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  1. Found a screenshot of the chameleon location near your house if it helps anyone else:
  2. Oh, I definitely have the chameleon already then. When I said it was under Laika, I meant on the list of only land animals under "Progress." EDIT: I'm retarded. Got it now. Thanks!
  3. Thanks! Is the chameleon different than the other lizard that you can find all over the place? I've already scanned that one fully. EDIT: MrDan, do you have the communicator from the nest in the forest? It's easy to miss. That was the last one I needed and it took me forever to find it.
  4. Yep, already found the tortoise.
  5. It's the one that is listed right below Laika in the checkmark screen. I've searched all over the map and can't find it. Help? Thanks!