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  1. These don't look too terribly difficult, thankfully. Looking forward to playing Wrecking Ball. According to the feedback on the PTR, people seem to really enjoy playing Wrecking Ball.
  2. My guide for Jak X: Combat Racing been published. Hope it helps!
  3. Hi, I was reading your Final Fantasy IX guide and I discovered a small lack of info: I was trying to get the Beach Bum trophy, but one of the prerequisites to start the beach quest was missing. I got all chocographs, bubbles and crack treasures, but we also need to fix the Mognet Central (and get the Back Online trophy). If we start a Tetra Master match with Fat Chocobo before fixing Mognet Central, he match will start normally and he will keep saying that Choco can dive and crack rocks to get treasures. I had to look on the internet and was a bit hard to find out what I needed to do. Great guide, btw. It's helping me a lot.

    1. ARB1992


      Oh. My bad. I'll be sure to fix that as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the feedback.

  4. I'm going to start up a guide for Jak X: Combat Racing since I'm currently playing through it.
  5. Have a set of platinums: Platinum #41: Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy I haven't really played through a Jak and Daxter game before. This entry was pretty good I thought. As someone who, overall, likes 3D collectathons, this game was a nice surprise for me in general. As for the platinum, it's not really difficult at all and it's a pretty straight-forward game. Platinum Difficulty: 2/10 Time To Platinum: ~12 Hours Enjoyment: 7/10 Platinum #42: Jak II I certainly didn't expect to run into a huge difficulty spike from the first to the second game. In my opinion, this entry is the most difficult in terms of just simply finishing the game: Naughty Dog weren't very forgiving when it came to checkpoints during most of the missions throughout the game, which in turn making a mistake could cost multiple minutes of progression. It did get fairly frustrating from time-to-time, but it still was a pretty decent game in my opinion. Platinum Difficulty: 4/10 Time To Platinum: ~18 Hours Enjoyment: 6/10 Platinum #43: Jak 3 In my opinion, I think this entry was the best in the trilogy: It had a nice balanced difficulty along with great missions, setting, etc. Also, the gun combat in this game was very fun with all the extra gun modifications added in this entry. A great closure to the trilogy if I may say so myself. Platinum Difficulty: 3/10 Time To Platinum: ~11 Hours Enjoyment: 8/10
  6. You can feel free to add me. My PSN username is the same as my forum profile name: ARB1992. Just be sure to let me know that you're from this site/forum before sending a request. In terms of multiplayer games, I play mostly Overwatch. Aside from that, it's primarily single player games.
  7. My recent purchase was Watch Dogs 2 during the Days of Play Sale... For 70% off, I couldn't pass this offer up.
  8. I have a couple here: Platinum #39: Beyond: Two Souls Master from Beyond: Two Souls. This game was pretty cool. I always like the heavy story-driven games and I think Quantic Dream did a great job with this one: It was well-written and well-acted. As for the platinum in general, it isn't terribly difficult, albeit abit grindy in terms of constant replays of chapters and meeting requirements to view every ending in the game. Platinum Difficulty: 3/10 Time To Platinum: ~30 Hours Enjoyment: 7/10 Platinum #40: Heroes of Gaia from Final Fantasy IX. This had to be the next big milestone for me. Of all the final fantasy games that I have finished (7, 9, 10, and 15), this entry is tied for my favorite. I really enjoyed the theme of the game, the characters, the story, etc. The platinum trophy, though, is not the easiest in the world: Constant grinds, a good number of missables, a speedrun trophy (essentially), and so on. Platinum Difficulty: 7/10 Time To Platinum: ~85 Hours Enjoyment: 9/10
  9. Thanks! It's probably my biggest guide I've written yet.
  10. Bloodlust from Final Fantasy IX: Kill 10,000 enemies. This sure was a nice grind. The only thing that helps with this is that you can easily take most of your attention off the game and do something else like watch videos while going for this.
  11. Very likely not for me. A lot of the early games on my profile were from when I first got my PS3 and years before I got into trophy hunting. While some I would like to go back and, at least, attempt 100%, I have too many games in the backlog at the moments.
  12. My trophy guide for Final Fantasy IX is around halfway to being finished. Hopefully by the end of the week it'll, at least, be nearing its finish.
  13. I have started the guide for Final Fantasy IX. I've decided to tackle this guide a little differently. I'm writing it as I play the post-game stuff and basing some information on personal experiences as I'm going for some of these trophies. I think that it'll help keep information in check instead of relying solely on memory.
  14. I've never played a God of War game, so I passed this one up. I may try it later down the road, though, when I find it on sale. I would be lying if I said that I've never fallen for the hype in the past and couldn't look at the flaws of a new game. My most recent example of this would be Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Switch. I poured 115-120 hours into the game, enjoying the aesthetics of Hyrule, exploring the different shrines, and doing most of the quests in the game. While playing it, I couldn't think of any major flaws and was a high-contender for Game of the Year for me. After finishing the game, I took some time to reflect on the game and look at it a little more critically. While I still think the game was great and I was happy to pour in all the time that I did, I can say that there are some things that I didn't like: The shrines themselves were a little too repetitive in concept, the world did feel a little too empty at times, and I felt that the main Divine Beast dungeons themselves were very under-developed and the boss fights within them were a complete joke. Do I still think the game is great and would I recommend it to those who like The Legend of Zelda? Of course I would. I still think the game was great, but I feel that it fell flat in a few areas.
  15. After I (finally) finish my first play-through of the game: I will probably tackle a guide for Final Fantasy IX (assuming that no one else is currently writing one by time I finish my play-through). I hear from people that the game is definitely not easy to platinum and I think a guide on this site is well-warranted.