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  1. The release from Sig. Ed. is PEGI rated EU list.
  2. Instant purchase.
  3. 4x PS3 500GB superslim 2x PS Vita + 2x 64GB memory 1x PS4 500GB 1x PS4 2TB 2x PS4 PRO 1TB That about covers my basic needs.
  4. NBA, ofc. I got mine on eBay back in 2011 for around $300 when the rarity wasn't really known and the game hadn't turned into the collectable phenomena it is today.
  5. Yes, it will.
  6. Monetary speaking it's my physical copy of The Lost Bear, I think there are around 10-20 of these in existance. I did spend $400 on the Darksiders III Apocalyptic edition though... On PS3 it's my copy of NBA* Elite 11, priced at around $5000 if eBay is anything to go by.
  7. Fingers crossed for a physical edition.
  8. Category Game Qualifier EZPZ CROSS CHANNEL ~For all people~ ps3 91,91% Completion Ultra Rare Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr ps4 4,96% Completion Platinum-less x x Unpopular Semispheres vita Asian Vita, 189 owners DLC Dante's Inferno ps3 Trials of St. Lucia Difficulty Wolfenstein: The New Order ps4 Über hero trophy Speed Run Broken Age vita Let's Get this Good Time Over With trophy Multiplayer Resistance: Burning Skies vita Incite trophy Peripherals Job Simulator ps4 PSVR Bad Rep Ride To Hell: Retribution ps3 Worst Game of 2013 I don't play games without platinum trophies. Fight me.
  9. Feels like I am at a disadvantage here, since I neither download nor play digital games... Maybe just 100 or 200 plats then for my own sanitys sake
  10. I am going to have to beat that now...
  11. Seeing as I spent around $20000 on physical PS3, PS4 and Vita games alone in 2018, it's probably going to be way more than that going forwards.
  12. It does clearly state on both front, back and spine that yours is the PSN variant. Also the "not for resale" tag on the back should be a dead giveaway. The "normal" BLES edition is still 100% disc based.
  13. That's weird, since I have the disc right here. Mine is EU, is yours US? Lots of physical discs on eBay, maybe change the topic to reflect this. Same.
  14. So what is in the disc then, if I may ask...?