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  1. Platinum #79 - Jazzpunk The End, 81.93% Rarity Difficulty - 1/10 , Time Spent - ~3 Hours , Enjoyment 4/10 This game has you playing as a.... robot?... called Polyblank. You go on secret agent-type missions and encounter some pretty weird characters along the way. There's not really much to this game to be honest. There's a lot of different mini-games in the game-- frogger, space invaders, handball, golf, etc-- but nothing is difficult by any means. The objectives of the game are also very easy to figure out. The one point of this game that most people praise is something that went over my head... the references to other forms of media. I think I maybe recognized two video game references and one movie reference, but apparently this game is full of references. Perhaps I would have liked it better if I understood the multitude of nods. There's not much of a soundtrack to speak of, and the graphics kind of suck. The motion control in this game made me feel sick, so instead of just powering through what should have been a short, quick game, I had to take breaks every 20-30 minutes just so I didn't puke (and apparently I'm not the only one either). The motion control is what made me give it a below average rating, otherwise it would have been a 5 for enjoyment. If you feel strongly that you have a lot of knowledge in what is probably 80s/early 90s media, you'll have a much better time with this game than I did.
  2. Finished up my final game for the event, and this marks the first time I've finished one of my own events 6030 - The Sexy Brutale 2741 - Mahjong World Contest (NA - Vita) 5312 - Jazzpunk (NA) 7023 - Papers, Please 3304 - Grim Fandango Remastered 7255 - Fe 9136 - Atelier Lulua 8127 - Dragon Quest XI 8748 - The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince (NA) 5259 - Oceanhorn (PS4)
  3. Keep your old profile and play a couple hours of a new game on that profile to make sure you like it before starting it on your 100% profile. Also, watch people stream the games or look at gameplay videos rather than just trailers or reading reviews. I also think keeping to games that have guides indicating less than 20-30 hours is a good indicator that it's a manageable game.
  4. You're planning on replacing this one? I thought it was a good game, and it doesn't take too long (took me about 40 hours without the initial use of a guide... probably would take 20-30 hours if you start with one).
  5. Jazzpunk -- Weird game. Nothing particularly great or awful about it... if I were a normal person. The first-person view in this game is nauseating.

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    2. Jens


      I think you have to be a grade A meme-machine to get the full value out of this one :P I watched some highlights and I'm not sure if it would be too much for me :D

    3. Conker


      Personally i loved this game and all the references and how weird the game was xD 

    4. eigen-space


      @Conker, I can definitely appreciate how weird it is... even without getting the references, some of these things are just a bit strange, like talking to houseplants or being hit up by a robot hooker.

  6. Decided to do a little artwork tonight for the early finishers, and maybe it'll be a little motivation for everyone else @AffectatiousDonk @AvengedEvil @Fnee2000 @Han_the_Dragon @jasondm300 @Icedail @Salima-sensei @Sanevin @SNACH2497 @SupergiantStarr
  7. I have ideas for a different event after this one concludes. Not the same thing, but the next one will have a bit of randomness with it as well!
  8. This. Also, I replay at least one of these Tales games each year: Graces, Xillia, Berseria (this year was Berseria). And FFIX.
  9. Platinum #78 - The Sexy Brutale Totale Brutale, 50.63% Rarity Difficulty - 2/10 , Time Spent - ~8 Hours , Enjoyment 9.75/10 The Sexy Brutale is a puzzle mystery game that has you playing as a masked man attending an event at a large mansion. The game resembles, at first glance, the classic board game/movie Clue. You slowly learn, however, that the game is very little like Clue. For one, all the guests are dying (rather than just one guest) at the hands of the mansion's staff. Secondly, there's a bit of the supernatural happening all throughout the game. The first bit of the supernatural happens in the game's main mechanic-- time control (sort of). You replay the same 12 hours over and over and over again in hopes of stopping the murders. At any point in time, you can choose to restart the day, and when you interact with clocks you can choose to fast-forward time a little bit here and there. As you manipulate time, you will walk around the mansion spying on people through keyholes and listening to their conversations to understand the comings and goings of the guests and staff. You will watch the guests be killed over and over until you find a way to stop their deaths without directly interacting with them, for example, loading a gun with a blank bullet instead of a live round. None of these puzzles are too tough to solve-- you shouldn't need a guide unless you're impatient, and even playing without a guide won't take much time (you should only need to watch each death maybe 1-3 times)-- but they are super fun to investigate. As you save mansion guests, you will gain some of their abilities (some supernatural, others super-skilled) which allows you to explore more of the mansion, unfolding even more of the story. The visuals and audio in this game is awesome as well. The art is very stylized; chibi-anime-esque characters that remind me a lot of one of my favorite games of all time-- SaGa Frontier-- except more hi-def. They also put replicas of real-life works of art all across the mansion, which is really neat to see. The music in the game is also quite nice, which was absolutely necessary since you're replaying the same day over and over (and, hence, listening to the same songs over and over). As you explore more of the mansion, the soundtrack changes subtly to reflect the personalities of the characters you're attempting to save. It's spectacular. Lastly, the story in this game unfolds so well. You learn a little more with every death you investigate, and it comes to such an amazing climax. I personally have a good intuition for foreshadowing and can often see how the game will end many hours before it gets there, but this game had me surprised at the end. Definitely an emotional ending. However, the ending is the only reason why I can't rate this game a perfect 10-- I prefer happy endings to however you categorize the ending this game provides as it's "true" ending (there is a second ending where everything does end happily). Just play it! Edit-- I forgot to mention this initially (shame on me), but another great thing about this game is that the collectibles give you information about the characters and various things/rooms you see in the mansion. I love a game that takes time to put in like this!
  10. Platinum #78:The Sexy Brutale -- Wow. What a fantastic game. And that ending 😱 Can't say I saw that coming, and I HATED it so much!


    Much prefer happy endings 😢


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    2. eigen-space


      @cckerberos, I agree about the name.... it's a very odd one, and I think anything with the word "Sexy" in it is going to be ignored.

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. DamagingRob
  11. The Sexy Brutale -- Having fun with this so far! Enjoying the soundtrack as well as being a creeper. Don't get to spy on people often enough :awesome:

  12. @MakotoKaCun, @AlchemistWer and I have already started one for Lydie & Suelle. I'll send you a message about it.
  13. Okami --- Somebody please tell me that there isn't much "talking" in this game or that the "voices" get better. Right now I want to stab my ears out (or, alternately, turn the "voice" volume balance all the way to zero).

    1. Redgrave


      You'll have to turn the voice volume down then since everyone talks like whatever you would call it.

  14. Platinum #77 - Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight -- Really fun game! Highly recommend. I can only hope that P4Dan and P5Dan are just as fun!