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  1. All participants should now be updated in the Google Spreadsheet linked in the main post. I did away with the duplicate list in the main post so please consult the spreadsheet. All games completed on Day 1 (October 13 - MST) have also been updated based on timestamps on everyone's profiles. I'll be leaving any major updates in red at the top of the main post so they should be hard to miss! Thanks everyone for your patience these past two weeks! Hopefully I'll get to play some games soon (haven't played any in about 3 weeks), but intently focusing on a screen for too long makes me feel sick... I'm going to feel like such a weirdo if I don't manage to get a badge for the event I created
  2. @BlackSquirrell1, @grifteskymfning I'll be getting everyone updated today. Hopefully my internet doesn't crap out again... it tends to go down when we get large rainstorms (we've been having a lot come our way this month) and I just got another flash flood notification on my phone Don't worry, though. Everything on here is time-stamped so people who signed up will be added. Thanks @Crimson Idol!
  3. @NetEntity, you're good! Signups actually end after the event starts. I've seen a lot of people get interested in an event after it starts so I didn't want to exclude those folks Sorry to everyone for not updating the main post with new entries-- I've been rather ill while also having internet connectivity problems. Haven't even played any games in close to 3 weeks myself Don't worry, though! If you've signed up, you'll get added... gonna try to do it today after work. Also, with the event commencing soon, please pay attention to the true start times! They are in the MST time zone. If you aren't good at time conversations, there is a countdown clock in the main post. Happy gaming!
  4. @MarkusT1992, that's correct. So long as you still have one more left to platinum, it's good to go. And so long as the last trophy for a non-platinum game is part of the base game, that's good too (DLC is irrelevant in this event-- in no situation will it help or hurt you).
  5. Just FYI-- my home internet has been out for two days. Updating the main post and Google Sheets document on a cell phone is a pain so I haven't been able to do that for the newest folks. Don't worry, though! I'll get y'all added ASAP.
  6. @ladynadiad is correct-- you don't have to complete them in any particular order. You can if you want, but there are no "bonus prizes" for doing them in a certain order. I've updated the rules with a bullet point specifying this as it's been asked a couple times
  7. Been too sick to play games for the past couple weeks... I'm nauseated in general and trying to focus on a TV screen or the Vita just makes it worse... and gives me a headache....

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    2. eigen-space


      @AlchemistWer, I wish it we're just gaming that causes it. It's pretty persistent all day regardless of what I'm doing.

    3. AlchemistWer


      I hope you feel better in the follow days, and if I can help you let me know (:

    4. thepeaguy


      I hope it's the flu and nothing too serious.

  8. I decided to change the start date of the event to Oct 13 so that everyone has an extra weekend during this event
  9. Definitely my favorite Danganronpa girl!
  10. @Jens is correct-- you don't have to complete them in any particular order
  11. Ohhhhh..... Top 5 Favorite of All Time?!?! That's so hard! I don't think I'll be able to do this in order 1. Asellus from SaGa Frontier 2. Fang from Final Fantasy XIII 3. Pascal from Tales of Graces 4. Laura S. Arseid from Trails of Cold Steel 5. Linca from Mysterious Trilogy (Atelier) Honorable Mentions: Alice - Velvet - Beatrix -
  12. Just updated with everyone that's said they want to join... we now have over 50 participants! I've also updated the main post with the color panel that will be used for the badges just in case anyone wants to prioritize their favorite colors
  13. I'd rather stick just with PlayStation as I'm going to be updating everyone by looking at their profiles, not looking at what they've posted here in the forum section (easier for me to do that-- it's too easy to miss something in the forum).
  14. I could get behind that I actually did a huge research project for a math conference on all historical methods of calculating Pi..... so Pi will always hold a special place in my heart
  15. That's actually how the event badge works. You need 4 different numbers to get the badge, but it won't be fully colored-in unless you get all 10 numbers. This is one of my all-time favorite games. Be sure to have tissues next to you when playing!