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  1. Not sure about how you could handle your Xbox profile, but here's an idea for your PSN profile in conjunction with PSNP: Make your trophy cabinet representative of you as a gamer. I know you only get to choose 10 (?) trophies to put in there, but you have the opportunity to use it to showcase your gamer identity in whatever way you want, and you can change it whenever you want.
  2. Got the limited editions today. So happy to find them in mint condition for under $50 each! 😊
  3. Just got these from eStarland. First time shopping with them and very pleased!
  4. I can see it on my phone's browser.
  5. @Hemiak, I'm definitely interested if you do a Round 7. Missed out on the last two so I'd be really excited to get in on the next one if it happens. Let's see how much I can destroy my 90%+ completion 😈
  6. Just remember there's also the DLC... which was on sale last week... I'm still getting it though. I made an EU account just so I could replay the Tales titles, and this will be the first
  7. I bought a PS4 the moment I learned Tales of Zestiria's collectors edition was only for PS4. However, because Tales was a pre-order, I bought Rayman and Final Fantasy Type-0 to get started with the PS4.
  8. Final Fantasy XIII. It was a Christmas present from my parents. My sister and I were very confused because we only had a PS2 at the time... My parents played dumb pretty well and were all "Oh... maybe we kept the receipt... blah blah blah". Then after all gifts were unwrapped they were like, "Oh. I think we forgot one. SURPRISE PS3!!!"
  9. @Beyondthegrave07 I'm ok with his profile stalking
  10. Debating on whether or not I want to change my Put on a Show to Shining Resonance Refrain. On one hand, the game looks freaking awesome and I pre-ordered it the moment I saw the trailer... on the other hand, it doesn't get released for another month and looks like a typical AAA-length JRPG... which means I probably won't have enough time to finish it before the event ends as I'm not the fastest when it comes to JRPGs (really like to take my time and explore everything during a first play through). I know it was released a few months ago in the JP region so wondering if anyone can talk about the length of the plat in comparison to some other big names in the genre that I'm familiar with-- like Tales Of, Atelier, or Final Fantasy. Trailer for the game in the spoilers
  11. I think I'd like to put in my 2-cents on this dead topic The first time I played Atelier Rorona was a couple years before I became a trophy hunter. And I played it several times over. When I did start trophy hunting, the Plus version of this game was the second game I earned a platinum for, and it wasn't terribly difficult. That's because I already knew how the game worked. This game is not an easy one in terms of all the things you need to do, but so long as you understand the mechanics, it won't be that difficult. The game gives you ample time to do friend requests-- for example, I already have Iksel, Tiffani, and Hagel maxed out in the 4th assignment period; Cordelia, Lionela, and Sterk in the 60s; Gio is in his 30s; Cole and Tant in their 20s; Pamela requests aren't available yet. Granted this is with a NG+ where I can just purchase a lot of materials instead of searching for them, and when I use the item registry available in Chapter 5, I'm pretty much going to have everyone done really quick. Even in my first playthrough, I had town reputation at 100% and NPC at 100% during Assignment 7 without having all this extra cole to spend from the carryover. And this is possible because I know the mechanics. The guide everyone is referencing is very good at telling you which friend requests to pick up and which to avoid due to inefficiencies or impossibility. It is kind of garbage that the game will ask you to make lightning bombs or balbombs as soon as you have access to the recipes but don't have access to the materials, but you'll have plenty of opportunity to do other requests for those characters throughout the game. Or just not worry too much about getting character endings until NG+. In my opinion, figure out the mechanics in your first playthrough. Maybe try to focus on the Cordelia Ending and Adventurer Ending while also focusing on things like bestiary completion, item completion, and alchemy lvl 50. Then use your knowledge of how the game works in your NG+ to drive it home. I can definitely see how this game might not be a favorite for trophy hunters as it is difficult to get a handle on; I probably wouldn't have liked it so much if I first played it with a trophy-hunter/completionist mindset. But this really is a fantastic game with really good characters... I hope you're able to see it to completion some day
  12. Someone also wrote in the comments a list of compatible and non-compatible games.
  13. Time to find a new doctor This. I personally think that the chemical dependencies/underlying cause of the addiction should be what is diagnosed rather than the mode used to feed that dependency. In the case of video game addiction or gambling addiction, perhaps it should be classified as something like "Dopamine Disorder" because that's typically the brain chemical these people are going after with gaming/gambling. For the kid that shot his parents after taking away the game... that's probably psychopathy.
  14. I personally use ones made by Zonmack that I got on Amazon (unfortunately not stocked anymore). They actually have a neat feature where if you don't use it for 5+ minutes, it shuts off... which saves a lot of time by not having to charge them so often. Got them 2+ years ago and haven't had any issues.
  15. Well... there was a subliminal reason for saying that But he really did use rep to pick out those game quotes in the video as well