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  1. Time and Eternity - Going back to this game after taking a ~9 month "break" from it when I started grad school. Glad that it has a "diary" so that I can remember what I was doing. Just have to get used to the battle system again.

    1. ExHaseo


      I was really enjoying this game when I played it years ago. Unfortunately, when I got to the end of chapter 2, I got a glitch that kept me from progressing. Every time I'd go to try and enter the next area, the game would freeze. Even after completely deleting the game and redownloading. :/

    2. eigen-space


      @ExHaseo that's very unfortunate! I'm in the middle of chapter 2 right now so hopefully that doesn't happen to me!

      I think the game is just OK.... feels very repetitive but the story is decent. I think what they're doing with the animation is pretty cool though.

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