got 50 wins playing Team Deathmatch, the mode I like the most. Fireteam on the other hand? Not having fun at all. If I would go for the Platinum (I'm not), getting the trophy in a few minutes would be much better than playing this mode for even 1 hour. I do understand it also takes some time to arrange the boosting session, though. Personally, I would still do it legit since I'm not a fan of getting out of my way to arrange something with other people. I'm just saying 50 wins and this trophy are not strictly related and people need to understand not everybody likes every mode in the game.