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  1. Noticed the Start and Select buttons weren't working on my knock-off PS3 controller, so I went to my used game stores to see if they had any real ones. Went to three different stores and found two! What a lucky day for finding something so rare! Now time to see if they actually work 😂

    1. Xylobe


      Nice find! Legit ones seem to be worth their weight in gold nowadays. I managed to get two of them brand new back in 2019 from B&H Photo of all places, and I've been treating them like they're made of fine china.

    2. eigen-space


      @Xylobe, lucky! Mine are definitely used, but I only paid $30 a piece.

    3. eigen-space


      Well, it's a bummer because the blue one doesn't work. The d-pad has an issue where it is constantly pressing right.