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  1. Because you have the platinum for all of the games on your profile, but I see you have the first Spyro, so go for Spyro 2 or 3!
  2. Alright that makes be feel better they know! I may try to do the method you suggested! Thanks for the tips!
  3. By chance does anyone know if the devs have given an eta on fixing the paste up, darts and drinking trophy’s? All three are glitched or glitchy right? These are my last three before the platinum.
  4. Okay that’s what I thought. When the game first came out I did some of the paste ups and drinking with random people so I have a feeling that’s going to glitch for me. I don’t know if I want to try it again until they fix it. I accidentally bought some clothing with a person, but I know who it is, so I’m just waiting till I have 100,000 ETO, I think I’m like 20,000 ish away.
  5. I’m not sure if this has been asked in this thread or another, but are the drinking and darts related trophy’s glitched as well or is it just the paste up trophy? Also is there any other trophy’s that may be glitched? I believe they fixed oral history right?
  6. Does anyone know if with the recent update it fixed any tracking issues with any of the trophy’s? Or if they fixed any of the trophy’s?
  7. Oh it only counts if it’s full? I didn’t realize when it was 1/5 it was just one relic and not like 5 in one. That makes since. Thanks for the tip!
  8. Yeah I’m having this problem with the Magpie trophy. I’ve gotten way more then 15 Relics needed for the trophy. I believe I collected some with a different character but got most of the 15 with the same and the extra with the same. Any ideas?
  9. Batman: Arkham City!
  10. Good idea! Thank’s for the help!
  11. Thanks for this! Do you by chance know if there’s a way to avoid them and possibly boost the trophy’s? I know the trained up trophy is with bots, can I just go in by myself or dose there need to be at least one other human player? And for the party animal, is there a way to boost that one?
  12. Yes thank you, just looking for help/ideas on how to obtain the trophy’s!
  13. Hey everyone! I had a general question on some of the MP trophy’s. I was looking at possibly trying to get the platinum for this game but I’m worried about the hackers auto popping my trophy’s. All I need for MP trophy’s are the party animal trophy and trained up trophy. I got the others years ago. Everything else is campaign or zombies and I can get them anytime. Is there anyway to get these two trophy’s without possibly running into hackers? Is there anyway to boost them?
  14. I actually just got the trophy’s! Thanks anyway!
  15. Hi everyone! I’m looking for someone to help me get the two end trophy’s. If you have a world ready to go for killing the enderdragon or would be willing to help out message me on psn edk97. Thanks a lot!