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  1. Yes. I am one of four players on PSNP who has my rarest platinum.
  2. Try earning a trophy and update your profile.
  3. Much obliged.
  4. Seems to be working as intended.
  5. I am just gonna leave this here...
  6. The "Asian" releases of, say, Odinsphere and J-Stars Victory VS+ use the EU list. This is more common than not.
  7. Now there are no new earners of any trophies in this game, yet the rarities keep going up... what is the deal with this?激アツ-パチゲー魂-crヱヴァンゲリヲン始まりの福音
  8. Also stacks with HK physical bundle, so more AS than JP.
  9. Probably mainland China. It just got a physical release.
  10. These lists are also for the HK releases, so technically not only JP. AS might be a better tag.
  11. Japan
  12. This is Japan, since I am playing the physical version.
  13. Yup. In current currency conversion. It was around 41000 SEK at the time, so probably a bit more.
  14. Around $4200 + change for NBA Elite 11.