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  1. This new PlayStation store is awful on mobile web browser. Took me over 5 minutes to try to claim Vampyr as part of the PS+ offerings 😒

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    2. Squirlruler


      Yea the new design is absolutely garbage. Why do they keep changing things and making it worse? Every. Time.

    3. DaivRules


      @Sir_Bee Helpfully pointed out the best way of getting to the Plus games is going through the Subscriptions link. I had the same experience trying to navigate to the Plus games the way the previous store worked.

    4. Last-_-Judgment


      Its stupid on every way of browsing, don't know what was going through their minds. Sony need to seriously up their game come the PS5 release, it's looking dismal. It's like they think they've already won the console race, so they are just putting minimal effort into changing things. They've already potentially lost future Bethesda titles which is a massive loss. While PS Plus and PS Now is not even close to being as good as Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live. I'm starting getting a bit worried going into the new year, it seems Sony's thinking in the wrong direction.