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  1. I study historical sword fighting and various martial arts so I'm always really happy when I see characters using legitimate stances and techniques rather than flashy stage-fighting techniques. These are just general things that devs/writers do rather than anything specific... --References to past games in the series or other games by the same dev. The Tales Of series does an awesome job with this. --Having each NPC have unique thoughts that change throughout the game depending on what's going on with the plot. --Taking the time to create a wide array of enemies rather than just reusing the same models with a different skin... also making similar-style monsters have different attacks so it's not predictable. --Character hair/clothing movement/placement... I love when these things follow the laws of physics and also don't "disappear" when interacting with objects, surroundings, other characters.
  2. @dedennesteph... we kinda stalk each other
  3. Final Fantasy. Kingdom Hearts annoyed me, and I haven't played Persona yet. 1) Spoons 2) Forks 3) Sporks
  4. Might be a legit samurai *Edit* Please note that the post below me doesn't actually refer to me.
  5. ...no? Is that a reference to something? Are you a morning person?
  6. Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 give you themes for getting the plat (you also get themes for gold trophies as well). This was a perk from the game publisher, though, not Sony.
  7. Tales of Hearts R Started it last year around this time and stepped away from it with only half the trophies obtained. Just picked it back up last night... my last save was about 1/3 of the way through the story on a NG+ run... so I'm trying to remember the story and mechanics haha
  8. Well... maybe I'd survive the Tonberry attack. He can be clumsy sometimes. But the kitty? Not a chance. Rescued her and her sister out of the gutter only to find that I have become allergic to kitties she could sleep on my face and I'd die from the cuddles...
  9. Got addicted to the Zero Escape games.... now I don't know what to do next since I finished them all... level me up to 2 Worlds 2 Games 2 Stories please! The Nonary Games Virtue's Last Reward Zero Time Dilemma
  10. Locking thread.
  11. I'm starting to get back into cooking and wanted to see some awesome recipes or great websites/blogs/Youtube pages to follow! My two favorite cooking blogs are: Smitten Kitchen Budget Byte$ The next thing I'm wanting to make are Taco Stuffed Tomatoes. Note: Feel free to post pictures of your cooking outcomes here, but always make sure to include a recipe. There's another thread where you can talk about your cooking achievements and mishaps here if you do not have a recipe to share.
  12. I linked to that thread at the bottom of the post. I did see some people posting recipes there, but what I mainly saw were people posting pictures of things they had made or talking about cooking in general rather than posting recipes. Thought it might be good to have one simply for recipes
  13. Tales of Symphonia!!
  14. Banned for stalking everyone's profiles!
  15. Frogger
  16. Ys!!!
  17. IMO, Berseria is worth playing immediately. I've already replayed it twice after getting the plat (so 4 times through the story total as the plat took two runs). It's definitely my favorite in the series. I have 6 from the Atelier series-- Rorona Plus Totori Plus Ayesha Plus Escha & Logy Plus Sophie Firis Just a couple away from getting Meruru Plus and then it's time for all of the original versions haha I have 5 from Final Fantasy (XIII, XIII-2, XV, Type-0, and World of) and am very close to finishing up XII.
  18. For IRL--- See if there's a MeetUp group for something you like in your area: https://www.meetup.com/ Additionally, if you are in the US, several larger cities have a volunteer group called HandsOn that maintains a calendar of volunteer events for all sorts of causes. It's really easy to get started with them: http://www.pointsoflight.org/handsonnetwork/where-we-work Bumble also has a thing called "Bumble BFF". Bumble is a dating app, but if you use the BFF part, it connects you with people who are only looking for friends: http://thebeehive.bumble.com/bumble-bff/ Also, as others have mentioned, Facebook groups are excellent.
  19. @dark69knight, if you want something fun, Tales of Xillia. If you want something that's still fun but a little easier, FFXIII-2 @Deceptrox, I could use help with Terraria!
  20. Kingdom Hearts-- I don't want to play it again, but I want the platinum
  21. Silent Hill 2
  22. Heck yes! Have you ever ran a 5K race? (or farther?)
  23. Many of the Tales Of games have at least one major character that's trying to redeem themselves. Tales of Xillia 2 has an entire story line where Alvin (one of the main characters) is attempting to redeem himself from some actions he took in the first game. Tales of Zesteria has the main character trying to purify "Malevolence" from the world, and Tales of Berseria also deals with the same sort of thing but probably not what you're looking for (the main character can "eat" malevolence but she's only doing it to get stronger in order to avenge her brother by murdering the dude that's trying to save the world... however... ). Tales of Graces has so much of characters trying to turn themselves around/ earn a good reputation, but it doesn't actually happen until the "post-game" content. Final Fantasy XIII as well....