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  1. Wer Weiss Denn Sowas? series: 1: 2:
  2. Check the covers. PEGI (number in colored box) is EU ESRB (letter in big white box) is NA CERO (letter in small black box) is JP
  3. Wait! My bad, there was a release limited to certain retailers. I found copies on eBay.
  4. Yes, there is an NTSC American release.
  5. Can't believe goofs like you will flat out refuse to acknowledge that different people have different priorities and play games in their own way. Sound like anyone you know? Take a fucking seat.
  6. ^ this
  7. Well spotted! Have a cookie.
  8. Saying that WB ever cared is just propaganda. Monolith cares about the players, Avalanche does not.
  9. "Psychotic Adventures" series: 1 2 3
  10. So this is basically Starblood Arena all over again, but even more shit?
  11. The series should be renamed to "Nora, Princess, and Stray Cat" which is the translation of the first game. Crying Cat is the sequel.
  12. The best legal way to play it on Playstation would be to import it, no?
  13. Boop.
  14. Eastasiasoft PHysical
  15. EU NA