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  1. Ratalaika said as much as well. More expensive and longer wait times makes it not worth it.
  2. Last year I was too late to post on the forums and got rejected. Hope it's different this year.
  3. I am just relaying what I get from devs/publishers/pr, I don't watch Exo all that much. I was told that they fixed it, again, so I just assumed. Again.
  4. Dakar Desert Rally is syncing. Again.
  5. Pink games: 10 Orange games: 7 Funfair tent is pink Traffic cones are orange Splash effect is pink Shiba Inu is orange Background is pink Orange letter in title Pink title text Orange title text Dude is totally pink Orange details in title text Pink letters in title Sunset is orange Pink clothes and text Orange title text and effect Text is pink Text is pink Lighthouse is pink If the Shiba Inu is not orange, then the tree is pink. I also did two games where I looked at the platinum rarity instead of average rarity and three games that was below 80% when I started, but now when the event ends is above 80%
  6. A lot of back and forth, but Shred Remastered is syncing now.
  7. I just downloaded the app from EU (swedish) Play Store.
  8. Good. Lets hope it stays that way.
  9. Xuan Yuan Sword: Enguro's Fire is actually轩辕剑柒 Same release date, and when googling "Enguro's Fire" that is the one that comes up.
  10. I have no idea how you search the web, but I find it in retailers in Germany, Austria, Finland, Poland, Sweden, France, Italy and Spain.
  11. Nope. Full european release. Available in France and here in Sweden, among other places.
  12. Starsand PS4 is now syncing.
  13. Hurr hurr...
  14. Instead of tagging the shovelware with NA, EU, PH stacks and whatnot there should just be a poop emoji. On all of them.