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  1. I wonder why PC gamers regularly take pride in calling themselves the "master race". Do they not understand the connotations there? :hmm:

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    2. voodoo_eyes


      @eigen-space It's usually a sign of ignorance, as some people have a really hard time understanding that there's a difference in the use of PCs for games and consoles. While on a PC you have the potential to get the best out of the game, you also have to be prepared to spend a good amount of time in configuration settings for each game. There will be compatibility issues, some game not working with graphic card x, y, or z or the rig not being powerful enough in the first place to run it. Anyone who spent some time gaming on PC and read the minimum requirements of a game and actually tried to run the game on those minimal requirements was guaranteed to be on for an unpleasant surprise. Not to mention that generally you'll need to upgrade hardware at a regular rate to actually get the best out of a PC.

      On a console, all you have to do is install/download  the game and it will work. No fiddling about with settings or worry that the hardware can't handle the game. Yes, the performance will be less, but I can guaranatee that there ain't a PC that you can buy for the price of a console, off the shelf and run games similar to what's playable on those consoles. Not to mention that couch co-op is only a console thing reall.

      As such the whole "PC master race" concept is a nonsensical. I feel it only crept up because purist PC gamers are just bitter that a lot of the console exclusives are generally considered fantastic games and they can't get them on their 4000$ rig. It's the same reason why when rtalk about PS5 comesup, people try to mock it by replying with "Knack 3". Funny how no one says Bloodborne 2, God of War whatever, Horizon Zero Dawn 2, etc.... However those same people will then go play those exclusives on the respective consoles anyway, occasionally mubble "would be better on PC" and still continue playing it having a good time regardless.

    3. eigen-space


      @voodoo_eyes, I'm on board with "why" they believe themselves to be superior... and agree that it's highly dependent on a person's gaming style and likes/dislikes...


      I just don't get why they will voluntarily use Nazi terminology to refer to themselves, like it's somehow a good thing.


      @Nighcisama, I've been seeing it used less frequently as a joke/insult and more as a genuine way of people are trying to describe themselves as being "better". But, yes, maybe I'm thinking too hard about it.

    4. voodoo_eyes


      @eigen-space I can only assume, but I believe it has to do with the "internet culture". The mere premise of anonymity facilitates people to not have a filter. As a result they'll say whatever they want. Some are just ignorant to the connotations of words and their effect on other people/society etc., others just think it's the internet so anything goes and it doesn't hurt anyone, and then there are those who are just purely malicious and just don't care.

  2. I wonder if the magic of obtaining difficult trophies after complaining about them on PSNP would also work for obtaining desirable results on difficult "real life" processes :hmm:

    1. Rally-Vincent---


      It doesn't work for winning the lottery, so I guess: no.


      Or does it (dun dun dun)?

    2. eigen-space


      @Rally-Vincent---, winning the lottery would actually solve the problem I'm dealing with currently haha. Now to buy a lottery ticket...

    3. eigen-space


      Verified: it works for real life too 😁

  3. Platinum #70 - Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists

    After not playing any games since early January, it feels good to pop a platinum. Feel free to read my thoughts on the game here:


  4. Platinum #70 - Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists Completed!, 26.28% Rarity Difficult - 4/10 , Time Spent - ~100 Hours , Enjoyment 7.5/10 Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists is a spin-off game from the Atelier series. Nelke is not an alchemist like all the other protagonists in Atelier games (which is why this game is not titled Atelier Nelke, as she does not run her own Atelier), but rather she is essentially a city manager tasked with building up a small town into a hub of commerce. Due to some sort of dimensional breach caused by a mysterious tree outside of town, various alchemists from prior Atelier titles are transported to Nelke's world from their own and agree to help Nelke build up her town. The central focus of this game is town building mechanics, which consists of building shops, Ateliers, farming locations, and entertainment venues. You are able to set your townsfolk to work in the shops, at the Ateliers, at the farms, and dispatch them to various locations outside of town for material farming. The key phrases here are resource and time management. You will have to juggle various to-do's in allotted time frames (yes, this game does bring back time limits for story-line tasks... don't worry, though, they're rather generous) while also making sure that your materials/syntheses/townsfolk are being managed appropriately. You also have the ability to fight monsters, view friendship scenes, learn recipes, etc, but those mechanics take a back seat in this game (though they are still relevant for trophy purposes as well as making sure you can actually beat the game). One of the more interesting things in this game is getting to meet the alchemists from all the various Atelier games. I personally have only played the series that are available on PS3 and beyond (Arland, Dusk, and Mysterious), so it was fun to see the personalities of the alchemists that I haven't had the opportunity to play previously. If you haven't played an Atelier game previously, you can certainly play this game but will be missing out on a lot of back story; this will possibly make the game a lot less fun as there isn't much new story content in this game, and part of the charm comes from being able to see all your favorite characters again (there are over 100 different characters that get brought in from prior titles). As far as the trophies in this game go... be ready for a grind. Most of the trophies are just progressions of other trophies (ex-- Hunt 10 Monsters, Hunt 100 Monsters, Hunt 500 Monsters), and some of them can take several hours during post-game to grind them out. Additionally, it is very easy to fail the main story line in this game if you're not used to managing your time and resources. However, all your trophy progress will carry over into subsequent playthroughts (ex-- if you fought 350 monsters in your first playthrough, you'll still only need 150 more to get to the 500 monsters trophy) which lessens the blow of a "game over". The game will go much faster during a second playthrough as it will also give you multipliers to various game mechanics depending on how long you lasted the first time around, and you have the benefit of knowing what's going to happen during your second playthrough so you can prepare accordingly. The only problem I have with the trophy list is that no trophy is actually tied to beating the game. There are several different endings that you can receive in this game, and a typical Atelier game will make you view each ending for a trophy (typically they have at least Normal, Good, and True endings). Though it's highly unlikely that you'll be able to grind out the last few trophies without accessing the post-game content, you technically could get the platinum with only viewing "Game Over" endings. Overall, I enjoyed this game, mainly for the character interactions. I also like resource management games, and don't mind lengthy grinds.
  5. Alrighty.... everyone up until this point should be updated. We've got 4 people who have completed both requirements for the event so far! And Russia is in the lead with 2 votes (HUGE margin there ). We also have a total of 54 Chicken Games (plus probably 20 different Final Fantasy games that would count) in the games list... definitely an egg-cellent list! Note-- I'm not checking profiles for completions, so you'll have to post in this thread that you've completed your game for me to count it. Also, if you edited an old post it might have gotten overlooked.
  6. This is a low spend year so far... January $52.02 - Tales of Vesperia (pre-ordered in December, not charged until January) February None March $99.99 - Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists Collector's Edition (pre-ordered in December, not charged until March) $10.00 - PSN Card for PSNP contest April $12.99 - Secret gifting of a Lifetime PSNP membership Free - Conan Exiles, PS+ Total $175.00
  7. @maiathewinners, I'll be using a statistical software called SAS to do a random sample. It'll pick two winners from an input list (because @cjshaitan is an awesome person and has volunteered a second prize!). If you're at all interested in stats, here's info on the methods. I'd be using what they explain in example 34.4
  8. I see you've started Nelke! How do you like it so far?!

    1. AlchemistWer


      So far I love this new Atelier, have the opportunity of see old alchemist like Marie, Elie, Judie,mana khemia characters and of course the old prototipe of Homu (the fairies) in a single world is absolutely amazing! the game seem a perfect movil game I must say, and I love the amount of events the game has and the references for old games and characters interactions with some minor spoilers here and there. But I don't see Judie's parrot!! 😭 hope it appear in the follows assignment because he is absolutely funny in Atelier Judie. I'm a little worry about the matter of the "game over" currently I'm in the 6 assignment and I would like to complete all in a single round and after enjoy the long grind I have ahead. 😅

    2. eigen-space


      It's actually not that bad if you need to restart. Literally all your progress gets carried through (for example, any buildings you built in your first playthrough would count toward 5 Star Architect in your second playthrough, so you wouldn't need to build them again). I personally failed at the 9th assignment (barely passed the 8th) and am having a much better time with my second playthrough :)


      And unfortunately there's no parrot... at least not that I've seen yet... and I've been watching a lot of the scenarios :P

    3. AlchemistWer


      Oh good to know, I thought you lose the build progress. 😭 a big shame Fink is no here...

      Resultado de imagen de atelier judie fink

  9. Just one per person Thank you for the other suggestions! It's shaping up to be a really good list of chicken games
  10. Hmmm... doesn't look like they have that option. There's one other site (pcgamesupply) that I've had success with that does have a Canadian option, though, so you'll be covered
  11. I've added a list of pre-approved chicken games to the main post for anyone that can't think of one. However, a lot of them are lengthier JRPGs as that's the genre I'm most familiar with.
  12. Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists -- So grindy... but it's pretty fun. Love that progress toward all trophies carries over into subsequent playthroughs... will likely be helpful for maxing out friendship levels.

  13. @Shadiochao... one more question... I can't seem to figure out the triggers for On A Roll/ Smooth Sailing/ Making Bank. The first in that progression popped at some point but I can't recall what I did. The next one indicates "Earn over 20,000 Cole in 10 turns"; assuming that this means the "Earnings" amount (Income minus Expenses), it should have popped by now (8 of the last 10 turns my Operations Report shows have been at least that much). The only thing I can think is that I haven't made that much on 10 back-to-back turns... but the description doesn't indicate that they have to be back-to-back... Am I missing something?
  14. This is the stuff nightmares are made out of...
  15. Second Annual Eurovision Giveaway! For those of you unfamiliar with it... Eurovision is kind of like the Olympics meets The X Factor, The Voice, American Idol, and any number of other singing contest shows. Each country, limited primarily to European countries with a few exceptions, chooses one song to send to the competition to compete. It has been around since 1956 and has seen winners such as ABBA and Celine Dion. Eurovision also tends to generate plenty of memes, like Epic Sax Guy: The Challenge: This year I will be giving away a $20 PSN card to one person, and an additional $20 PSN card will be given by @cjshaitan! This will be different from last year as I'm actually going to make you play a game for it.... because this is a gaming website after all. You will need to do two things... Requirement 1: In honor of last year's winner, who made the chicken dance culturally-relevant again while also clucking like a chicken during her song's chorus, you must get a platinum or 100% in a game that has a chicken in it. The chicken can be a character in the game, an NPC, an animal you raise, a skin/costume that you can put on, an enemy that you fight, a food that you eat or cook, someone's nickname... The possibilities are endless! You will just need to explain exactly how your game is chicken-related... screenshots of the chicken-related business will get you bonus points (which mean nothing in terms of this contest, but I'll give you a point toward your community reputation). Requirement 2: You must tell us who your favorite entry is in this year's Eurovision Song Contest. This doesn't necessarily have to be who you think will win, but whoever you like the best out of the 41 entries! You can view all music videos for the entries on the official Eurovision YouTube channel. Additional Rules/Information: You must complete your game between 12:01 AM on April 9, 2019 and 11:59 PM on May 19, 2019 (time zones are MST). You can use a game that you start prior to this event so long as you finish it within this time frame. You can list your favorite entry starting now (I'll track the two requirements separately) but be sure to post it by the deadline. Eggs do not count as "Chickens". Have to draw the line somewhere. I will, however, allow games that have the word "Chicken"/"Chickens" in the trophy name even if there's not a physical chicken in the game. Any game that you have yet to Platinum is eligible for entry. Games that lack a platinum are also eligible so long as you complete 100% of the base game. Games where you have already gotten the platinum or 100% of the base base game but still have DLC left are not eligible. A winner will be chosen by a randomized drawing within a few days after the contest closes, with all those who completed both requirements being included in the drawing. The PSN codes will be for approximately $20 USD value based on your region. Check CDKeys, PCGameSupply and PlayAsia for your region as those are the sites that will be used to procure the codes. Alternatively, you can choose to receive a lifetime PSNP membership or gift membership to another user. Your PSNP account has to be older than this topic, meaning you joined on/before April 7, 2019. No cheaters. Game Suggestions Here's a list of games that I'm aware of that have chickens in them. If it's on this list, you do not need to justify your pick as I'm either personally familiar with the game or have already had the chicken reference explained by another site member: Participants List and Status Here is a list of participants for my reference. If the item is in red, it means that you've mentioned your game but haven't completed it yet. You can change your intended game at any time, and it is not required to list one... though it may be a good idea for everyone to throw out any ideas they have for others who can't think of a chicken game!