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  1. That's even easier then, thanks for the info. I did wonder whether to try that, but figured the game would check the ID of the creator of the map against the ID of the player to see if they are different. I didn't want to waste time experimenting, so used another account to make sure the IDs did not match. I guess I gave the game too much credit
  2. I have discovered an easy fix for the Adventurer trophy. Simply use another account on your PS3 and generate a custom map - use exactly the same method as the Mapper trophy. Now close the game and copy the map from the Saved Data Utility on the XMB by pressing triangle and select your main account as the destination. Now switch to your main account and go to multiplayer Player Match and create a custom match with the map selected. Play the map and quit once it has loaded, then rate it. Once you have done this 25 times the trophy should pop. I would imagine the maps are unencrypted and they are small - around 3MB - so they could be uploaded and swapped if necessary but this method is easy enough and avoids having to find someone with maps downloaded from the servers when they were working.
  3. That's good to hear, at least you found out why it didn't work. Could it be Skype on your PC as the notes list the following: "Skype uses port 80 so try completely shutting that program down if it is running. Also note Windows itself will use ports 80 & 443 if IIS features are enabled. To disable these features, go to Programs and Features. Click on Turn Windows features on or off. Uncheck Internet Information Services and also Internet Information Services Hostable Web Core if it is checked. Click OK to remove those applications." Maybe it is some other program running in the background, I dunno. I would also check the power settings on the PC or laptop as it may power down if you are away from the keyboard for a length of time. The last thing you need is for it to turn off as you are completing wave 20 😀
  4. Damn that must be so frustrating for you. I use windows 10 64-bit and it works ok, so you can rule that out. If there are no errors and everything is running then I would look at the firewall settings, but I'm sure you've already checked them. I hope you can get it working tomorrow.
  5. I am not knowledgeable enough to help you unfortunately. I followed the instructions and it worked. Check your PS3 settings including changing the Primary DNS IP address to that of your PC. I assume you know how to do this as it is needed for the other software. Check the windows firewall settings and that they are for incoming traffic. Make sure you are using maradns v2.0.15 and not a later version. If it still does not work, then post your error messages here and hopefully someone can help you out.
  6. No, I don't think they need to be done in a certain order; as long as they are all running it should work. You will know it's working when you click on the Multiplayer section of the game and it loads multiplayer. It should then be working and you can connect with other players or play solo. I would try JREu251 as 261 just would not work for whatever reason despite me trying everything. Perhaps 281 is the same. u251 should still be available online. Make sure it does not update itself when installed.
  7. The 50k score needs 2 active players to reach, so it would be impossible to do it solo. There are 72 enemies on the final wave, and you need to team skill kill most of them in order to reach the target score. The team challenges are worth 500 points each per player, and the bosses can give you 450-600 points each if done together. You should have 3 CMD windows open and running: Gonespy, Maradns and Deadwood. Make sure you have replaced the address with your IP address as requested. Alao check to see to if you are using updated versions of the software as they may not work. JRE u251 worked ok for me, but u261 stopped it working for some reason.
  8. Hi. I did the online trophies recently and unless you have 2 PS3s in your home you both need to be running Gonespy and the other software for you to be able to connect and play together. Without the software, the multiplayer option does not work at all and will not open the MP menu. You could use 2 PS3s on the same network in your home, or have 2 players each using Gonespy to connect from separate locations. It can still be hit or miss whether it allows you to join the other player, but resetting the PS3 and/or the software was successful eventually. Getting it to run can be straightforward, but when I updated Java on my PC I could no longer get it to work no matter what I did. Reverting to the previous version solved the problem. Good luck setting it up. The first time can be tricky, but once you have it working it's easy to do. Our game crashed several times (went to a black screen), so be prepared for some frustrations along the way.
  9. Level 31 is around 7.4 million xp. The best place to farm xp is in the campaign in the opening of the Chicago level with the grims. Play on Superhuman for the maximum xp. Pick up the splicer, then kill most of the grims, but let them kill you. Repeat this over and over for large amounts of xp. Be careful though, as my game would freeze and crash every now and again, so only farm for a few minutes before exiting back to the main menu. You can then farm again for another few minutes. Be sure to back up your save too, just in case. It is boring and it takes time, but it's better to play it safe than farm for 10 minutes and have the game crash and lose the xp you've just earned. I did this in between playing co-op and this is how I noticed the xp bug listed above. If I just loaded up the game and played co-op the xp rate was different than when I farmed xp in the campaign beforehand.
  10. I completed the co-op trophies solo last year, so they can be done. I was going to post my observations, but didn't think anyone would be playing this after all these years 😀 I played as a medic, with kinetic gloves and leech barrel upgrades. My alt used the spec-ops class, but it doesn't really matter what you choose as the only time you need it is to occasionally revive yourself or to open doors with the consoles. The medic class uses the phoenix rifle to leech health from enemies, so it has infinite ammo and constantly heals you. With the leech barrel you can kill from farther away, but it still takes a long time to kill the larger enemies so be prepared for the long haul. I did not use the other controller at all apart from reviving or using the consoles as it is not worth risking the other player getting killed and having to redo the level again. I also noticed a bug while playing, but I'm not sure if it is helpful or not. If you play the campaign before playing co-op, it affects the xp rate in co-op. The total xp earned is the same though I think. If you play the campaign on Superhuman, save and then play co-op, the rate at which xp is earned goes up slowly compared to the rate it increases if you play the campaign on casual difficulty. Whether or not it is quicker to kill the enemies, or it makes it easier I don't know, but it may be worth trying it out. Play the campaign on casual, save & quit and the play the co-op on normal. I'd be interested to see if you think this makes any difference, or is it just the rate at which you earn xp that changes.
  11. These 2 missions have always been buggy on both the base PS4 and Pro. I have played both missions multiple times in co-op and solo and they crash to a blue screen pretty much every time. I don't think playing on a PS5 makes any difference here to be honest.
  12. I had the same experience - the trophy did not pop until I had reduced the last district to below 40%. Thank goodness it did though as I could not go through playing it again due to the number of crashes/freezes I had in the cleanup stage. What a bug-ridden mess of a game 💩
  13. Hi. I got this at the start of Act 2. After examining the evidence in the church and on the roof you will follow footsteps into the church graveyard which leads to a cut scene with a helmet. You are then ambushed and loads of enemies attack from a nearby helicopter - there are 3 enemies here that are ideal targets; just wait until they line up. If you mess up, just reload the checkpoint for another go. Headshots work best, as sometimes you will only kill 2 out of the three. So much easier than the estate location as you have longer to line up your shot without being spotted and can easily try again if you fail.
  14. Does anyone have any idea what the XP requirements are for this trophy? I have Googled it, but the only answer I found was around 4 million combined XP. One player said he was at level 27 at 3.5 million XP. I am currently level 21 and have a combined XP total of 4.9 million, so I am not sure if they altered the requirements in a patch or my stats are not counting properly. At level 13 it needed 400,000 XP to move up a level, but then it went down to 150,000, and now it has increased again. At this rate level 31 could be around 8-10 million XP which sounds ludicrous. The trophy guide suggests completing the campaign on Superhuman, and I have done this several times & I am now playing co-op split-screen. I have noticed other players getting the trophy on their first playthrough, so that is obviously hacked as this trophy is likely to be one of the final ones before the (now unobtainable) platinum. Edit: Level 31 is around 7.4 million combined XP. Once I had achieved the Lieutenant rank the trophy did not pop, so I went into an offline co-op game and it popped instantly. In order to grind the XP I played the opening of the Chicago level with the Grims on Superhuman as this rewards a large amount of XP for very little time.
  15. Thanks for the heads-up. Everyone loves a freebie 👍