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  1. I know if I buy a physical PS4 copy of FF7R that I'll get a free PS5 upgrade. However, does that upgrade include the INTERmission DLC? Is the DLC available for purchase if it isn't included? Does the DLC come standard with physical PS5 FF7R Intergrade?


    Been seeing PS4 copies for Black Friday for $25 and PS5 for $45. Trying to find the cheapest way to do the DLC.

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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      it doesn't include the DLC. Cheapest way is ps5 physical probably. 

    3. SnowxSakura


      Intermission dlc costs 19.99, so it would be the same price if you bought the ps4+dlc or buy just the ps5 version

    4. NERVergoproxy


      The cheapest way? a year from now. Or when its 50-70% off which we all know will happen.

  2. I probably won't finish any more games before this ends. Been in kind of a gaming slump. But here's my contribution: Kitaria Fables (PS5) - Orange Perils of Baking: Refrosted - Pink My Aunt is a Witch - Orange
  3. I haven't played Arise yet (saving it for #175), but I hear they did a lot to make it a good intro game to the series. I'd suggest starting with Graces if you don't start with Arise; it's probably the best received game of the PS3 and beyond games. My personal favorite is Berseria, which is probably my favorite game of all time.
  4. You're missing out on the Tales Of series... every single one is great. I'd also recommend Atelier, but not everyone likes the mechanics of the games.
  5. Congrats on your Just Dance 2021 platinum! Hopefully they fix the cross-console bugs and I'll be able to join the PS5 club too 😜

    1. ThatMuttGuy


      @eigen-space thanks so much! I'm super proud of this one, as you know it takes some skill and a LOT of grinding. I hope the bugs get worked out so you can get the plat too! 


      I'm definitely going to do JD22 when it's fixed!

  6. To be honest, the phone has the best tracking out of all the methods. I was barely making megastars with the motion sticks... switched to phone and I was getting them regularly.... and camera was the worst of them all. It did take a couple months to get good though.
  7. Picked up Just Dance 2022 from Amazon's early Black Friday deals. I'm hopeful that they'll fix the bugged trophy soon-ish otherwise I'm stuck playing this on an alt account... can't have a second incomplete Just Dance game on my profile due to bugs...

    1. ThatMuttGuy


      Hopefully it all gets worked out. I saw you unfortunately got stuck with an incomplete plat due to Ubisoft not knowing how to code trophies lol. 


      I'm somewhat close to the JD21 plat and I want to do JD22 when it's fixed as well. 

    2. eigen-space


      @ThatMuttGuy, yeah, I'm pretty pissed about that one. I'm thinking about starting a new forum topic on it on the Ubisoft forum since they archived the old one.

      But if they fix it for JD22, it's pretty much the same problem so maybe they both get fixed?

  8. Here's one for all you folks interested in the censorship of PlayStation games:



    1. MidnightDragon


      So ironic when you remember Nintendo was once the worst offender. They really want us to forget. xD 

    2. Eyjabria


      I just read the article this morning and I found that hilarious. "For the players", eh? :lol:

    3. Honor_Hand


      Somehow we ended up in the wrong timeline where Sony goes all censorship on their games. Wait till they get to their SkyNet phase. 😱

  9. This Stardew Valley successor looks cute:


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    2. Jens


      Fineeeeee 😒

    3. MidnightDragon


      Hope it comes to consoles eventually. 

    4. AK-1138


      Geez... didn't even know Willy Wonka was dead. RIP you crazy diamond.

  10. Platinum #167 - My Aunt is a Witch - I really tried not to skip the VN text, but it was so boring... after about 75% of the way through I couldn't take it anymore.

  11. I bought some shoes from a drug dealer. I don't know what he laced them with, but I was tripping all day!
  12. Platinum #166 - The Perils of Baking Refrosted - Trying to play only games with orange or pink in their image for @Beyondthegrave07's event... this one fit the bill.

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    2. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Congrats, what a fantastic game that was! The dev is a very nice guy too and frequents the forums at times... Hat Reclaimed inadvertently ended up being my 6000th trophy, before I started paying more attention to them 😁

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. eigen-space


      @Joe Dubz, two of the trophies glitched on me until I read one of the posts on here by the dev... followed his suggestion and it unlocked my trophies. I have some interesting trophy milestones because I don't pay attention to them (I pay attention to the platinum milestones though).

  13. Interesting-- when looking at the trophy list on the PS Vita, PS5 games do not show up.

    1. DaivRules


      I feel like the PS4 only recent had that ability added. Yup! https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2021/09/ps4_firmware_update_out_tomorrow_too_view_ps5_trophies_on_ps4

      I'm betting Sony doesn't ever update the Vita to do so.



    2. Dreggit


      The vita shouldn't be receiving any new software updates from here on out. I mean, the possibility is there, yes, but it is likely that the only update left to be had is the one in where all services are ceased. Whenever that happens.

  14. @Jens and my guide for Kitaria Fables has been published. Check it out!


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    2. MidnightDragon


      I've been wanting to play this game, but haven't gotten it yet.

    3. Jens


      @MidnightDragon With a local coop partner it's completely OK. There aren't that many games with full local coop support, and this one does it pretty alright. It's still decent on your own, but you will notice the slower parts of the game a bit more :P

    4. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      @Jens glad you were able to use the guide!! My bad tho, I try to keep my guides updated as new info is presented... That game has a lot going on!! I'm sorry to say you missed the newest update from a week or so ago that made the tasks much less tedious to acquire!


      At any rate, I never played Kitara Fables but just took a look through your guide... You and @eigen-space did a stellar job with this one! Sounds like fun and if I didn't have so much on my plate right now, I'd probably check it out... Someday tho!!

      *Kitaria lol I hate that we can't edit these 😅

  15. Platinum #165 - Kitaria Fables - Decent game, albeit a little boring at times due to a very thin story. Probably will be better for those that enjoy farming sim-type games. And the trophy guide is in the review queue for anyone interested in playing.