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  1. @Crimson Idol, I probably won't be participating. Haven't had the time/energy for gaming in a while ūüėď
  2. Sorry for not updating... I've been super sick. Basically, pregnancy sucks way more than I ever thought possible and I'm either physically ill or completely exhausted/unfocused all the time-- apparently the Eigen-Baby is causing me way more problems than what most people go through. As I'm not sure how my health will be day-to-day, it's very hard to keep up with various commitments despite me really wanting to still "do everything". But do not fear! @BigHonkingOne and @gruffiiti have offered to step up and help with updating the spreadsheet to keep everything current. A couple other folks will be on the lookout for questions about the event, and I'll also be doing what I can when I can. The one thing I wanted to point out that I haven't addressed yet is that anyone who signed up by January 31st will be included so don't worry if your name isn't there just yet
  3. Sorry I've been MIA. Rather sick... again *sigh* I'll try to get to updates within the next day or so.
  4. Hoping that no one here got hit with a cancellation of their Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Pro Limited Edition.



    1. Lorajet


      Oh geez, I've always been a big supporter of Gamestop but this sucks.  

      But, really, I know this is an "LE" type of thing from Sony.  I have had previous Slim and Pro orders cancelled due to Sony's inane policy of releasing only a few consoles.  I'm really pissed at Sony for creating a "black market" for the whole console situation.

    2. MidnightDragon


      This happened with the Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro, too. Surprised they let GameStop have another exclusive LE console after that debacle.

  5. Very true. However, the way I view multipliers for contests like these is that you're looking for a good way to compare the length of time of one game's platinum to another game's platinum. Instead of looking at 2-3 guides which rely on the opinion of completion time from just a small handful of people for an "exact" time, you'd be getting a time proxy based on real data from hundreds of people (as a statistician, I prefer hundreds/thousands of data points that are collected using the same methodology over a few "expert" opinions). You'll probably find that when you compare your play time experience among games, games that you spent 40hrs on will have similar proxy times to each other when looking at the 25th percentile (works better than an average because, from what I saw, completion times aren't normally distributed but, rather, have long-tailed distributions). Regardless, it's just another way to compare games. No one is ever going to be happy with a single method
  6. This was the multiplier breakdown we decided on for our event. The only other stipulation was that a game had to be released at least 3 months before the 25th percentile time was captured (alternately, you could always "recalculate " at the end of the event). We thought it was pretty fair based on calculations we did for various games, but you could certainly tweak it to suit this event better if it's what you ultimately decide to go with: 0-1 Day - x0.1 1-2 Days - x0.5 2-7 Days - x1 7-14 Days - x1.5 14-30 Days - x2 30+ Days - x3
  7. No. 25th percentile. You'd just look at the number of platinum achievers and do the 25th percentile. So if there are 1000 platinum achievers, you'd look at the time for the 250th fastest time. If there are 2000 achievers, you would use the 500th fastest time. It would require a small amount of arithmetic, but it's actually a really fair way to do it.
  8. Here's the method I used when I was in a competition with Zolkovo for completion times: We used the 25th percentile completion time from the PSNP leaderboards and had multipliers for Less Than 24 Hours, 1-3 Days, 3-7 days, 7-14 Days, 14-30 Days, and 30+ days (I believe... I can pull up our formula later). That percentile worked well because it eliminated speed runs but also kept it in the range of "experienced gamers". Only time numbers were wonky were when games has DLC, but that doesn't seem to happen terribly often with RPGs.
  9. I personally don't have this problem. Maybe I don't use social media as much as a "typical" person (little bit of Facebook where I'm involved in some gaming/nerd communities, casual YouTube browsing, occasionally read reviews/previews of games on IGN or the PlayStation blog... tend not to consume a lot of memes, which is where I'm assuming a lot of spoilers come from), or maybe I just don't play the same games as others (tend to not play AAA games), but I can't say that anything has ever been spoiled for me unless I've explicitly gone out of my way to actually find spoilers. Perhaps you need to re-train the AI that generates your random news feed ads/articles/suggestions by not clicking on these things, browsing in safe/incognito modes, or unfollowing/down voting/blocking sources that spoil things regularly?
  10. @BigHonkingOne, @Dinkus83, and @Kittet3 are correct on the MP qualification. Since many MP games can be self-boosted by creating alt profiles, playing with a second controller/device as "Player 2" counts just like creating a dummy profile would so long as it's required that P2 be a "real" person. You only need a person to vouch for you if it's a game where AI could be substituted for a "real" player.
  11. @Briste, you're good. I'll admit that I misread the requirements for the game in the trophy guide (personally thought that you had to play with other people at the same time rather than just beat scores), but I'm not going to penalize you or anyone else for a game that I approved over a month ago. There was plenty of time for anyone to raise concern before you already invested this much time into something that falls into a gray area. For anyone else I may have also picked this and had it approved already for MP, you're good too. However, it's off limits now unless someone on PSNP can vouch that they played with you. For future reference: Online Play ‚Ȇ Multiplayer
  12. Not quite. @scarysoldier123, you can use that as your choice for that category but you'd need to complete the base game and ALL DLCs in that case per Rule 4.
  13. Wonder if I'll be feeling up to gaming at some point this week...

    1. AlchemistWer


      If you can, do it :) 

    2. Fenrirfeather


      Have one of these in the meantime ‚ô™


  14. I got it toward the end of my second playthrough, so I believe it's cumulative. I definitely didn't walk all that during the second playthrough alone.
  15. @AS_CHAOTIC, one of the DLC trophies itself would have to be UR. The way PSNP calculates rarity for games with DLC makes it too easy for a game to get a UR classification even if the content isn't all that difficult. For example, something like Never Alone wouldn't count; despite that it has an overall rarity of 4.80%, none of the trophies themselves are even below a 20% rarity. However, something like FFXV would count if the DLC you haven't completed is one of the ones that has a trophy with UR classification (like Pack 1). One other thing to keep in mind... if you did play a game like FFXV that has multiple packs, you would need to complete ALL remaining DLC for it to count, not just one pack (unless it's for the DLC category itself).