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  1. FF7R -- This game is feeling very linear. I'm not understanding why people didn't find this problematic when they ripped FFXIII apart for it (and FFXIII opens up eventually).

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    2. nyarLOLhotep


      XIII had other problems that fed into complaints about the linearity. VIIR is certainly a linear game, no doubt about that, but XIII was a tier higher. It also came out in a different time when games where getting more and more open and that's what everyone was clamoring for. We're currently is the midst of open-world fatigue.  It had also been awhile since a mainline FF game had come out as well and people were probably expecting something really grand on the new hardware. When they got a long series or corridors instead of the sweeping vistas they were starting to see in other stuff it was probably a pretty big disappointment. 



    3. Arcesius


      Yeah I didn't have any problems with the linearity of XIII. With FF7R, I also didn't expect the game not to be linear, but it's one thing to not open up the game to too many sidequests etc, and another thing is your level design. 


      I see you just completed Chapter 8. That's where I also needed to get the "linearity" out of my chest. How did you like the 20 minute jog from the Church to Aerith's house, just along a curved corridor? Definitely noticeable, and it bothered me as well. 

    4. ihadalifeb4this


      FF13 was my fifth game from series. I can't think of one thing that game did better than previous games from FF franchise i played. The only thing 13 is superior at is graphics and even for that you can argue previous game did better considering hardware at the time they were made. The only reason i played 13-2 is because i lost a bet.


      However, there is one good thing about FF13. Farming platinum ingots is cure for insomnia. I was literally falling asleep when i was killing those turtles. That's why i have Treasures Hunter in my trophy cabinet. To remember that sometimes greatest challenge in  trophy hunting is to stay awake. 

  2. FF7R - So is Roche just some kind of psycho? Seems like a psycho.

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    2. eigen-space


      @Infected Elite, I'd say it's decent. I kind of like it when JRPGs are a little more open world, though. It doesn't seem like that'll happen at all in this game.

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      @eigen-space no spoilers. I feel there is a perfect blend/density ratio for rpg/jrps. Games could be too big open world and empty, or... be huge and colorful like Witcher or dense but small like Persona.


      Youll end up liking the game. Im curious how youll feel at the end of it

    4. DrBloodmoney


      I see Roche as a kind of counter-balance to the Spectres, operating as a sort of Narrative Deus Ex Machina - just like them.


      He, however, is the flipside of the coin - an ‘Agent of Chaos’, to oppose the Spectres as ‘Agents of Order’.


      The Spectres represent the attempts by fate to confine the story to the bounds set in the original timeline - and are always working to scupper any deviation from the pre-ordained path (i.e. the existing story we all know), whereas Roche is a chaotic additional cog, deliberately forcing the player away from staying on the ‘pre ordained’ path.

  3. FF7R - Biggs is kinda hot.

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    2. nyarLOLhotep


      He looks like Charlie Sheen in the 80s. So yeah, he's a handsome boy.

    3. PhyrxianLibrarin




      Everyone in the game is hot, FF7R might be the thirstiest game I've ever played.

    4. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Aerith and Jessie though 

  4. So I waited for 2 hours for FF7R to download. Then started playing it. Then at the end of Chapter 1 got a message that it was only 41% installed... so I go and look at my downloads and I was woefully unprepared to see that it still has 50+ GB left to download, which will take 8 hours. Guess I'll start playing again tomorrow.

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    2. Yuna4353


      I try @eigen-space it getting hard, that why I say follow Wario or an in stock PS5 thing.

    3. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      Happened to me on launch night too, had planned to stay up all night but had to stop after Chapter 1. Thankfully it was finished when I woke up 

    4. eigen-space


      @Infected Elite, it's not a PS4 issue, it's an internet issue. The game downloads in two chunks; it had downloaded the first chunk, which allows you to play the first chapter, but hadn't finished downloading the second chunk, which was 85gb.

  5. AND #150!
    SaGa Frontier
    One of my favorite games of all time <3

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    2. eigen-space


      @Beyondthegrave07, yes, I finished it a little bit ago but saved the last trophy so I could make my #150 special 😊

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. Honor_Hand


      Nice work, congrats!

  6. Platinum #149 - The Moosman 81.14% Rarity Difficulty - 2/10, Time Spent - ~3 Hours, Enjoyment 2/10 The Mooseman is a cultural tale of how some immortal (?) called The Mooseman rips apart heaven and then gets his sons to rebuild it. I think. I wasn't really paying attention to be honest. I can't remember a game that I've disliked more than this one (that's a lie.... Block-a-Pix was definitely worse). Usually I like games that give cultural insights (like Never Alone), but this one was just badly implemented. The character moves at a snail's pace throughout the environments and you have to do some very basic puzzle solving to get through the environment. There are also some annoying collectibles to pick up along the way. Unforunately I didn't realize that there was a chapter select, so after missing a couple collecitbles, I restarted the game... three times... oops. I also really am in shock that this has such a high completion percentage. I definitely thought that some people would be annoyed by the buggy collectibles. But I guess @IBadDriverI's guide has helped many people through this platinum. Anyway... probably don't play this game.
  7. Platinum #149 - The Mooseman - What an annoying game. The character walks too slowly and the collectibles are a pain in the ass... you have very limited time to go back and recollect them if you missed one... I guess fortunately at least they save your collectibles throughout playthroughs.

  8. There's not a trophy list for Chicory PS4 yet despite being able to buy it? But the PS5 list is present? Does this happen often?

    1. DaivRules


      For the developers that have released PS4 and PS5 titles together, I think this is the largest gap in time before the other console versions list has appeared.

    2. Morgana


      The list is live over on Exophase for the PS4.  I feel like PSNP has been a lot slower just lately at grabbing the lists

  9. Platinum #148 - Coffee Talk 61.89% Rarity Difficulty - 2/10, Time Spent - ~7 Hours, Enjoyment 8/10 Coffee Talk has you playing as the barista at a local bar. The main character, Freya, is one of your regulars. She is a writer working on her novel and she drawns inspiration from the patrons of the coffee shop. It's not too hard to find inspiration considering that the world is full of unique problems due to the fact that there are multiple different species in this world-- vampires, werewolves, orcs, elves, etc. During story mode, you get to meet several different people who come into your shop and learn their stories while brewing them beverages. The stories are all really interesting, and the gameplay of making the coffee is also really fun. There's also a challenge mode where you are filling orders, which I thought was particularly fun because it requires you to memorize ingredients and their attributes to be able to make drinks quickly (though you can also pause the game and look up drinks in the guide if you're having problems). One of the things I really liked about this game was the soundtrack. They are all very low-key songs but I really enjoyed the atmosphere they give the game. The soundtrack is on Spotify and I intend to use it as background music while I'm working. Anyway, definitely a good game to kill some time with. I recommend it.
  10. Platinum #148 - Coffee Talk - I really liked making coffee in this game, especially in challenge mode. It became a fun little puzzle to work with and required some memorization. I was able to memorize the attributes of each ingredient to make a given drink, but wasn't able to memorize the specialty drinks for the most part. The stories you are introduced to in story mode are also pretty interesting. Definitely enjoyed this one... though the guide could have been organized a bit better and had some inaccurate information.

  11. Platinum #147 - Batu ta Batu 80.82% Rarity Difficulty - 1/10, Time Spent - ~45 Minutes , Enjoyment 6/10 Batu ta Batu is a puzzle game where you have to match blocks of the same color and then eliminate them from your playing space. Pretty easy, not much to say. This game was pretty good for what it was. I could see myself playing this on my phone if I was bored, but it just isn't enough to be on a console. It marks my fastest platinum to date, which is unfortunate because the platinum image that is now displayed in my trophy milestones kind of looks.... lewd.
  12. Platinum #147 - Batu ta Batu - This is kind of like one of those candy crush-type games. Just move around blocks to pair them with the same color and then eliminate them from your board. It is my fastest platinum with a 42-minute play time. And it's unfortunate that this is my fastest platinum because the trophy looks a bit like a penis and will be in my trophy milestones until I find something faster to play... maybe I will have to look at Ratalaika games now lol

  13. You should try Record of Agarest War if you like SRPGs. Ask @Jens how much fun he had listening to my commentary on that one before ultimately giving up on it.
  14. Platinum #146 - Master Reboot 39.72% Rarity Difficulty - 4/10, Time Spent - ~5 Hours , Enjoyment 5.5/10 Master Reboot is about.... well fuck if I know! They made me play the game in Welsh for a trophy! But after reading about it online... it's about a group of friends that makes a new experience called the Soul Cloud where you can upload your life's experience so that a person can be revisited after death by their loved ones. But something makes the Soul Cloud go awry and now you have to investigate your own memories to try to solve the problem. After reading the synopsis, the story sounds SO GOOD. If you play and don't mind multiple playthroughs, I would highly recommend doing your first one in English so that you understand what's going on and then do the Welsh playthrough. If I would have been able to understand what was going on, this would have gotten two more points from me on the enjoyment scale. But, alas, the things we do for trophies... The play style of this game is mild puzzle solving with some platforming elements. It's in first person, which I typically hate because it makes me nauseous, but this didn't have that effect on me, fortunately. The trophies are pretty straightforward, with very few of them being missable. The trophy on PST is quite good, and they have a complete walkthrough for help with the collectibles (they do get left and right confused sometimes, but nothing that is too much of a detriment). I had to ramp up the difficulty of this to a 4 because of one trophy that requires you to do several different platforming challenges quickly and in quick succession. I'm not the best platformer, and this game didn't have the tightest platforming, so it made it doubly hard to try to do some of these things. But I go through it eventually haha. Also, this game has some horror elements with jump scares and whatnot. I am not a fan of that sort of thing, but I can see some people enjoying it. Despite all that went wrong with this game, I'd say still give it a go. I had it for free from PS+ a while back, so maybe you do too!
  15. Platinum #146 - Master Reboot - I would have had a much better time with this game if I had actually been able to understand what was going on. And by "understand", I literally mean understand... because the game makes you play in the Welsh language for a trophy. So I had zero context about anything that was happening until I went and did some research of my own. Had I been able to play in English, the experience would have been much better. The things we do for trophies...

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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. Honor_Hand
    4. eigen-space


      @GraniteSnake omg. I wish I would have known that! The guide I was reading said it had to be a full playthrough 😭