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  1. Anyone else just get strange 504 & 503 errors that said the website was unavailable but that Cloudflare would show an offline snapshot of PSNP while it waits for it to come back online?

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    2. eigen-space


      Image for reference:


      @ERGOPROXY-DECAY, I'm guessing it's just something with the new server, but it's the first time I've seen it or anything like it on any site.



      I got it when I was using my VPN service though. Mine didnt even brought up what it did for you. Mine just told me that some monkeys are hard at work trying to get it back blah blah, haha...

    4. eigen-space


      Interesting... I was getting actual error message pages (503 & 504) on some pages (like my trophy profile) but on more common pages (like the main forum page) I would get the message in the screenshot.

  2. Oh man... that's tough.... I have three that I don't really intend to ever complete (FFX, FFX-2, and Kingdom Hearts) and one that I don't know if I'll ever have the skill to complete (Terraria).... I'm probably going to go with Kingdom Hearts (PS3). I literally never want to play that ever again, whereas the other ones I think I could maybe stomach them.
  3. Does progress from the DLC comrades carry over to the stand-alone comrades? Congrats on being a top-10 first achiever (and #1 fastest!!!). You can check out the spreadsheet to see what games other people have completed for #5, and I could PM you my backlog where I've annotated all the numbers if you'd like so you don't have to look all yours up (I'm sure we have a lot in common).
  5. I don't think you can even get codes for unreleased games, and I'm almost positive you wouldn't be able to redeem a code for an unreleased game as there's literally nothing to redeem (KH3 doesn't release until January 25).
  6. My family is trying out a weird gift-giving thing this year. Instead of buying gifts for other people, you buy gifts for yourself and label them as "From Dad", "From Sister", etc. I think it's because all of us are adults that just tend to buy ourselves the things we want when we want them so it's become increasingly harder to purchase gifts for each other (we are all fortunate enough to be well-employed with little debt or other heavy financial burdens). I will definitely be "receiving" several video games this year... possibly Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, Punchline, and Call of Cthulhu. Maybe Spyro if I can get past my disappointment that only one game is on the physical disc. Also looking at getting my husband PSVR. Though he's not usually into video games, he's been looking into VR for a year or two. He's interested in games that use the Move controllers versus the regular controller... the Batman game is at the top of his list after looking at gameplay videos.
  7. I may revisit this idea in the future, but I do have plans for a pretty brutal event that I'll post shortly after this one. Stay tuned ;-)
  8. Anything that you would question saying or doing in real life because you're afraid you'd make your mother cry, lose your job, or get punched in the face is probably toxic behavior.
  9. Well, South Korea just made game boosting illegal. Prison sentences and fines, oh my!



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    2. starcrunch061


      Always at the brink of war with their northern neighbor, South Korea can still take time for the important things!

    3. thepeaguy


      This is pure insanity. I thought S Korea are against N Korea's socialism?

    4. Fing3rButt3r3


      Sounds like a perfect country.

  10. We share the same unpopular opinions about overrated FF games I thought that XII, Type-0, and FFXV (the base game, anyway) had good lists ... also didn't really mind XIII and XIII-2 (though I can understand why some people would). But yeah.... IX, X, and X-2 are awful... WoFF is also pretty bad, but it was kind of a different feel for a FF game, so I can't fault it for having a wonky trophy list. And mini-games.... I hate mini-games. They're never really fun or executed well... only one in recent memory that I can recall having fun with was the card game in Tales of Berseria.
  11. Alrighty.... took the time to update the spreadsheet and we have a couple more folks who have full completion! @Deadpool--Rik, @lucxav! That's exactly how I feel about this game... I didn't even consider it to be one of the better Final Fantasy games either (I know, I know... unpopular opinion) so trying to plat it when I only sort of enjoyed it the first time around seems like such a chore... I've almost resigned myself to not getting the plat for this game. But at least you're super close!!!
  12. Finished up what might be my last game for this year of Monthly Madness: Walden, a game. As I wrote a few posts up, this game has you playing as Henry David Thoreau living in the woods for at least 1 year, in which the seasons change. Being that it takes place in the NE United States, this game definitely has snow during the winter months. I'd say that snow is a central element in this game as well because the presence of it actually affects how you can play the game (certain animals won't appear during blizzards, you aren't able to fish when there's snow/ice, you can't harvest your crops, your shelter deteriorates more rapidly, etc) rather than just being a scenery element. Here's the categories it belongs to: Minor Theme, HC Requirement, Other Event (12 Days of Trophies), and Wouldn't Have Played Soon Otherwise (have had my eye on it since May, but only purchased it because it was on sale and didn't have a game with snow in it for this event) Here's the platinum trophy image: I'll wait until the end of the month to post my stats as I still plan on playing a couple more games... just don't think I have any others with snow in them
  13. Finished up my game for my Maids-A-Milking category: Walden, a game. This game centers around the life of Henry David Thoreau during his time spent living in the woods while writing his book Walden. For those not familiar with American Literature, Thoreau lived in a house that he built from the ground up and pretty much lived off the land for two years. During the game, you do all sorts of tasks-- like actually build your house, chop wood, tend a bean field, harvest berries, go fishing, and just walk around the woods in general. List of all completed games for this event in the spoiler
  14. Platinum #67 - Walden, a game.

    Not a terrible game by any means, it just gets a little grindy toward the end. Hopefully I'll learn my lesson and not buy anymore walking simulator-esque games... only have Everybody's Gone to the Rapture left to finish for that genre, unless I have some other game that I didn't realize was a walking sim. Walking sims aren't bad, they just aren't all that fun for me.

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    2. eigen-space


      @PooPooBlast, yeah... I'm not really sure what's up with them needed to specify that... feels like a Wikipedia article where they have to differentiate various entries xD

    3. DamagingRob
    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯