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  1. JP
  2. should be a series, but I have no idea what to call it.
  3. Not the physical LRG release. The European retail release.
  4. So, since this is tagged as AS... does the JP version also use this list?
  5. What is the collective term for anus? Ani?
  6. I am one of this months lucky interviewees, feel free to ask any questions unrelated to mayonnaise!

  8. I have the EU disc version on PS4. I also own all four region discs on PS5. Will I be able to use my PS4 EU save to pop all four region stacks since I have them on disc?
  9. You should be able to do the PS3 stack and then upload your save to the Vita for auto-pop.
  10. The player awakens in the ruins of a city known only as Vein sealed within a red ring of mist, the land inside known as the Gaol of the Mists. Guided by a girl in white named Io to a Bloodspring plant, the player learns that society is falling apart due to the scarcity of Blood Beads caused by a levy and distribution system and the strict protection of the very few humans remaining in the city, both enforced by Silva's provisional government, established shortly after Operation Queenslayer, leaving bloodthirsty Revenants to frenzy and turn into the Lost.
  11. Again, should be renamed. "The Last Kids on Earth" -> "The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom"
  12. They have all worked before, connected without issue and always updated to the latest firmware. When I say "last time I used them" I mean when I actually played anything on them, they have been kept up to date with each update.
  13. I have a big rig that I have named the Grift Force One. I use quad multi-viewers to get sort of a CCTV grid on my TVs so I can use multiple consoles on the same screen, then I set up eight PS3:s to fill boosting servers for dead games. Me and a friend recently did full lobbies for Max Payne 3, FarCry 2 and Quantum Theory with just the two of us. Also, the 500GB Super Slims sell for around $40-50 here in Sweden, so I have a bunch of extras and for spare parts. I have five Vitas, nine PS4:s and two PS5:s for the very same reasons.
  14. I have tested all my sixteen PS3:s now, two seem temp banned and one is completely banned. The last time I used them was probably in march 2020 when boosting Chronicles of Riddick mp. I think.