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  1. Making a game purposely not 100%-able for thematic purposes....



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    2. dmland12


      I can imagine how well this went over, lol.  I'm sure some people were over the top in their criticism.  But, still, if you're trying to sell something like this you really should have a better idea of what your audience/market is like.  If you're going to kick the hornets' nest this obviously, you should at least know you're doing it!

    3. DaivRules


      I think it's hilarious and to align completely with the theme, people who feel entitled to it can just use cheats to get it. It so perfectly fits with the theme of the game that I really appreciate it.

      The people who wouldn't have appreciated the theme of the game would have rejected the concepts in the game anyway so them skipping because they can't get unlock the final achievement is no loss at all.

    4. Slava


      I see this article shares the same idea as the game. The title promises "A great story", but in the end it's just a little "I'm 13 and this is deep" touch that can be described in one sentence.