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  1. I hope they change the search option in the PSN store.. Come on, it is 2017 I do not want to scroll down for every character.
  2. After (almost) a month without gaming I had to compensate it this month. So far I have obtained 5 Platinums this month with my most recent one: Tricky Towers. #26 - Tricky Towers - Grand Master Wizard So, in this game you have to build towers with falling bricks… that is basically the whole game. But it can be pretty ’tricky’ when you are at the last 10 trails. The rarity of this Platinum is a bit misleading tho, it has been a PSNPlus game. The difficult part is to keep your patience and focus till RNG is on your side (especially for the “Complete trail #50 without losing a heart.” Trophy). Also notable, there are hardly players in Online mode what leads to endless search sessions. On the positive note, if you have obtained every other Trophy you can win almost every match. It just takes so damm long to find a… Besides Trail 50 and its Ultimate Wizard Trophy (that single Trophy took me a one and a half day) I have had great experiences and will it be one of the few games I see myself playing after finishing it. Difficulty: 7/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 (would have been 8 without the Ultimate Wizard Trophy)
  3. Yeah, you are right, my bad sorry. That update came 1 day after I completed the game, therefore I did not know that haha. My English is not that good, but if I read the update log well the damage of one stack of 40 Gunpowder does the same amount of damage (8k) and I did not see any other buff Bosses buff. I have looked up what that means for the bosses and it seems that the Deerclops, Beager, Moose/Goose still can get one shotted (they require 30 or less Gunpowder). For the other two Bosses this means you lay down one stack at a time, then use the flute, etc.
  4. I have completed the game a couple weeks ago and have to say that it can take some time to understand what steps you have to take to survive. Firstly, try to figure out if you want to get the Platinum on your own or with other people. After playing together with other people I figured out it is (for me) way easier to survive in a solo game. For the game itself: Watch a YouTube video about the basics of the game (how/where to set up a base/farms etc.). Don’t go for the boss trophies right away (except the Deerclops), just try to survive for 75 days (after playing with different characters I found Wilson the easiest to begin with, he does not seem to have a negative sides). Some of the trophies will come naturally and some of them are easy to obtain if you are surviving easily. I had the most trouble to survive in the Summer season. What I eventually found to be the best way to get through, is by setting up a second (or third) base (+farm) inside a Cave. Try to farm a lot of blue Mushrooms well you are there to fill your Sanity and Health and you will be okay (as long as you are not at your base it will not burn down). The bosses are actually really easy to kill if you collect all the Nitre and Rotten Eggs you can find/get to create Gunpowder and also use a Flute (don’t waste the Flute on anything else than the bosses). When you are going for the bosses you can look up how much health they have and calculate how much Gunpowder you need, Gunpowder does 200 dmg. Use the Flute to make them sleep and lay down and light the Gunpowder. Except the Ancient Guardian and Dragonfly it will be a one hit kill. *edit: After seeing your profile I do not know if these tips can help you because they are mostly Trophy based and you don't really seem to go for them. Anyway, hopefully some of it helps 😅
  5. #20 - Tales from the Borderlands - We Had Fun, Didn't We? I only have played one Telltale game before (Game of Thrones) and I loved every bit of it. That is why I had high expectations for Tales of the Borderlands. After playing it, I had some mixed feelings. The soundtrack of the game is amazing as well as the ending. But it starts really slow and took a while till I wanted to play it through. Besides that I do not think all characters are as strong as they could be. Nonetheless, the soundtrack and especially the ending made it worth to play through the end. Difficulty: 0/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 #21 - Lumo - Ultimate Played The Game Wanted to play something else than the last games I played, which were (very) easy to Plat (Beach Buggy Racing, Lara Croft Go and Tales of the Borderlands). I was a bit scared, because the rarity made Lumo look like a very long and difficult game. And yes, completing the game on Old School mode was hard, but nearly as hard as I thought it would be (I thought it was a play through with only 1 life). When you start playing it can be frustrating, like it took me a while till I figured out you can hold X while jumping on a duck, what makes you do an instant jump. Also the fixed camera is a bit frustrating in the beginning, but you learn to read the rooms after getting through them over and over. All in all, Lumo is a fun game and I can recommend it to everyone that wants a low percentage Platinum. Difficulty: 6/10 Enjoyment: 8/10
  6. @bruin-rocks Thanks, that actually helped ! Before (in most of the rooms) I collected the Duck by walking out of the room where I came into, so the room would reset. This time I just completed the room while holding the Duck and it worked.
  7. Hi, I have a question regarding the Duck Hunt trophy. So after I collected the 32st Duck without dying in any of the Duck rooms, the trophy did not pop for me. I did not fully understand the explanation of the trophy, so I started a new playthrough without dying at all. However, this did not work as well. Like, do I have to complete the whole playthrough to get this trophy (hopefully not, I still have a lot of trouble getting through the Ice levels without dying haha)? Does it only work in ‘Old School’ mode… Any help is appreciated
  8. And that is the reason why you need competition between Sony and Microsoft. Without a doubt Microsoft forced Sony to take another look at their service. I'm not a fan of these kind of services (I have a thing for physical boxes). But it's good to see they are (now) willing to improve their services. Although I think the price is the main issue, €17,- is way too much (especially at the moment).
  9. #14 - Horizon Zero Dawn All trophies obtained Obtained all Horizon Zero Dawn trophies. Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 3/10 (Hard Mode) What a fantastic game, a game I didn't wanted to play in the first place… The (gameplay) trailers didn’t get me excited. Probably because it reminded me of The Witcher 3, a game that I stopped playing after an hour. Anyway, the only reason I bought it was because my brother wanted to play it. But after I playing it myself, it grabbed me and didn’t let go (in the first three days I played something like 32 hours). At the moment I've done all Main / Side quests and errands and I'm considering to collect all the remaining fragments, notes, etc. (I currently am at like 75% of all the non-Trophy collectables). Before playing Horizon I was trapped in a 'dark' period of playing games only for the Platinum Trophy (games like i.a. Coffin Dodgers and Day of the Tentacle Remastered, games I would never play before). But Horizon Zero Dawn brought me back to just enjoy gaming, something I really missed. I’m really happy for GG that Horizon is doing so well and it makes me (a bit) proud to be from the Netherlands .
  10. #8 - The Witness Platinum I read and heard a lot of good things about The Witness, but €40,- (at release) looked a little much. So when I saw this game in the PSN store for €15,- I bought it immediately. The game was enjoyable, but also frustrating. There are puzzles in the game where the solution relies on colors and for people that are color-blind, like me, this is hardly impossible to complete. Therefore, I had to use some YouTube video’s, what took away some of the experience. Gladly for me, the puzzles for the Challenge Trophy weren’t heavily relying on it. Kind of spoiler: Besides that, I find the end scene a little strange. Don't really know what I was expecting, but certainly something different than this, something more satisfying. The Witness has some difficult puzzles in it, but they are doable. Same goes for the Challenge Trophy, it took me some tries (I believe 23) but I never had the idea that it was impossible to complete. I am glad that I waited till it got a discount because I still believe it is a €15,- / €20,- game. Enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty: 3/10 (It's hard to rate the difficulty of this game, because you can take all the time you need for most of the puzzles).
  11. #7 - Game of Thrones (TellTale) Lord of Ironrath First of all I am a big Game of Thrones fan, I love the series and everything what relates to it. Although I never played a Telltale game before (and these types of games didn’t look very exciting to me) I had to give it a try… And Damm I have to admit I loved it. Besides the graphics and some weird technical bugs and crashes, it was a blessing to play. Before I started playing I thought you would go through the same story as the series, but I was happily surprised this wasn’t the case. New side stories, amazing voice overs and your own choices (no major choices, but enough impact for my feeling), kept me playing the through. Completed the 6 episodes in one rush and I hope there will be a new episode available when the new season starts. A must play for every Game of Thrones fan. Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 0/10
  12. Thanks for your advise! The tip for Hagalaz (light up all pillars) made the no power challenge a lot easier for me, i thought the knock down was random haha. With that advice my tactic was just to run clockwise and keep rolling. The only thing you have to dodge that way are the sparks and the beams, what made it pretty easy. For some reason i had the most trouble with Fe (both), one of the reasons was probably that i didn't know that you could hold down triangle (I just thought you had to time it really really good). Kaunen and Halagaz where the easiest for me and completed both of them in a couple runs. 50% of these fights are probably based on luck tho. Overall fun game and good luck to anyone who is gonna plat this game .