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  1. Are there any new trophy worlds around? Anyone built their own and want to share it with the community? This question also applies to PS3 and Vita stacks.
  2. Exactly this.
  3. I just visited the page and it let me order one. I thought I was too early, but the purchase went through.
  4. I got the apple one. Seemed like the most discreet to me.
  5. Your friend is wrong. They said on stream that it was printed in 1000 copies. Which is also the least amount you can order from Sony. I got two copies for free, don't think they would do that if it was 50 copies only
  6. Correct. You get a code in the case.
  7. No idea, but there is a new dwarf engineer class and a new story campaign coming so 90% sure there will be new trophies.
  8. Not worth it. At all. Guess the season pass might be good for the upcoming Tomb Kings DLC, but you could just buy that separately.
  9. seems to be PH only, at least at the moment. Nothing in either EU or NA stores.
  10. To clarify: #DanMachiInfiniteCombate will be unaltered from the Japanese version in terms of content on all platforms! From PQube on Twitter.
  11. It is coming physically and digitally to NA and EU as announced by PQube today.
  12. Fingers crossed for a physical edition.
  13. Anyone know if the revives count for both players in co-op now in patch 2.0?
  14. I know I am posting this after patch 2.0, but I am having trouble with this trophy. I have the Heroic Deed for Hunter of Hunters, but the trophy hasn't popped. I have three characters at almost max level, still nothing. Where in the Warzone do you meet a boss type creature these days?
  15. Thank you kindly, dear.
  16. Platinum trophy confirmed by the developers.
  17. The game released more than a week ago, but no trophy list in sight. I tried contacting both developer and publisher, but still no word. Anyone have the game and can see the trophies locally?
  18. I wonder if it has a platinum or not...
  19. So I just got the Hong Kong physical edition of this game. JP and EN language. But which trophy list does it use? This one or the JP stack? Anyone know?
  20. Got an answer that BigBen are looking into it and have forwarded the info to the devs as well. I hope it has a platinum.
  21. When I lay my penis out on the keyboard it stretches all the way from A to Z!
  22. The EU version released a year ago, both physical and digital. The US digital release should be out and the physical releases 26th november.
  23. The game is playable in english.
  24. I am going to have to drop out of this event, I already played and finished most of the games in my list. Blegh. Good luck to everyone!
  25. I am going to have to drop out of this event, I thought I would have more time. Good luck to everyone!