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  1. I just want to play a fun christmas game, not one of the 10 minute easy plat ones though, does an open world christmas game even exist?

  2. Tails of Iron - So, I totally lied about going to bed.... and instead I got my trophy! Yay 100%! Bloody Whiskers was such a challenge!

  3. So in short: someone in psnp discord calls me a pedo for liking genshin impact in multiple way (even using reacts)


    The guy has me blocked but chooses to read my messages and let himself get upset and angry over them (he'll get mad over people using reacts and tell the mod too) he can dish out the bullying but can't take it at all and will block and hide 


    Few days later he goes on about how he's supported and played genshin impact since launch 


    This guy is absolutely psychotic 


    Also does not shut the fuck up about xbox gamepass, you'd almost think he was a plant marketing it 

  4. Thinking about playing Broken Age (had it forever) and how hard is the 1 hour speed run? I don't usually like doing speed runs but from what I see with using a guide it shouldn't be to bad. 

  5. :platinum:#1,028 Tales of Berseria

  6. #166 Judgment PS5 version



    Felt good to play and stack the beefed up version of the original! Although it might be hard to believe, but I'm officially "Yakuzad out" for the time being 😅. This year, I replayed yakuza 0,1,2, some of 3, LJ and now Judgment so I think that a small break is in order. 


    With that said, I think that ghost of tsushima might be next! 

  7. almost done xmas shopping. Just have to get some stuff for sister and pick up some liquor. Everyone else is done. Just spent a lot on my niece. She wanted some purple barking dog pet surprise thing lol.... then grabbed her some lego, a piggy bank, 2 outfits, and some disney dolls, and ill probably get more. 


    Anyone have any ideas other than Baileys or Caroline's (sp?) ?  for warmer/hot drinks. Recipes welcome



  8. almost done xmas shopping. Just have to get some stuff for sister and pick up some liquor. Everyone else is done. Just spent a lot on my niece. She wanted some purple barking dog pet surprise thing lol.... then grabbed her some lego, a piggy bank, 2 outfits, and some disney dolls, and ill probably get more. 


    Anyone have any ideas other than Baileys or Caroline's (sp?) ?  for warmer/hot drinks. Recipes welcome



  9. Two recent games I've purchased have bugged trophy lists... Just Dance 2022 and Astria Ascending. I'm glad I rarely play my newly-purchased games right when I receive them... hopefully they'll get patched appropriately.

  10. Picked up Just Dance 2022 from Amazon's early Black Friday deals. I'm hopeful that they'll fix the bugged trophy soon-ish otherwise I'm stuck playing this on an alt account... can't have a second incomplete Just Dance game on my profile due to bugs...

  11. I've taken a day or two off of work a few times this year, but my only actual vacation (5 day weekend) in the last few years starts tomorrow... then a few days off next week for the Thanksgiving holiday.


    Couldn't come at a better time since the last few weeks have been unbearable work wise. Basically working around the clock, dealing with obnoxious people, barely even time to sleep. Some desperately needed time to regroup.


    My plans? Sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. Sleeping in, naps, whatever I can do. Probably finish up the post-Shadowbringers story content in FFXIV and other general cleanup items I'd like to do leading into Endwalker next month. Binge watch the rest of the anime Monster. MAYBE start up that exercise regimen I've been putting off for lazy and work related reasons.  Probably play it by ear the rest of the time.


    Most importantly... not think about work for a solid 4-5 days. Feels good, man.

  12. Hello friends. If, like me, you've ever had a rough time deciding what to play out of your monstrous backlog, I have come up with a needlessly complicated system to help.

    First, divide your games into a ridiculous amount of lists. This step isn't entirely necessary. I was working from four lists myself but then there are number of things irreparably wrong with me that may not be quite so damaged inside your own mind.

    I separated them into: 
    games I own from the same franchise
    - games I own that don't belong to any series (or only have one of from said series)
    - games from my PS Now subscription
    - PS3 games I own

    I then used a random number generator to choose ten games from each list, except for the PS3 titles of which there were five. I don't play the PS3 a great deal and when I do, I am currently stuck on that bullshit asteroid shooting trophy from Dead Space so progress may be somewhat slow on that road anyway.

    That gave me 35 games to plough through; a mere morsel of my backlog as a whole but still something I can be proud of finishing while remaining excited for what the next 35 games might be. You might be wondering why it took so many words just for me to tell you to use a random number generator and I have an excellent answer for you but first, look over there. Now back. Where have I gone? Nowhere you'll ever find me, friend. You can count on that.

    I finished Batman: Arkham Asylum today. I put a line through it rather than delete it. That's what people did with their lists in the olden days and I am a man that respects heritage. Here's my list.

    - Batman: Arkham Asylum
    - Song of Horror
    - Star Wars: Bounty Hunter
    - Yakuza 0
    - Ghoulboy
    - The Last Tinker: City of Colors
    - Silent Hill Downpour
    - Zombie Army Trilogy
    - Evil Inside
    - Limbo
    - Final Fantasy VIII Remastered
    - Silver Chains
    - Bard's Gold
    - Tomb Raider: Anniversary
    - Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night 
    - Tamashii
    - Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders
    - Grand Theft Auto III
    - Rainbows, Toilets & Unicorns
    - Desert Child
    - Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
    - Resident Evil: Code Veronica X
    - Radio Squid
    - 11-11: Memories Retold
    - Batman: Arkham City
    - Loop Index
    - Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek
    - Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones
    - Yakuza Kiwami 
    - Perils of Baking
    - Rag Doll Kung Fu
    - Zombie Army 4: Dead War
    - Witch Hunter
    - Spec Ops: The Line
    - Shadows of the Damned

    Have you played any of these games? Are they hard? Is my adventure doomed? Should I turn back now? I mean, I'll lose my deposit on the kayak if I abandon it here but y'know. I'll still have my lunch at least.

    Oh- no I won't. It got wet. All of the- yep, all the sandwiches are soaked through. For fuck's sake.

  13. Platinum #215: Hades


    Well... this will be something. Because I can't remember the last game that disappointed me as much as this one. But let's start with the positives.


    Next to Children of Morta it's the only roguelike I've played with a constructed story and actual characters. That wasn't too shabby. And the gameplay itself was OK, fast-paced hack&slash action. Not too flashy, but it got the job done in the beginning. It runs pretty smooth, the art style is pretty alright too. Having a busted run is just a pleasant as in other rogulikes too.


    But well... it kind of messes up close to everything else for me... but keep in mind that I'm a roguelike snob :P 

    To me learning a roguelike is like learning a language. At first you lose all the time and think "How am I supposed to win this?". But you understand more and more, and improve as well. This dual learning curve is pretty much the core fun for me. But this "learning curve" barely exists in Hades, because everything is bare bones. All boons are way too much alike, it boils down to "Deal XX% more damage and add X status effect to your attack". That gets old real fast, it doesn't make the runs different enough at all.

    Adding to this is the fact that I hated those boons having rarity attached to them. It just doesn't feel very fair and / or rewarding when good boons appear in shitty rarity all the time - and are therefore trash - while bad ones are epic - and are probably still trash. The only boons that made a meaningful difference to me were the hammer upgrades for your weapon, and boons that raised your damage on your most-used attack. That's it, the rest was pretty much cosmetics in the worst case. And that really messed with my experience of "learning builds". Was the boon just trash, or was the bad rarity the issue? This issue gets solved later on by improving the chance of rarer boons, but that was way too little too late. It gets slightly fixed by the permanent upgrades you can unlock in the mirror, but those advantages came when I was already sick of this game.

    I disliked every single boss fight. They started out as being challenging, as they should be in a roguelike. But after that they continued being annoying. And considering that you fight the same four bosses every single time.... that's pretty annoying alright.

    But the biggest issue is that there's no "mystery" to it. Once you beat Hades, the grind begins. You don't unlock ANYTHING meaningful in this game. No significant new bosses, no alternate paths, nothing. You pretty much start the grind after 2 or 3 Hades kills at most. And that was beyond boring. I used God Mode after the first few Hades kills to start the keepsake grind (clearing many battles with each of the 25 keepsakes), just to reach the meat and potatoes of this game while making progress on that too. But there was no meat and potatoes, it kept being asparagus and cauliflower... Increasing the difficulty through those negative run-modifiers didn't mean anything to me, the core game was 99% the same.

    And here's my last major issue with it: The endgame tasks all suck extremely hard. Almost everything is based around giving NPCs items to trigger side-quest-related dialogue. And that is the most boring endgame I've ever seen in a roguelike. Not only do you have to grind the items, you can only give them one out of 7 - 9 necessary items at once. After that you have to reach them all over again (bad if those NPCs are RNG based within a run) and annoying in the starting zone, because they sometimes just aren't there, or you can't give them an item when they are talking to someone else. For whatever reason. These side quests are all ridiculously random too. Half the time I wasn't even sure about meeting the requirements. You just keep talking to them and wait for some kind of feedback. Talking to the same NPC 8+ times to wait for a nebulous trigger is just annoying beyond believe. Really poor in my opinion.


    So yeah, I kinda hated it to be honest. There's an OK game hidden in here, especially if you only care about gameplay, less so about completion. But to me completion is essential in a roguelike, and therefore this one failed spectacularly. If they would've stitched 5 runs together and made it a simple, one-run game it would've been absolutely alright. But this pointless, grindy and RNG-based repetition gets old way too fast. Sadly that's 70-80% of the game right there.

  14. 100% - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition

  15. Anyone had pre order issues with Amazon? I pre ordered House of Ashes 2 weeks ago and got a email last night saying expected delivery is October 26. Next Tuesday. I expected to get it today. 

  16. Anyone had pre order issues with Amazon? I pre ordered House of Ashes 2 weeks ago and got a email last night saying expected delivery is October 26. Next Tuesday. I expected to get it today. 

  17. Platinum #211: Shing!


    Guess it's better to start with a little disclaimer, out of fairness. I bought this game blind, I only got it because the name was mildly amusing to me. I was expecting something like The Messenger or Guacamelee, Platforming + Combat. But it really wasn't, and therefore I went in disappointed from the start. That really dropped my overall enjoyment, not the game's fault though.


    It's a super simple beat'em up, like old NES games, Streets of Rage for example. You walk from left to right, beat up all enemies, continue, rinse and repeat. That's basically it, there's close to no variation at all. The game offers you two different control schemes. Using the right analogue stick for attacks - don't use this one. It's the most tedious thing ever, stick to buttons if possible! I really hope the PS4 got that control option patched in too...

    It's just very, very basic. The humor didn't land for me, it gets repetitive real fast, enemy patterns were more annoying than challenging and the combat didn't really get satisfying. But once I got my head in the game, shook of my disappointment and started focusing I stopped hating it, it was passable by the end.


    It's very short (7 levels, roughly 15-30 minutes each) and can get slightly challenging, especially in some challenge rooms. Mastering levels is fairer than one might expect. You need to beat the level quickly, while taking little damage and earning a certain amount of "battle style points". Thankfully you don't need all three at once, and you can restart checkpoints when you feel like having screwed things up. Mastering levels worried me, but I did all of them first try after beating the game. If a noob like me can do it, you can do it too :P


    Dunno. If you just want a retro beat'em up, maybe. It's on sale somewhat frequently, currently at 5$ even. If you know what you're getting into and like this kind of game you might actually get something out of it. But if you need a bit of fresh gameplay changes here and there, Shing ain't your Thing.

  18. Platinum #167 - My Aunt is a Witch - I really tried not to skip the VN text, but it was so boring... after about 75% of the way through I couldn't take it anymore.

  19. The nightmare is finally over!! Very happy to say I completed the final deathless run on SMBF, for The Other Side Dark World! Those levels were definitely a solid challenge...


    However, as I recently mentioned on @Arcesius's brilliant Trophy Checklist thread, this one didn't pose me nearly as much trouble as both The Clinic & The Lab Dark Worlds! Maybe it's that my skills have been honed enough from all this practice, maybe it was my will to push through and finish the last one off so I can proceed with the rest of the game to finally claim my #200 :platinum: milestone  victory... Maybe somewhere in between?! 😆


    At any rate, very glad to put that all behind me now. I think @Kcrack_Km said it best when he told me that I would feel invincible after conquering this one... My dude you were right on the money with that statement! That is certainly how it feels 💪 Again a big thanks to both you and Arcesius for keeping me motivated throughout the journey ☺️


    Now that we are past the most difficult part of the journey, all that's left is NG+, then NG++ (and possibly NG+++ if some of the pacifiers are too tricky to grab?!) in order to grab more pacifiers to unlock the last few characters. 


    I am pleased to say the SMBF guide is also coming along swimmingly! I have a majority of it done, just need to add the boss trophy descriptions, as well as to hash out a good plan for the Tips & Strategies section, then we will be good to go. I was thinking to add a sort of "Advanced Techniques" part of it, to better lay out some of the more tricky maneuvers. I have all my videos recorded too, except for 2 characters: Brownie & Tofu Boy. At this point tho, if I finish the guide before grabbing those I will just submit it. The info for them is in there and I could very easily edit the videos in once I have them! (thx again KCrack_Km for explaining those processes to me!)


    As always, just for posterity's sake, here is a video of my epic deathless run on The Other Side Dark World:


    Thanks as always for stopping by, cheers, and happy 🏆 hunting everyone!

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      All this AND a trophy guide? You're amazing!

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  20. Todays mail... and ill never open it



  21. Anyone else having an issue with every page on here taking a very long time to load? It's only been happening for a few days now. Every other website loads instantly, but pages on here are taking anywhere from 10 seconds up to 30+ seconds to load