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  1. - Resident Evil Origins Bundle (Includes Zero and RE 1) - Resident Evil 5 - Mega Man Legacy Collection
  2. - Jiggle physics are out of control - Did they really turn Arnice into some kind of antagonist? But I will get that game for sure, it looks so good already.
  3. Now that is the one sale I have been waiting for! Really good stuff in here. But now what to buy... Things that I will buy for sure Resident Evil: Deluxe Origins Bundle Resident Evil 5 Mega Man: Legacy Collection Grand Kingdom Not sure yet Fairy Fencer F Megadimension Netptunia VII Disgaea 5
  4. Thank you so much! Still need to unlock multiplayer, but at least there is no need to run around town like a morron anymore ^^.
  5. Thanks! I might consider not buying that then. There are also some other things about the game that really annoy me. Romance system is very confusing. Most of the time I have no idea what I'm doing, or how to change the mood Tutorials are poor and only explain basic stuff. There are quite some things missing Would be nice if I could form my party right from the menu instead of running around town every time Is there no way to level up faster? I need to defeat a level 22 boss, and my current level is 11 >__>
  6. Did someone buy the season pass and can tell me if it comes with the ps4 theme? Page of the theme itself says that you get it after doing so, but I want to be sure. Also, is the season pass worth $25?
  7. Everything is good over here .
  8. Just got myself Croixleur Sigma. Not sure if it is a good game or not, but seems fun, and you cannot really do anything wrong for 5 bucks.
  9. Sword Art Online Code Register: Started with it a few days ago. Seriously, this game is amazing. The beginning is a bit stupid as you might have to reroll a lot cause of the gacha rates, but if you are past that, everything is wonderful. But I did even find that part nice since it's interesting to see what different units you get every single time. Language is also not a big problem, as there are some translations out there. Dragon Mania Legends: Not sure yet, but I might drop the game anytime soon. It has been fun over the last year, and I still play here and there, but things are going downhill with it. Tales of Link: Paused the game cause I'm still salty after not getting my Asumilla during the last event. Not sure when I will play again >__> . Dragon Vale World: Dropped this one some days ago. Fun in the beginning, but for some reason I had no urge to keep playing.
  10. I had to laugh so hard
  11. Shuumatsu no Izetta: Episode 9
  12. Metal Gear Dragon Age Fallout Uncharted League of Legends MMORPGs in general Dark Souls