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  1. Ok y'all-- need some iconic blade-wielding characters from games. Spears and axes count as blades. Thank you 😊

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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Link (master sword)

      Dante, Vergil, Nero (swords)

      Kiryu (anything you can fin)

      Cervantes (Soul Calibur)

      Spawn (axes/swords)

      Master Chief from Halo (Has energy swords)

      Scorpion (Mortal Kombat, Sword and spear)

      Cloud (Buster Sword)

      Squall (Gunblade)


    3. eigen-space


      @Beyondthegrave07, Nintendo would actually be great because I'm not familiar with it anymore.

      I'm kind of doing a farce data science article for the swordfighting website I'm writing for The working title is, "Do Swords Make You Look Cool?"

      Basically I'm looking at people's Instagram accounts and comparing Likes and Comments on photos where people have swords and do not have swords to see if pictures with swords get more. I've come to the realization that if I just look at the pages of sword practitioners, there's likely a bias because obviously the sword community would be interested in swords. I thought one good control group would be cosplayers because there's a good chance cosplayers have multiple costumes, some which have swords and some which do not, and that people looking at these Instagram accounts aren't following them specifically for sword content.


      Tldr; writing an article about how cool swords are and need to look up cosplayers

    4. Beyondthegrave07


      Ohhh, well. Let me cover you on Nintendo @eigen-space , or at least, Fire Emblem. xD I'm sure some of them are cosplayed quite often.


      Shulk - Xenoblade Chronicles

      Rex - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 

      Pyra/Mythra - Xenoblade Chronicles 2

      Byleth - Fire Emblem: 3 Houses

      Dimitri - Fire Emblem 3 Houses

      Edelgard - Fire Emblem 3 Houses

      Roy - Fire Emblem: Blinding Blade

      Lucina - Fire Emblem: Awakening 

      Chrom - Fire Emblem Awakening

      Robin - Fire Emblem Awakening

      Marth - Fire Emblem (OG)

      Ike - Fire Emblem Path of Radiance

      Corrin - Fire Emblem: Fates 

      Lyn - Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade

  2. What is the camera perspective from a game like Final Fantasy IX called where you're in third person but running through a fixed background with a fixed camera angle? I know it's third person of some kind, but I don't think the subgenre is called "Fixed Camera". When Googling that, it comes up with other types of games where you have an over-the-shoulder view but cannot use the joystick to pivot the camera around the character.

    I know when you're in the overworld it's a top-down third person with rotation, but I don't know what it's called when in dungeons/towns.

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    2. Slava


      Isometric is a specific type of parallel projection with equal angles between axes. It's good for tile-based games where you don't see the horizon, and everything appears the same size no matter where they are. Looking at some FF9 screenshots, I don't think it uses this view, I see different ones. Maybe the overworld does, I'm not sure.


      The fixed camera doesn't have any other name, AFAIK.


      In the 90's, the fixed camera was used in games with pre-rendered backgrounds. Developers would achieve better graphics at the cost of camera movement. Maybe pre-rendered is the word you had in mind? 🤔 Even though it's about the graphics instead of the camera type. 

      Wait, nevermind. People already mentioned pre-rendered graphics above, oops.

    3. Dreggit


      @eigen-space I believe the category you are thinking of is a static camera with a mix of fixed panning when you are in a location/town/dungeon. Similar to FFIX, Resident Evils older games use fixed cameras and fixed panning cameras that follow the character on a "track". Since you normally don't have any control of the camera, it is categorically fixed to be static or pan along the map as needed.

    4. enaysoft


      Yeah like Slava, Isometric is not 3D, as it's 2D or 3D but in plan view, which is without distance so lines don't bend into the distance..

  3. I just wanted to drop a link to this Google Sheets document that I used to help me finish the game. It is super detailed with all the maps and nearly everything else you'd want to know about the game. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JCgdir76fjPvVMQwX287lc5BCNiZY6fA/edit#gid=313293529
  4. Platinum #174 - Dungeon Encounters - My friend said this might be his new favorite game. So I tried it. I will never listen to that friend again regarding games. It sucked at first, got better, but then got worse because it was boring and repetitive.

    1. HelluvaLoonaBoss


      Sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy the game but hey you got a new platinum out of it!

    2. MidnightDragon


      Congrats for what it's worth.

    3. ihadalifeb4this
  5. Thank you for the information! I'm so happy that I can finally play this and not have my completion % suffer!
  6. It's songs from the base list. You can't do kids or extreme modes, and songs from unlimited do not count. This leaves you with 41 songs to get the 40.
  7. If anyone here is also a PC gamer and wants to support Ukraine, you get a TON of games with this bundle.



  8. Hello! A little, crying pink blobby friend told me it was your birthday today so I hope you enjoy your day! 


    1. MidnightDragon


      Happy birthday! 🥳

    2. eigen-space


      OMG! Birthday Tonberry!

  9. Well well well... Guess it's that day again, huh?

    Happy Birthday!

    Love you buddy, hope you'll have a wonderful day!

    1. PooPooBlast


      Looks like we have the February birthday crew over here :P. Happy birthday Eigen! Hope you have a good one. 

    2. eigen-space
  10. Platinum #173 - Void Terrarium - I hated this game until I got some excellent advice from my bestie @Jens! After that, it was pretty fun 😁

    1. ihadalifeb4this
    2. MidnightDragon
    3. Jens


      "Coaching" a #1 doesn't take all that much, hard to take credit for that! 😛

  11. Pretty sure I hate rogue-likes.

    1. Jens


      Pretty sure I still like you.

    2. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Yes, they are definitely not for everyone... That RNGeezus can be one fickle mistress at times!

  12. This controller add-on for gamers with disabilities is pretty cool.



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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      you know i seen this article, and all i could think about is how come this hasn't happened already by Sony? im sure there are 3rd party etc, and Xbox had their own disabilities adaptive controller... like ages ago? 


      Still, better late than never. Nintendo kind of works within the joycon being single handed for multiple games as well.

    3. Yuna4353


      @eigen-space I am very lucky that I have been with my CP my whole life, and can only not use my right hand. If I had been disabled hallway through my life then yes, I just adapted to only being able to use my one hand due to my disability all my life and knowing no different 

    4. PostalDudeRus


      I remember reading about this one


      I really thought Sony had something like this for their consoles

  13. USPS is shipping out free COVID home tests for anyone that wants them (I'm assuming US only). Sign up here:

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      i already have a ton. May be a bit older, but they still work. Blood sample + buffer solution = positive or negative haha

    2. AK-1138


      Keep on fighting the good fight, there 🙂

    3. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Good stuff, my wife just ordered them for us!! 

  14. Tails of Iron - Writing a guide for a game with 200+ collectibles and ~20 boss fights is exhausting and taking up my PS5's memory.... 3.5GB and counting.

    1. Jens


      If one gets it done, it's you my friend! I already know that it will turn out great, without even having to look at it ;)

  15. You would have problems with The Best Like No One Ever Was trophy playing on an unpatched version. There were also some game balance issues addressed by patches, so you'd have a harder time unpatched.