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  1. Sadly, it's garbage. A total disappointment since I love the Dr. Who franchise.
  2. These two; don't show up with the other stacks.
  3. Count me in. I am gonna plat Life Is Strange on June 1st.
  4. I totally forgot to add Deformers NA stack and Hitman Absolution to my profile. I am going to add them even if that means that I can never be a champion, because I don't want to miss out on the online trophies when the servers go down for these games.
  5. Consider my goal to be around 80 to 85 percent. Aiming high. ETA to actual event start? Considering timezones and such.
  6. I am just gonna leave this here.
  7. Come one, come all! I have set up a boosting session for Deformers. Since I am using the EU stack, this is mainly for people in GMT timezone. A group chat on PS4 will also be set up for all boosters. The session will be up and running until server closure.
  8. It does not. There is a specific trophy list for the German Edition, but the normal EU shares list with NA.
  9. When you say it like that it sounds more like sexual innuendo; "Sir? Sir! Have you been putting jam on your walden bread again?"
  10. When I first saw this thread I popped in to my neighborhood GameStop and got the physical copy for €5. Now I just have to start caring about the trophies, haha...
  11. "Contract Mode trophies doesn't require a lot of time and can be earned in about an hour. Note that you need to download the Contracts Pass from PS Store to be able to access this mode." according to trophy guide on .org
  12. Fingers crossed for Platinum trophy.
  13. The platinum for this game, and it's NA stack, has been unobtainable since release. I contacted HeadUp Games this weekend and this is the response that I got.