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  1. Thank you kindly. I try my very best.
  3. I am just waiting for the other three stacks to show up, since I pre-ordered EU, NA, JP and AS.
  4. Yeah, I had most of them in my game by numbers list. But I figured I would pop the platinums right away instead of between 13th and 15th in case Sony fucks up yet again.
  5. Made a new list. I freaked out about missing the auto-pops on Sound Shapes so I started my list from scratch. 738[0]: Flowers冬篇 711[1]: The Order: 1886 608[2]: End Sleep 831[3]: Starlink: Battle for Atlas 557[4]: Flowers秋篇 726[5]: Murdered: Soul Suspect 613[6]: Starry Sky: Winter Stories 128[7]: MotorStorm RC 262[8]: Murdered: Soul Suspect 169[9]: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Didn't see my name on there either *nudge nudge*
  6. Nope.
  7. I got it from the physical disc. Same with that Tintin game.
  8. It will not affect trophies, but most likely it will affect the ability to use cross-save. So download the DLC to be sure and finish at least one stack when auto-pop is still possible.
  9. I just preordered all of them. Itchy trigger fingers...
  10. If you search for Starlink at Webhallen, Ginza, Prisjakt, Spelbutiken, Elgiganten or whatever you get the swedish preorder prices, they've been up for months. The prices are also listed in Ubisofts store.
  11. I play on two PS3s and a Vita. Got the Vita trophies in a couple of minutes boosting with myself. Got all except Triple Kill on PS3 because I can't seem to find any matches. Getting net code error when I try to join a ranked match solo. When I try 2p ranked I find a game and join but the connection to host drops in a second. Any ideas?
  12. Quick, grab your pitchforks, leta go on a witch hunt!
  13. Can I get my very own platinum award then? Haha
  14. Good, since I don't have enough tvs to run four PS3s at the same time