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  1. DBZ Kakarot - Finally finished with this game, and I'm glad to be done. This game just felt tedious. But I did enjoy getting to learn about the DBZ world... it's something that people my age grew up with so tons of my friends make references, but I never watched so I didn't understand. Now I at least have some idea about the characters and whatnot. Does this game follow the anime, or is it different?

    1. Glorious Fury

      Glorious Fury

      I love Dragonball, but also didn't enjoy the game at all. The game is faithful to the Anime series, watching the cutscenes was probably my favorite part of the game 😂

    2. Namenick_Neku


      so now you can understand better when someone says that something is "over 9000"? 😂

      You can also find references in unexpected place, like the

      Ducktales reboot

      Teent Titans go

      and also in Trinity Universe for PS3

    3. eigen-space


      @Namenick_Neku I do understand the reference, but 9000 is such a low number in context... he was hitting that before the end of the Saiyan Saga so it must have been in the millions by the end of the game.

  2. Probably too good to be true, but perhaps a FFIX Remake and Tactics Remaster are in the pipeline.



    1. eigen-space


      @Stan Lee, don't recall where I read it, but that was my impression from the things I read. I'm not a fan of the series so I don't pay close attention to it.

    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      KH3 was the end of the Xehanort saga

      That's all.

    3. Rally-Vincent---


      FF Tactics Remaster would be majestic.

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  3. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot - This game just needs to be done...

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      yeah, its a long slow repetitive game. I did it quickly but i basically just punched everything since 90% of my specials never hit.

  4. Bandai Namco had the same specifications about DLC for Scarlet Nexus. They've said that there won't be any new story DLC for Arise, so the DLC they're referring to here is probably item packs and costume packs which shouldn't have trophies attached to them.
  5. Guess I won't be buying Tripwire games anymore. Also, I wonder if this means we won't see patches for the Maneater DLC.



    1. eigen-space


      @enaysoft, I'm not going to support a company with certain stances that I disagree with. I don't have a lot of things I feel strongly about, but this is one of them. The person that made these comments is in a position of power and brought his position of power into the conversation.


      @Silver-I-Chariot, I haven't seen any articles about him being fired.

    2. Silver-I-Chariot


      Sorry, misread it then. Anyway, he's no longer CEO so I guess there is no reason for boycotting them anymore.

    3. Mesopithecus


      Stepping down doesn't necessarily mean fired, it's likely he was given a lesser role in the company due to the amount of backlash and developers wanting to cancel contracts.  I'm honestly surprised that Tripwire put out a statement saying his views don't reflect the views of the studio, considering they must've known especially as that same CEO put his own Christian metal band in Killing Floor 2 - and there is actually an anti-abortion song in that game.  Seems like just a damage control statement to me.


      I'm with @eigen-space on this one about not supporting companies with certain stances I disagree with, and I won't be supporting Tripwire either.

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  6. DBZ: Kakarot - Does this game get easier? I had to redo the Raditz fight like 10 times and only won by the skin of my teeth.

    1. kingofbattle8174


      There are certain fights where you feel very underpowered. Which makes sense since he did get whopped by Raditz. 

  7. I'm wondering if anyone else had "School Girls' Manners" pop at a strange point in the game. Mine popped along with "The Glow in the Dark" after defeating Netzach for the first time at the save screen before the next free time. I wasn't reading/responding to any Table Messages; I also read while researching this that choosing certain things during your nighttime routine can also get the trophy to pop the next day, but I wasn't doing that either.When I was able to check my Table Messages in the free time right after it popped, I had about 6-7 people I could respond to, so perhaps it could also pop when you trigger messages rather than actually having to respond to them? Anyone else have this happen? *edit* Looking at some timestamps on the faster achiever's board, it does seem that several people had the same thing happen.
  8. Lucky PS Now subscribers getting all these amazing Final Fantasy games!



    1. eigen-space


      @Mesopithecus it's a very good game but very different from other FFs.

    2. Jens


      I do own 4 of them already, shit happens :P But oh well, on the other hand many other people will get a jackpot I guess. It might even make me play FF7 though...


      And you'll thank God for the speed up functions in FF12 dude. Those reeaally change the game.

    3. funboy1246


      good line up of games but i already have them all. lol oh well im sure lots of people will enjoy these

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  9. I just did an update of the spreadsheet here. Please make sure that your games are marked accurately. I will be giving everyone until through 9/7 to report any mistakes before locking this in for badges.
  10. Maneater got DLC 🙄 hopefully it's as easy as the base game. Not excited about time trials regardless.

    1. MidnightDragon


      Someone said that a friend of theirs did it and it wasn't too bad. I'm waiting to see if anyone 100% it before I get it. Don't wanna deal with glitchiness too much. I did reinstall Maneater, though.

    2. Jens


      Jaws-ome news if you ask me! You probably can't wait biting into this one. More shark for your buck :)

      Well, a few additional bucks... but still!

  11. Sigh. Daily headaches are getting in the way of my gaming lately.

    1. Yuna


      Sorry to hear that! Hope you are feeling better soon! 

    2. eigen-space


      Thanks everyone. This has been a problem for several years. It was under control with medication but I recently switched meds. I'm not sure if this is a "breaking in period" or if the new meds simply don't work for me.

    3. MidnightDragon
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    1. DJ__Beatroot


      Stardew Valley an Esport?  Means I can finally buy that Razer Raiju Esport Controller I always wanted!

    2. AJ_Radio


      Fuck eSports. That's probably why a lot of gamers nowadays are self entitled assholes.

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      I saw this and laughed. Whats competitive about a garbage game like Stardew Valley. 

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  12. Platinum #161 - Maquette (PS5) 33.12% Rarity Difficulty - 3/10, Time Spent - ~10 Hours, Enjoyment 8/10 Maquette is a puzzle game that tells the story of how a relationship evolves over time. The puzzles in Maquette revolve around finding objects and manipulating them within a model of the level. For example, if you find a small bridge figurine, you can place it in the model to create a larger bridge in the real world. There are also parts of the game where you can recursively enter the model world to make yourself smaller to fit through holes and whatnot. It's kind of hard to explain but it's very easy to get the hang of when you're actually playing the game. The puzzles start out being pretty easy but then grow in difficulty. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what you need to do, but on the PS5 there's actually the interesting feature of using hints which will show you how to solve anything you're having a particularly challenging time with. There's also plenty of YouTube videos as well. The game has speedrun trophies for every level. The first couple levels have very tight speedruns whereas the last couple levels are a little more relaxed with the timing. I had to replay the second and third level multiple times in order to get the speedrun, but only had to play the last couple levels one time (apart from the initial playthrough where I figured things out and actually paid attention to the story). Definitely recommend this game for anyone who enjoys the challenge of a puzzle game.
  13. Platinum #161 - Maquette (PS5) - Fun puzzle game. Was not able to figure it all out on my own so had to resort to a guide for a couple things, but overall pretty fun.

  14. Maquette - Really nice game so far. Enjoying the story. But these level speed runs are no joke... there is barely any wiggle room.

  15. Platinum #160 - Cthulhu Saves Christmas 69.57% Rarity Difficulty - 1/10, Time Spent - ~2.5 Hours, Enjoyment 6.5/10 Cthulhu Saves Christmas has you playing as Cthulhu trying to find and save the kidnapped Santa Claus. There is very little to this game, but it still is pretty good. You basically just walk through dungeons while fighting some enemies and the occasional boss in a turn-based RPG style of fighting. It's not very complex at all and you could basically just beat most enemies with your eyes shut. The game is fun, though, due to the writing. I found myself smiling at the various bits and pieces of dialouge and actually thought about replaying the game to trigger some of the additional dialogue (you have the option of like 5-10 different events each set of "free time" but you can only choose 4 events each time). But no one has time to replay games when they have an insane backlog, so I guess this will just go on the finished pile.
  16. Platinum #160 - Cthulhu Saves Christmas - Charming little game... the 2-3 hours of gameplay is definitely not worth the $30 I spent on a physical copy though.

    1. The Arizona Ranger
    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. Honor_Hand




      Shame it was so short compared to what you paid for it. At least it was a good time.

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  17. Finally went back to Meruru Plus and I am FUMING mad at this game. I can't believe that after beating the boss on each floor of the Makina Domain that if you leave you have to beat it AGAIN. I didn't realize that I had to do it all in one shot. I'm so mad.

  18. Controller Problem - One of my DS4 controllers won't charge... I plug it in and the light on there back glows dark orange for a second but then no more. I also have another controller that only charges halfway. Two of my controllers charge with no problems. Any ideas?

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Reset it. re-pair it. RE PAIR. not repair.

      if all else fails, be that asshole who sells it online for say 35-40 and put it towards a new one. Works like a charm. 

    2. Priere


      Ah alright, you could try these:

      Go to bluetooth devices, unpair the controller that refuses to charge, then pair again.


      You could try rebuilding database


      Or try resetting the controller through that hole in the back of the controller near L2


      If everything else fails there is a charging dock on amazon that charges through the headphone jack.

    3. Dav9834


      I've had a few Ds4s die, one was full on battery dead, the others micro usb port died. The port can be repaired. Or you can use a charging dock. 

      For troubleshooting a dock is nice and you don't need a really expensive one


      If fully dead, you can change out the battery, but idk what the prices are for ds4 batteries now. 


      I just used it as an excuse to get a color I was holding off on lol

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  19. Trophy hunting getting some publicity. Great achievement @Rebourne07!



    1. eigen-space


      @Silver-I-Chariot we build people up in my status updates, not sweep their achievements under the rug. If you don't like that, you can feel free to make your own status updates or forum posts spreading negativity.

      What has been accomplished here has been done by .000005% of players as a high estimate (1/number of NA FFXV players). Numbers speak for themselves.

    2. Honor_Hand


      Amazing achievement from this guy! I know very little of FF as a whole but that's some dedication and love for the franchise right there. Hats off to him, well deserved. ^^

    3. Rebourne07


      Thank you guys very much :)

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  20. Platinum #158 - Scarlet Nexus (PS5) - Pretty good game, but there was something off about it that I just can't put my finger on. I never wanted to play it for more than a chapter or two at a time (equivalent to 2-3 hours) when normally I can spend all day gaming. I'd find myself making excuses to stop gaming. And then it overstays its welcome by making you playthrough a second time on a similar storyline with the second protagonist. Oh well... glad to be done.

    1. Honor_Hand


      Great work on the plat! 👍

      Second playthroughs on a JRPG that wasn't too much to your liking can be bothersome, I know what you mean. Especially if the storyline with the second protagonist is nearly identical. Kinda reminded me of Tales of Xillia on PS3. Although, I absolutely loved that one back when I played it. :hmm: 

    2. eigen-space


      @Honor_Hand, I was hoping it would feel like ToX but it didn't 😔

    3. Honor_Hand


      @eigen-space Aww, shame. ToX was sweet even during that second run. :( 

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  21. Someone in real life mentioned they platinumed Skyrim.


    Me -- "That's so amazing! What a great job!"

    *Sends a link to my PSNP*

    "This is meeeeeeee!"


    1. Jens


      Neither of us wants to be single again, but... damn would we all be PSN-hot dude. Which is the most attractive trait to have!

    2. eigen-space


      I mean, it wouldn't help in this case because it was another girl.... but yes... we'd be such gamer bait lol

  22. @Jens plays some games with his girlfriend sitting with him in the same room while he plays, so they experience the game together. So when he refers to "we", he's referring to the shared experience, not multiple people playing on his account.
  23. Congrats on #200 my friend!

    1. Jens


      Thank you my friend! It was about time dude...

    2. gruffiiti


      Nice one Jens! Im only 100 behind you. haha

    3. Jens


      Thanks to you too!

      We both know a guy who gets 100 in like 2 weeks. Maybe you can ask for some tips! :P