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  1. Nope-- haven't even played it. Horizon Zero Dawn
  2. My three puppers! Left is Geo, 8-Year-Old Great Pyrenees Mix Top Right is Eiger, 4-Month-Old Bernese Mountain Dog Bottom Right is Jazz, 2-Year-Old Great Pyrenees
  3. Undertale
  4. Call of Duty: MW Remastered
  5. Going for the platinum in each of these games made them much more interesting. Even though some of them were a little grind-intensive, they never felt particularly frustrating or tedious. Atelier Rorona Plus Atelier Ayesha (and Ayesha Plus) Atelier Sophie Tales of Graces World of Final Fantasy Amnesia: Memories Final Fantasy Type-0
  6. If @DesmaBR likes his steaks as rare as like he likes his trophies, he'd have been hospitalized for food borne illnesses by now.
  7. @Sagaan, FFX-HD... not sure how I'm ever going to get that Chocobo Rider trophy... ugh.
  8. I'm a 50-50 split. I have no issues going to events where I only know one or two people-- or even none! I almost always walk away from those sorts of events with a few new Facebook friends. I find it particularly easy to engage other people in conversation; I have a wide array of interests so I can generally find something non-vacuous to discuss. I honestly enjoy getting to know other people and making them smile/laugh. On the flip-side, sometimes I just want to be alone for whatever reason-- could be that I'm feeling overwhelmed, annoyed with people, whatever. Sometimes I don't hang out with people or even really go anywhere aside from the grocery store and work for several months at a time. Some of my hobbies also are solo hobbies, and I become very immersed in them-- reading, writing, gaming (I don't do anything multiplayer), art projects, working out, etc.
  9. I actually did my 10th-or-so run-through of FFIX in July while I was waiting for the release of FFXII. Had I known it was going to be re-released with trophies, I would have waited haha Also recently replayed Tales of the Abyss, Eternal Sonata, and Super Mario RPG.
  10. Nathan Trent
  11. @Deceptrox, Terraria.... so envious of your skill...
  12. I'm the chick, not the dude. Event with The Tutu Project: http://thetutuproject.com/
  13. Level 14 The Gambler Like gambling so much you'd even gamble with your life? Then you, sir or madam, are a true gambler.
  14. Knock Knock -- Bought it when it was like $2.... worst game ever. Mechanics and objectives are poorly explained. You pretty much just wander around hoping you do the right thing. There isn't a decent guide out there either (last I checked was in April-ish so maybe one has popped up since). Kingdom Hearts -- Don't understand the hype and the trophies are too time-consuming to even suffer through the grind. Welcome Park -- I have a few choice words for Sony for auto-opening this "tutorial" on my Vita. I don't play these kinds of games so I don't have the skill set to knock this one out.
  15. @DesmaBR, so many of yours are games that I have in my queue and will eventually plat.... hmmmm.... right now I'd say Trails of Cold Steel because I'm about to start the second run on Nightmare and am really not looking forward to playing through the story again... I felt it dragged a little....
  16. @Zarmatura93, not a Platinum suggestion, but a completion suggestion-- Child of Light! 1) It's pretty straight forward 2) The artwork is amazing 3) The soundtrack is amazing
  17. Francesco Gabbani - Occidentali's Karma Seriously want it to be Eurovision time again....
  18. Tales of Zestiria Bested The Worst - This is proof that you've defeated a certain powered-up "someone". Nothing more can be said, nor does it need to be. 4.06% Rarity Still 1 more trophy for Zestiria til the 3.70%-rarity platinum, but I'm saving the plat for a milestone
  19. @Soneto, Terraria.... because it's freaking TERRARIA! I don't think I'm ever gonna plat it on my own 😭
  20. @zeit86geist, probably Fallout 4 because it's a game I'll probably never play but would boost my "gamer cred" if I had it haha
  21. Just remember to pick up the map in the palace at the beginning of the game. You can purchase it in Old Archades later to the tune of 100k gil, which is totally doable by endgame... but still! Most of them are gotten just through the course of playing the game....
  22. Wolves in the Estersand if you want to get it super early; I did this with just Vaan in the party before going into the castle. Go to Sand-Swept Naze and then exit the screen back to Yardang Labyrinth so some of the wolves respawn (though don't run around in the labyrinth area as there are cocktrices that will break the chain if you're not careful). If you are OK with waiting, it's easier to get at Ogir-Yensa as several others have said.
  23. Ray Gigant is pretty short IMO. Took me about 20-25 hours, and I haven't played a dungeon crawler in ages. Pro-tips: the way you "level up" is through "seeds". You can attribute seeds to three different categories. When you get your "final" party in chapter 18 (I think), buff the two dudes in their physical strength and some of the accuracy... buff the female in magic. It took me like 5 tries to beat the final boss-- he tore me apart until I figured this out. You are also given a reset item (forget what it's called) to reallocate your seeds just in case you don't set it up the way you like the first time. You'll also get what they call "breeds" to upgrade equipment... those don't matter as much, but I'd suggest using them for the food category until you get one that heals poison AND restores hp for all party members.
  24. Interested in joining! Here's my list: 1) Atelier Meruru Plus --- 37 of 44 Trophies - 91% Complete --- 6.80% Rarity 2) Tales of Hearts R --- 20 of 40 Trophies - 42% Complete --- 6.69% Rarity 3) Final Fantasy X HD --- 8 of 34 Trophies - 12% complete --- 9.09% Rarity 4) Yomawari: Night Alone --- 10 of 28 Trophies - 17% Complete --- 18.58% Rarity 5) Atelier Rorona --- 0 of 53 Trophies - 0% Complete --- 6.76% Rarity 6) Final Fantasy XIII-2 --- 0 of 32 Trophies - 0% Complete --- 22.52% 7) Atelier Shallie Plus --- 0 of 39 Trophies - 0% Complete --- 23.55% Rarity 8) The Wolf Among Us --- 0 of 36 Trophies - 0% Complete --- 66.06% Rarity 9) Severed --- 0 of 25 Trophies - 0% Complete --- 39.22% Rarity 10) Norn9: Var Commons --- 0 of 30 Trophies - 0% Complete --- 55.55% Rarity
  25. @Terra Maybe Day of The Tentacle. It's not my typical style of game, but it looks fun and I was a huge fan of Maniac Mansion. I have a lot of your other games on my "to play" list, but I think they're all going to be fun or easy to plat