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  1. When I lay my penis out on the keyboard it stretches all the way from A to Z!
  2. The EU version released a year ago, both physical and digital. The US digital release should be out and the physical releases 26th november.
  3. Yup, read the title. I got the physical edition, and parts of the cover is in english with the text SAVE THE CULTURE PACK. But what about the game? Is the korean version playable in english? Anyone?
  4. I am going to have to drop out of this event, I already played and finished most of the games in my list. Blegh. Good luck to everyone!
  5. I am going to have to drop out of this event, I thought I would have more time. Good luck to everyone!
  6. There once was an app on Android that cost $10000 called "Because I Can" that was only a diamond icon and nothing more. I think it sold like ten times before they removed it.
  7. I try to really go out of my way to NOT buy steelbooks, but I do have four of them. Resistance 3 for the PS3, just because I wanted the vinyl record looking game disc. Did not buy it for the steelbook. Assassin's Creed Liberation, because at the time it was the only one for PSVita. A highly sought after collector's item. God of War Omega Collection, Latin America exclusive PS3 collection with the first five games on physical media instead of download codes. Teslagrad for the PSVita, just because it was included, I really didn't want it...
  8. Yeah, nothing wrong with this.
  9. Soft from [...] FromSoftware?
  10. Also, Bluepoint*
  11. Same! Thank you for all your hard work RD!
  12. NA and EU physicals mayhaps?
  13. Just push the scope button half way down. Simple as that.
  14. *Outer Grow up.
  15. I am trying to start a thread for Kamen Rider: SummonRide, but I can't find anywhere to do that. Does the game not have its own sub-forum?仮面ライダー-サモンライド