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  1. I had the same experience - the trophy did not pop until I had reduced the last district to below 40%. Thank goodness it did though as I could not go through playing it again due to the number of crashes/freezes I had in the cleanup stage. What a bug-ridden mess of a game 💩
  2. Hi. I got this at the start of Act 2. After examining the evidence in the church and on the roof you will follow footsteps into the church graveyard which leads to a cut scene with a helmet. You are then ambushed and loads of enemies attack from a nearby helicopter - there are 3 enemies here that are ideal targets; just wait until they line up. If you mess up, just reload the checkpoint for another go. Headshots work best, as sometimes you will only kill 2 out of the three. So much easier than the estate location as you have longer to line up your shot without being spotted and can easily try again if you fail.
  3. Does anyone have any idea what the XP requirements are for this trophy? I have Googled it, but the only answer I found was around 4 million combined XP. One player said he was at level 27 at 3.5 million XP. I am currently level 21 and have a combined XP total of 4.9 million, so I am not sure if they altered the requirements in a patch or my stats are not counting properly. At level 13 it needed 400,000 XP to move up a level, but then it went down to 150,000, and now it has increased again. At this rate level 31 could be around 8-10 million XP which sounds ludicrous. The trophy guide suggests completing the campaign on Superhuman, and I have done this several times & I am now playing co-op split-screen. I have noticed other players getting the trophy on their first playthrough, so that is obviously hacked as this trophy is likely to be one of the final ones before the (now unobtainable) platinum. Edit: Level 31 is around 7.4 million combined XP. Once I had achieved the Lieutenant rank the trophy did not pop, so I went into an offline co-op game and it popped instantly. In order to grind the XP I played the opening of the Chicago level with the Grims on Superhuman as this rewards a large amount of XP for very little time.
  4. Thanks for the heads-up. Everyone loves a freebie 👍
  5. The alien waves are tricky; fire the smart gun in bursts and don't concentrate too much fire on just one - i found it better to "steer" the gun to shoot at other aliens as well to weaken them. Hopefully your marines will finish them off (as long as you keep them alive that is). If you don't, one will sneak through and you'll kill it at point-blank range killing you too as you know all too well 😁

    This gun is vital for level 6 as there are swarms of them there, so any practice with the gun here is not wasted.

    Then you have the Predator himself to contend with - follow the video, but as i said earlier, take your time and chip away at him rather than risk an early death. And watch out for the few aliens afterwards as you don't have much room to manoeuvre as i found out when the last alien on the level backed me into a corner.

    "Pretty much all you have to do guys is block and counter, it's easy" 😉

    1. ChristIllusion12


      The smart gun section looks like the hardest part of the level, once I beat that I'm laughing but the guy makes it out to be so easy when it really isn't... I want to reach out of his computer screen and strangle him xD 

  6. I downloaded the Add-On bundle on the first day it was released, so you may be correct that it was updated sometime after this. And yes, I am aware that the cosmetic items can be installed individually, although it is a pain to do them one at a time. Thanks again.
  7. Ok, I have deleted the data for TLOU on my PS3 and re-downloaded the Add-on bundle. This time it downloaded 16 items, and at the top of my download list is the Network Pass, which is strange, but at least I can access the MP now. Thank you Quaddo1 and HuntingFever for your help, i thought this was never going to work. The cosmetic items have not been installed, however, and neither has the Grounded Mode, but these can be reinstalled from my download list. I have no idea why it did not download the Network Pass before (and it still downloaded Factions MP Unlock again), but at least it works now. Thank you 😀
  8. Is the Network Pass explicitly called that in the bundle, because I cannot find it ? I have reinstalled the map packs from the bundle again, together with the "Factions MP unlock" or something, but I am still prompted for the network pass which is unavailable. From the in-game MP menu nothing is found on the PS store at all, so I cannot progress any further.
  9. But this does not happen with other games, only some. Rise of the Tomb Raider outputs at "4K", so is certainly taxing the APU, but it never causes the fan to go into overdrive no matter how long i play. Star Wars BF2 does this without even playing a game, just by loading the title screen. The exhaust air is cool, but the fan is at full blast and the console is cool to the touch. There is no need for the fan to run at 100%, and disabling HDR certainly helps. The game is unnecessarily demanding the fan to run at maximum, when it should be regulated by the temperature inside the console.
  10. You shouldn't have to disable the benefits of the Pro to get an enjoyable experience. Surely the firmware should respond to the console's temperature and adjust the fan accordingly, rather than the game seemingly overriding it. Mine is much better in the trublesome games with HDR off, but i cannot imagine that this taxes the Pro since the base model does it also.
  11. This is what you would expect but is clearly not the case when the fan runs at maximum speed when i play Star Wars BF2. From a cold start the fan runs at 100% when i get to the main menu and ramps up and down thereafter. The APU cannot possibly be hot enough to trigger the fan just by loading the main screen, so it must be the game that triggers it. I can play other games all night and the fan barely rises above audible, so the game itself must be the reason for the fan speed. I understand the need for it, but it seems to override the temperature sensors in the console which makes no sense.
  12. Mine is in a cool room, and the fan is quiet in most games apart from the likes of Far Cry 5, Middle Earth:SoW etc where it goes into overdrive. This is reduced by turning off the HDR. The fan is triggered by the game, not temperature in these cases, as it happens from turn-on. The console is cold, but the fan is running full speed, which makes no sense. I can deal with fan noise, but the speed ramping up and down is irritating, especially since it does not occur in other demanding games such as Rise of the Tomb Raider.
  13. The fact that it happens in some parts of games makes me think it is not being regulated by the temperature of the console, but by the game itself, which is strange. I could understand it if the console was hot, but it happens on some games regardless of temperature, even from turn on. Far Cry 5 constantly ramps the fan up and down when you enter and exit the map for example.
  14. I have the recent CUH-7200 Pro model, and it is quiet on most games. However, i have noticed that the fan seems to go mental on games with HDR for some reason. I have recently played Middle Earth: Shadow of War, Far Cry 5 and Star Wars Battlefront 2, all with HDR enabled, and each game causes the fan to go into overdrive. The machine is not hot though, and the fan kicks in even from a cold boot, so it must be a firmware issue or the game itself is demanding it. Playing other "4K" games without HDR enabled causes the fan to increase slightly as you would expect, but not to the level of the HDR-enabled games. It's frustrating, but i find it less annoying to play without HDR to avoid the fan noise.
  15. Excellent! Thanks for taking the time to update me.