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  1. I got an invite, wohoo! Never played the first one tho...
  2. My very first was an Amstrad GX4000, but after that I have owned almost every single one there is.
  3. stacks withファタモルガーナの館
  4. My current goals are 300 platinums, including Driveclub, Driveclub Bikes, Driveclub VR, Burnout Paradise and fucking Starblood Arena. Other than that I am mainly just collecting at the moment.
  5. The GOTY edition was released all over Europe. That one in the picture is most likely Italy because of the stupid glossy sticker on the cover. United Kingdom also has a GOTY edition, but with BBFC rating instead of PEGI.
  6. No plat, no play.
  7. stacks with俺達の世界わ終っている stacks with
  8. Deracine, Ghost Giant, Robinson The Journey, Job Simulator.
  9. Wrong. Asia got a physical copy of the game, in english.
  10. I've already finished them on their original systems and they don't have plats, so TWO reasons for me not to add them to my profile.
  11. No plat, no play. Luckily for me I already own all the games in their original versions from way back.
  12. I am just gonna chime in so you all can read my forum signature.
  13. Or as with the korean stack of Corpse Party Blood Drive that forgot to remove the debug mode: "Click whichever trophies you want from this list to unlock them."
  14. Worst. Month. Ever. And I don't even use the free games...