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About Me

Hi Everyone! Thanks for visiting my "About Me". Read on for some various nuggets of information.

For some super-detailed information, you can check out my Member Interview Here.


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This is Me, in case you were wondering what I look like. I'm always curious what people look like...





Game Series: Final Fantasy, Atelier, Tales Of, Zero Escape, SaGa, Cat Quest

Individual Games: Super Mario RPG, Princess Tomato, Child of Light, The Sexy Brutale, Maniac Mansion, Hatoful Boyfriend

Other Interests: Eurovision, Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), Rollerblading, Puppies, Statistics, Languages


Game Series Rankings

Final Fantasy -- IX, VIII, Tactics, XIII, Type-0, XII, XIII-2, World Of, X-2, X, I, II, VII

Atelier -- Rorona, Ayesha, Meruru, Escha+Logy, Lydie+Suelle, Lulua, Nelke, Ryza, Sophie, Firis, Totori, Shallie

Tales of -- Berseria, Xillia, Graces, Xillia 2, Zestiria, Hearts, Symphonia


My Trophy Thoughts
Eigen-Space Trophy Space

Eigen-Space's Just Dance Diaries


My Guides:

Little Dragons Cafe - Ingredients Location Guide

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn + Barack Fu DLC

Tales of Graces Trophy Guide + Walkthrough

Valthirian Arc


Top 10 Faster Achiever Leaderboards (As of 3/12/21): 

5 - Ghost Parade

6 - Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

7 - Forgotton Anne (NA)

10 - Mary Skelter: Nightmares (NA)

10 - Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God  (NA)


Project Platinum



:gold: Desperate Platinums - Desperate Hope D4jniTE.pngkDXW2p0.jpg

:gold: Atelier - Alchemy Master PhYvqkK.jpg

:silver: Tales of - Undine x9MxD31.jpg

:silver: Final Fantasy - Chocobo Trainer cRNH6ie.jpgTsQdhQB.png

:silver: Trails in the - Junior Bracer oHYyHNe.jpg

:bronze: Compile Heart - Spirit 2jeINLI.jpg



Event Badges

1uoNRn9.png  CZcNsJy.png  SzzGIlf.jpg fvPxXc6.jpg eigen-space.png eigen_space_bonus_by_kristycism-dcrjv4l.  eigen-space.jpg  BT4nAMC.pngeigen-space.pnglQ4WAGy.png  rIFhCY2.pngeigenspace_by_kristycism-dcpquhr.png



<3 Francesco Gabbani!