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  1. Yes. Korea and Hong Kong/Southeast Asia has physical versions with full english support.
  2. Same, best I've ever done is 1200 even with the tips above.
  3. Physical and digital EU is the same game, it will not work with either.
  4. Ordered at €99,95 so now I have officially spent over €150000 on Playstation alone since 2016 *small wohoo*
  5. Same. Just because I want them proudly displayed on my shelves. But I need someone to buy them for me, since I can't find a retailer that ships to Sweden.
  7. forma.8
  8. Any way to know which checkpoint is the next to last one on the levels? Is there a list somewhere?
  9. You translated it to french?
  10. On PC you could just move the internal clock forward.
  11. There is an option to skip text in the settings. Not all, but most of it. I got a time of around five hours, but I also had dinner for two hours. It can be done in three to three and a half hours.
  12. Game released months ago, just now that the trophy list has been activated.
  13. Quite possibly the worst game of last year.
  14. I just saw the disc on a shelf in a retail store in Sweden, so they're at least released here.
  15. Does anyone know if the patch that fixed the dev menu is on disc?