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  1. I just recently returned to "trophy hunting," and noticed I'm almost finished with Portal 2, but I only have to do a few trophies, like Professor Portal and Friends List With Benefits. Are these trophies still achievable, because I remember a few years ago that I had trouble getting online with other people.
  2. I'm very confused with this game because I just started playing it, but what are Drop Zones/Points of Interests, and how do I unlock them? Thanks for helping!
  3. Now I purchased my copy of Portal 2 back in December 2011, and linked the Steam with a different PSN.
  4. There is a problem with the online multiplayer I need help fixing. Whenever I enter an online lobby, it won't load the game. Does anyone know why this is happening and does anyone have a solution?
  5. My burnout paradise trophy guide playlist! Click there to see my new trophy guide series in Burnout Paradise.