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  1. Got one for two purposes: vacations and anxiety. Vacations-- don't have to lug around a console... don't have to worry if the hotel/airBNB has a tv.... can play it on the airplane or in the car... Anxiety-- sometimes I need to focus on something other than the current situation to delay or lessen a panic attack; having a Vita allows me to immerse myself in a much more intense way than playing with a phone.
  2. I see so much love for Shallie everywhere I go (mainly for Shallotte)... and both of the games are rated very highly by game critics... I think Firis is even the highest rated from the critics that have reviews for it and Shallie is generally 2-4 depending on the reviewer. For me, its: Rorona > Ayesha > Meruru > Escha & Logy > Sophie > Totori > Shallie >= Firis (which is pretty much the reverse order of game review ratings)
  3. Platinumed Firis--- this makes for 6 (I'm already ranked in this tier) I now get the PS4 bonus though Now time to go plat the Arland trilogy on PS3.... don't wanna start on Shallie Plus as *unpopular opinion* it's the second worst title after *another unpopular opinion* Firis.
  4. Berseria is awesome. It's much more mature than the other titles that I've played, and the characters aren't the naive do-gooders like the other titles-- they're all pretty much out for revenge and don't care how it impacts the world. I haven't played Vesperia-- but I have played Symphonia, Abyss, Graces, Xillia (1&2), Hearts, Zestiria. Oh, and... my votes go to Berseria and Type-0. I Am Setsuna was also amazing, but the world wasn't quite as expansive as I typically like. I'm also holding out high hopes for Atelier Firis (just got NA released TODAY) and Ni No Kuni 2.
  5. Never even played it My Name is Mayo?
  6. You need to have beaten the final boss and continue on your completed game file. As the others have said, the katz is right outside Empyrean's Throne on Danann Highway North. If you mean the katz that lets you into the dungeon, after you've done the above, you need to go to Mount Killaraus and take the warp point to The Cauldron. The katz and dungeon entry should be right where the Code Red daemon was.
  7. ...and decided to say Hi! Eigen-Space is my handle on PSN and PSN Profiles. Let's become friends! I also have a Facebook page that has all my thoughts on video games. Feel free to 'Like' it! https://www.facebook.com/kcgamingthoughts My favorite genre is DEFINITELY JRPG. Recently I've been getting into Visual Novels and some indie games (mainly those that come on sale in the PlayStation store). I am also fond of point-and-clicks for nostalgia reasons ( Maniac Mansion and Princess Tomato). I'm a long-time gamer-- been playing since I was about 4 years old (Sesame Street video games at that time, mostly). I played my first RPG when I was about 7-8 (Super Mario RPG!) and got hooked on RPGs when my parents rented Saga Frontier from Blockbuster and had to buy me a copy after we returned it. As far as my non-gaming life goes... I have undergrad degrees in Mathematics and English Linguistics (I know a bit of Russian, Italian, Spanish, and Latin)-- tried for a Masters in Statistics but decided to put that on hold because I got sidetracked by joining a Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) club. It's a sword fighting club, but it is unlike LARPing or SCA as it doesn't have the costuming component. In addition to that martial art, I've also practiced Wing Chun Kung Fu, Krav Maga, Systema, and Combatives. Also into rollerblading as a non-violent way to get in my exercise. I work in the health insurance industry as an economics analyst-- lots of programming and statistics goes into it (yay for actually utilizing my degree!). As I'm still interested in topics in both my fields, I am always reading non-fiction math/stats and linguistics books. My language-loving side also got me into listening for international music, which gave me the opportunity to find EuroVision! It's basically like American Idol + The Olympics for all European countries (plus Australia); it's where Celine Dion and ABBA got their big breakthroughs, and there have been a lot of memes/wtf moments generated from the content (Epic Sax Guy, Ra-Ra-Rasputin, the bearded Kim Kardashian look-alike). Ummm... I have two dogs, both rescues, one half-Pyrenees/half-Golden Retriever and the other is full Great Pyrenees. I have a love for collecting furniture. I like wearing pretty dresses. The smell of freshly-cut grass and dirt after the rain calms me (but the grass scent has to be obtained through candles as I'm allergic! Boo!). I love farfalle and could live off Taco Bell. I also write wayyyy to much.
  8. @ElEyeman , I see that you've played Atelier Ayesha. As it looks like you have a Vita, I would highly recommend any of the Atelier Plus games they have on there. Atelier Escha & Logy is the logical choice as it's the next in the "Dusk" series. Or you could pick up FFXIII again and race me to a platinum
  9. OMG--- Platinum on Zestiria. And all those other Ultra Rares!
  10. Eurovision. Pretty much always.
  11. Just got Atelier Shallie Plus yesterday! I had to make the tough decision of whether to start that up or finish getting the platinum in Tales of Graces... Hopefully I'll be done with Graces by the weekend.
  12. Could you update me to Chocobo Trainer please?! I have the following: Final Fantasy Type-0 World of Final Fantasy FFXV Thanks in advance!
  13. Well, at least they added a NG+ with the latest update... and from what I hear, practically everything carries over so it should be pretty quick to get there!
  14. Title Master (100 Titles) Acquired 100 different titles for Asbel. (Bronze) 12:37 AM Went back to this game after wrapping up some of my newer titles. Clean-up time
  15. Star of the Rogue... no technical reason... I just think the warp is fancy haha
  16. Did you complete all of Cindy's other side quests?
  17. Prompto does this a lot when it's a selfie of just him and Noctis.... How would he know? Unless those fan theories are true....
  18. Deleted everything in my downloads, uploads, and notifications. That was the first troubleshoot thing I found :/
  19. No words are needed for this one. (my cousin's photo, not mine)
  20. I got him in about an hour by spamming armiger and armiger chains. There's an accessory from the holiday pack (armiger accelerator) that will increase the armiger fill rate and halt the tech bar... only takes maybe 15-20 hits to fill up the gauge and then whack-whack-whack. Improvements on my method that I'll try later because I didn't think it through the first time: ---Level higher than mid-60s ---Utilize ANY food buff, preferably the one that gives 100% crit (will need to find them first) ---Utilize some of the in-battle items that boost strength ---Equip any set of daggers as a main weapon-- preferably the zwills, if I decide to get them-- as daggers give an additional increase in quickening the armiger fill rate ---Get three accessory slots on at least Noctis to allow for an additional strength-boost accessory
  21. I had this problem as well.... my missing TIPS, pictures, and scenes all were related to this. The trophies popped but the scenes refused to register. It remedied for me after playing through the following Alpha scene (all the others did not require this to register the scene).
  22. I think I'll list all of mine even if they aren't PlayStation games.... Final Fantasy VII Kingdom Hearts Atelier Shallie Steins;Gate Mario Party (Any) GTA Super Smash Bros Crash Bandicoot Star Fox Borderlands Wii Bowling and Tennis Street Fighter Series Any Mario Kart after the original Any Pokemon that's not Red or Blue (including Go) MMOs in general, or games that have a strong online component Probably more....
  23. The most infuriating one was the magitek game to get the maduin memento. I beat it with the requirements about 10 times in the twins' room and nearly rage-threw my Vita across the room...didn't realize it had to be done in the tea room...
  24. Can you add me to the Sylph rank? I have platinumed Tales of Xillia
  25. Please add me I have the following platinums: Final Fantasy Type-0 World of Final Fantasy