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  1. Cheers for the tips fella, i have done the points ones just by using a drift car and doing random slides up and down roads it is easy to do it this way too. But the back alley smash was annoying me will look for the area you mentioned
  2. I find it pointless when they bring new ones out (supposedly better) within such short intervels. I would love to have an ipad but i aint spending that amount knowing the new better one will be coming soon after, if that makes sense???
  3. Hey guys i am currently still trying to battle through the expert mode of this game, i am driving the redbull car. I am currently sat in forth place and i am on the qualifying round of race six (which isnt bad). I am having trouble keeping up with the other cars, i am using the assist work around and i try any custom setup i can find but find myself still 4 seconsd behind the leader and keeping up with the front pack during the race seems impossible, any tips would be greatly appreciated as i love this game and would be proud to gain the platinum finally as i bought it on release lol.
  4. I recently played through these, same as you i had trouble with the extreme challenges. It took me bout a week of constant playing to perfect them, and was very frustrating lol. After reading through all these tips people have gave you, i would say the pay attention to type of enemy is the best one as its normally the guys with weapons that brake your combo. Along with that i found repatition was my friend, i choose one then stuck with it till i finished it rarther than jumping from one to the other which probably accounts for alot of the frustration, but it gets the job done. The enemies spawn and attack the same way pretty much every time so it becomes easy it remember who is coming from where and what attack you need to use to keep your combo going.
  5. Hey dude nice to see you here, welcome
  6. This wasn't the first manga i watched but was certainly one of the best, infact i think i read the book before seeing this As for them westernising it, bad idea imo but then i guess we will have to wait and see.
  7. This is an enjoyable game, very very simple game play for SP. The only thing that isn't easy on this game is the egg challenge, this turned out to be quite frustrating lol. If you enjoyed the films you will more than likely get a kick out of it, i watched my kids playing UP on their xbox and i would say game play wise that SP is better though.
  8. Got another message on FB to say the xbox and ps3 servers are now sorted....
  9. Yeah there is a post on FB saying ~ "Be advised! We are boosting the capacity of our Battlefield 3 servers tonight. As such, all platforms will be down for maintenance and performance upgrades at 2AM PDT for about an hour. Sorry for the inconvenience." So hopefully servers should improve, at least i hope so before i get it for my B-Day on the 17th
  10. Don't think so fella, need to go through from start to finish on hard. Hard should have been your first run fella as it is no harder, you could mabey restart now on hard if you are not to far through it already?
  11. I am currently playing this, lovefilm sent me it the other day but it seems i have missed the rush to play get the online trophies. Online is completly dead! If you have this and would like to get the online trophies please add me... This game has very bad reviews and not many have taken to it, in many aspects rightly so. The game has alot of issues, hit detection being my main gripe. But if you give the game a chance its actually quite fun to play. I haven't had a chance to try online yet as i say online is completely dead, but i have heard its not impressive. Luckily for platinum hunters there is only 4/5 online trophies and they are easyily obtained with a partner. Its deffo a rental and not a purchase!
  12. that was the only thing i hated when i lived in canada! Buying a game or accessory seemed to break the bank, when you work out the exchange rate it falls correctly but aways seemed like i was getting scammed. eg. game in uk £35 game in canada $60 + tax Sorry this a lil off topic but just made me think of it again after reading the prices in your post.
  13. Just a heads up for anyone who hasn't yet played this, you will face a widowmaker in new york. This section is glitched, you can put every bullet you have into it and it wont do any damage to it at all, or it will jump on top of the building and not come back down. Its not a major glitch ie. easily fixed, you just need to quit the game in the pause menu then reload to the checkpoint, it may take a few quits to kill the widowmaker but it does work eventually. Although there is an easy fix for it i thought if i post bout it i might save people the time and annoyence i had lol.
  14. A friend just gave this to me i have plat already, but am always up for a shooting fest
  15. Lol That it is