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  1. What is the camera perspective from a game like Final Fantasy IX called where you're in third person but running through a fixed background with a fixed camera angle? I know it's third person of some kind, but I don't think the subgenre is called "Fixed Camera". When Googling that, it comes up with other types of games where you have an over-the-shoulder view but cannot use the joystick to pivot the camera around the character.

    I know when you're in the overworld it's a top-down third person with rotation, but I don't know what it's called when in dungeons/towns.

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    2. Slava


      Isometric is a specific type of parallel projection with equal angles between axes. It's good for tile-based games where you don't see the horizon, and everything appears the same size no matter where they are. Looking at some FF9 screenshots, I don't think it uses this view, I see different ones. Maybe the overworld does, I'm not sure.


      The fixed camera doesn't have any other name, AFAIK.


      In the 90's, the fixed camera was used in games with pre-rendered backgrounds. Developers would achieve better graphics at the cost of camera movement. Maybe pre-rendered is the word you had in mind? 🤔 Even though it's about the graphics instead of the camera type. 

      Wait, nevermind. People already mentioned pre-rendered graphics above, oops.

    3. Dreggit


      @eigen-space I believe the category you are thinking of is a static camera with a mix of fixed panning when you are in a location/town/dungeon. Similar to FFIX, Resident Evils older games use fixed cameras and fixed panning cameras that follow the character on a "track". Since you normally don't have any control of the camera, it is categorically fixed to be static or pan along the map as needed.

    4. enaysoft


      Yeah like Slava, Isometric is not 3D, as it's 2D or 3D but in plan view, which is without distance so lines don't bend into the distance..