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  1. Stage 4 in the Date-A-Live series:デートアライブ-蓮ディストピア
  2. Not all heroes wear capes.
  3. Well, there is this:
  4. So there are EU and NA stacks for Praetorians HD, but there is a third stack, any ideas? JP or AS? Shouldn't there also be a third Commandos 2 stack then?
  5. I have spoken at length with the publisher of the physical release, and they are not at all ok with the game being broken. I think the devs will be forced to fix the trophies sooner rather than later.
  6. Don't forget激アツ-パチゲー魂-crヱヴァンゲリヲン始まりの福音/grifteskymfning
  7. Roger that, setting an alarm at 4AM or whatevs... Also, how does the Discord bot work? Do we have to do something or is it all automated?
  8. Are we supposed to follow that official countdown thingy or our own timezones? Can I start trophy hunting when my day hits the 26th or should I wait for the clock in the link?
  9. Shouldn't the JP Vita stack be AS as well then?
  10. Speaking of which, here is a Twitter bot that tracks everything uploaded to Sony's PSN servers.
  11. This is not only EU, since the physical Hong Kong/Southeast Asia release also uses the same list. This is not only NA, since the physical Hong Kong/Southeast Asia release also uses the same list.
  12. It is also the trophy list from the Eastasiasoft physical releases, which are considered AS, so not JP only.
  13. Both JP and EU physical release confirmed for Neversong, fingers crossed that the publishers force the devs to get their thumbs out of their asses and fix it.
  14. Both JP and EU physical release confirmed.
  15. Fingers crossed for a physical edition. Also, ping @AvengedEvil
  16. Short answer; yes! Long answer; yeeeeeessss!
  17. Swedish retailer Webhallen has had pre-orders up for months, at ~$1000 for a console. I have pre-ordered two, paid the money up front and then they will just return the extra money when the price is finalized. Easy as pie.
  18. Fingers crossed for trophies.
  19. Same level, I did the Spine gap ten times in a row on my friends PS4 to show him how to do it. When I got home I spent hours trying to land it even once for myself...
  20. You can jump from the park platform with the benches, the little fenced in area above the kicker over the big wall. Just Boneless and you clear it. Not sure if this is actually intended, but it does work. Like how you can get the Big Ass gap in Downtown by jumping into the cinema instead of over the platform. I did all gaps back in 2000 and I only have three left now for the trophy. They should've made all the new ones less obvious.
  21. They also changed the gap completely so you can do it from either side, it doesn't have to be from the QP.
  22. Surely I am not the only one seeing this? And don't call me Shirley. Check out the platinum trophy 「ヱヴァ福」完全制覇 for these three players, it's all first amongst their "rarest trophies" 0.21% 0.29% 0.52% Same trophies, different numbers. What gives? Also, the amount of plat earners is way off as per usual.
  23. EU NA Yes, they are PS4 only. The Vita tag must go!
  24. Where are grammar nazis put on trial? You'remberg.
  25. False.