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  1. I just watched VG247 review a minute ago and the reviewer said it took him 20 hours to finish a story of 1 character.
  2. I remember this one 😀 I did it pre-nerf. The trick was to switch from playing on 50inch TV to a 17inch monitor. I immediately did it first try after switching. Good days 😀
  3. To anybody on the fence playing this, just straight up ignore this. I understand, not everybody has to like every game but calling it an overrated mess being one of the worst in recent years? Hard to take this seriously. Anyway, for me, it was the biggest surprise of 2019. Great game!
  4. I hated Odyssey for basically the same reasons as you. It was boring, dialogs were cringe, the main protagonist was dumb, all the islands were the same after a while, etc. Odyssey and the length of Valhalla were the reasons I initially decided to skip Valhalla. In the end, I bought it because of a combination of the game being on sale and another upcoming hard COVID-19 lockdown in our country. The best decision I made. I enjoyed all of the 120+ hours it took me to Platinum. In comparison, I was bored to death after 10 hours of Odyssey. I still don't understand how I was able to finish it with all the DLCs. It made me realize, I don't want to spend any more of my time on games I don't like just for the sake of completion. Valhalla made me remember why I used to like Assassin's Creeds - mainly because of the world itself, which I think is beautifully crafted.
  5. 11/10 demo for me. Day 1 buy. Play both characters. Each of them has different story, different abilities and different teammates.
  6. Yes, yes.. I know where the room is and how to get there. I was interested in the layout of the room with the Cypher. Since I'm getting like 3 variants in about 30 runs.
  7. What did the room look like? I'm also missing one but I'm not sure if I've already have this one.
  8. 😂😂😂
  9. It's literally RNG. Just because it was short for you, does not mean it will be short for somebody else. I wouldn't call myself trophy hunter, I personally find it cringe. I just like to finish the games. But getting RNG collectible is hardly an achievement, so there is zero satisfaction in it. Just luck combined with a lot of wasted time that could be put into more meaningful things - in gaming or real life. I'm not saying they should patch it, though.
  10. It was insane luck. I was trying this for several hours straight. I still think it is the best method, though.. since you don't have to run the whole Biom.
  11. I give up after running the first Biom for 15 hours. The game is great but hunting this collectible is a massive waste of time. Judging by the rate this room spawns, even the next thousand hours running it can have zero results and I already regret the first 15 hours I spent on it. In my point of view, the Platinum is simply unobtainable at this point. I'm just sad it's not because of lack of skill but because of not being lucky enough in the spinning wheel of fortune.
  12. It was happening to me even before the latest patch. Sometimes they were 0% but always got back to normal after a while.
  13. As I said, I should reformulate then. If somebody is under impression that I'm somehow mad about it, I should have chosen better words. It was more like a "nice to have" feature it being challenging (for me) and having a motivation to go for rare Platinum. Let me explain my point. You're saying you have all the skill to plat this game. Once they will introduce a saving mechanic, is there really need to have some sort of skill to plat this game? Judging by the comment in this thread, the game is already easy enough (not for me) without this. For me, constantly wiping a repeating is what makes the game challenging. But obviously, if more people like get to play the game the better. As I said, depends on the implementation, I guess.
  14. I'm not really sure how to reply. How am I "crying"? Please explain, so I can reformulate since English is not my primary language. I thought this Housemarque's update was worth to share since this is a topic related to trophy thoughts. Also, for ex. Platinum rarity for Enter the Gungeon went down after introducing saves, so it's not only to save time. I'm not sure how your skill matters related to this though, since you're not the only person playing this game. But congrats, I guess.